Heirs episode 6 Recap


What a snooze fest, I was literally sleeping during the whole episode. I thought episode 5 was boring it took me 3-4 hours to watch it, this one took…..well long enough.

Episode 6 Recap

Clueless Eun Sang walks in messaging Chan Young. Only to enter the den where not one but two tigers are growling at each other –and no we are still at heirs not at animal kingdom- Eun Sang realizes belatedly only to come face to face with Tan at one side and Young Do at the other. Chan Young saves the day by taking her away.


Tan and Young Do play tug-of-war with Rachel. – I don’t know why Tan pulls her to his side when he doesn’t even like her, but let’s just move on– The crowd scatters and Rachel asks Tan if he has anything to do with Eun Sang coming here, he says his mom signed the papers.


Chan Young tell Eun Sang about the school’s system and Eun Sang worries, he tells her that he is on her side. Eun Sang is given a form to fill and she hesitates on writing about her mom, the teacher says she heard her mom is a house maid. The bullied guy hears this.

What would you know; everyone is in the same class, at least Tan, Eun Sang, Young Do and the new girl character. A random guy asks Eun Sang why you came here. Eun Sang can’t answer and this time Tan saves her by introducing himself as he is also a new student.


The legal wife Lady Jung and Tan’s mom are in the gallery –and I am so tired of them insulting each other- and I don’t like what Lady Jung is wearing and those pink heels….-

Looks like Tan knows everybody or does everybody know Tan. Tan meets Hyo Shin and they are on friendly terms. Bo Na comes in, sees Tan and walks away. –Bo Na oh Bo Na I don’t know why she is delusional, she still thinks Tan likes her. Poor Chan Young has to keep up with her whiny behavior


Myung Soo is curious about the new student. Rachel is surprised to know that Bo Na knows Eun Sang. The new girl (someone tell me her name) asks what her identity is, since everybody knows her. Tan wants to talk to Eun Sang and asks her to follow him but she walks the opposite direction only to be tripped by Young Do. He says you are mine and asks about Tan. Speaking of Tan he arrives and says,” ask me directly. “And scolds Eun Sang why she keeps running away and tells her to go. Young Do says he was trying to become her friend but Tan says having no friends suits him better, why bother when in the end you are gonna throw them away.


Tan asks Eun Sang if she would continue ignoring him. She says she can’t as he is in the house too. Tan says he didn’t hide that on purpose. Eun Sang wants Tan to leave her alone as she wants to graduate peacefully. Tan meets with Chan Young and asks him not to say anything about Eun Sang to anyone. Chan Young says, “You are telling me, who has been her friend for 10 years.” Tan says you have to beware of your friends because they know too much about you. Bo Na comes looking for Chan Young and again runs away after seeing Tan.


Eun Sang is unhappy because of the school. Her mom wants to know how her day was. Eun Sang asks her mom to leave the house. Mom says no one will hire her. Eun Sang is angry and asks if it’s her fault that mom is mute, mom says then is it her fault that she is mute.

Tan is in the wine cellar when he hears someone coming, its Eun Sang. He again hides behind a wall. Eun Sang plays a music to which both listen to. Tan messages Eun Sang if he can meet her, she asks where. He scares her. Tan asks her to eat lunch with him or go back to her old school.


Lunch break– Eun Sang sits alone when the bullied guy comes and says this is his place and tells her not to tell anyone about herself. Young Do and the bullies come to torment the poor guy again. Eun Sang tries to help but Tan takes her away. Eun Sang asks if this was why he wanted her to eat with him. Tan says he was the one who started all this. Young Do joins them just for the sake for not having a peaceful lunch.


Tan is with Myung Soo and some other kids in the music room when Young Do and his lackeys come in. Young Do wants to talk with Tan alone and wants everybody out of the room including Myung Soo. Young Do wants Tan to change schools before he spreads that Tan is the son of a mistress.


Young Do is at a motorbike shop. Eun Sang comes with the chicken order and Yound Do notices her. Eun Sang comes back at the shop with another order from Young Do, she tells him not to call her. He asks her to save his number or he will have to ask why she is working.


Tan comes home, greets his father and says “one son has come back and the other has left.” Dad asks him to have some free time tomorrow and says we are going to find the other son.

Won is sick and Hyun Joo is tending to him. A phone call comes and Won rushes to get ready. Dad and Tan arrive at the company. Tan wants to leave and says dad told we are going to look for hyung. Dad is sitting with Tan and secretary Yoon as the directors rush in. Won arrives late at the meeting and is shocked to see Tan there. Dad introduces Tan as his 2nd son.


Tan asks Won not to misunderstand, it was not on purpose. Won gets angry at Tan. At home Tan is having dinner but mom wants to know everything that happened at the company and this makes Tan angry, nonetheless she is happy.

Eun Sang is hanging laundry with her mom, mom leaves to do some work. Eun Sang says, that by day she is a lady and by night a maid. Tan is walking by and stops when he sees her. Eun Sang sleeps while resting and Tan stares at her again. By the time she wakes up Tan is long gone but the dream catcher is there.



