Two Weeks Finale Week Revicap


Ah, we reach the end. How satisfying is it to find closure to something! What I find most endearing about the shot above is that it sums everything up – the chase, the struggle for justice is all over for everyone. It’s time to turn the page over and close the last chapter. For all our characters, it means the dawn of something new – for some it means to atone for their sins while for others, it means there’s a new beginning and hope for something better.

Episode 15-16 (End):

Turns out, making a deal with Seo Hee was never the whole plan, as we find out when Seo Hee, after accepting the deal goes straight to Il Seok with the evidence and the facts. Jae Kyung and Tae San watch her leave and a flashback shows their whole plan as they discuss it.


Tae San intends to use the minion (Dae Jun) as a pawn to bring down Il Seok. Unfortunately, he’s too loyal to Il Seok so they need to make it so that Il Seok turns his back on him first, leaving the latter desperate enough to turn on his boss.


Seo Hee wants to postpone the auction, muttering that there’s no guarantee Il Seok will be free much longer and he rails at her for not even going through the evidence properly. He turns more anxious when Tae San pretty much riles him up by confronting him in the parking lot and again vowing to bring him down through Seo Hee and Dae Jun.


Deciding to throw Dae Jun under the bus, he uses the lower minion (who rattled to Tae San) to lure Dae Jun out. Believing in his boss and thankful at the chance to pass off the crime, Dae Jun heads to the appointed location but Tae San, already in his car, sneaks up on him to ask the pointed question: What will he find there – the minion or the cops? Dae Jun is spooked enough to take Tae San’s words to heart and parking away from the appointed place, calls up the minion to change the location.


Sure enough, once the minion thinks boss isn’t on the way; cops come out of the buildings around. What makes it clearer is that he has to sell Il Seok out unless he wants to go down for the crime himself since the cops have already connected him to the drugged drinks in the hospital.


That’s the point that sends Dae Jun over to the other side and he retrieves the evidence he’d stashed away – Il Seok’s bloody clothes from the day of the murder. Since they’re tailor made for the guy, they’re also monogrammed with his name. Dae Jun hands it over to the cops but holds out on a testimony just yet – if he goes to prison, Il Seok will simply send someone to kill him. Bingo and a win for the good guys.


Tae San, Jae Kyung, In Hye and Seung Woo relax a little since the immediate threat is off their heads. Poor Soo Jin is still caught in the dilemma of ‘Ahjusshi versus Daddy’ and seems to be leaning towards her Daddy’s side. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the drama and I literally ship both Tae San and Seung Woo. DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE, CHAEBAL!


They spread the photo of Tae San shaking hands with Seo Hee which goes viral on the internet. The latter defends herself saying an investigation will prove the photo is fake.


Seung Woo reminds Tae San he’ll have to turn himself in after the surgery to undergo investigation about everything, apologizing for the trouble he has caused (shooting Tae San and then the loss of the digital camera). After everything is over, Seung Woo reveals he intends to atone for his own actions too.


However, by the time the cops and prosecutors raid his house though, Il Seok is long gone, having emptied away his hidden basement too.


He makes sure to remind Seo Hee to go ahead with the auction – he wants his shares and then proceeds to plan his revenge on Tae San. Like Chairman Han warns Tae San, Il Seok is like a snake that pays you back a hundred fold for what you’ve done to him.


Il Seok prepares his revengy plan with Killer Kim and minion. Kim meanwhile, has been getting constant messages from Han and it’s obvious they’re nagging at him, especially when he asks Il Seok if he knows anything about his past. What I love most is that Han sends him a message saying, “I didn’t give you the pen so you could use it to kill!” Il Seok isn’t in the mood for past remembrances though and shuts Kim up with a warning.


Now worried for the surgery and knowing it’s dangerous since Il Seok is on the loose, Tae San suggests moving it up a day. The doctor agrees – it’s only a matter of a few hours now. Jae Kyung assures him the security around the place will be well set up and he’ll be protected.


Unfortunately, the mole in the police warns the baddies about the changes in their plans and the baddies are hence ready. They bribe the cop and some of the hospital staff. Posing as cleaning agents, Il Seok and killer Kim slip into the hospital.


Tae San is wheeled into the surgical room and later, we see him lying on the operating table with his eyes closed.

Mole messages Il Seok and killer Kim the two possible operating rooms. As Soo Jin crosses off another day from her calendar, Il Seok enters one of the operating rooms. Taking out a knife, he approaches the body lying on the operating table, covered with a sheet.


Lol, that totally smells of a setup! I’d love to see the look on Il Seok’s face when he does get caught!

Turns out, it was a setup! Ha, poor Il Seok ends up stabbing a mannequin.

Anyhow, turns out, the corrupt cop had come clean about his association with Il Seok and his gang when confronted and had even been repentant – his reason was his father’s surgery. Why do all the cops have sick parents? (is it just me or are things a little too favorable for the good guys? I mean so many coincidential goodness is kind of unrealistic).


Tae San was worried that Il Seok would never give up. Of course, springing a trap for him is the best solution. Han, listening in on their conversation, proposes that they catch Il Seok and ‘my son’ – his idea is to have two different surgery rooms. That would force Il Seok’s hand and he’ll definitely come himself, instead of sending someone. So they use the detective to pass on false information.


