Heirs Episode 3 Recap


I luuuurrrrvvvvveeee the jealousy in which Tan stews over Chan Young, hehe! Chan Young is definitely my favorite character overall – I love what a wonderful friend he is. And all the time I watched this episode, I was like, “Where’s my real life Chan Young? *pout*”

This was an interesting episode, like the previous ones. We get to see more OTP time and emotions come even closer to the surface for them both. Granted, I don’t think Eun Sang is totally as attracted to Tan as he is to her, I think she connects with him on a deeper level than before in this episode because she gets to see the vulnerable side of him too and now, she’s not as unaffected by him as before. I WANT SPARKS NEXT!

Episode 3 Recap:

While translating the dialogues for Eun Sang, Tan adds his own question: Perhaps, does he like her? She’s taken aback and says it can’t be – he’s engaged. He thinks that’s not enough of a reason but she persists – it can’t be. He says this is Hollywood – anything’s possible.

ES: Is it true?

Tan: What?

ES: Is this really Hollywood?!

Lol, I love how she doesn’t even realize how serious he’s being and is so happy to be here, telling him it’s the one place she wanted to visit if she came to America.


He offers to give her a ride there but she tells him she doesn’t want to be in his debt anymore, he’s already given her a lot and proposes they go back to his place. Once he turns and walks away, she lets a worried expression show – so she did hear his words and realize their implication.


Back at his place, he stares at her grouchily as she picks it and thanks him before heading off. Instead, he grabs her suitcase and goes inside with it. Inside he reads Chan Young’s message just as she comes back to claim her suitcase. Instead of handing it over, he tells her to wait until her ‘friend or whatever’ messages her.


He gets a call from Secretary Yoon, telling him to meet up with Won and go to a party. Tan wants to know if his brother wants him to come but Yoon tells him it’s his Dad’s decision. Tan contemplates for a bit, sad that Won wasn’t the one.

Lol, I love the way Bo Na comes up to Daddy Yoon screaming “Father” and he’s like “Call me Ahjusshi!” They have a friendly banter type chit chat where she tells him not to be nice to Cha Eun Sang since she doesn’t like her, complaining that Chan Young might even be off two-timing in America since she hasn’t heard from him yet. Each time she calls him Father, he’s like “AHJUSSHI!”


She’s here to meet Hyo Shin and ends up biting the heads off two women here to flirt with and hit on him. She catches him with a bottle of pills and wonders what they’re for. “Vitamins.” he lies. Hmmmm…

Tan dresses up in a suit and heads out, telling Eun Sang not to go anywhere until he gets back. While she’s adamant on leaving, they end up stalling their argument when Jay arrives and seeing Eun Sang there, rushes to hit on her. So Tan takes her along for the ride.


Whoa, nice scenery. As they’re driving, she wonders where they’re headed and he tells her to sleep if she’s tired – it’ll be a while before they reach. Lol, is that her suitcase in the back?


Tan’s mum is out to a club when her friend suggests she manipulate the chairman’s wife into having an affair or frame her with one so he divorces her. So, she sneaks into the house’s wine cellar to make the secret call. Except, Eun Sang’s mum is already there and hears the conversation. She writes that she won’t tell anyone about the call and suggests Tan’s mum use the other phone instead.

Tan and Eun Sang arrive at the place and he hands her the car keys, telling her he’ll be back or to wander if she wants. But there’s one person she ought to be most careful of.

Won is inside at the party when Tan arrives and is surprised to see younger brother there. His smile immediately vanishes while the slight smile building on Tan’s lips freezes. Awww, why’s there no bromance? Won, what’s with you? And his first words to Tan are a curt “Follow me” in reply to Tan’s “Hyung.”


They settle on an area to talk while Eun Sang, incidentally nearby over hears their conversation. Won wants to know who called him and why he came. Tan, obviously happy to see older brother asks if he’s been living well and “How could I not come when you were here?” implying he came just to see hyung. Awww, puppy eyes! Hyung however, has no loving words to say to younger brother and his reaction is a swift, biting “Go away.”


Tan is left reeling from the rejection as hyung walks away and standing at a distance, Eun Sang watches.


He’s still lost in his thoughts when the water showers go on nearby and Eun Sang approaches him then. She asks him if he’s okay and he replies he’s not. He asks why she came out here and she replies it was to take his hand and run away in case he was in danger. Before walking off, he asks why she didn’t – he was in danger.


