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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 13 Recap

So Eun Oh finally gets true to his feelings but Arang, facing the reality of their separation more keenly than ever is unwilling to respond even though her own heart mirrors his. But it’s fun watching Eun Oh turn over a few leaves in other matters as well due to his relationship to Arang. Finally the master begins to see the world with eyes that do not simply watch and ignore. As a character, we see leaps in Eun Oh and ones that totally make you love him even more.

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 11 & 12 Highlights

Sorry for the late post guys but I actually saw the episodes today-Yup, a whole week later on the day that the new episode is airing! Things have been crazy on my end, but in a good sense because I became an aunt last weekend and hence was unable to get to anything at all! Even now, I’m swamped with studying and babysitting so I cannot promise the next recaps will be out on time or even out. I’ve not made a final decision yet-I love Arang and have loved recapping it so I want to continue but let’s see which way the tide blows!

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 9 Recap

Who can resist such a sweet and innocent smile? Not Eun Oh! Or me for that matter, hehe! Theres just something so endearing about the girl whos always taking matters into her own hands, even if it means confronting reapers who smell dangerous from miles away or just another person from her past. Arang’s never one to back down and she’s always got logic and guts, even if she’s being naive and trusting! Arang, I love thee! ^^

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 7 Recap

Sorry for the late recap folks but things just got lazy for me cause I didn’t get time to do this over the weekend and after that, it just somehow dragged on! Anyway, here’s episode 7’s recap. Hopefully, Episode 9’ll be up soon too (Think: hopefully tomorrow!). Episode 8 might not be up soon though or for some time yet but I’ll update once something is worked out! Till then, enjoy the recap!

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Recap Schedule for Arang

Alright people! Arang will be recapped as a collaboration between me and Kaptain from A Virtual Voyage. Each recap will be posted at the respective site but links will be posted on the other site to guide towards the recap. I will recap episode 1 and Kaptain will do Episode 2 and so on it will go the same, me with odd episodes, her with even ones! Cheer us on and hope you guys enjoy Arang with us!

Here’s Kap dropping by to say Hello to everyone! Please give her a warm welcome and many thanks for the recaps that are to come because I can assure you, you’ll enjoy them! 😉

Hello Akiko’s Morning Coffee drinkers!

Most might not know me, but I’m the krappy Kap A of another ship (We detest being compared to the Tragic T). We travel around the world without sweating a drop. Occasionally – okay, more than often – blood drips. Yes, I’m baiting risk-takers! Jokes aside, I hope this collaboration with dear Mari is going to be a thrilling ride and discussion-driven. Aye!

See you soon with the recaps for Arang! Till then, Ja Ne! 😉

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