Heirs episode 5 Recap


Talk about being ‘out of place’. I doubt Eun Sang can feel that any more than she does at this moment. I just hope her life hereon isn’t so rough. It’s bad enough that she’s totally in a world that’s the exact opposite of hers, but to be the ball in the court for everyone to fight over, damn that is not fun.

Episode 5 Recap:

When Eun Sang says she’s drinking water, Tan rushes down to the kitchen and braces himself before opening the door slightly. As expected, Eun Sang is there, drinking water.


He stays there a while longer, taking the truth in while Eun Sang moves on to her other chores in the kitchen before turning off the light and walking out.

Tan stands there, still absorbing the news.


He goes back to his room in a daze, remembering all the clues about her – her mother wearing the California T-shirt and her status about Jeguk Group.

The next morning, he watches from his window as she rushes off to school and mutters “It was true, Cha Eun Sang.”


He then goes dwon to the room where she’s staying with her mother but there’s no one there. He opens the door and looks around the small room before moving on to the kitchen. He runs into mom there and asks why he hasn’t seen Won for a few days. Mom couldn’t care less although Tan says he thought he’d see hyung everyday if he were in Korea. When she comments on how much Won dislikes him, Tan simply replies that he likes hyung.

He then goes to see the Chairman’s official wife. She gives him a cold reception, retorting that he’s sure grown a lot since he even chased his brother out of the house. That’s news to him and he realizes hyung has moved out since he came back.

Speaking of dearest hyung, Won asks Hyung Joo to have a meal with him but she says she’s busy and can only give him 10 minutes.


As a gift, he gives her a lucky charm that will make her wish come true but she puts its aside, saying she’ll use it later as she has none right now. When he gives her the real gift – a necklace in the same design, she tries to say no but a little angrily, he asks if he can’t even give her a gift. In the end, she accepts it and he puts it on for her.


Won returns to the hotel to find there’s someone waiting for him in the room. He thinks it’s Dad but Secretary Yoon tells him Dad’s with him. When the attendant confirms it’s Tan, Won flips at him – what hotel lets guests in the room when the owner isn’t there? But they let him in since Chariman Daddy called up and allowed it. That leaves Won flustered and he walks out.

Tan waits a long time but Won never shows up.


He eats with mom that night and she takes credit for all the ‘yummy’ food, promising to make him more every day. Tan sees Eun Sang’s mom and starts asking mum about her and her daughter.


But when mom calls for Eun Sang, Tan vanishes in record time. Awww, I love that he’s not coming out just yet.


Eun Sang goes off to retrieve a bottle of wine for the Madam, using her mobile’s flashlight cause it’s too dark. On her way back though, all the lights around start going on one by one. She doesn’t think much of it, but watching her go inside is Tan. Oh you big softie!


That night, Secretary Yoon thinks back to Rachel’s mom’s confession as he drinks to himself. Won joins him and Yoon realizes Tan must’ve been the one who came to meet his hyung. They aren’t together long before Rachel’s mom and her fiancé, Young Do’s dad come along. Mom is a little awkward at seeing Secretary Yoon but Won introduces Young Do’s Dad to him. Realizing Secretary Yoon is just a Secretary, Yound Do’s Dad treats him curtly.

As the four get together for a drink, he continues the same manner while Yoon and Rachel’s mom watch each other a little sadly before Yoon excuses himself and leaves. Rachel’s mom also moves aside for a bit and once they’re gone, I like that Won at least stands up in Yoon’s defense a bit.

Rachel’s mom catches up to Secretary Yoon to apologize for her fiancé’s behavior and he apologizes too before moving in for a kiss. Moments later, they’re both lost in the moment.

At school, Eun Sang thinks back to her time in America with a sad expression as ‘Hollywood’ comes up in her lesson. A little down at the memories, she puts her head on the table and reminisces over the memories.


As she exits school with her friend, they find a large crowd of girls at the front of the school eager to look at someone.

When she arrives at front, it’s Tan here to see her.


Teasing her, he says her expression says she’s really glad to see him. “You must have thought of me a lot!” She retorts its because she’s too surprised and asks why he’s here. He says there’s someone he knows in her school and “I’m seeing her right now.” As for why he’s here, there’s something he wants to ask. All the while in the back girls squeal.


