Two Weeks Episode 10 Recap


What’s most endearing about this story is the way you end up rooting for so many characters simultaneously! I like the arc Tae San is taking and yes, he deserves a happy end perhaps even with In Hye, but I also love Seung Woo’s devotion and love for In Hye and Soo Jin so I’d hate to see them break apart! On the other hand, Seung Woo and Jae Kyung seem like a perfect match with their clashing personalities! Seriously, how’s a girl to decide which knight to root for?

Episode 10 Recap:

Seung Woo confronts In Hye about Tae San, hurt that she wouldn’t confide the truth in him when he’s sincere towards her and Soo Jin. Seriously, I love seeing him with Soo Jin-they’re so perfectly adorable!

Tae San realizes Seung Woo is the man In Hye is seeing and going to marry. He’s standing there stunned with the shock when In Hye, and Seung Woo turn and see him.


The cop immediately kicks in for Seung Woo who begins to approach Tae San but In Hye holds him back, shouting at Tae San to run away quickly. Seung Woo tries to break free but she holds on tightly, apologizing and exclaiming that Tae San isn’t a murderer.

He finally just gives up, his own will crumbling.


He turns around and faces In Hye, noticing that she’s still tightly clutching a part of his shirt in her hand, unconsciously afraid he’ll go after Tae San and he asks her in a quiet voice (that breaks my heart) “You said you believed in me?” Oh damn.

She raises her eyes and sees the hurt in his as he sighs. He finally turns to go but she’s still holding on so asks her to let go-Tae San has already run away far enough.


She apologizes and he points out he’s a detective while Tae San is a runaway criminal wanted for murder. How is he not supposed to catch the bad guy?

In Hye argues that he’s not a murderer and will turn himself in after the surgery so just wait until then. If he turns himself in or gets caught, he’ll die. He almost died already-she’s been on the phone with him for Soo Jin’s surgery.


Seung Woo: “Do you believe those words?”                                 

In Hye: “I have no choice but to believe them.”

Seung Woo: “Then why won’t you believe MY words?”

He asks if she thinks he’ll kill the guy who’s going to save Soo Jin but she tells him she believes him, everything he says and asks him not to say it like that.


Tae San continues running, remembering In Hye’s declaration of marrying someone, Seung Woo shooting at him and exclaiming Soo Jin is a daughter to him.

Much later, he collapses as he remembers his encounters with Seung Woo and cries as he hits himself on the head, over and over.


Imaginary Soo Jin asks him what he’s doing and he laments, thinking how much In Hye must be suffering and embarrassed because of him-her fiancé is chasing her old boyfriend and savior of her daughter and says, “Why… Just why did I live like that?”


A flashback to 8 years ago shows Il Seok threatening Tae San (The sequence is after Tae San was given the choice to go to jail or die with In Hye). In the end, Tae San wipes his tears and agrees, as much as the choice kills him, he can’t afford to do otherwise.


He remembers the latest encounter with Il Seok “It was all your own fault,” and mutters that it was but now, he doesn’t want to die, neither does he want to be arrested by In Hye’s fiancé and he doesn’t want to make Soo Jin live as a murderer’s daughter and vows to uncover the truth about Il Seok for everyone.


Il Seok takes his lackeys-including Killer Kim to task, musing he has no eye for people and should have groomed Tae San as his right hand man instead since he’s showing better brains than the others, haha!

Knowing Tae San lost Kim by pretending to talk, he comments on that but lackey says it’s Kim’s fault and not because Tae San is smart. The remark angers Kim even more but Il Seok points out all of them are at fault one way or another. Remembering the antibiotics Tae San was taking, he asks his men to look into why Tae San went to the hospital-was it for the daughter’s surgery?


In Hye thinks back to the encounter between her, Seung Woo and Tae San. Soo Jin is also in a downhill mood and it shows in her drawing.

Jae Kyung calls up In Hye and they both meet at the hospital. She knows In Hye went out to meet Tae San. She reveals that she knows it all-why Tae San went on the run and that he isn’t the murderer. In Hye denies knowing but Jae Kyung asks if she isn’t worried. In Hye says he’ll come on the surgery day but Jae Kyung points out the dangers outside are worse for him. She promises that she’ll keep Tae San safe until the surgery and asks that he come and turn himself in along with the camera. With that, he can prove his innocence cause they get to catch the bad guys.


In Hye promises to relay it when he calls again-and seems swayed by the offer too so when she turns to leave, Jae Kyung adds that Tae San went to jail eight years ago for stabbing her father but in stead of the person who was actually responsible and the decision eight years ago must have been because his loved ones were threatened. She points out that him staying quiet right now is also for her and Soo Jin’s sake.

The news devastates In Hye and shakes every belief and the hatred she has of him. She collapses in tears in the stairwell, thinking back to the time Tae San rejected her eight years ago.


Seung Woo confronts Jae Kyung about keeping the information about Tae San being the donor from him but she’s unfazed against his anger. He wouldn’t even have shot Tae San, he argues but she says she found out later. To him, it still means she kept the truth from him. Jae Kyung says it was In Hye’s place to tell him but he points out she kept things hidden for her investigation. She points out him knowing would mean it being told to the police and subsequently Soo Jin would be in danger.


