Two Weeks Episode 13-14 Revicap


You’ve got to hand it to the good guys! When they decide to be smart, they’re smart! What works is that our good guys are finally turning the table on the baddies by giving them a taste of their own medicine as the stakes go up to life and death for the people Tae San cares about – In Hye and Soo Jin. But the past 12 days have taught Tae San a lot and it’s gratifying to see him put his faith and his trust in his new-found allies to rally and save them.

Episode 13-14 Revicap (Review/Recap):

Tae San successfully breaks into Il Seok’s house and makes his way to the lounge – only to find himself face to face with Il Seok himself. He remembers Jae Kyung promising Il Seok would be out of the picture but Il Seok taunts him that he never even got a warning call from Jae Kyung. And in walks Killer Kim.


Turns out, Jae Kyung’s relaxed and I’ll take my time attitude had Il Seok suspicious. While Jae Kyung had initially decided to stay on asking for the warrant for a few hours, her boss convinces her to apply early and ask the judge to take his time. Unfortunately, that backfires when Seo Hee goes to the judge herself to provide Il Seok’s alibi. As a result, by the time Jae Kyung gets back to Il Seok in the interrogation room, he’s long gone.


When she tries to call Tae San, he’s already drilling the hole through Il Seok’s door and hence doesn’t answer. When she tries to head out after him, she finds her car blocked (suspicious) and the taxi she boards seems to have been planted there by the baddies as well.


Il Seok reveals he knows about Soo Jin’s surgery, which stuns Tae San and the latter begs Il Seok to let him live until the surgery. His cries fall on deaf ears as Kim renders him unconscious and takes him away, suicide note prepared as well. Thankfully, Chairman Han watches Kim as he loads Tae San into the car and planting a tracker on them, follows.


The site of his fake suicide is the high-rise office building where Tae San comes to and finds himself on the rooftop already. He fights Kim off and it works for a while until he finds himself on the ledge, trying to stop Kim from throwing him over.


Curiously, Han arrives and one look at Kim has him stopping in shock. He calls Kim a name, asking if its him. Kim stops and turns to look at Han. Taking advantage of the inaction, Tae San knocks Kim away and he makes his getaway with Han.


Tae San laments the lost opportunity and asks Han if he knew Kim. Han makes no comment, only asking if he’s the person who killed Man Seok.

Jae Kyung arrives at Il Seok’s house, creating a ruckus to get them to open the door but there’s no answer. She takes to climbing over the wall… where Il Seok and his minion are waiting for her, camera in hand. They tell her Tae San’s dead, inviting her in to hear the whole story. She’s stunned, but thankfully her phone rings a moment later and Tae San is on the other end. She’s relieved and makes a dash.


Kim gets the brunt of Il Seok’s anger and ends up missing a call from Seo Hee who’s worried… and gets a visitor in Jae Kyung. Jae Kyung rails at her for killing an innocent child – Soo Jin, half pleading with her to think of the child. Seo Hee, unaware of Soo Jin, seems sympathetic at first, but quickly covers it up, telling Jae Kyung the world is unfair like this – people die even if you don’t kill them with your own hands.


Moreover, she calls Jae Kyung out on her double standards. It’s not like she cared for the child that much? If she did, why not reveal about her first? Instead, she cared more about catching Seo Hee, so she let Il Seok – the man behind the intended murder go free. Jae Kyung warns her that she’ll definitely catch her but Seo Hee’s unfazed – that’ll never happen.


Tae San and Jae Kyung reconvene, spirits low with the failed attempt at getting the evidence. She apologizes, but he knows that in the end, it’s all because he wasn’t a strong enough person to stand for himself. If he had, things wouldn’t have reached this point.


Seung Woo comes clean with In Hye about being the one who shot Tae San and later caused the theft of the digital camera. His reasons and intentions were good – wanting to save Tae San so Soo Jin could live (as per Il Seok’s deal). She’s upset that he kept it from her, but he reminds her she’s the one who kept him out of the loop. “You chose to accept his request.”


