Scandal Episode 14-20 Character Highlights


If only that smile could be forever! This is one drama where you need to tune in to know the true depth of every emotion the characters are feeling because the actors have done a splendid job with each and every scene!

Sorry for the silence on my end about Scandal-blame my slow internet connection, weekend weddings and time spent on other every day life chores. For now though, I’m back for a while! 😉

Man Bok

Man Bok continues to be greedy and wants to retain his position as Jang Eun Joong, even if it means going down the wrong way-aka, having Ha Eun Joong taken out of the picture. He’s lived all those years believing himself to be someone but suddenly, that identity is in danger of being taken away and it’s something he doesn’t want to lose.


Although, karma be seen, he’s responsible for the aftermath himself. If only he weren’t too greedy. Hwa Young already sees him as her son too and is willing to give up bringing the real Eun Joong back for his sake, but he’s too shaken to believe that promise and decides to deal with the matter himself. Under the threat of Joo Ran’s blackmail, Man Bok falls deeper and deeper into the darkness. And as it is, too many people knowing a secret means it will be spilled eventually.


Hwa Young

She finds out Eun Joong is her real son when he calls her up regarding the case against her husband and is anxious to meet him but Man Bok distracts her and asks her to promise not to have anything to do with the detective on case-aka Eun Joong. But she’s clever enough to catch on and asks Su Young to bring her a picture of her brother. I love her reaction when she sees the picture-she’s totally lost in her tears until her secretary calls that Ha Eun Joong is here to see her and she immediately orders him to be let in.

He comes in and is surprised at the familiar way she looks at him and cries but says nothing of it and stays business-like with her.


Her motherly instinct can’t stay smothered for long and she asks him if he’s living well, eating healthy and happy and promises to help him with his investigation.

She watches him and follows him when he leaves, getting her fill of looking at her son alive and well after so long.

She finds that Man Bok knew the truth already and confronts him about it, even more horrified that Man Bok is helping Jang Tae Ha get even with Eun Joong by framing him, and if worst comes to worst, killing him. Man Bok asks her to forget about Eun Joong as he is her son now and wants her to focus on him only.


She confronts Myeong Gun for his lie, no longer seeing him as her friend and he apologizes, telling her he was going to return her son to her, but when he came, there was already someone else living that life.

At the end of Episode 20, she gets a frantic call from Myeong Gun that Tae Ha is about to kill his own son-Eun Joong, believing he is Myeong Gun’s son and begs her to help him.


Jang Joo Ha

Joo Ha and Eun Joong make an elaborate scheme of ‘fake dating’ each other, both with their own goals but it goes wrong when Daddy Tae Ha’s minion attacks Eun Joong to make away with a crucial piece of evidence. She feels terrible about the attack which lands him in the hospital and tries to avoid him when he wakes. When they do come face to face, she tells him as much-that she’s sorry for what her father’s doing to him but as her father’s daughter, as a person working at the company, those are her top priorities and she’ll protect them first. He’s easy to point out that he’d be the same-the minute he has proof she’s done something wrong, he’ll put her behind bars with no qualms.


She’s still dismissive of her fiancé Jin Wook, although he’s reverted to calling her ‘wife’, which annoys her to no end. At the end of Episode 20, she’s mulling over her mother Joo Ran’s words about the fake and real Eun Joong, unable to believe Man Bok is the fake one, but given his odd behavior ever since she gets involved with Eun Joong, it nags at her.

Incidentally, she hears a call coming on Hwa Young’s cell phone and it reads ‘My Eun Joong’. Thinking it’s Man Bok, she picks and chats away, only belatedly realizing its Ha Eun Joong. That confirms it for her, as well as the sketch of what the real Eun Joong should look like.



Jang Tae Ha

Jang Tae Ha is outraged at the nerve of a mere detective to try and catch him for any wrong doing. Transferring Eun Joong doesn’t work for long, especially when Eun Joong literally comes and threatens him with solid evidence. With the help of Man Bok and minion Shin, he starts to set a trap for Eun Joong. But when he learns that Eun Joong is the son of Ha Myeong Gun, his rage is uncontrollable and he decides to do the worst-telling Eun Joong it’s because he’s the son of the man who kidnapped Tae Ha’s own son. That is the moment of realization for Eun Joong-to realize his father is such a person, although Tae Ha remains oblivious, pointing a gun straight at Tae Ha’s heart-ready to kill him for his father’s sin.


Ha Myeong Gun

Ha Myeong Gun, after his cancer diagnosis, realizes he has little time left and spends the best of it with his children, showing them much more love and affection than usual. It causes Eun Joong bewilderment, telling him these acts don’t suit him, but goes along with them all the same. It’s wonderful the way Eun Joong loves and is so loyal to Myeong Gun even though the latter was always a little gruff and tight-lipped about Eun Joong’s past.And in the little cracks in Myeong Gun’s tough exterior, you see him caring about Eun Joong as a father would care for his son-perhaps more.