He connects the dots that there’s also someone else behind Seo Hee and asks her who it is. She says they were going to kill her when they’d kidnapped her at Chuncheon-her, a prosecutor. To capture Tae San, they’d have no qualms using his daughter. She only survived thanks to Tae San but she can’t make a move because there’s no evidence. He just asks her the name of the other person with Seo Hee.


Il Seok gets the news that Tae San went to the hospital on Mi Sook’s murder day and that the operation is on the same day as their exhibition. They debate whether or not to use In Hye to their advantage and one lackey wonders if Seung Woo knows anything. One lackey argues against it since Seung Woo is already suspicious of them and it would be bad news if they used his woman.


Seung Woo searches Il Seok on the internet and then asks hoobae about the killer pen-used by killer kim and asks him to find out where it came from along with a string of other instructions. If Tae San isn’t the killer, Seung Woo wants to prove it. As he stares at Il Seok’s picture, he wonders where he’s seen him before and remembers seeing him in the hospital.

And then he pays a visit to Il Seok.


Tae San visits Mi Sook’s house.

Seung Woo confronts Il Seok about going to see Soo Jin and Il Seok uses his cover story but Seung Woo warns him against ever bothering In Hye and Soo Jin. Il Seok easily tells him all he wants is the camera and he remembers Jae Kyung already telling him about it but bluffs that he doesn’t know. Il Seok offers to let Tae San live so Soo Jin can have her surgery and asks for the camera in exchange,

Seung Woo grabs him by his collar, calling him crazy and says he seems to be bad at reading people. As he leaves, he promises to catch Tae San before Il Seok and after that, he’ll catch Il Seok.

Lol, Il Seok is left calling Seung Woo but the latter just walks off. He calls up hoobae and tells him to come to the hospital-at once.


Once there, he tells hoobae to keep watch and not let anyone other than the people he provides a list of to enter the ward.

I love that he tells In Hye they’ll solve their issues later and focus on what’s important now-Soo Jin’s surgery. He asks her to let him know when Tae San calls and that he’ll make sure to uncover the bad guys.


At the same time, Tae San is composing an email to someone. He finds a website and logs in to see the chat history recorded through webcam. And so he watches the day of the murder unfold in the shop.


Seo Hee chats with her son through webcam and promises to come to him soon. Whoa, even her loving smile for her son is creepy! Anyways, she even strokes the screen lovingly once he’s gone. But then her smile disappears and she turns away-taking a peek at multiple passports and purchased tickets.


Cut to a press conference where she’s the loving congresswoman and friend of the people, all loving and caring. Jae Kyung watches from the back. P.S. Seo Hee’s clothes are so ugly.

After the conference, Jae Kyung offers her flowers and wonders about the exhibition, thinking to herself why Seo Hee is being so bold.

Il Seok watches the press conference, realizing Seo Hee means to leave ASAP so even if the camera gets out, only Il Seok would be left behind to shoulder the blame. He asks minion to find out Seo Hee’s flight plans.

In Hye gets a call from Tae San on the hospital line so as to avoid the police hearing their call. He asks if they can meet today and she relays Jae Kyung’s message. He still says he can’t turn himself in and they decide to meet and talk. So In Hye heads out, telling Soo Jin she has work to attend to and will be back soon. Soo Jin argues and doesn’t want to be left alone, asking where she’s going so In Hye promises to answer all her queries after the surgery.


Unknown to them, Jae Kyung is still listening in to the call. At the end, she wishes the issue would be resolved today. Her plan is to keep the police out and use her own prosecutor assistants. Boss gives her the go ahead.


In Hye goes to work at her shop and asks her lackey for a favor. Watching the shop on both ends is Seung Woo and the prosecutor assistant.

In Hye takes the subway, not knowing she’s being followed. Both followers also don’t seem to be aware of the other.

At the other station, Jae Kyung and her people are at ready but In Hye makes no move to get off the train when it stops.


Sang Hoon says something that now makes Jae Kyung thinks its suspicious.

At the next station, In Hye leaves the train and lackey gets off too but just before the doors close, In Hye jumps back in-as Tae San instructed her. Seung Woo is still on her trail. When she finally does get off the train, it’s to go straight into a pre-ordered taxi. Thankfully, Seung Woo finds a trailing taxi soon enough.


Jae Kyung gets the news that they lost In Hye and Sang Hoon wonders if they’ve gone to find the camera. But that makes Jae Kyung realize that Tae San and In Hye already met yesterday.


In Hye arrives at the girlfriend’s shop and heads in to ask the girl about the camera. Seung Woo watches her. Girlfriend says he borrowed it from his ‘friend’ but she says she was the one who gave it. Girlfriend reveals she gave it out to her friend to throw away and offers to call her up and ask about it.

And flashback shows Tae San and In Hye had this discussion when they last met at the hospital where he told her about the camera and that it could help him.


Girl gives In Hye the address for the person who took the camera and before leaving, drops off the ring Man Seok had bought for her. It makes the girl cry again and In Hye remembers her own time with Tae San, when he’d come and she’d thrown a single person party for his birthday-except it wasn’t really his birthday.


