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Scandal Episode 24 Recap


I’m sorry the recaps keep getting delayed but I always find myself caught up with work here and there! I am determined to try and catch up this week (have downloaded all the episodes, yeeeiii!) and here’s to hoping I really do get it done! >_<

Scandal is thankfully still going strong as a drama with emotional payoffs that leave you bleeding your heart out and still wanting more. Who could ever resist?

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Chapter 7 – Gambit [Endless Night by Lyse]

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

 endless night banner 1

Chapter Seven – Gambit

 Paksa Adeul turned and looked at Soo-min. She stood directly facing him, her usually expressive eyes hooded. The only sign of her emotions were the two bright spots of color riding on her cheekbones in her otherwise pale face. The new speed at which she could now harness her emotions unsettled him. Where had that expressive girl gone? Her unexpected proposal had thrown him off balance, and it cost him precious seconds to regain himself; seconds she was more than willing to take advantage of as she moved quickly to press her case.

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