Scandal Episode 24 Recap


I’m sorry the recaps keep getting delayed but I always find myself caught up with work here and there! I am determined to try and catch up this week (have downloaded all the episodes, yeeeiii!) and here’s to hoping I really do get it done! >_<

Scandal is thankfully still going strong as a drama with emotional payoffs that leave you bleeding your heart out and still wanting more. Who could ever resist?

Episode 24 Recap:

So Eun Joong has decided to become Jang Eun Joong, embracing his real father and leaving the Ha family. Tae Ha is ecstatic to have his son home and sits together with him for a meal. When Man Bok comes to discuss the evidence with him (the revolver and the missing confession), he finds the father son duo at the table, happily eating away. It drives the nail into the coffin even more when Tae Ha refuses to let the maid serve Man Bok dinner, telling him to eat after they’ve finished.


But Man Bok is suspicious of Eun Joong’s supposed ‘I’ve washed my hands of the case and resigning’ especially since he doesn’t tell Tae Ha about the recorded confession. As a result, when he is together with Tae Ha later, he lays out the facts, asking Tae Ha not to trust ‘your son’ so much. He also reveals that Myeong Gun has cancer.


Eun Joong is now aware that Tae Ha is poisoning his mother with pills that would driver her to lose her mind. He finds the deeds Tae Ha made Hwa Young sign and searches the latest find on Driver Shin’s car – they lead him to the house Hwa Young is kept in. Joo Ran, having followed Shin, finds Hwa Young but after recording her confession that Tae Ha is trying to kill her, leaves Hwa Young there. She tells the latter she should accept this as punishment for putting someone else forward as her own child. While she’s planned it so that Hwa Young may be rescued, she won’t care if she dies either.


He arrives at the house and finds Hwa Young in an upstairs room, tied up even though she can’t move anyway. His reaction at finding her and the way she immediately recognizes him despite her confused state is just heartening. As he cradles her, she asks him to call her ‘Mother.’


Tears falling from his eyes, he stutters and calls her as she asked and she smiles at him. Unable to stop any more tears, he holds her close and cries, telling her, “You’ll be fine. In a few days you’ll be alright. When you get well, let’s go eat at the restaurant. Since we couldn’t eat properly last time, let’s go again.


He drives her back to the city and seeing her shiver on the ride, he stops the car to drape blankets and jackets over her. And seeing her cold bare feet, he digs up his own shoes (my favorite sneakers!) and socks and puts them on her to keep her warm.


Once she’s fallen into sleep, he seems to think of what to do next.

He deposits her outside the door of his old house, making sure she’s warm and comfortable before ringing the bell and hiding to a side. Myeong Gun opens the door to find Hwa Young there.


Seeing Eun Joong’s sneakers on her, he realizes Eun Joong must be nearby and turns to look, almost walking dows but then stops himself, turning back to Hwa Young and taking her in. Eun Joong turns to the closed door, promising his mother he’ll be back for her soon.


Joo Ha goes to meet Jin Wook’s parents – his mother isn’t too happy with the match but Joo Ha bears all her attitude. Jin Wook faces her later and tells her not to hate him too much since being married to him bears the whole package – she’ll have to sleep with him and bear his children. Moreover, he tells her to remember that the person she’ll be fighting hereon is her younger brother Eun Joong, the man she called her ex boyfriend.


Tae Ha keeps thinking back to Man Bok’s words and receives confirmation that Myeong Gun is really sick. He thinks it’s too easy for Myeong Gun to die just like that but before he can wonder about it more, he hears that Hwa Young was taken by ‘a young man’. Wondering who it was, he thinks back to Man Bok’s words, “Don’t trust your son too much.”

Hwa Young’s office gets closed down (Tae Ha’s doing) while Man Bok tries to create a new identity for himself. He asks Ah Mi to suggest a new name and then goes with ‘Gu Jae In’ – Tae Ha had told him not to use the name Jang and he vows to find his own name and place back. Ah Mi unwittingly reveals that Hwa Young is at their house, a fact that Man Ban doesn’t hesitate to reveal to Tae Ha. Ugh! What’s worse is that when he calls Hwa Young’s phone, Myeong Gun, thinking it is Eun Joong picks and answers.


Eun Joong comes clean with his superior about removing the evidence deliberately but doesn’t answer to the question ‘why?’ He sits contemplating old reports about Tae Ha when Ah Mi comes to see him. As she stands at a distance, she thinks back to the previous time she saw him – when she’d run out after him as he left the house. Yaaaaaayyyyyy! She went after him! Yesss yesss yess! *happy dance*


She’d stood in his way, asking him not to leave like this and told him, “Wait for me please! Until the time I say I can, wait for me. Until I say I can, wait for me Eun Joong. Whenever it may be, I’d want that nice person to be you. So your one sided love, can’t you continue it a little longer?”