He’d told her he won’t have any of the seaweed soup since he hated it and she accepts his answer just before they exchange gifts. She’d given him a letter within a ring-just like Man Seok wrote for his girlfriend.

In the letter-which he reads in the present, she’d thanked him for being born and past or now-it brought tears to his eyes.


Back then, he’d told her she was the first person to ever say something like that to him. He reveals his mother committed suicide on his birthday. She’s horrified and he tells her she committed suicide after serving him seaweed soup. She holds him close as he lets his sorrows out and In Hye does her best to comfort him.


In the present, she exits the shop, expression raw with those memories. Seung Woo watches her from a distance as she tries to compose herself and then heads off in the taxi again. He goes into the shop and finds the girl crying over her sorrows so asks her what the woman who came wanted.

In Hye remembers Tae San’s next instructions and asks the cab driver for his cell phone. At the promised café, Tae San waits when In Hye messages him that she’ll be a bit late and he’ll have to wait.

When she arrives at the café, she’s already arranged a car and they both head off somewhere-her leading the way and him asking where they’re going. She tells him about the camera being given away and so she’s off to collect it.


He asks her to just tell him-he doesn’t want her involved anymore but she doesn’t listen and wait somewhere isolated until the designated time. He mutters that she’s still the same and she repays the remark, unconsciously calling him oppa.


He apologizes and says she should’ve told him sooner who her fiancé was and he wouldn’t have come to her for help so much. She points out he has no one else to turn to. His repeated sorries put her in a foul mood and she points out he shouldn’t do stuff that needs apologies.

As they stand outside the car, she asks him outright about the matter eight years ago, calling him out on deciding her life for her. He plays dumb, wondering where and what she heard.


Crying, she points out he didn’t stab that person back then, nor did he abandon her and Soo Jin. He says nothing.

She realizes it’s all in the past but wants to know why he never said anything now. He should’ve told her-he’d had no choice back then but why not tell her now?

He simply apologizes, saying it’s all in the past anyway.


Seung Woo is together with Soo Jin as he tells her a story about his and In Hye’s dating life. As she smiles through it, saying mum never tells her this stuff, he asks her. “Soo Jin, isn’t Ahjusshi a good person as your father? I love your mother so much, and you too. With my strength, I’ll protect you and your mother until I die.”


Although surprised by the question and possibly wishing to avoid it. Soo Jin hems, “It seems like that.”

He smiles at her response but then asks why it’s just “It seems like that?”

She changes the subject, saying she’s feeling hot and he immediately goes worried with concern-is it a fever? She points out they’ve been on the phone for an hour and that’s making her feel hot.

He doesn’t realize it’s been an hour already and smiles at the confirmation.


Man Seok’s girlfriend thinks something is off since he said he gave the ring to Tae San. Her friend encourages her to report it. And so the police get a tip.

In Hye and Tae San arrive at the place and she offers him a phone. He refuses to take it but she wants him to take of for Soo Jin’s sake cause he could be needed anytime in case something happens. So with a smile, he accepts it before giving her the pin he bought for Soo Jin.


She points out Soo Jin has lost all her hair because of the therapy but he tells her to give it to her later when her hair’s all grown back.

With that, he leaves and she asks him to call when he gets the camera.


Tae San calls up the guy with the camera and he meets with Tae San. Haha, every time Tae San tries to take the camera, the guy starts pointing out something new until Tae San just grabs it out of his hand and leaves some money with him.

At the hospital, Soo Jin crosses off another day from her calendar.

Just six days left now.



Today’s episode was markedly slower but I loved it for the fact that it had depth for Seung Woo. We get to see his reaction to everything and man, does it make sense that I totally love the guy now? How amazingly loving he is to Soo Jin and In Hye! *dreamy starry eyes*

He’s pushing all the right buttons with me-coming to terms with the realization that Tae San is now part of a bigger picture as Soo Jin’s donor and the key to Il Seok and Seo Hee, realizing that he may have been wrong to rule Tae San out as guilty. His admission that they have to admit if Tae San is innocent-*heart*.

The whole chase here-and-there is getting repetitive but it’s not enough to rule out the charm of the drama. It allows emotions to surface and characters to make definite choices! The undercurrent of the discussion between Tae San and In Hye touched me because she raises a valid point-why’d he make her decisions for her, moreover-why not tell her the truth this time around, if only to be fair to her!

And Tae San’s admission-that he didn’t want Soo Jin to live as a murderer’s daughter-you really can’t wring my heart anymore!


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  1. So is there a chance that In Hye has forgiven Tae San? If so is she going back to him? If not then would Tae San die after saving his daughter? What about Seung Woo?
    Soo Jin is having doubts whenever Seung Woo talks about being her father.
    and Teacher I m still your student.

  2. Thank you for recaps. Can’t wait for next week’s episodes.

  3. Yes, today’s episode is full of emotion and there is tears in my eyes . Feeling sad and regret all together that all this had to happen for if not.. we would’t had this great story 🙂

    Thank you for the recap:)

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