Killer Kim comes face to face with Han who returns the pen he gave him as a child and his words and the pen trigger Kim’s memory. He drops the blade in his hand.


Oh, his real name in the drama by the way, is Han Shin Young, if I’m not wrong. And his expressions are priceless in that moment – he’s just like a lost little boy who’s found his family.



Tae San undergoes a fresh series of tests which put him in great health for the surgery. The police is thorough in their preparations and turns out they’ve even got the supposedly bribed hospital staff on their side.

Still, Il Seok manages to get enough time to slip away, having already prepared a secondary exit plan… through the vents.

Tae San, sitting outside of the hospital anxiously waiting for news sees Il Seok drive away and rushes after him, managing to sneak into his ambulance as he gets away. A dazed Kim turns himself in.


Once the police scour the area and find Tae San gone, everyone panics. Jae Kyung orders them to get the hospital CCTV footage and find out what happened. She finds out he got into Il Seok’s ambulance and orders that it be found immediately.

Tae San and Il Seok go at each other, the former able to stop the latter from getting away by crashing his car into the ambulance. Il Seok tries to hide but Tae San taunts him into angrily coming out for a fist to fist fight.


And suddenly Tae San has superhuman strength and awesome fighting skills, which is why he literally breaks a log on his arm and proceeds to beat the hell out of Il Seok, who seems stunned at Tae San’s skills.


In Hye panics when she hears about Tae San’s disappearance, but the police is fast in finding him and soon they’re on their way to catch Il Seok.


Il Seok tries to get away but Tae San won’t let him off the hook so easily and beats him up for ruining his life. In the end, he ties him up and leaves him there for the cops, just like he’d promised.


Il Seok tries to get away, using a lighter to burn the ropes (ugh, doesn’t seem like a good plan, big baddie!) but it backfires on him – there’s oil spilt around, reaching up to a car and he’s caught in the explosion. The police arrives just as the explosion happens.


When Jae Kyung drives Tae San back to the hospital, In Hye’s waiting for him. He assures her that they’ve got Il Seok, so there’s no need for her to worry anymore. In her relief, she moves to hug him, startling him. He slowly returns the hug while Jae Kyung, and from a distance, Seung Woo watch.


Il Seok is wheeled into the hospital with severe burns and Dae Jun turns himself in, his confessions clearing Tae San of the crimes he went to jail for twice before as well. Tae San donates his marrow successfully.

Instead of meeting Soo Jin before the surgery, he gives her a diary instead with questions filled out to ask about her favorite foods and stuff. Later, as she goes through the procedure, he stands and watches through the window anxiously.


Seo Hee goes through with the auction – her and Il Seok’s minion, Im, proceed as planned. Once she’s got her millions, she packs her bags and heads off to the airport. Im gets accosted by the police, thereby getting the evidence and the drugs.


Jae Kyung greets Seo Hee at the airport and has her arrested, presenting Seo Hee’s various passports in evidence as Seo Hee takes out a hidden pill from her jacket. Without batting an eyelash, Jae Kyung tells her to view the video message from her son before taking the pill. Tears fall from her eyes as she sits there watching it, expression touched – her son has made a portrait of her with angel wings in the background. Jae Kyung takes the pill away from her and asks how she could leave her son like that and want to die?


The media has a frenzy over the whole ‘Tae San is innocent’ scenario from every case of his as the trial goes on and Jae Kyung’s boss defends him as innocent. Seung Woo watches the trial. Afterwards, Jae Kyung sighs that her father is finally at rest and Tae San apologizes to her formally. She points out that she’s thankful instead since she caught both baddies thanks to him.


Tae San returns home to Chairman Han who gives him compensation for his son’s actions. Tae San tells him it’s neither his nor his son’s fault. Han thanks him since he got to find his son because of Tae San.

At the moment, Kim is in prison, corresponding with his father and serving time for his crimes. At the same time, Tae San is thankful he gets the chance to live as a human being.


Han offers to live together with Tae San who is happy for the offer but gives no answer. Tomorrow is the day So Jin gets discharged from the intensive care unit.

At the hospital, a happy Soo Jin and In chit chat Tae San walks through the door and returns her doll, as promised. She hugs him in return and they both sit there, staring at each other in wonderment. Soo Jin tells mom her dad looks even prettier in close up, hehe.


Jae Kyung takes down her wall of evidence – after eight years of writing on it again and again and living by it. Much later as she sits by herself, she imagines Mi Sook there with her, happy and cheerful. Through tears, Jae Kyung apologizes to her and thanks her. Mi Sook wipes away her tears.


A now blind Il Seok is spending time in prison where his cellmates take advantage of his blindness and steal away his food.


Seo Hee spends her time meditating while Kim reads his father’s letters over and over, a hint of a smile on his face as if at a happy place.


Soo Jin gets discharged so Seung Woo special comes by with a present for her with loads of chocolate and an ice cream voucher for her – it’s what she’d wanted to eat when she got better. He’s just back from a vacation and helps her pack the last of her things and outside, they run into Tae San who has come to pick them up.


