Two Weeks Episode 9 Recap


Another great episode because a lot happens in this episode and it’s a thrill to watch. Tae San gets the chance to properly mourn his friend Man Seok and finally achieves one up from the police and killer Kim! Like Il Seok says, “When did Tae San become so mysterious-ly good?” I added the good part!

Episode 9 Recap:

Jae Kyung is asked to explain why she’s in the same car with Tae San. That was definitely not what she was expecting when facing Seo Hee and her eyes widen. She remembers the moment Tae San let her go and realizes Seo Hee is out to get her, wondering why Seo Hee’s doing this. Problem is, while in reality Jae Kyung had been bound and gagged when in the car, the CCTV shows her smiling. So Seo Hee tampered with it.


Jae Kyung imagines telling the truth and knows exactly how it would pan out. Looking at Seo Hee, she thinks, “You came here knowing I wouldn’t be able to say anything!” When her boss asks her to explain, she says she’s too outraged to do that-what’s the proof that it’s even her in the car? Looking closely, doesn’t it seem the tape is tampered?  Seo Hee smiles that it may not be true but says it looks too much like Jae Kyung. Jae Kyung says that’s no basis for an assumption; that it looks like her but Seo Hee asks for an alibi instead. Damn. The woman’s good. Shouldn’t Seung Woo drop in and be her alibi? Come on police-prosecutor-mance!


Jae Kyung thinks to herself, addressing Seo Hee in her mind-she knows where Jae Kyung was. After all, she and Il Seok were planning to kill her! Boss asks if she’s really on the same team with Tae San but Seo Hee speaks up, saying she didn’t bring it in because it looked like Jae Kyung, but rather because if it got out, there would be hell to pay for the police.

Jae Kyung is left stewing as she realizes Il Seok must have already constructed an alibi for himself.

Seung Woo hears about Jae Kyung’s dilemma and runs out of the police station. Just then Tae San calls up the police station. Ah, it’s a bluff since he acts as a witness who saw Tae San heading somewhere-a sauna, it seems.

The police are surprised at the lead and decide what to do.


Jae Kyung’s boss sits with her to defend her to the head prosecutor but the latter refuses to listen to anything and he decides to have her investigated. That’s when there’s someone here to see the Head Prosecutor. It’s Seung Woo. Aww, did my pro(secutor)-po(lice)-mance request get heard?


Seung Woo comes up and says he came to meet Jae Kyung. He analyzes the CCTV footage and reveals that at the said time, Jae Kyung was with him, trailing Tae San. Jae Kyung is surprised by his cover-up for her and Seung Woo continues that he asked Jae Kyung for help since he’s the one who lost Tae San and apologizes for getting Jae Kyung into trouble. Jae Kyung’s boss offers to check into CCTV footage and verify the facts.


Outside, Jae Kyung asks Seung Woo why he did it and he’s like, “Shouldn’t you say thank you first?” He points out she would be off the case by now if he weren’t there to bail her out. What he wants to know is if the person who’s been helping Tae San all this time is Jo Seo Hee? She asks him why he’s always so interested in Tae San-he and In Hye were over eight years ago? Is he afraid her relationship to Tae San will be revealed?


Denying it would mean he’s lying so he just asks that it be a secret from In Hye that Seung Woo knows about her and Tae San. He states he really wants to solve the case so she in turn tells him to find out why his father wanted Tae San sent out so fast? She’s not suspecting anyone, she emphasizes, but she’s not believing anyone either.


Seo Hee is driving away when she gets a call from the Head Prosecutor about Jae Kyung’s alibi.

At the same time, Tae San is near his house and sneaks in when the police detail there is called away. He looks through one of the plants for the extra key and heads in. He gathers up medical supplies and stares at Man Seok’s blood stains still on the floor.


So he sets to clean them off. Awww. With a pained expression and barely keeping from crying, he cleans the stain, takes his meds and a shower. Um, just how long is the police patrol going to stay away?


Meanwhile, the police is going through the said sauna, checking every person but Tae San is nowhere to be found.

At the same time, Tae San readies to leave the house after packing up some stuff. He finds a ring in one of the drawers and pockets it too.


He has a flashback when taking a pillow-it was the one Man Seok always kept his money in and kept nagging him to get married and have a family. Now, he tears up as he sees the money. As he’s leaving, he takes food supplies from the freezer too. One in particular reminds him of his friend. He’d bought it specifically for Man Seok and told him to indulge himself by eating loads.