The ride back is silent and she keeps watching him. He tells her to forget what she just saw. She promises to – after all, this is all just a dream and she’ll be waking up from it soon. Her answer bothers and distracts him so he doesn’t see the rocks lying on the road until it’s too late and when he turns to the side to avoid them, he ends up crashing the car on the hill where his wheels get stuck.


She helps him try to get it out by pushing but it only ends up stuck even more – it’s sand guys, and soon they’re just both stuck there. He says they should walk away, look for some place to stay and she’s like Can’t we stay here? There’s always someone coming along in the movies! Don’t you know Scream? Hello Sidney?” Locking the car, he walks off telling her she can stay all she wants.


But that gets her more scared and she walks off ahead of him and he smiles.

On the way, she gets hungry and brings out something she ate from her handbag and he perks up to hear she bought two, hoping the others for him but deflates when she says it’s for her mum. Telling her he’s not eating it because he wants to, he digs in and asks her what she’s going to do when her friend replies to her message. She’s going ask him for money, which he offers too but she declines.


So he finally tells her a reply came, but can’t show it to her cause they have no internet. They locate a help station then, but it’s closed by the time they get there so Tan books them a room instead and buys matching Tees for them to change into. Ha, you definitely bought them for fun. She points out they could be mistaken as a couple with the matching Tees when he starts changing right there in front of her and she turns away. “Don’t even dream about it.” He tells her, tongue in cheek. Yeah right Tan!


Once he changes and heads out, she mutters, all seriously, “Ah, it’s a shame! I should’ve looked!”

As they sit for dinner, he keeps watching her, making her uncomfortable and he starts telling her about the person he met earlier, “The person I love most in this world.”


That makes her start, “By any chance, are you… ?” She cuts her question short and he clarifies it was his hyung and she goes, “Ah, it was your hyung!” Lol, were you gonna ask him if he was gay?


Before they can say more, he turns to her with a hey but she, having leaned towards him suddenly pushes back so he leans forward to grab her. He calls her an idiot and points out her face is getting red but she denies his reason saying it’s because she feels angry she hasn’t even been able to eat a pancake since she’s come to America. Hehe, how many ways can these guys skirt around an issue?


He offers to take her to the best pancake place in LA but she tells him with a joke not to make such promises that he might not be able to keep.

Back in the room, he announces he’ll be taking the bed and she graciously takes it like her due, making place on the sofa and going to sleep. He’s surprised – probably wanted her to argue back, hmmm, even more so when she just goes to sleep like normal. Ha! He calls out to her twice, making loud noises just to rattle her but she doesn’t move. In the end, he sits across from her and asks her to wake up – he has something he wants to ask.


So she gets up and he asks her about her Talking book statuses. Realizing he read her profile, she tells him to log out ASAP. So he leaves her to head off to sleep, telling her to keep watch until he falls asleep, warning her he takes a long time to sleep. She begs him to let her sleep first in that case since he’ll take a long time to sleep but he tells her, “I have a lot of thinking to do.”

“N I’m so sleepy!”


He opens his eyes and asks her, “If you get in contact with ‘that guy’ when will you go back to Korea?”

Half sleeping, she replies, “Whenever it’s possible, as soon as I can.”

So he turns back to her, wanting to ask more, “What if… I… ?” but she’s already asleep. He gets up to tuck her up and rushes forward, breaking her fall onto the pillow at the last moment.


He tucks her in and then sits there a long while, watching her with a smile while she sleeps.

In her hotel room, Rachel gets a reply from Chan Young, thanking her for the message. So she did message him, yeeeeiiii!!!


In the morning, they get back and she asks him for the phone immediately, wanting to contact Chan Young but Tan stalls. No worries though, cause as soon as they get out of the car, Chan Young walks up the driveway, calling out to Eun Sang.


Needless to say, she’s glad to see him while he’s been worried about her. Tan scoffs in the background, dumping his stuff in the car and stalking in, telling them to come in and talk.

So she tells him they should go in – he can say hello while she says thanks.


Inside, she thanks Tan and he asks if she really has to go – why can’t she just stay here? He’ll lend her the money she needs but she tells him there’s no reason for her to stay here. He points out she’s stayed here cause his friend got her in trouble with the police and they took her passport so she had no other place to go anyway. She thanks him for everything anyway and reminds him she’s got her passport now.


