Two Weeks Epiosde 11-12 Revicap


So the good guys finally manage to get the one piece of evidence that would work in their favor but lose it almost immediately and are left fumbling for straws. As always, the heart of the show lies in the daddy – daughter moments! I was a mess when Tae San dreams going into that operation theater and disillusioning Soo Jin like that. *shouts at screen* He has to make it, dammit!


So, Tae San finally gets the camera but bad news is that Killer Kim is already on his tail and snags it not ten minutes after the poor guy got it. In Hye tries to help him but she’s not much assistance and in the end, Seung Woo drives up just as Kim makes his getaway. Seung Woo allows Tae San to get away.


Unfortunately, as we later learn, Seung Woo is the one who relays the information of the camera to Il Seok. Oh dear! Thing is, Il Seok asked Seung Woo to make Tae San hand over the camera, promising not to kill Tae San.

Curiously, he confronts Tae San later, wanting to talk about something but what about isn’t shown.

This is one development I didn’t like though – it feels like the writer is just messing with Seung Woo’s character out of the blue. For such a smart and dedicated guy, how can he suddenly make such a flip and trust the bad guys with information – when sharing it with the good guys would have gotten him exactly what he wanted – Soo Jin and In Hye’s safety?


News reaches Jae Kyung through In Hye who is devastated at the loss but that’s exactly what In Hye calls her out on – she’s worried about the camera, aka her own revenge while Tae San has his life on the line. The reason he can’t rely on Jae Kyung or trust her is because she can’t even appreciate the fight he is going through – all that matters to him is to save Soo Jin and possibly his own life. Her revenge, In Hye claims, pales in comparison to his dilemma.


Jae Kyung realizes In Hye is right, which nags at her conscience. Consequently, she tries to think of the connection between Il Seok and Seo Hee, realizing it has something to do with the charity auction coming up. When Tae San calls her for a meet-up, she goes.


The baddies get the camera and Il Seok watches the video before turning over the disk to Seo Hee who proceeds to break it before telling Il Seok to take care of Tae San. Il Seok advises her to clean her own mess aka deal with Jae Kyung so that she’s not left bothering him after Seo Hee’s gone.


Jae Kyung takes Tae San back to her place telling him she’s glad he saved her life at the Chuncheon factory. And how fun was her disguise for Tae San, lol!


She reveals she was really scared at the factory and regretted putting all the time in her revenge. They end up exchanging information – she shows him her wall of evidence while he gives her the sketch of Killer Kim and tells her that if they can get Killer Kim in the interrogation room, they can probably get him to confess to being backed by Il Seok.


Since they know Il Seok has an informant in the police department, Jae Kyung takes the police officers – minus Il Do and Seung Woo. There, she gets a supposed call from her department telling her about Tae San turning himself in. Someone, not shown who, is listening in on the call. She makes a flimsy excuse about having to report in and goes off.


On the baddies end, Killer Kim makes preparations to kill Tae San. He reaches the destined place an hour earlier and checks it out – exactly as Tae San predicted. But Jae Kyung’s people – including Sang Hoon and Seung Woo hide out of the obvious places and wait for the event to happen. As soon as Kim shoots Tae San, Jae Kyung gives the signal for her men to catch him.


Unfortunately, Kim has got the perfect escape plan – he easily disposes the gun (which explodes in the sky a few minutes later). Consequently even though the police take Kim in, they can’t hold him in due to a lack of evidence and he’s let go.


Tae San and Jae Kyung lament their luck while Il Seok and party realize that Tae San and Jae Kyung are finally working together. Thinking of what to do next, Jae Kyung and Tae San explore options until Tae San suggests going straight into the lion’s den to find the evidence. From his past, he knows the way Il Seok operates and has been to the house once before. And as help, Tae San calls up a favor from Chairman Han.


Han is impressed by how much Tae San has changed and agrees to help him. Moreover, he decides to go out on the operation with him – an easy feat since he’d owned the house before. Moreover, I love that Tae San is becoming quite the smartypants by rattling Il Seok’s minions.


Luckily, Jae Kyung and team find a number of CCTV’s that place Il Seok at Mi Sook’s house on the day of the murder. Using that, they arrest Il Seok for Mi Sook’s murder.



While Il Seok is holed up in the prosecutor’s office under questioning, Tae San makes a play for Il Seok’s house. The question is, with four episodes still to go, is Tae San going to make it?


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  1. Tae San was looking blind in that disguise hahaha
    yay for teacher Kim, he is a freaking ninja, just dont die in the end, or before.
    Soo Jin and Tae San -sigh- my poor heart

  2. Thank you for the recap:)

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