Rachel’s mom remembers the kiss with secretary Yoon and her cell phone rings she thinks it’s him, only to find him standing in front of her with an employee. – Are they or are they not on friendly terms

Teacher says Eun Sang to join an activity class and asks about her school uniform. Eun Sang sees a notice and decides to join the broadcasting group. The bully is again bullied by Young Do and his lackeys –seriously I am getting tired of itNo one is stopping them. Tan is there too. Bully finally musters up his courage and pushes Young Do and hits him with his bag. Young Do gets a scratch but over powers him in the end. Eun Sang tries to help the guy and again Tan stops her.


Rachel calls Eun Sang. They meet, Rachel says she threw her information card and takes her name tag back. She opens her wallet and throws money at Eun Sang. Again Young Do and Eun Sang are at the convenience store. Again she sits outside on a table to sleep. And again he sits in front of her and eats ramyun. Young Do kicks the table and asks Eun Sang why does she always sleep here? Eun Sang pretends to be asleep. Young Do gets a call and its from Tan and he has a question for Young Do, “is your ramyun tasty? “ Tan is standing across the road watching Eun Sang and Young Do.



That’s it, it ends just like that. It looks like the drama is trying so hard not to look forward to the next week.

Bullying. Were you ever bullied in your life? I was, when I joined my school in class 4. I was 8 then. A new, quiet, shy girl, a perfect target. But I told my mom about that and my mom told me not to be scared and hit them back(GO MOM) so I did, slapped that bitch across the face. My mom even called those girls and said, “don’t you dare touch my daughter or the consequences will be worse than your imagination.” –phew- By the time I graduated from school, I had this mysterious aura that everyone was scared of MUHAHAHAHA.

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  1. Hi. I’m from Malaysia want to ask. Who the character of bullied guy? What his name?


    • No Gin, no one here is watching the drama to bash it. We’re all watching it and finding it fun, but that definition of fun is different for all of us. I doubt Sara mentioned being bothered by the story – all she said was that the pace of the story is too slow. We’re not going to stop watching, or recapping the drama – it’s giving us great laughs, but if reading the recaps is that much of a bother to you, you’re welcome to stop reading them. As you said, “Who’s forcing you to do it anyway? No – brainer, right?”

      P.S. Please try and appreciate the other person’s point of view and see humor where and as it’s intended.

      • I got it….bashing is fun for you….don’t worry…. that was my first and this is my last…unlike others, I know when to stop. No-brainer!

  3. the moment you made the comment about the zoo, i was literally thinking ‘which zoo animal is each one of them, lol!’ great recap as always sarah! I’m loving it! reading these is more fun than watching the episode, haha! 😀

  4. Congratulations on fighting back against those bullies. Bullies are just people trying to assert themselves because they are insecure inside. hope all the bullies die… hahaha

    Was a transfer student myself, back in highschool, was the new and shy kid. Thank goodness my school was one of those small schools that had nice teachers and nice students that cultivated niceness.
    But I did have one classmate who for some reason was some kind of outcast. She was friendly enough, pretty even, super talented and smart to booth but she just didn’t fit in anything. No one outcasted or bullied her, as far as I know. But she just does thing on her own, She had the whole dark emo and goth aura, that wanted to defy every one and everything. I was okay with her but there were just times that she was just going off somewhere in her head that I just end up just being lost on how to connect with her. Maybe its the artist in her, I don’t know. Anyway after high school, I lost touch of her, sometimes I do wonder about her. Knowing her talent, i know she would have gone places…

    Anyway back to Heirs, I get what you mean, The mom scenes needs to be cut, cause frankly speaking why do we need to be reminded time and time again that wife2 ad mistress are not in good terms. I mean in the real world who in their right mind would be in good terms if you are wife2 or mistress? and The Housemaid reference, I am like really? like really? what’s the value of that? why do we have that scene, whats the importance and reason? SHOW, you’re killing it for me
    And I think I finally understand why there the PACE is such a snoozefest, this drama has so many scenes but no narrative progress. no character development whatsoever. urrghhh. makes me want to scream. additionally we don’t need to have staredown contest after every scene. kills the mood. if the scene is done then move on SHOW, move on.I think this problem is more on the PD than writer, gosh I really want to know why we need to have a stare down complete with all angles and slow motion picture with music background after every scene. doesnt makes sense?

    All the buzz and hoopla on this drama, is just that, all buzz no punch.

    anyway thanks for the recap.

  5. I am posting from Nigeria, thanks for posting that recap very fast, and good work for standing up to the bully

  6. I’m writing from India.
    Oh my gosh!! You updated it so fast!!! Thank you so much 😀

  7. Hello, sorry not visited your blog for a long time…been a bad year for me, so drama-viewing also declined as a result! But I hope things will improve soon. I like the main leads in Heirs, but the writer… she seems to have lost her touch! So many repeat scenarios, going round in circles and the story moving so slowly….zzzzz…maybe she should get rid of some of the secondary characters and concentrate just on the key folks. Anyway, your comments made me chuckle… good for you that you stood up to the bullies and bravo to your mum too! 🙂

    • Heeeeyyyyyyy KL! Great to see you around! Sorry to hear about the bad year, hope things get better hereon! I’ll also get somewhat busy once my training and job starts in Mid-November! Still hope to be faithful to the blog, but let’s see !

      And yup, the drama is lacing that punch that SeGa and AGD had. But despite the slow pace, I’m finding it a good time pass. I’m not obsessing over it, and thankfully my heart and head are taking well to that reprieve, hehe! 😀

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