When Chan Young walks up, asking if there’s a problem, Tan retorts, “What if there is?” Chan Young is curious about Tan and recognizes him but Tan doesn’t recognize him and wonders if Chan Young’s someone he bothered in class when they were young. Chan Young retorts it’s not that simple and stalks off, telling Eun Sang to come out – their taxi’s here.

So she tells Tan goodbye and heads out too, almost turning back for a look but stops herself and walks on.


On the way, she tells Chan Young the story – only now knowing Tan’s name and asks how Chan Young knows Tan. He brushes it off as someone he just heard here and there when she asks if Tan really bothered him when they were kids, ha!


Inside his house, she tells him about Unni and he tells her not to worry about the return ticket, promising to pay it back. I love that his response is, “Do it slowly.” He’s really her friend, knowing a no need wouldn’t stick with her and so he lives by her rules, letting her pay it back but also on her own terms – no need to quicken it; that’s the liberty their friendship would allow. Awww, Chan Young <3!


Her voice breaks as she thanks him and he wants to know what she wants to eat. She says there’s something she’s dying to eat – Ddeukbokki!


So off they go on a friendly date where they much on candy and Chan Young suggests they take a picture together. She asks if he’s uploading it and he agrees, telling her he’s going to show her something interesting. Within seconds of uploading it, Bo Na calls him up, Ha! He actually tells Eun Sang to count to wait three seconds so she counts to three and on three, his phone rings, lol! Chan Young: “Now isn’t that cute?” Eun Sang, realizing she must have seen the photo asks Chan Young if he has a death wish, lol!


And that’s exactly what she called him up for. Eun Sang sees him take the call with a smile and looks around, her eyes landing on the ‘I love California’ shirts on a store front.

At the same time, Tan’s at home, lazing around, lost in thought. He sits down to work and checks Eun Sang’s updated page, seeing the latest picture of her and Chan Young.

At first he puts the phone aside, ignoring it but two seconds later, turns back and flips it, “Aish, that’s so annoying!”


As he lies on his bed later and sees his engagement picture on a side, he mutters, “It’s tomorrow.”

Rachel’s almost on her way to the airport when Tan calls her up. She lies that she’s already back to Korea and standing a little behind her, he hangs up and calls out to her “Then come back to America.”

When her mother calls her up next, she tells her Tan came to see her in a really cool manner. Listening, Tan seems to feel guilty.


Meanwhile, mom meets up with Tan’s mother (the Chairman’s wife, not the Madame of the House). There, Tan’s mom congratulates Rachel’s mom on her engagement and talks arises of Tan and Young Do not being friends anymore.

Young Do and his friend at the same time, sit around making small talk. A photo in the corner is of two young friends together and Young Do watches it almost wistfully – is that him and Tan? But then comes a summons from Daddy.

And Young Do gets beat up by Daddy in … what’s this sports’ name? At the end, when he’s panting for breath and all, dad takes him to task for talking down to the manager.


Tan and Rachel go around time where he buys her clothes she likes. Although, I like her because she tells him truthfully the gift he’s giving her today aren’t the clothes but the time he’s spending with her. At times like these girl, you look human. She thanks him for the day so he tells her he likes shopping with her – if it were anyone else, it’d be almost like a date. Ouch. Tan, I don’t like you very much right now. There’s a limit to being insensitively bad.


She asks him if that girl’s left and whether she left or Tan sent her away. Tan says it doesn’t matter since her friend came, pointing out that Rachel gave him the address, no? Just then, Young Do calls her up to lash out at her, telling her to come back on her own or just live in America forever – he’s not coming to pick her at the airport.

Rachel asks Tan if he heard about the engagement and Tan asks if Young Do’s well. They change the subject and Rachel asks him to go out and eat – they should eat pancakes. He remembers the way Eun Sang wanted to eat pancakes so he refuses to go there, saying it feels like Eun Sang might be there.

Rachel balks – best go make sure whether she’s there or not. And sure enough, when Tan and Rachel walk up, Eun Sang’s there with Chan Young.


Eun Sang and Tan’s eyes meet and Rachel refuses to leave – so what if she’s there? “Whether it’s coincidence or fate, let’s see!” she tells Tan and goes to Chan Young and Eun Sang’s table and seats herself – turns out, they’re old class fellows, but definitely not on the best of terms. Tan wants to leave, but then just sits down. Awkward much?


