Two Weeks Episode 8 Recap


I like me a bad-ass prosecutor with her wall of evidence! We’ve got a supporter for our hero after all, although he doesn’t realize it yet and the path to them even getting to help each other seems to be riddled with even more complications (Read Seo Hee). What’s best is that she’s not emotional  or blind in her pursuit, but rather smart. But she’s got to be smarter if she wants to best the worst, so to speak.

Episode 8 Recap:

Tae San is given a sweet bargain for his life-kill Jae Kyung and he gets to live. He takes the gun and rises, pointing the gun at Jae Kyung, seemingly going for it while Jae Kyung shouts for her life in a panic.


She closes her eyes and Tae San fires-but the gun is empty. So he did go for it! Oh damn!

Il Seok calls him a fool and turns his own gun on Jae Kyung, ready to fire but Tae San cuts in, “If you kill her you’ll never find the camera!


And Tae San turns to Il Seok with a smirk-did Il Seok think Tae San didn’t know he’d give him an empty gun? He knows who Il Seok is-the man who won’t believe anyone. Kill the woman and get his life? The only reason he gave Tae San the gun was so he could frame him for the murder later-just like he did with Mi Sook’s case. Il Seok would have killed the prosecutor, chased Tae San until they found the camera and then killed him.


With that, Tae San drops the empty gun and Il Seok points his gun at him. But Tae San isn’t fazed and simply reminds Il Seok he doesn’t know where the camera is-filled with evidence, as it is.


Jae Kyung wonders how Tae San knows about the camera and Tae San continues that although he never saw what was inside the camera, he has a good idea what it might be since he heard of it from Mi Sook.

For once Il Seok seems to be at a loss and lowers the gun.


Il Seok doubts Tae San had that much depth but Tae San, with a fierce expression warns him, “Don’t think you know all about me!” Il Seok guesses it might be a police officer or a prosecutor but Tae San is quick to cut down that possibility.


Minion tells Il Seok its best for them to probably back off for now and Tae San is quick to put the fear of justice in the minion’s minds saying they charge too little for their services anyway since Il Seok here is a legit chairman after all. Ha! Good going Tae San! Il Seok hits him in the back to try and get him to shut up. But even as he clutches his side in pain, Tae San laughs and then tells the minions they just brought in a prosecutor. Do they think Il Seok will protect them once they’ve witnessed her death? He’ll be the first to kick them to the curb!

Having had enough, Il Seok raises his gun to Tae San’s forehead and Tae San challenges him to fire it. Only Jae Kyung notices Tae San’s shaking hand.


Il Seok laughs and backs away, finally thinking that Tae San doesn’t have the camera after all. Tae San thinks to himself not to let things get screwed now and asks Il Seok why he’d think that? What made him think Tae San was going to Philippines? What if he was meeting someone there? Perhaps he was heading to China for a meeting with someone about the camera?

Now really angry, Il Seok asks if Tae San wants to die but Tae San shouts back that he knows Tae San doesn’t want to die and he knows that very well. So his terms-he gets to walk now and in return, he’ll get the camera. If Il Seok means to torture him and find out, he’ll never reveal it anyway and “If I die, you die too!

So Il Seok orders him taken to the outer room.


Once he’s gone, Tae San and minion butt heads trying to think what to do. Minion wonders what they do with Jae Kyung.

As he’s being escorted away, Tae San takes in the outside surroundings-noting what is where and how. Once they take him to the room, Tae San fools them into not tying him up and knocks the two out, grabbing their car keys. Then he lays out a false trail outside and runs in the opposite direction.


Minion finds him gone and orders everyone to catch him, which means Jae Kyung’s left alone. She tries to move to the side and get her tied hands open.

Tae San gets into a car and unfortunately, Il Seok is around to hear the sound. As he’s about to drive out, Tae San remembers Jae Kyung and his bag so he reverses the car-right through the wall to retrieve it.

Jae Kyung dashes out of the way of the car just as Tae San zooms in and retrieves his bag. He looks at her on the side and making a decision, opens the door and tells her to get in.


Just then, Il Seok walks in up front and shoots at them but Tae San hits the accelerator and off they go.


Seung Woo is still driving around, searching for Jae Kyung and heading to the last location her car was before it was dumped. Making a turn towards the warehouse, he sees Tae San’s car zoom past and follows it. Thankfully, his interruption and turn in the road is just in time to cut off the minions who meant to follow him.

Minions report to Il Seok who is advised to make a runaway now since the cops will be on the place soon enough.


As they’re driving away, Jae Kyung motions at Tae San again and again to open her mouth tape and he begins to but pain in his other arm stops him and he tells Jae Kyung he’ll do it later. Then, he shakes off his tail in Seung Woo.