Seung Woo kneels by Soo Jin’s side and tells her, “Soo Jin, your dad is here”, pointing to Tae San and Soo Jin rushes into Tae San’s arms.

In Hye looks at Seung Woo apologetically as he smiles at Soo Jin and Tae San together. Aww, why couldn’t he be the daddy to her too?! *sniff sniff*


In Hye, Tae San and Soo Jin go camping and have loads of fun. Soo Jin asks Dad why he likes mommy and Tae San begins to tell Soo Jin they’re story. When Soo Jin asks Dad where he’s living, Tae San promises to tell her one day after he’s set things right and atoned for what he did wrong.


At night, before sleeping, when Soo Jin asks for a lullaby, Tae San doesn’t know any so sing a song instead- it was one In Hye had sung during their earlier dating days and its theme is breaking up.

Later, In Hye and Tae San sit outside where he thanks her for everything in his life – for picking him back then even going against her disapproving parents, having Soo Jin – who is as kind and beautiful as Soo Jin and she apologizes for not believing in him. He confides that he’s wanted to visit Soo Jin in the hospital after the surgery but held back, wanting to become a better father whom she could rely on first. She asks if he means to leave again after today. He thanks her for forgiving him but doesn’t want her to stop him – she already has someone by her side who has protected her and Soo Jin for so many years.


From inside the tent, Soo Jin is listening with tears in her eyes.


In Hye recalls her conversation with Seung Woo – he was being investigated internally so he left on a vacation. It’s during this time that he realized he’d been too fixated on being with In Hye and Soo Jin, believing Soo Jin’s father was dead. As a result, he couldn’t deal with Tae San being her father at first. In Hye apologizes for not being honest first.

Seung Woo tells her the most important thing is that Soo Jin loves and wants her father and advises In Hye not to let Tae San leave, since Tae is someone who will never hold on to In Hye himself. In Hye realizes that at the moment, what Tae San needs most is time and although she is apologetic to Seung Woo, what they all need is time and right now, she has to do this.


In the present, she tells Tae San not to worry about them and go on with his life as he wants to. Apologizing again, he assures her he can live well wherever he is and whatever he’s doing since he has Soo Jin and asks if he can see Soo Jin every once in a while. She gives him a free pass to come and see her whenever he wants, or Soo Jin wants.

That night, as they all sleep (or pretend to be asleep), Soo Jin turns towards Tae San and he holds her close while In Hye watches with a smile.

He says in voiceover, smiling and crying at the same time, “There is someone who will smile at me. Someone is smiling at me. I am smiling too. There is sunshine in my heart and flowers are blooming now.”


It’s morning (time unknown, maybe even sometime later) and Tae San is walking down a pathway when someone (Soo Jin) calls him from behind, “Daddy.”

He turns around with a smile.



It’s an open ending to quite the enjoyable series. It’s a realistic scenario that gives hope for something more and its up to you to decide what that something would be. It’s almost obvious that Tae San and In Hye will get back together but what i love is that it’s not just a free pass for him that he can take. He’s got years of living wrong to atone for and the past two weeks make him realize that if he wants to be treated as a person, he has to live as one. And now, he’s doing exactly that – living his life as a person and setting things right. He wants to be the father that Soo Jin can be proud of and rely on.

The final apprehending of the baddies seemed a little too rushed and unrealistic – suddenly Tae San is THE smartypants around, but overall, it is HIS story, so it makes it meaningful that he apprehends Il Seok with his own hands like he promised. Like Han says, he’s a father and now he’s got that motivation driving him. He can’t just go recklessly kill or avenge people. As a father, he’s living up to a model for his child.


I liked Seo Hee’s resolution in the fact that her end scene – where Jae Kyung shows her the video and her reaction, you almost feel sorry for the woman. She lost sight of what was most important to her in her greed and ended up losing it – her son. She could’ve had a happy life being a mother to her son and the ‘angel’ he drew. Instead, she followed her own pursuits and justified them in her own twisted ways. As a result, she’s lost the chance to be there for her son.

The ending scene is my favorite because it shows the central point we’ve got Tae San’s whole journey on – that his daughter, Soo Jin became his anchor towards good. He lived a bad life but changed it because he wanted to save her. In the course of two weeks, he realized what his trashy existence meant to those around him and decided to become someone better. Now, as he lives in the present, wherever he is and whatever he does, as he says to In Hye, he’ll do well because he has Soo Jin as his anchor – he wishes to be a better person for her.

I love that it’s not the man-woman love that drives him – he lost the chance for it eight years ago when he chose to forsake it for In Hye’s protection. Rather, it’s a father – daughter love that drives him to overcome his demons.


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  1. I like the final episode…..thanks for a beautful recap and comments….i like this drama….

  2. A satisfied open ending that I dont mind at all
    Seung Woo aww he stepped back
    My puppy Kim is a good guy although he killed couple of people but I will be waiting for you or I can go prison breaking.
    All in all satisfied
    everybody got what they deserved muhahaha for Moon Il Sook and Jo Soo Hee
    and of course me is with Kim

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