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Scandal Episode 22-23 Recap


I’ve got to say this-even if this drama doesn’t deliver as awesomely ahead as it has so far, even if the world crumbles all around, Scandal is worth watching for these episodes alone! I’ve loved Jae Won since his Can You Hear my Heart days (never saw May Queen or any other of his series as lead hero, for that matter) and even started Scandal late in the game-ten episodes had aired by the time I saw the first. And in this episode, Jae Won wins your heart and the already hook, line, sinker you fall even deeper!

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Two Weeks Episode 13-14 Revicap


You’ve got to hand it to the good guys! When they decide to be smart, they’re smart! What works is that our good guys are finally turning the table on the baddies by giving them a taste of their own medicine as the stakes go up to life and death for the people Tae San cares about – In Hye and Soo Jin. But the past 12 days have taught Tae San a lot and it’s gratifying to see him put his faith and his trust in his new-found allies to rally and save them.

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