So he holds a goodbye for Man Seok on his own-with soju and Man Seok’s favorite food as offering.


As he’s lamenting being unable to say good bye properly, imaginary Soo Jin tells him to say it now since he has the chance. “Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry.” Tae San repeats the words and Soo Jin takes him to task for saying I loved you so he repeats with I love you.

As a promise, he vows to take down all the baddies who are responsible for his death and that if they are to be together in another life, he’d want Man Seok as his younger brother. At that time, he’ll be a better hyung to him. *tears*


Once they’ve said farewell, imaginary Soo Jin asks if he’s going to find the camera next and Tae San agrees-he has to find it and reveal the baddie’s real deeds. She wonders why he didn’t go with the prosecutor and tells him to hurry on-he has a lot to do today.

Outside, imaginary Soo Jin guides him away.


Jae Kyung and Sang Hoon arrive at the sauna and all the policemen are surprised to see her-wasn’t she off the case? Anyway, they lament the tip they had, since CCTV proves he didn’t even enter the neighborhood. That tips off Jae Kyung and she listens to the recording, realizing it’s Tae San.

So she visits his old house and finds he’s been here. Sang Hoon wonders where he must have gone next so Jae Kyung decides to go to In Hye-he might go to her or call her.


Man Seok’s girlfriend watches the news while Tae San’s just outside her shop, waiting for a chance to ask her about the camera.

Realizing it’s a difficult task at the moment, he leaves.

In Hye anxiously waits for Tae San’s call, begging him in her mind to call and tell her he’s alive. Soo Jin tells her to believe in God rather than to keep praying all day. In Hye agrees, just as Tae San calls her.

She tells him to call after five minutes but he can’t so he tells her he needs her help and asks her to meet him. She wonders if it’s the evidence he mentioned and he promises to explain when she’s there.

Soo jin smiles at her when she cuts the call. Haha, little girl knows who is on the other end, eh?


Contemplating for a bit, Tae San picks the phone again to call somebody.

Killer Kim arrives at Han’s house and looks around but there’s no one there.

The phone keeps ringing and Han picks up. Before Tae San can say anything, Han tells him he got away so not to worry. Once the call abruptly cuts, Tae San mutters that it’s a relief.


Jae Kyung goes to meet with In Hye when she’s called away to listen to the recording of Tae San’s call.

Sang Hoon and Jae Kyung wonder if it’s the camera that he’s trying to look for but Jae Kyung adds that if he’d entrusted it to someone, he shouldn’t need In Hye’s help to retrieve it.

She reveals that even though he promised Il Seok he’d made arrangements to reveal the contents of the camera to the world, in reality his hands were trembling. “How scared he must have been… He’s also a person.”

In the end, she decides not to meet In Hye just yet.


Il Seok gets the call from Kim that Han got away. However, Il Seok doesn’t know it’s Han yet. Meanwhile, Il Seok muses that Tae San mustn’t have the camera or he’d have handed it over to Jae Kyung already. Seeing as how she’s all quiet, Tae San must have just been clamoring to him for show when he bluffed him. “Jang Tae San, since when was this guy such a mystery!” Il Seok mutters irritated. Haha! And then he gets all angry that Tae San fooled him. Then minion brings him the news of Seo Hee’s stunt and getting a call, Il Seok heads somewhere. Watching him go is Tae San.


He realizes Il Seok must’ve framed an alibi for himself and as he’s leaving, he remembers Mi Sook being with Il Seok on the night he almost hit Tae San. Does this mean Mi Sook was his woman?

Il Seok rages at Seo Hee for her stunt but she tells him to find out about Seung Woo instead. He’s worried because Jae Kyung could get footage of him from that CCTV but Seo Hee says he’s already got an alibi, what’s to worry about. He rants that the only reason she hasn’t come after him is because it would be too easy and foil her original intent-to catch Seo Hee and Il Seok together.

He calls her out on her harsh words and she apologizes since she’s too stressed and lays out the problem-Seung Woo bailed Jae Kyung out. Il Seok remembers Seung Woo as In Hye’s fiancé.


At the same time, Seung Woo drives through the city, remembering his conversation with Dad where Dad had denied Seo Hee’s involvement. He remembers Jae Kyung’s words and Tae San’s frantic outbursts at the police station so he drops by the storage Tae San had cited as his alibi. It’s locked. For a supposedly empty from a month before storage, that isn’t consistent.

He shows a picture of the place to a retail agent, wanting to know who the owner is, citing interest in buying it. It’s a Kwang Ki Ok.