As he makes a stop to make sure he’s lost Seung Woo, Jae Kyung is still motioning at him to open her, all the while thinking, “Do it now, you idiot Tae San. If you do you’ll know you don’t have to run like this anymore!” But at the same time, he’s thinking to himself-he won’t believe anyone until he has the camera. Then he tells her, “I’m sorry about your father’s matter!”


Finally, he just opens her and she asks where the camera is. Tricking her, he gets her off the car and drives away. She tries to stop him and get him to listen to her but he drives off. She runs after him and he sees her but says to himself that he can’t get caught by her yet.


Seung Woo catches sight of Jae Kyung and she gets in with him, telling him to hurry after Tae San. He realizes she was the one with Tae San and looking at her scars on the wrist from the bindings, asks if she was nabbed by someone. She refuses to answer, focusing on Tae San so it’s a bit of a shouting match until Seung Woo decides to follow but their car is forced off the road by the minions, now themselves following a trail-unfortunately it seems to Tae San’s car. Behind them, Jae Kyung loses consciousness and Seung Woo turns to check on her.


Tae San is at the docks when minions come rushing up and see Tae San dash off on the boat. Il Seok gets a call from Seo Hee who freaks out to hear that both targets escaped and shouts at Il Seok that he’s just made matters worse. Il Seok says the problem is major for him right now and she panics even more-what do they do now? He tells her there’s no us since he’s the only one in deep waters right now and shuts off the phone.

Even though the phone’s off, Seo Hee is still in panic and keeps shouting, “No, no, catch them, catch them and kill them! Kill them!


Il Seok orders his minion to take care of the company’s CCTV footage to make it look like he came in like normal but head minion tells him that they found Tae San getting onto a boat alone.

Il Seok’s minions catch up to the boat and the passengers start to recognize Tae San so Tae San escapes through the window and jumps into the river and swims towards one of the small rafts the baddies came on. Taking control of it, he drives it away.


They regroup in the second boat and follow him while the people from the boat record the video of what’s happening on their mobile.

Thankfully baddie minions are not a good shot and all the bullets they fire at Tae San miss him. Baddies try to intimidate him by appearing as if they’ll crash the boat but end up getting dumped into the water themselves, allowing Tae San ample time to make his getaway.

Once he reaches land, he stops for a bit to take care of a wound on his foot.


The police meanwhile, is back on the search. Seung Woo goes to see Jae Kyung who is in the hospital and doctor has advised her to take rest for a bit, after which she can get back to work. Sang Hoon asks her what happened but her main concern is if they caught Tae San.

So she asks Sang Hoon to call the company immediately and get Tae San on the phone and gives him a specific excuse to use. The secretary tells him he had a meeting late last night so he’s still resting. Jae Kyung realizes it’s his alibi for being out and that means he’s hot on Tae San’s heels.


At the moment, Il Kyung and minion are heading somewhere in an underground garage.

Sang Hoon begs Jae Kyung to be more careful since Il Seok could have killed her but she’s intent on getting back on track. Seung Woo comes up just as she’s leaving and they both relocate to the roof to talk.

He wants to know what happened-she was with Tae San and it seems someone had caught them but she tells him to bring evidence if he wants to know anything. So he asks her why she removed him from the investigation when they went to Busan. She tells him it’s because his emotions were involved-he already lost Tae San twice and she had no intention of allowing it again-aka, she knows the relationship between In Hye, Tae San and him. She asks if he’s angry he couldn’t catch him or angry that he’s still alive.

Jae Kyung: “I only have one thing to say to you. Abandon you emotions towards Tae San.

And she reveals that while the evidence points to Tae San as the murderer, it might not be so. He asks what she’s referring to so she tells him to find out why she said what she said.


Tae San meanwhile, fills his sock with leaves so as to act since he lost his shoe when he escaped. Although it’s workable on a small extent, it’s not good enough to last.

Elsewhere, people watch the television as the young girl-who’s house Tae San spent the night in with her mother gives an interview saying Tae San wasn’t a bad person and how he even fixed a bulb for them. Likewise, the man from the village where he helped the grandmother also gives a statement saying he was laughing and talking with the grandma and the pregnant woman also says he didn’t seem like a bad guy since he actually helped her deliver and made soup for her the next day.


Watching the broadcast is In Hye, who can’t believe it and it flashes her back to her dating days with him when she’d accosted him on the road and asked him to give her a ride. At that time, he’d just given her the ride and was totally shy but not a bad person at all. Soo Jin’s doctor, sitting with her mutters Tae San’s got a lot of good talk going around.