Tan wants Chan Young’s number but Eun Sang wants to know why he wants it. When he says it’s because Chan Young’s too good looking, Eun Sang warns him to back off since Chan Young has a girlfriend already – Tan’s ex-girlfriend, haha! With that, she tells him she’s busy and heads off.

Lol, he’s left staring at her back as she walks away.


She’s at her job when Chan Young calls her up. She tells him she’s busy and will call him later but he wants to know why she uploaded a picture onto her ‘SnS’ page. Realizing what it must be, she cuts the call and checks her page. Lo and behold, Tan uploaded a picture of himself with the caption, “Kim Tan is really handsome.” Haha, I can’t even…


Lol, Tan’s uploaded a photo of himself with the caption “Kim Tan is really handsome, isn’t he?”

She turns around to find him waving at her from a corner of her very café, ha!


He demands Chan Young’s number so she gives it, just to get him off her back and he calls up Chan Young right in front of her to ask for Eun Sang’s number since he knows she won’t give it to him. She grabs the phone back mortified, apologizing to Chan Young and cuts the call.


So he grabs her phone instead and feeds in her number, getting it that way. Now he promises to log out of her page and promises to call her up… when he calls her up two seconds later.

So she asks him when he plans to go back, promising to treat him to a meal before then.


That night, Eun Sang’s mom finds her asleep in the midst of studying. Spying a form of hers, she sees Eun Sang has filled it with “Nothing/Don’t have” on almost everything except one place where she’s written ‘Work’. It brings tears to her mother’s eyes.


The next morning, Tan runs into Myung Do outside the house who welcomes him back before rushing off, late for school. And that’s how the gossip will reach the grapevine. (Aren’t you worried you’ll be caught by Eun Sang, Tan)

And just then the door opens to reveal Eun Sang there. Tan immediately sidesteps to try and hide, literally plastering himself to the wall, haha! But Eun Sang has already seen him and confronts him. She thinks he’s followed her here and he’s all, “Ah, what a coincidence running into you here!” Haha.


She grabs his wrist and rushes off, afraid he’ll be caught by someone from the house, especially the second son of the house. N he’s all, “So this second son, he’s really good looking, right?”

Away, she realizes she’s holding his hand and let’s go but he holds it back up telling her she can keep on holding it.


She asks about his house and if it’s in the neighborhood. He agrees and offers to tell her – “You’ll be really surprised!” But she doesn’t want to know.

Instead, she begins to explain why she’s here, thinking he’s curious but he tells her he isn’t and says there’s something else he’s curious about. Leaning in, he asks – “When are you going to buy me that meal?”

She tells him he’s the one who didn’t call and he’s all, “Aah, so you were waiting for my call.”

She hedges and rushes off to school.


Myung Do spreads the word, first of all going to Bo Na and telling her Kim Tan is back, snapping a photo of her shocked expression. Since Chan Young is right there with her, when Myung Do leaves, Bo Na hedges “What did Myung Do just say, I didn’t hear anything, not at all.”


He cheekily tells her, “He said Kim Tan is back.”

So Bo Na goes, “Oh yeah that kid you met in LA. I so didn’t hear what Myung Do just said.”

Citing an excuse, she rushes off and Chan Young watches her with a smile. ADORKABLE!


Bo Na goes straight to Rachel for whom it’s news that Tan is back but she pretends to know and tells Bo Na to bother with her current boyfriend and not someone else’s fiancé. As soon as Bo Na’s gone, she calls up Tan but gets no response.


So she heads to her locker where she finds Young Do waiting to hear the truth from her lips.

She retortingly asks why he wants to know and their bickering is cut short when Tan calls up Rachel. So she tells Young Do scatchingly that Tan is back and Young Do’s expression couldn’t be dourer.


Tan’s only returning her call and cuts it abrupt as ever, but for appearance’s sake Rachel pretends they’ve made plans.

Young Do however doesn’t flinch when she says they’ve made plans to meet and definitely knows it’s just Rachel being Rachel-y.


In a hilarious sequence, the Madam misunderstands the situation when the Chairman and Eun Sang’s mom are conversing and butts in, trying to clear up the misunderstanding (she thinks Mom is revealing her secret) so Eun Sang’s mom immediately writes to the Madam what the Chairman asked.

She does this double take telling how long Mom’s been working and “She works really hard and really well.”

So he starts asking about her daughter and how hard it must have been raising her all alone. A suggestion: How about sending Eun Sang to the Jeguk school, same as the elite kids, as a favor from employer to a good hardworking employee? While the Madam is shocked and indignant, Eun Sang’s mom doesn’t hesitate to bow to the Chairman in thanks.

