Heirs episode 2 Recap

A BIG thanks to Akiko for helping me and letting me help her


Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you think that helping someone just because you have suffered the same fate will help you get closer?  Is it sympathy or is it love?

Episode 2 Recap

Not knowing what to do and where to go Eun Sung starts walking, a car comes vrooming and stops beside her. The driver Tan wants to know if she would like to come to his house. Time stops but the camera wants every angle of the two and it thinks you do too. Eun Sung asks if his house is safer than here to which he responds he don’t know but his house is definitely better. -but mommy told me not to go with strangers-


He brings her to his house. Such a big, beautiful, wonderful, giant, huge but empty house. The moment she steps in she is in a daze with her mouth wide open. -Oh yeah I forgot Tan is wearing orange colored pants, I have nothing against orange it’s just that it caught my eye.-


He goes straight to the kitchen and gets a drink for himself.  –Cheapskate- She asks about his family and has a panic attack when he tells her that he lives alone. She starts to have suspicions about him and asks him if he is a drug dealer, sure enough her tone changes too. He says why she is sure about him being a drug dealer to which she says, “Well the police knew you too well”. So he tries to scare her in which he succeeds, only to show her to her room and to call him if she needs anything.


Finally in her room tired from the happening of the day she remembers her sister’s cruelty, but her body wants something to eat. *Grumble grumble* Ever so slightly she opens the door and peeks into the darkness, no sign of Tan. Speaking of him, he is preparing his school bag, and hears a sound only to look and find Eun Sung tiptoeing towards the kitchen. Rifling through his fridge, she starts to chug only to be embarrassed by Tan who catches her red handed. She apologizes and again gives him money and tries to move away quickly but Tan stops her and tells her to clean the mess and asks for her name. Instead she just thanks him for letting her stay but he doesn’t push her and says it is not kindness – he is repaying for the bean powder that was meant for her sister.


Chan Young’s dad(secretary Yoon) has arranged everything for the trip for angry young man, Won and says that Young Do’s dad wants him to stay in his hotel. Angry Won notes he is being nice ever since he got engaged to Rachel’s mom and that stops Chan Young’s dad. –do you, may be, had a thing for her back in the day?- He gives a list to Won for some party though he already has emailed it, Won gets angry again but let just say he is doing so because he wants to be treated with respect, he wants respect that the chairman gets.


Meet the chairman -who is in a wheel chair- Won and Tan’s father who is having a chat with his 2nd wife, she has no children and raised Tan for 10 years. Tan’s mother (Han Ki Ae) is trying to listen to the conversation when Won walks in on her. She says they are not talking about him but her and announces him and tells him that his mother is here to which he says I don’t have a mother here. She snarks back, “Yes the ahjumma who raised you” and calls herself an ahjumma too.


Tan enters in the already chilled room to drop the temperature some more and it’s the stepmom (Jung Ji Sook) who calls him first and says she raised him for ten years and he says he is sorry for becoming this way  and before they have a blood bath the chairman stops the both of them and lady Jung leaves the room.


Chairman asks if Won is going to US for the meeting, he should take Tan too, but Won is not pleased with the idea but daddy says he is still the chairman.


Tan’s mom takes lady Jung to a side to ask about her upcoming meeting with Rachael’s mom, she wants to be a part too as in-laws but lady Jung says Tan is her son and puts her in her place by saying as along I’m alive you will stay a mistress. Clearly upset about it she calls his son who is writing “another women’s purse, another women’s house, another women’s husband, an unfortunate person who desires to have another person’s things” and ignores his mom’s call.


Eun Sung calls her mom and tells all sort of lies that unni is fine and healthy and she is living in such a nice house, Tan comes with a sandwich and overhears everything and feels sad for her. Barging in he gives her the sandwich and tells that she lies too well; admitting he heard everything and looks at the money on the table, it is the fee for the phone call. She gives him, her dream catcher and says it’s like a charm only good dreams can pass through, he teases her if it brings pretty women too.