Alone in the room in the meantime, Soo Jin finds In Hye’s second phone and seeing Tae San’s number, calls him up. She’s ecstatic to find his number and introducing herself, reminds him he pretended he wasn’t her dad when they first met. At the reminder that they’re meeting again in three days, she kicks her feet in the air joyfully. She begins to ask him about Il Seok ‘his friend’ from the other day but decides against it when she hears In Hye coming back.


Against his original intention, Chairman Han tells Tae San he’ll continue to help him, citing his son that he once lost as the reason. Omo, is that Killer Kim? I really want a nice ending for him – this’ll be good. Tae San ask something somewhat similar – if Killer Kim resembles him but Han says he still has to look into it more.

Seung Woo’s boss confronts him about his extracurricular activities – meeting up with Man Seok’s girlfriend and all. We don’t get to hear his explanation, except that he tells his men to start looking into Tae San’s case again and assigns one of the officers as In Hye’s guard. At the same time, Jae Kyung gets called in by her boss. He’s got pictures of her climbing over Il Seok’s wall and wants to know what’s up but she brushes it off. She knows she’s suspended so she’ll just use her vacation days.


At home, she seems to be in moping mood, with food and soju bottles lying around. When a delivery comes, she accepts it and the delivery man notes that she’s home. It’s only after she closes the door that she’s looking sharp and smug – ah, so it’s a fake mope out!


Confirmation that Jae Kyung is home reaches Il Seok – so that’s why the delivery man was interested. The baddies laugh at her helplessness now since she can’t help Tae San anymore. Il Seok asks about ‘that thing’ and hears that it’s ready. Moreover, minions are closing the pawnshop, so far as to change their numbers as well.


In Hye goes to work and welcomes a customer – Il Seok. She recognizes him from a google search she did of him. Acting the part of the guest, he makes an order and she passes it to her colleague, rushing out the backdoor to type a text to Tae San – only to get nabbed.


Tae San tricks the minions at the pawnshop and retrieves the other recorder he had planted in the pawnshop, besides the two the baddies found earlier. He listens in to it later, hoping to find something incriminating. And he does – with Boss Minion saying the words, “So you told Tae San Chairman killed Mi Sook?


Seung Woo meanwhile, is looking into Kim when he gets a call from In Hye’s colleague, citing that she’s gone missing. The detectives spread out to look for her, even hoobae who rushes out of the hospital.

Jae Kyung looks into the houses around Seo Hee and instructs her colleague to look up the deed just as Seung Woo calls her up.


Tae San gets the call from Jae Kyung – In Hye’s missing. He puts her on hold to receive a call from In Hye. It’s Killer Kim who has her hostage. Tae San has thirty minutes to get to the meet point and he’d better not call Jae Kyung. If she leaves the house, In Hye dies. Tae San wants to talk to In Hye herself and Kim puts her on – Il Seok had anticipated and allowed it. When she comes on, she insists that he save Soo Jin, not her.

“Seeing you again… was good. It was such a relief. The memories of you that I carried within me must have been with me all along. Now use those memories to save Soo Jin. You mustn’t come here.”

Once the call is cut, Kim reports to Il Seok.


Tae San realizes her last words might have been a clue, remembering something she’s said about seeing him reflected in her eyes when they were dating eight years ago and calls up Jae Kyung. He wants her to look into the video (He recorded it) and find the reflection in In Hye’s eyes.


They get straight to it and identify Kim and a bit of the surroundings – it looks like a photo studio. But they haven’t many clues to go on until Tae San remembers they have a picture of Kim’s car. He instructs her not to leave the house and asks for Seung Woo’s number instead. Awww, bromance!


Seung Woo chases the lead of the car and Sang Hoon gets the plates off the video clip. They get a location and Seung Woo heads there.

Tae San arrives at the set destination where he’s told to get into the other car parked there. The navigation system in it is set and he’s to drive to a specific place (a 2 hour drive) for the next clue. He can’t cut the call, nor can he call anyone else. The minute it’s cut, In Hye dies.


Suddenly we cut to the hospital where a woman is handing out drinks to everyone in the hospital, citing that her father was treated here and she’s thankful for it. Next thing, Il Seok walks through the hospital as everyone is bent over unconscious. He heads to Soo Jin’s station and tells her he’s here to take her to her father. She knows she can’t be outside for long so he shows her the ambulance he has prepared for her since her dad really wants to see her.