That night, Tae San decides to pay a visit to his old boss and lackey’s current office and watches them go.

Jae Kyung tells the police about catching Tae San tomorrow without divulging details but Seung Woo seems to guess and calls up In Hye. He cites wanting to talk to Soo Jin and asks if In Hye’ll be at the hospital tomorrow so he might drop by. She cites an appointment tomorrow and he wishes her good night before cutting the call, realizing she lied to him.


Jae Kyung listens to the call from his end and apologizes to him. He wants to know what’s going to happen tomorrow after they catch Tae San. She asked him why he’s so curious about Tae San and asks her if she knows what that man means to him?


A flashback shows Seung Woo and partner doing an arrest. Just before getting ready to drive off with the criminal, Seung Woo sees In Hye trying to save her bag from being stolen, begging the thief but ending up with a slap instead.


He helps her get the bag and while the thief gets away, her bag contents spill out-ranging from apples to toothpaste and toothbrush. She’d literally been living out of a bag. She thanks him loads for getting her stuff back and he asks her to make sure everything’s there.

She reveals just three thousand won in her wallet but happily tells him that’s all she had. He’s stunned she kept fighting for that 300 won and she apologizes. Ah, so this was their first meeting. He tells her he’s a police officer, so it’s what he should be doing anyway and it was no trouble. He helps her pick her stuff and watches as she limps away.


The next time he saw her, he was driving on a bridge where he saw her walking somewhere on her own at night. So he stopped to help her, wondering why she’s walking so far on her own. Saying she has to go far but doesn’t have taxi fare, he offers her a ride.

At that time too, he says he didn’t really know why she was like that but later realized it was because of Tae San that she lived that way.

Jae Kyung argues that there might be a reason that nothing else could be done but for Tae San to live like that. Seung Woo can’t believe that-how could he just abandon In Hye like that and reveals that he hates most that Tae San’s back.

Tae San breaks into his friends old office where he gets a delivery of something.

Inside, he looks through all the CCTV videos.


As he lies there later in the night, he remembers another time he ran into In Hye. As always, she’d been open and cheery with him while he’d been curt and abrupt. She asks him why he always keeps coming to her place when her part time work is about to finish. He denies it at first but then says it won’t happen again. She lists their characteristics-age, profession and all.


She admits that she knows they don’t match but keeps thinking of him anyway. Then she asks him to buy her dinner. He asks her not to do something she might regret and go when she should. She asks if that won’t make him regretful-if it were his choice?

He lets out a smile at that and then invites her to eat. She smiles and nods.

Now, he thinks back to Il Seok’s words about killing him and In Hye and prepares for tomorrow. The delivery he’d had was for a fake getup.

At 06:10 am in the police station, Jae Kyung, boss and Sang Hoon go over the details for their operation during the day.


At the same time, Kim and team plot their own operation. Wait, how’d they get wind of it? Ah, the mole in the force? Who is it, I wonder? Il Seok asks him if he’s prepared well (we get a glimpse of explosives) and warns him Tae San can’t go free today-camera or not, bring him. Then he instructs that there be no more killing and that he keep his identity a secret.

At 02:10, In Hye’s heading to the rendezvoud point, anxiously checking for someone following her.

The police is already at the place and sweeping it well, keeping good watch in every getup. At the same time, Kim watches from a nearby rooftop. He seems to pick up on a suspicious man.

In Hye heads to the place Tae San had instructed.


Just then, a person comes up to her, calling her sister-in-law. Awww! Since he doesn’t know the person they’re tailing is In Hye, he accidentally warns her off by telling her they’re having an operation here and not to take too long-means be out before anything goes under. She realizes they’re monitoring her to catch Tae San and makes a run for it, thinking to herself, “Tae San, don’t come here!”

Jae Kyung catches the same person Killer Kim saw and instructs the police to accost him.


Meanwhile, Seung Woo sees In Hye running.

Outside, a little girl shops and asks her dad to buy her shoes. Tae San watches with a smile.


With that, he heads away just as the mall is sealed up and realizes something went wrong, running off.

Kim is meanwhile, still keeping watch, as is Tae San from another vantage point.

Kim gives instructions to minions in the garage where Sang Hoon is waiting.

Unfortunately, Kim hears Tae San running off and follows.


In Hye makes it out of the mall where Tae San calls her and tells her to return to the hospital at once. She darts into a waiting taxi.

Jae Kyung orders the suspicious man be arrested. They arrest him and bare his face-it’s someone else.

