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Chapter 4 – Extraction||Endless Night

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel


Chapter Four – Extraction

Kim Hyun-soo’s hand froze in his inner jacket pocket where he concealed the syringe he’d picked up off the ground as the young woman recovered from her attack. He withdrew his fingers and straightened his spine as he regarded her with interest. Since he had only arrived in Seoul two days ago, the first time he set foot in the city in five years, the girl had to be someone from his past.  Her hair was tangled around her cheeks and half-covered her face, making it difficult for him to make out her features, although he could see the promise of delicate beauty in the curve of her jaw, but as she lifted a trembling hand to pull her hair behind her ear – he subconsciously noted the myriad of cuts decorating it – his eyes widened in recognition.

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