She agrees when she sees the ambulance and Il Seok wheels her out of there. Another day off the charts. Episode 13 ends.

Thankfully, Soo Jin has the brains to realize something is off. Tae San had told her he’ll see her on the day of the surgery and how he’d asked her to stay close to her mother, not going anywhere without her. So she uses the same ‘my shoe dropped’ tactic and heads back up in the elevator as Il Seok is distracted, shouting, “I’d rather wait until my Dad comes”.


As Tae San drives away, he thinks over the why of the plot. Keeping him on the call means having him tied up whilst kidnapping In Hye means having the police and prosecutors out and looking for her. But only Kim is the visible one on the plan. So while Kim has In Hye, what is Il Seok doing?

Then he remembers In Hye’s words – save Soo Jin. It was the baddies’ plan to nab In Hye to have her as the distraction to get Soo Jin. Making a decision, Tae San turns the car around. He races to the hospital and thankfully arrives just in time.


Jae Kyung can’t get in touch with Tae San so thinking fast, she finds a delivery man and asks to borrow his motorbike for 30 minutes in exchange for money. As a result, she slips away from the building without the baddies noticing.

Il Seok looks around for Soo Jin, knowing she can’t stay outside for too long. She manages to evade him enough to hide in a closet but the door won’t close fully. Il Seok spies the open door and guesses she’s there, but as he’s approaching her, Tae San’s voice rings out “Soo Jin ah!”


Afraid to go in without properly sanitizing himself, he calls out for Soo Jin. She’s thankful to see him and he tells her to get back in her room while he calls the doctor. He watches her walk back… and Il Seok dart off into the stairwell. He rushes after her just as Jae Kyung arrives and asks her to look after Soo Jin.

He chases Il Seok out of the hospital, across the road and into a building straight up to the rooftop. Hilariously, Il Seok’s minion, waiting in the ambulance, sees Il Seok run past and then Tae San chasing after him.

Tae San easily overpowers Il Seok and holds him over the ledge. But instead of killing him, Tae San tells him he’d rather send him to rot in jail for the rest of his life. Il Seok tells him he’ll regret letting him live and although he chose Soo Jin over In Hye, it means In Hye dies tonight. But Tae San doesn’t bat an eyelash and rather smugly tells Il Seok that however much he may mess with Tae San, Il Seok can’t mess with Soo Jin or In Hye.


Seung Woo reaches In Hye’s location and tries to go in, telling the minions outside he’s here to meet Kim. They try to stop him, even pulling their knives out at him after he knocks them down… only to get a gun in their face instead. So they scram and he heads in to rescue In Hye.

He releases her and hugs her, telling her he was worried so much. He seems to pick on her disappointment as she says Tae San can’t come to save her – he’s Soo Jin’s lifeline so he has to save her first so he assures her that he worked to save her, together with him.


Jae Kyung relays the news that In Hye is okay and since the hospital staff is busy with the police, she asks him to come and meet Soo Jin.

It’s cute the way he’s so nervous and anxious and even practices his smile before she opens her blinds. Awwww, she’s wearing the pin he gave her on her cap!


They have an adorable heart to heart chat where she says she realized the guy wasn’t her dad’s friend since there are bad friends too and he tells her she did good and was smart. The smart doesn’t sit right with her since she doesn’t think she is – her grades are always poor since she’s sick so Tae San assures her she’ll do well once she goes back after she’s all well.

She wishes him a happy birthday, along with a birthday drawing of a sun (San) and a cake. The caption on it reads: “Daddy! Happy birthday. Thank you for having me.” And it’s enough to send him crying and staring at her. She has a frown mirroring his until he tells her through tears that it’s because he’s too happy.

He smiles at her through his tears and they place their hands on the mirror as if to touch and as she brightly smiles at him, he thinks to himself, “This child is smiling at me. She’s smiling for me.”


Il Seok gets the news that Seung Woo saved In Hye and Tae San watches In Hye and Seung Woo return to the hospital holding hands. He’s thankful In Hye is safe and grudgingly gives Seung Woo a job well done.