When Eun Joong learns half the truth, that he’s not Myeong Gun’s real son, he begs Myeong Gun to let him continue to be his son,claiming that is the only way he knows and the only way he wishes to live. It makes Myeong Gun break down in tears-how can he take the inevitable hurt away from his son and protect him? You can see that every day of the continued lie weighs on his consciousness, but he takes advantage of those precious moments to tell Eun Joong how he truly views him.
He waits for him outside on the steps one day, telling Eun Joong he was waiting for ‘my son’.

As he watches him when they’re wallpaper-ing Woo Ah Mi’s new room, he tells his son ‘I love you.’



Woo Ah Mi

Ah Mi learns the real truth about Eun Joong when she hears Man Bok confront Myeong Gun about it. Unable to believe the worst of her savior Myeong Gun and imagining the pain it would cause Eun Joong, she confronts Myeong Gun about it, unwilling to believe he’s such a cruel person. So Myeong Gun tells her the whole truth and she asks that he tell Eun Joong before he learns it from someone else or is hurt for it.


Worried for Eun Joong, she gives him a small keychain doll that she’d made for her unborn child, telling him to relay all his worries and sorrows onto the doll. Realizing Jang Tae Ha is Eun Joong’s real father and Eun Joong is investigating him for her case, she asks him, without citing any reason, to turn the case over to another detective. But he refuses to hand it over, telling her not to worry about it.


Worry comes for her when Hwa Young, who at first decided to take Ah Mi’s case to court backs out of it. Her comment at that: “Perhaps this is why people with no power take their revenge directly!” makes me wonder if she understands the heartbreak Myeong Gun felt when his son died and how his revenge-to kidnap Eun Joong, was undertaken.


Ha Eun Joong

Eun Joong wakes from the attack by minion Shin and tells Myeong Gun that he wanted to see his face because he knew he would worry. With a promise to not worry him again, he gets back to investigating the case, this time with his superior’s approval, but things don’t go very smoothly and finally, he’s backed into a corner-until he finds the incriminating piece of evidence that Gong Gi Chan had possessed.


With that, he manages to blackmail Tae Ha, but the tables are turned when Tae Ha decides Eun Joong doesn’t need to stay alive. At first, Tae Ha incriminates Eun Joong as the police officer who supposedly accepted a bribe and let a criminal go loose, and then when push comes to shove, he decides to shoot Eun Joong as revenge on Myeong Gun.

The moment Eun Joong gets confirmation he isn’t Myeong Gun’s son is a heartbreaker-more so, because we find out Eun Joong had already known the truth for a while but was too afraid to face it. When Myeong Gun decides to come clean, Eun Joong tells him he doesn’t want to know about his past-his real parents, his real name-naught matters, he says and all he wants is to live this life as his father’s son and So Young’s elder brother. His earnest and teary plea break Myeong Gun’s resolve and he can’t put any more pain on Eun Joong.

“I’ll really be a good son.”


Even the moment Tae Ha threatens to kill him, before he tells Eun Joong the truth, Eun Joong tells him he refuses to die because it would make his father and younger sister sad. *heartbreak*


But then he learns the truth about his father and it’s like shattering his life’s belief-his one true trusted person.


One of my favorite interaction of Eun Joong is when he asks her to stop calling him ‘Detective Ha’ and rather to call him by his name ‘Eun Joong sshi’. She wonders at the sudden change and awkwardly tries it, which makes him chuckle as he tells her to practice it a hundred times before she goes to bed. Once she’s gone, he thinks to himself that he’s afraid she may remember the worst time in her life when she calls him ‘Detective Ha’ and he’s hoping that once she uses his name, that won’t be the case.


Every time you see Ha Eun Joong with his family, you wish he were the true son and there were no birth secret to break his heart. Unfortunately, when fate decides to start rolling the dice, there’s only so long the truth can remain buried.


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  1. Thank you so very much, I really liked how you wrote about all of them. If only we could….. somehow……. one way or the other…… OH PLEASE SOMEONE STOP THE HEARTBREAKING DOOMSDAY STORY.
    If only Eun Joong never knows, where is the hope when you need it the most?
    If something like this happens in a real life (my mom was almost abducted when she was a kid and my eldest bro was held at a gun point) I will never forgive anyone, but this is a drama…..but dramas are based on real life’s too, dagnabbit I m going to sleep.

    oh one more thing
    Eun Joong’s few seconds amnesia, seriously? It was like he was not fully awake yet. You know sometimes when you wake up you have no idea, is it morning or noon.

    That reminds me something that recently happened
    Me and my sister share a room (why do always girls have to share a room?)
    So once upon a time my sister was sleeping and I snuck into the room BUT she woke up, damn my stealth mode, and she asked me a question
    sis: are you my sister?
    me: for a second I thought I heard it wrong, so I asked her WHAT
    sis: are you my sister?
    me: clasping my mouth and stopping the giggling sounds because clearly she is sleep talking and answered Yes.
    ……and she went back to sleep.

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