He hangs it on a sign (surfer boy) and takes a walk on the yard and looks at Eun Sung’s room. She is blocking the door and he takes offence but runs inside (his head brushing the charm) when she starts to undress.


It’s morning Eun Sung wakes up and comes outside to take a look of the beautiful  view, Tan watches her from the balcony and he stares at her, the more he stares at her the more he falls for her.


There is this beautiful scene when Eun Sung and Tan are looking at each other we see the dream catcher. So his wish has come true, a pretty lady has come through.


Tan is all ready for school and she is ready to leave too but he puts all nonsense excuses together for her not to leave and in the end tells her to tag along to his school. They are having a drive date he offers her sunglasses and she asks if she can stick her hand out for a while. Tan keeps smiling at her.


Its class time and Tan is busy looking out the window watching Eun Sung. The teacher asks about the most beautiful word in the world which is “mother”, it affects Tan and he scribbles the word on his note pad, and leaves the classroom without submitting his assignment. -Wish I was this lucky-


Tan exits the classroom only to find Eun Sung is not sitting there anymore and finds her looking at some students and is envious of them.

Eun Sung thanks him and decides to part ways to find her Unnie. Tan doesn’t want that and asks if she knows the way and she says yes only to go in the wrong direction (according to Tan). This time he tags along and uses her as an excuse for not attending the math class.


At her sister’s workplace they are told that Stella has quit the job and has a message for Eun Sung, to go back to Korea. Outside they run into useless boyfriend of Stella’s who demands money from Eun Sung , Tan overpowers him but soon are discovered by the friends of the boyfriend and Eun Sung grabs Tan’s wrist and runs -I repeat it’s Eun Sung who is grabbing the wrist- they stop running Tan thinks they can’t catch up to them and has a call by Rachel but he ignores and runs again but this time Tan holding her wrist.


Rachel is upset that Tan didn’t pick up his phone but suddenly the phone rings –and I so wish, hope and know that its not Tan- of course, it’s mom who asks if she is with Tan and she lies yes but for now he is in school, mom wants to know if she told Tan about the marriage between her (Rachel’s mom) and Young Do’s dad , didn’t you say before Tan and Young Do were best friends? Rachel says not anymore.


Young Do arrives on his motorbike -and I like how he sets his hair after removing the helmet- He washes the dishes in the kitchen and the workers say that he is doing this well because it’s an order from his father, well of course he is not happy with it and when the manager comes to teach him some morals he is in no mood to hear that, even though the manager threatens that he will tell the president, Young Do  threatens him back in ten years this place will be his.


A very important guest is here –some hotshots- and Young Do  says a job for his caliber has arrived. Meet Lee Hyo Shin who is dining with his grandfather, father and uncles who are talking about his future and have great expectations of him and he keeps drinking water. –seriously I too want to run out from this room- Young Do enters the room greets the guests and serves them water and deliberately fills the glass full to the brim for Hyo Shin and says he looked thirsty. –Young Do why do you have a beef with everyone-


Young Do comes to his room and Hyo Shin arrives a few seconds later and asks him to use his bathroom and rushes towards the toilet to throw up his lunch-is he sick or he became sick after the heavy dinner with his family?- So, they both know each other pretty well and their secrets are safe with each other.


Eun Sung buys both of them some coffee and overreacts about the taste and says she should at least have one happy memory and Tan asks if she really doesn’t have a happy memory, of course hinting about himself but she changes the subject asking how long has he been in the US and he clearly minds that. After looking at people taking pictures she gets an idea and asks for Tan’s cell phone, logs in and leaves a message for Chan Young since he changed his number and she has yet to memorize it. Tan gets jealous over all this.


They take a cab and Eun Sung wants to know if Chan Young texted back. He drops her at the house, hands her the keys and tells her to wait while he goes back to pick his car. On the way back he checks Eun Sung’s messages and posts; from there he gets to know her name Cha Eun Sung. He comes to know she has many part time jobs and like scary and horror stuff and finally sees the picture of Chan Young and her messages between them. There is one message that catches his eye that says she hates that her mom works so hard and hopes that Jeguk group goes down. Finally the cop handovers the passport to Tan.