In Hye checks in on Soo Jin who is happy that her Dad saved her and the bad ahjusshi ran away but gets sick, the day’s events finally catching up and taking a toll on her body. Seung Woo worriedly watches.


Jae Kyung sends In Hye down to meet Tae San. She thanks him for saving Soo Jin, admitting she was hoping he remembered her words about reflections so she could survive too. She says she’s calling them even for what happened eight years ago since he saved Soo Jin and when he helps her in the surgery two days later, she’ll let go of his eight year absence. He considers it as light punishment but she continues that she wants to forgive him, “That way, you can forgive yourself.”


Hospital CCTV’s during the incident were totally blackened out, as Sung Woo finds out but thankfully they have the earlier footage saved up – where the woman is distributing the drugged drinks.

Ah, watching them eat Ramyun is making me hungry! Jae Kyung and Tae San share dinner after which he plays the recording for her – they can catch Il Seok with it. Jae Kyung listens but declares that the recording isn’t enough to nab him.


But Tae San wore his smarty pants today and declares this is enough – they can make it that way. He’s sure the minions wouldn’t have reported the recorders to Il Seok so now all they have to do is change strategy – divide and conquer.

Yet, he knows things won’t be solid until they can take down Seo Hee as well and Jae Kyung shares her latest find – the house adjacent to Seo Hee’s is under the same company’s name… as is the photo studio building earlier. Aha. While it’s a solid lead, he’s not sure there’s enough time to pursue it. D day is just two days away.

That night though, he starts surveillance of the neighborhood property and catches Seo Hee in her rich attire at the rich house and clicks away on the camera.


Il Seok goes down to his basement and starts putting money in a bag. There, it seems he’s also kept evidence, since there’s loads of files and various CCTV footage.

Tae San gives Han the information on Kim that the police has and all they know though, is that Kim was adopted to Colombia, where he held citizenship, but served in the French Foreign Legion and was granted French citizenship. As to why Han thinks it might be his son, it’s not more than a hunch. The back story though is that Han had gifted his son a fountain pen and had wanted his son to choose a different path than himself. One day though, the boy had disappeared and all that was left behind was the fountain pen – minus the cap. Oh it’s definitely your son! He admits that’s the reason he wanted to help Tae San – it reminded him of his own son.


Il Seok tells sidekick minion to get the bestest of men and make sure Tae San dies. Sidekick nervously proposes that they let go of the Tae San grudge – he hasn’t any evidence anyway so the best strategy right now would be to protect themselves. But Il Seok’s in no mood to give up and tells the guy to do as ordered.

Just then, Il Seok gets a call from Tae San who plays the recording from the pawnshop for him. He fans the flames for Il Seok – minion is quite the easy fall guy it seems so this time, it won’t be that hard to make sure Il Seok goes to jail for his own crime.


Then he calls up the minion and tells him to make preparations to go to jail instead of Il Seok – the knife was his, the house she lived in is in his wife’s name and Il Seok is all but ready to throw him under the bus.


Just then, Il Seok calls up the minion and instructs him to find a new guy they can pin Tae San’s murder on – someone with a nice clean record. Ummm, does minion realize he fits the profile since according to him, he hasn’t killed anybody ever? Nope, minion’s just too glad that Il Seok isn’t pinning it on him – apparently, that he agrees to do it ASAP!


Things get uneasy for him when Seung Woo starts looking in to the house deed and asks him to bring proof of rental fees to the police (since he claims Mi Sook was a renting tenant). Anxious, the minion heads to the real estate office but Tae San is there to tell him it’s no use anymore.


Minion tries to rub it in with Tae San that he was wrong since Il Seok didn’t say anything to him but Tae San points out that’s exactly what happened when he sent Tae San to jail in his stead – wasn’t a nice clean record guy what he wanted before he just pinned the murder on Tae San. Minion, suffice to say, seems to fall hook, line and sinker for the bait, especially when Tae San plays the recording for him.


Sang Hoon gets called in by his boss to ask about Jae Kyung but he denies any knowledge of what she’s up to.