Rachel makes things even more awkward by going all out – Tan thinks he’s got fate with Eun Sang, so what does Chan Young say to that? Then she introduces Tan to Eun Sang – why don’t they date each other? Closing in on Chan Young, she tells him it’s his fault for bringing Eun Sang here and more than that, it’s Eun Sang’s fault for meeting a guy with a fiancé.

Tan finally drags her away.


Eun Sang tells Chan Young she’s eager to get home – the sooner she gets back, she can start repaying him and not let her mother worry. While they still smile at one another, the atmosphere is definitely strained a bit.


Away from the others, Tan turns back to Rachel and reminds her she once liked his brother when they were young. He tells her she was once pretty, smart and kind but not anymore. And if it’s because of him, she has to stop this change. They won’t be together, no matter what. With that, he walks off, telling her he’ll see her tomorrow.


At the hotel, she runs into Won and she asks if she can follow him around if he’s not going on a date or a meeting – she’d rather not stay alone in her hotel room. He agrees and they go to his mother’s grave.


They’re chitchat is cut off when Daddy Yoon calls him up and Won tells him he’ll be staying a few days more. As Daddy Yoon gets on the elevator, he is joined by Young Do’s dad and Rachel’s mom. His expression changes to see her – oh, there’s definitely history there! When Young Do’s dad gets off early, she turns to him, saying they’ve met after a long time.


He congratulates her on her engagement and she points out it wasn’t him twenty years ago, nor now. By his flippant and casual response and the way her face falls, it’s obvious she wanted more. Oooh, I likes likes! But the elevator stops again and he gets off. She calls out to him – her heart still flutters when she sees him. Instead, he tells her to live happy. Once the elevator doors close though, he stands there in a daze until his phone rings.


It’s Tan. He wants to know if hyung’s still in America. And from Daddy Yoon’s words he realizes Chan Young is his son. So he calls him up and asks him to put Eun Sang on the phone. Chan Young says she isn’t around and offers to deliver a message. Tan’s all, “What are you, her lawyer? Tell her to call me herself.”


Eun Sang returns after asking around about Unni and Chan Young offers her his phone – Tan called and wants to talk to her. She thinks about it for a moment then shakes her head – she won’t call. After tomorrow, they won’t see each other anyway. Tomorrow her plane leaves – Chan Young asks what time and Eun Sang warns him against coming to see her off and he’s like “I was asking so I don’t have to go!” Ha!


Poor Tan sits by his phone, staring at it and willing it to ring. Even when he stalks off frustrated, he comes back moments later and checks it again, just in case.

At his university, Eun Sang leaves a note on the notice board, a memento about her dream like time and says goodbye.


Tan comes to take Rachel to the airport, telling her to go with him even if she hates it – he’s that good looking.

At the airport, he tells her he needs courage to come back to Korea and she steps in to hug him – she hasn’t forgiven him yet though. He almost returns the gesture but stops.


Eun Sang walks in the door just then and sees them.

As she turns back and walks away, Tan sees her and calls out to her, “Cha Eun Sang. Stop right there.”

She stops.



Eun Sang and Tan – I love you… in love, hehe! So hurry up and fall in love, okay?

Chan Young, be her best friend FOREVER! 😀 And find me someone like you please! ^_^

Won – I want my bromance so you better straighten up, SOON! :v

Rachel – Be more responsible and considerate of others and stop holding on to something that’s not yours.

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  1. Who likes whom? Who was who’s ex, who got married to whom and who got engaged with who, who got feelings for whom but the most important question is are you even following me?
    See Tan is a cheapskate, he again got himself a drink and didnt bother for the two guests. On the other hand Chan Young got Eun Sung a drink and even opened it for her and didnt hide that Tan called for her.
    And I want Young Do, did you see after all that thrashing, sweating and panting his hair was in place.
    Hyo Shin is a mysterious guy hmmm can I have him too?
    Tan’s friend J or is it Jay or is it Jake, Joke? Joker? or what ever he is,Tan never visited him in the hospital after the incident, and he never complained, where can I get these rent able friends. All Tan did was spend time with the girl he has a crush on.
    in the end I want to pull Rachel’s bangs.

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