Eun Sang hears the news from her teacher – once her mum has come and done all the paperwork. She’s stunned and asks mom about it. She’s angry and refuses to go. The fees and everything would break their back even more and doesn’t want the favor. Mom tries to reason with her before summons from the chairman arrive… for Eun Sang.

In the end, as he talks to her, she can’t refuse. Okay, what’s Daddy’s game?


At home, Young Do plays with his dog before learning he has something scheduled for the day – lunch with Rachel’s family. He calls her up and she rails at him to make it without any fuss.

Cut to Rachel, her mum and Young Do sitting there as Dad is absent. While Young Do makes a not so hidden barb at Rachel about her Dad, Mom is upset but ignores it and hands him a gift. He handles that with recklessness but Rachel’s mom doesn’t say anything. It’s a collar for his dog. He tells her he started raising the dog to torment the women his father dated, making barbs at her. Rachel barks at him to stop just as Dad comes in.

Rachel and Young Do exit when Mom tries to get rid of Young Do by saying he has a previous engagement – maybe to have him get him like last time but Rachel says she’s with him and they both go off together.

She asks Young Do for a ride since she saved him and hasn’t got a ride.


Eun Sang goes shopping for her uniform – which is extremely expensive and as she’s exiting the shop, Rachel and Young Do pull up front.

Rachel is super pissed to see Eun Sang there and demands to know why she isn’t avoiding her. Eun Sang says she’s no reason to avoid her but Rachel retorts that her sad Kim Tan is in Korea now – still no reason to avoid her? Young Do’s eyes flare at that.


Seeing Eun Sang’s non-reaction, Rachel guesses she must have known Tan was back and rails at her. Once she’s done, Eun Sang tells her it’s her time to talk now and snatches Rachel’s name tag. Reminding her of the time she took away Eun Sang’s name and info on the plane, she’s borrowing Rachel’s name. She can call if she wants it back – she knows her number after all.

As she walks away, Young Do stands in her way for a minute but then side steps and stops Rachel from following her. Dumping Rachel there, he heads off to his ‘other appointment’.


He cuts Eun Sang off in the street and wants to know what her relationship with Kim Tan and Rachel is. Eun Sang replies that she’s no relation with either so Young Do wants to know why she took Rachel’s name tag then? She wants to know what it’s to him and he’s like, “In case you’re misunderstanding, do my questions sound like a request to you?”


He asks that she reply to at least one – after all the times they’ve seen each other. She retorts it’s the first time they’ve met but he says he’s seen her before. Would they meet again if he tells her where. She denies it and he’s like she’s the only person apart from him who’s talked down to the ‘Royal Highness Rachel’.

Lol, when she tells him to step aside so she can go, he points out he’s not blocking her way, even holding out his hands to show her she can still go. Haha!

She rolls her eyes at him – crazy dude and walks off.

He leaves with “It’s okay if I get your phone number from Rachel, right?”


Eun Sang calls up Chan Young to meet up. Face to face, she asks him to tell her his account number ASAP so she can repay him. He promises to message it to her soon and she asks how he’d feel if she comes to Jeguk school with him. She tells him about the Chairman’s offer and how it’s all worked out. He isn’t too happy with the development it seems, but asks her how she feels. She realizes it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for her and is envious – there’s no reason to say no.


So he puts her at ease by telling her “Welcome!” She smiles, “It’s really like I got permission! Thank you, Chan Young.”

But his expression is still a bit bothered.


Tan wanders his house’s wine cellar and finds some of his old belongings boxed there – it includes a book as a gift by Bo Na, hah! While he’s browsing them, Eun Sang walks in. He sees her first – she’s busy on her cell so he hides behind the boxes. She calls up Chan Young, telling him she wired him the money – the trip to America is totally behind her now.

He suggests she go again but she knows it’s a dream not coming true. They cut the call at that and she sits there, sighing. On the other end, Tan does the same.


As she walks back later, she gets a call from Tan. His first words, “Hello Sidney!” Haha, she tells him it’s not the least bit scary and he tells her to look at the window ahead of her.


She looks up and there’s the window to Tan’s room – with the dream catcher hanging there.


She’s surprised just as he tells her to turn around. And there he is, right behind her.

She bites back tears as he approaches her. When she asks how he could be here, he asks her to think about it.