Jae Kyung gets in touch with the reporter she’d set up to reveal that Seo Hee will come to Il Seok’s rescue. She’s curious why he never reported it and he tells her it’s because Seo Hee had totally taunted him to go ahead with it but to be prepared for the backlash he’d have to suffer if it went through.

Jae Kyung asks him if he’d like another tip, and wonders what he’d do this time.


Seo Hee and Il Seok meet up again and this time, you see the power tables turn since he warns her – more like threatens her, to stay in the country until Tae San is dead and Jae Kyung is out of the picture. That doesn’t sit well with her since she’s looking to take off the minute she can and threatens to call off the auction but he calls her bluff – she needs that money for her getaway, so unless she’s planning to say ‘ta-ta’ to her millions, she’s going to go through with the plan.

The encounter affects her more than she lets on and after he’s gone, she drives home trembling and shaken.


Jae Kyung’s still using the delivery-guy persona and goes to Tae San in preparation for the next step of their plan.

Kim (where were you dearie?) is preparing his weapons when he finds the cell Han left and reads the text he sent “Are you Glue Stick?” he ignores the message, although it does seem to stick with him.


Tae San heads into an office building and goes to meet… Seo Hee, under the cover of a journalist. He shows her the photographs he has of her at her ‘real’ house but she seems unfazed and laughs at his attempt to try and blackmail her. But he reveals that’s not why he’s here and asks her for ten minutes, inviting her to check him for bugs and all.


She laughs in his face when he says he has other pictures too – the photos were taken yesterday and tells him to make it short. He lays out the deal – all he wants is to save his daughter and hence, catch Il Seok. Showing her the evidence he collected, he offers to keep her connection to Il Seok a secret as long as she doesn’t move to save him – that way, they both get what they want and Il Seok goes to jail.


Somewhere near, Jae Kyung is timing her watch – Tae San had told her to start taking pictures if he didn’t come out after five minutes. It would mean the deal is going well. She raises her camera and clicks away.


Seo Hee is suspicious of his ‘deal’ but he argues that he knows she is someone to be feared and he doesn’t want to double-cross her because he can’t afford her retaliation. But if she refuses, he’s ready to die for his daughter and has got enough evidence to at least spread around and make sure her ‘clean’ reputation gets smeared, even if it won’t land her in jail.

She wonders if the evidence is enough and he asks if he’d approach her if he was just half prepared. She accepts the deal and he asks for a handshake to seal the deal between them. She falls for it and Jae Kyung gets the money shot – Seo Hee shaking hands with Jang Tae San.

Two days to D-Day!



Always being on the defensive, running here and there has its own thrill and fun  – watching the good guys wiggle out of the worst possible scenarios is quite enjoyable, but things truly turn interesting when the stakes are equal and the baddies have to watch their steps because the good guys are laying their own traps.

Thankfully, our good guys have realized being a team means being stronger and sometimes, you have to bend the rules to find the truth and do the right thing. It’s what makes us human. What I love most is the tri-mance between Seung Woo, Jae Kyung and Tae San. Took them a while to realize they were on the same boat but now that they’ve come to the realization, it’s made them cleverer and faster!

The stakes were always going to go this high – In Hye and Soo Jin were definitely going to end in the bad hands at one point or another but what’s brilliant about it is that it’s a stake that matters and it was handled with enough clever to keep us on our toes. To the last minute, you’re afraid Soo Jin would be taken or maybe In Hye might really get hurt. But it gives Seung Woo and Tae San the chance to rise up and take charge, protect what they care about. I can still feel that the ending may be Tae San x In Hye back together, but I’d love for Seung Woo to be the one she chooses. I’d hate to see him all lonely in the end. Unless of course, they set him up with Jae Kyung. Now that’s a fire to rival his temperament… and yes, they both do click together!! 😉


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  1. When everything is over can I have my puppy Kim *.* alive would be awesome , dead would be me learning how to make voodoo dolls.
    Seriously drugging the whole ward.
    Soo jinie thank God you used your brain like your dad
    Aww Tae san and Soo jin
    ohhhhhh yeah divide and conquer

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