Meet Myung Soo an heir to a law firm but he is not smarty pants and seems like an easy going person. He is having a conversation with Bo Na who is upset that Chan Young is not picking her calls, Young Do joins them. Finally Chan Young Picks Bo Na’s call and she tells him about the picture she posted and tells him to look at it, which he does and finds Eun Sung’s message.


Eun Sung is about to leave when she meets Rachel. They recognize each other but Rachel wants to know what Eun Sung is doing here in the house of his fiancé. Things go from bad to worse when Eun Sung tries to explain that she had to spend the night here, Rachel being a bitch pushes her suitcase down the stairs and order her to open it so she can see if she has taken anything from the house. Eun Sung asks what if she didn’t take anything but Rachel does not care and tosses everything out of the suit case and while leaving tells her to clean up her trash. Blinking away her tears she gathers her stuff and sits outside looking at the happy families and finally walks away.


This is hilarious, Bo Na is waiting for the reply that Chan Young promised two hours ago and Young Do says guys don’t like this kind of stuff but Bo Na is in no mood to hear anything bad about Chan Young. Young Do tells her to dump him and be with Myung Soo which she flatly refuses. Everything is going well until Myung Soo mentions Tan’s name. –so what did the poor guy do?-   


Eun Sung goes to buy a ticket but she has neither enough money nor passport.


Tan comes back home to find Rachel there and Eun Sung gone and asks about Eun Sung to which she gets angry and says it’s been half a year since they have met and that’s all you have to say, he sighs when she says she told Eun Sung that he is her fiancé, and she asks him why he was not at the airport to pick her up, he lazily lies on the sofa and gives excuses. – why did you guys get engaged- is Rachel’s question too, Tan answers it’s because he doesn’t want to marry her.


The door bell rings and its Eun Sung, she sees Tan and tries to leave but Tan stops her and gets angry at her for leaving like that. She says she has come for the police man’s business card so she can get her passport. Rachel butts in and says she threw it away and Eun Sung runs off to find it. Tan asks Rachel why she threw it away to which she answers she never even saw it in the first place –it would have been better if you had kept your mouth shut- Tan tells Rachel not to meddle and runs after Eun Sung.  Rachel is mad and goes inside to get her purse and Tan’s phone goes off, she reads the message meant for Eun Sung form Chan Young.


Eun Sung is still digging through the trash to no avail. Tan runs up to her and asks if she is crying. She says she only wanted to live a normal life but here she is next to the trash again. He apologizes and returns her passport. And suddenly two thugs show up -and you guys are?- Tan takes Eun Sung and hides but they are easily spotted and again they start to run for their lives like for an hour or two –they have stamina, I must say- and hide inside a theatre, Eun Sung  starts scanning the crowd and Tan asks what is she doing to which she answers looking for a killer and he asks her to stop watching weird movies. He tells her to watch the movie while he rests, she stares and stares and still has no clue what the movie is about or what they are saying, so Tan translates for her that the actress is saying “If I m going to trust you I need to know who you are.”


He then continues to add his own line, “Yesterday I met a women, her name was Cha Eun Sung”. Eun Sung asks how come he knows her name –you logged into his cell phone and he is the one who gave you your passport, he is no Sherlock-Tan continues , that he is curious about Cha Eun Sung perhaps, has he taken a liking to her?


They stare at each other in the darkness.



Sorry for being late.

This recap has been sitting on my desktop since Friday and has been waiting for its sentence, I truly thought it would be executed but here it is.

Seriously why is everyone avoiding Tan? What has the poor chap done?


Why is Won so serious all the time?


Rachel’s entry should be written in bold letters BITCH ALERT


and why some of my screen caps are big and some small O.o

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  1. Heeeeeyyyyyyy!!! Welcome Sara and awesome recap! I LOVE your sense of humor and I’m so glad you’re doing the recaps with me !

    Haha, what awesome comments! Just three sentences and you’ve done all the characters justice, haha! ❤ ^^

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