And she does. Realization hits her and she turns on him, “Are you the second son of this house? You’re the second son of Jeguk Group?”

He tells her the truth and she realizes she didn’t see him by mistake in front of the house earlier.


Angry and stunned, she asks if he knew she was staying here when they met at the front door.

“That I’m staying here in the maid’s room… did you know that?”


At his yes, she turns and walks away, biting back angry tears.

He calls out to her, “Cha Eun Sang… by any chance, do I miss you?”


She stops for a moment but then continues on. He stands there as she disappears into the house.


That night in her room, Eun Sang cries.


In the morning, mom brings Tan his uniform and tells him Eun Sang is also going to be attending there – but in her haughty manner as in ‘don’t acknowledge her if you see her there’ and ‘pretend you don’t know her’.


Eun Sang arrives at school where everyone’s coming in cars and she overhears students talking about money like the rich brats they are. Taking a deep breath, she braces herself and goes in. Some of the students see her and Bo Na and Rachel see her at the same time.

Rachel and Bo Na can’t believe she’s attending here just Myung Do comes along. Before she can respond to his greeting, everyone starts to rush out to see something muttering, “He really came!”


Myung Do rushes off to get Young Do while Rachel heads outside and Bo Na is in tow. Tan smiles at Bo Na – long time no see, acknowledges Rachel and Chan Young while in a distance, Hyo Shin watches with a smile.

Young Do walks up to the gathering and people sidestep to let him in. Cue dramatic music.


Young Do and Tan face each other just as Myung Do rushes out.

“I missed you, friend.” Tan speaks first.



They continue the ‘chitchat’ for a bit until a clueless Eun Sang stumbles in between them in the midst of texting Chan Young.


She picks up on the silence and turns around to find herself staring at Tan on one side and Young Do on the other.



I can’t wait to see what they bring up next. It’s not the ‘oh my god awesome’ kind of wait, but the ‘oh this is interesting’ kind of wait. Until now, the episodes have left me with no lasting impression. I hardly think of them beyond Wednesday-Thursday night but today, I’m anticipating tomorrow.

Love that Tan comes clean with Eun Sang about who he is and that he’s always open and honest with her about his feelings. I just wish he’d find the courage to be the same with Rachel and the others in his life. Cause however much a bitch Rachel is, he shouldn’t keep her hanging on, especially when it’s kind of obvious she expects something from him.

Young Do, man, you give me goosebumps! You’re the evilest out here (apart from Daddy) but it’s so much fun to watch you with your humor even in the sourest situations, ha!

Chan Young – MY FAVORITE! Beyond Adorkable!


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  1. Thanks for your awesome recaps Akiko 🙂

    ” It’s not the ‘oh my god awesome’ kind of wait, but the ‘oh this is interesting’ kind of wait.”

    My thoughts exactly 🙂

  2. I hope the chairman’s intention is good. i don’t want him trying to break off kim tan and eun sang T.T Can someone tell me if anyone of you can sense what his intention are? because i’m still quite confuse.

  3. Your writing style changed or is it just me? *gasp* are you possessed? Who are you and what have you done to Akiko? nah, maybe its just me.

    Poor girl gets stuck in the world of chaebols. What the heck was with Tan’s clothes. Why the heck was he wearing those embarrassing designed t-shirt or cardigan or whatever the hell that was. Young Do’s shoes, he was wearing red when he came home and was wearing blue at the “family dinner”. Why the heck am I paying attention to these things, the answer is simple because when the episode is moving at a snail’s pace, somehow these things attract my attention.
    What is the use of this much cast, Hyo Shin barely got five seconds in the whole episode and we were introduced to a new girl in the end, the one who was sticking with Bo Na. Girls can wear high heels in this school, me needs to attend ASAP *BUT WAIT* I already finished school -sigh-
    Chairman clearly has an ulterior motive.

    Why do I have much to say today?

  4. Heh thanks for the recap! And chan young is my fav too ❤

  5. Thanks for the recap! ^^

  6. Thanks for the recap! I was wondering, since I didn’t see it in your recap, what the chairman’s detective said to him with all those pictures of Tan and Won on his desk.

  7. this is getting fiercier ever thanks to the writter.. i cant wait the episode recap*

  8. so fast 🙂
    thankssss 🙂 🙂

  9. Wahh.. U’re so fast!
    Thanks for recaping this 🙂
    ur recap have a good structure.

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