“Who cares if you’re a kidnapper’s son? So what if you’re a murderer’s son? They’re not sins you’ve committed. So don’t quit when you haven’t even started.”

She reminds him that he was the one who taught her its best to be with someone when one is in hell and promises to be there with him every step in his hell, just like he was with her in hers.


After her confession, he simply says there’s something he wants to ask her so she asks him what it is.

“Can I kiss you?”

A stunned Ah Mi mutters “What?” while I swoon!


But before she can say anymore, he promises to give in a hundred times and just hugs her instead.

When he does, for a few moments she simply stands there until she returns the gesture.


At present, she approaches him, asking what has his expression so hard and he shows her the papers he’s holding. He was wondering how to deal with the two people (Myeong Gun and Tae Ha) and how to punish them. Changing the topic, she asks if he wants to eat lunch.


At lunch, she tells him Hwa Young is at their house and So Young has found everything out. He anxiously asks after So Young, wanting to know how she’s handling it.

At home, So Young is hiding under her blanket, still caught up in the rage of everything and unable to stop the tears. She vents on the belongings in her room, hurling them here and there while Myeong Gun stands outside and listens to her cries.


The next day, Tae Ha comes to see Eun Joong and tells him about Myeong Gun’s health, passing on the doctor’s report. While Eun Joong reads it, Tae Ha looks at him wanting to gauge his reaction. Eun Joong confirms his intention to take revenge hasn’t changed so Tae Ha tells him he will take revenge for him instead.


Once Tae Ha has gone, Eun Joong lets his reaction show – disbelief and worry. He emerges from a meeting with the doctor in a daze, having heard the whole diagnosis.


As he’s at the firing range later, he can’t hold back his tears as conflicting memories of Myeong Gun – loving throughout his life but the harsh words he’d said when Eun Joong had left, flow through his mind and he simply stares at the poster of Geun Young plastered on his target.

Unable to take it anymore, he stalks out of there, gun still in hand.


He drives straight home while the police follow him (he took the unauthorized gun out!) as he thinks back to Tae Ha’s words about getting even with Myeong Gun.

At the house, he walks up the steps thinking, “My name wasn’t Ha Eun Joong. It was Jang Eun Joong.” As he reads Myeong Gun’s name on the door, he thinks, “I was abducted by this person when I was Jang Eun Joong.”


Inside, he finds Myeong Gun in the garden, watering his plants.

“The father I loved, was the kidnapper who abducted me.”


Staring at the father he’d loved all his life, he raises his gun and aims it at him. In voiceover, we flash back to the conversation when Eun Joong had come clean with Myeong Gun about knowing he was adopted and still wanted to be Myeong Gun’s son.

Myeong Gun: “You’re my son.”

Eun Joong: “I know, Father. That’s why I’m fine with it. I lived with a dream that somewhere in the world, my biological parents were alive but the end of the dream was always you, father. And I just wanted to remain your son, father. I will become a really good son.”

Myeong Gun: “I love you, kiddo.” [I suspect this is in the present]

Meanwhile, Tae Ha comes to the house wanting to find Hwa Young too. Thankfully, he doesn’t suspect Eun Joong of being the one to take Hwa Young but rather thinks it was Myeong Gun.

As Tae Ha enters, he immediately stops short at the sound of a gun being fired.



What makes this series worth it is the emotions. Frankly speaking, I havent found this series lacking because I;ve not really thought about it in any depth apart from the emotional conflict we are being given. I empathize with Eun Joong – more like bleed for him, and understand Hwa Young and Myeong Gun’s plights too.  I can see them all as real people and feel their pain and misery and understand why they are consequently drawn to each other – because despite all the pain and misery they may have brought on each other, they also understand each others pain best. Myeong Gun lost a child and so did Hwa Young. Myeong Gun raised Eun Joong like a father and neither ca discount their bond – for Eun Joong, it is the one thing in his life that mattered apart from So Young. When I tune in for this show, it’s just to watch these people that are so deep in pain but trying to cope with it and emerge stronger people.


Oh, n how much do I love Ah Mi and Eun Joong together. I love that she went after him. Theirs totally is a beautiful match – she’s the one who once lost her everything and today he’s standing in similar shoes. While he’s trying to make sense of his life, find the courage to accept the change (Tae Ha as his father) and the heart to forgive Myeong Gun, she’s the one person in his life who’s constant and who’s part of his present, not his past.


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  1. and here we are from where the first episode started.

    *shy shy* when Eun Joong asked Ah Mi if he can kiss her.
    me: yes you can *blushes*…and snaps back to reality…..dammit I m still single.

    mother and son reunion, I was so happy that I cried too.
    aww Eun Joong took his mom to HIS dad.
    Jang Tae Ha psycho, what do you think, doing this to your son’s mother, to your wife, you can get out of it, I swear I will pin those random brooches of yours in to your flesh.
    and yay Man Bok was treated like a nobody on the dinner table. but he made Tae Ha suspicious of Eun Joong arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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