In Hye talks about the beginning-that ride on the bike when they’d almost been in an accident and she’d grabbed onto him tightly and how her heartbeat had gone fast. When she’d held onto him, he’d simply been surprised and shy while she was smiling and happy.


And then we see another flashback to when she’d gone to meet him and return the helmet. He wonders how she knew where to come and she tells him she read the truck name. He takes the helmet and tells her to just go but she refuses to leave and asks him out to dinner.


All throughout dinner, she’d been the happily eating and chatting one while he just looked on, unsure what to do and how to act. She decided to treat him to sea food and seeing his worried expression, she wonders if he doesn’t like it but he tells her he does and digs in. Much later, he’s scratching his arm again and again-although she can’t see it. Aww, he’s allergic, isn’t he?


Dinner is quiet-with only In Hye doing all the talking and asking all the questions. First, she asks why he left the helmet-he says he forgot, then she asks why he touched her on the statue day-was she really just like a statue-he can’t talk anymore-allergic reaction getting worse and just darts up, “I’m going” and walks away.


Next day, In Hye visits him at his work place again, only to find that he’s sick-because he ate food he’s allergic to.

Cut to him lying at home, all sick and feverish when In Hye bursts in, ready to take him to task. But seeing him without any energy saps her anger. He’s surprised to see her and darts up immediately and gruffly starts asking her what’s her deal?


But she’s two steps ahead and shouts back at him asking what the hell is wrong with him that he ate food he was allergic to-he could’ve just said that! Why take that chance when he could even die? Hehe, her outburst literally has him gaping at her, mouth open!


He clears his throat when she’s done and tells her to go so she holds out a bag of food she brought for him.

In the present, she tells the doctor about him and the doctor asks why he wasn’t in Soo Jin and In Hye’s life then? She reveals the plan about Tae San going to Philippines and that he’ll call once he’s there but just then, the news start flashing the latest update in the Tae San case-about how he was lost in Incheon, along with the whole videos that the people on the boat took.

In the office, with a tight alibi thanks to CCTV altering, Il Seok is still not at ease, wondering why he hasn’t gotten a call from Jae Kyung yet and why she hasn’t tried to catch him already?


At the same time, Seo Hee is listening to the black box recording from the car Tae San stole. She calls up someone.

Jae Kyung is at home when her boss drops by again who worries she’s losing the opportunity to catch Il Seok but Jae Kyung realizes there’s no point in trying to catch Il Seok right now since she has no evidence to support her claims unless she has Tae San. Moreover, Tae San will come to the hospital on the day of his daughter’s surgery and where she’s waited eight years, she can wait a few days more.


Kim is meanwhile making rounds on the medicine stores in Busan, trying to find the store that sold the drugs and the man who bought them.

Tae San is still in the woods and collapses on the ground from exhaustion and pain. He mutters to himself that he can’t do this-he has to keep the promise, he has to find the camera. He remembers Man Soek taking it for the trip with his girlfriend and mutters ‘I’m sorry!’ to him and his girlfriend.
Then he remembers the time Man Seok brought his girlfriend to meet him. Ah, so he does have a face to go with! He tries to get up and walk but ends up falling again after a few steps.


Man Seok’s girlfriend meanwhile is looking at their old pictures and crying over her loss. A friend is comforting her and takes the camera, promising to throw it away for her.

Jae Kyung and boss are taken to task by their higher-ups for their latest escapade at losing Tae San. Jae Kyung takes all the blame for the operation and asks that the detectives not be blamed. Back in the police station, Seung Woo remembers Jae Kyung’s words about abandoning his hatred for Tae San and thinks back to Tae San’s outburst in the police station-“It’s not me. I said IT’S NOT ME!” Online, he watches all the latest news about him-including the interviews.

At the hospital, In Hye is staring at her phone, sure there will be a phone call from Tae San soon to tell her he’s alive. She’s so engrossed in it, she doesn’t realize Soo Jin is talking to her. When Seung Woo calls just then, she ends the call with an excuse and looks to see if she has any missed calls. Soo Jin calls mom out on her lie-that Soo Jin is asleep so she can’t talk so In Hye tells her she’s waiting for an important call. Soo Jin: “Important call? Then it must be an important person!” In Hye nods at her and Soo Jin beams, asking who it is but In Hye promises to tell her once the operation is over.


Night time-Tae San is still asleep in the forest and remembers eating the food In Hye had brought him when he was sick and how she’d tended to him. That is the first time she learns his name and tells him, “I’m… Seo In Hye.” And then teases and smiles at him.


Soo Jin appears-the imaginary Soo Jin and begs him to hurry and wake up. Soo Jin chides him for not following that Unni yesterday if it was so hard-Il Seok is after him too. Tae San says that’s why he couldn’t follow her since Il Seok thinks Tae San has the camera. Soo Jin points out that Man Seok’s girlfriend might have the camera.