She instructs everyone to spread out and find Tae San.

Tae San’s at the roadside, waiting for the signal to turn green and walk away. Kim runs up and silently comes up behind him.

Tae San catches his shadow on a moving car and realizes the danger. When the light turns green, he turns back and asks the man to talk with him instead. Ha, what a way to throw him off.


He wants to know why Il Seok is doing this and asks when he came back to Korea since he’s never seen him around Il Seok. As he’s talking, a woman passes them by. Tae San grabs her bag, shoves it at Kim, knocks him back and runs off.


Kim gives chase. Tae San manages to evade getting hit by any cars but Kim is hit by one and Tae San evades long enough to get on a bus. Kim begins to get on the bus but spots Tae San’s shoes around the corner. He follows the shoes-but Tae San isn’t there. So he gets on the bus, just as Tae San jumps out of the window.


Kim sees him and orders the bus to stop but then remembers Il Seok’s warning-no one can guess his identity so he lets the bus drive on and watches Tae San angrily.

Jae Kyung gets the suspect they caught to talk-he’d been told to come here for a specific event.

Seung Woo heads away as soon as he hears that.


In Hye reaches the hospital where Tae San is waiting for her.

He chides her for coming so early-she could’ve been hurt but she was too frantic not to go.

They head elsewhere to talk where she frets over him and he apologizes for worrying her. She reminds him he can’t get an infection and he promises he hasn’t.


She anxiously asks him how he got here and he muses she must be so anxious because of Soo Jin’s operation.

Turns out, he’d only called her out to the mall to make sure whether her mobile was tapped or not. And then he tells her she’s the only one who can help him.


At the same time, Seung Woo drives to the hospital, thinking of In Hye’s words and calls her up but her phone’s shut off.

At the hospital he sees her coming down from the roof so calls out to her. He asks her where she was-at the shop, but then decides to be honest-did she come to the mall today? To meet Jang Tae San? Has she been in contact with him? Since when?


She apologizes for not telling him earlier and he wants to know why she never told him? He could understand her going to Tae San earlier for the blood test but why stay in contact with him even at this point?

So In Hye drops the bomb-Jang Tae San is Soo Jin’s donor.


Outside, Tae San walks away but remembers he bought a pin for Su Jin so he heads back in hurriedly. There, he catches sight of Seung Woo’s outburst.

“Did you not believe in me? So why didn’t you tell me? Soo Jin is like a daughter to me too… like a daughter to me! I said she’s like a daughter to me too!”


In Hye looks around, unable to meet his glance and sees Tae San standing there in shock.


He begins to back away, but Seung Woo also turns around and sees him. Oh yess!

Soo Jin cancels another day off her calendar with a smile.



That ending-Whoa, now that’s what I wanted! Seung Woo-I love that he’s coming honest with In Hye now and that she’s also finally telling him the truth. The expression on his face when he realizes it, and when he asks why she didn’t believe him-I feel for the guy! As a couple, I’d really like it if In Hye and he stayed together. Some love stories don’t need to have a happy ending as the end-Tae San and In Hye had their chance-I want this to be Seung Woo and In Hye’s chance! He deserves it!

That said, I love Seung Woo’s chemistry with Jae Kyung too-both are hot headed and determined, so much like each other and irrespective of that, they’re the two who actually make the other stop and listen. I love that Jae Kyung’s words got to Seung Woo and every time he looks back, he thinks of what she said.

And the teaser for tomorrow-with Seung Woo and Il Seok coming face to face? Also, was it intentional that they showed only Tae San running away from the hospital, no Seung Woo chasing him? Drama, Bring it on! 😀


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  1. oh crap, now everybody knows everything except for the damn camera that is no where to be found.
    Teacher Kim that was hilarious, though I do love you but this time Tae San wins the round.
    Now the most important thing, how come Teacher Kim knows everything about the plan, like everything, WHO IS HELPING HIM? WHO IS THE BETRAYER?
    Soo Jin is cute as always, the imaginary one looks more cute as she interacts with her father.
    Dont worry Teacher Kim I m a good student. (me being totally random)

  2. 🙂 smile 🙂
    thank you for the recap.

    • Enjoy! Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode!

      • and I… can’t wait to read your recap….;) super thank!
        Really enjoying this drama from your side of views..i vote for a happy ending for either of them(Tae San or Seung Woo) with In Hye, but still have a tiny…tiny bit …..hope for a better future for Tae San after all he had been through.

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