That brings an idea and Tae San agrees. Then Soo Jin points to his appearance and asks if he can make it to Seould like this. That reminds him he forgot to take his medicine. She points out he’s got no water and it’ll be sour but he’s determined and takes it with a smile at her.

Next morning, Tae San has stumbled upon a house and enters it, looking for clothes and food. He takes some and immediately runs, changing in the forest and then sitting down to have his meal.


His getaway plan comes in the form of another lesson learned from the movies as he imagines hanging on to the underside of the truck but the plan gets outed since he’s already hurt one shoulder. So he spies the underside storage part of the truck and quickly hides in there.


At the prosecutor’s place, Jae Kyung arrives for the day and asks for updates on Seo Hee. Colleague reports that she’s quite the stickler-her light always goes off at the same time. Jae Kyung orders Sang Hoon to go to the hospital again-Tae San will definitely call In Hye again. Just then, she gets the summons to head prosecutor’s office.


Jae Kyung arrives to find Seo Hee in the Head Prosecutor’s office. Her face immediately goes neutral and she bows to Seo Hee, as she would to any visitor. Seo Hee, ever the cunning woman asks, “This is Prosecutor Park Jae Kyung?” and with a smile, Jae Kyung confirms it, calling her Jo Seo Hee.


Turns out Seo Hee is here regarding the case. She wants to know if Jae Kyung has any history with Tae San. Jae Kyung wonders what the devil she’s up to and replies that Seo Hee knows her history with Tae San well enough. But Seo Hee’s here to twist things around and shows CCTV footage of Tae San and Seo Hee in the same car-from the getaway and to an innocent bystander, it seems like a simple car ride. Damn! Seo Hee asks her how she means to explain this.


At the same time, Seung Woo has fallen asleep in the office after being on the case all night when his boss walks in and answers a phone call. Boss turns to Seung Woo and tells him Tae San and Jae Kyung are both on the same team-they were caught together on CCTV footage!


Seung Woo wonders what CCTV footage but realizes the answer already so he asks who brought the report in and when? Boss tells her Jo Seo Hee brought in.


Seung Woo darts out of the precinct just as hoobae answers an incoming call.

Tae San: “Are you looking for Jang Tae San right now?”

Hoobae: “Who are you?”

Tae San: “Jang Tae San.”

Soo Jin wipes away the tears on a drawing she made before turning to mark another day off her calendar. This time, she simply looks at it instead of smiling.



I love meself some smartass baddies that keep the game moving! It’ll be all the more satisfactory to see these guys go down at the end!

The whole Jae Kyung x Tae San are on the same side is a conflict that I didn’t expect so early! I thought it might come after JK x TS did get on the same team but getting it earlier is like a treat! There’s an added tension to it because while it isn’t really true-you can see that if Tae San had gone for Jae Kyung’s talk, it would have been true and she for one, wanted it to be true. She needs to catch Seo Hee and she’s taking the smart route-letting Il Seok off the hook for now because she realizes it’ll be a useless pursuit. Unfortunately for her, Seo Hee is still two steps ahead but I’m living in the hope of seeing the day the tables finally turn!


I know Jae Kyung’s prime motivation is catching Seo Hee and Il Seok, but somewhere under all that, I think she sympathizes with his daughter’s plight and would help him for that matter too. Her outburst when she thought Tae San was dead was poignant and both ways-she mourned losing Seo Hee and Il Seok because of it but also felt the pain of Soo Jin losing her chance at life because of Tae San.

Which is why I like that she’s on his side now-even if he doesn’t know it. And I’m sure Seung Woo is not too far behind either! The sooner my three musketeers get together, the happier I shall be!


The flashbacks and the confrontation with Il Seok in this episode is what spoke to me most about Tae San. His past was exactly as Il Seok said-he was the one who made those decisions anyway because he was trash who didn’t have the power to protect what was his own but right now, he’s turning his life around and becoming the guy who is struggling for the power to protect what he believes in. His statement ‘I can’t kill her again’ is always at the back of my mind when I see Tae San on screen-that sums up everything about his character right now-his motivation and guts at the moment. Right now, he’d move stars and moons just to make it on time to the surgery table.


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  1. Love all the captured pictures, more great episode, Thank You:)
    Can’t help but smile at Tae San and In Hye scenes and pict, so sweet.
    But a composed and collected Soo Jin at the end made me worried a little, what she is thinking about while looking at the marked days? Can’t help but wonder at these little things, that keep me going until next week.
    For Tae San, I am not worried because i knew from now on Tae San can take care of himself, he had graduated from a weak Tae San to a much more stronger Tae San and all because he had a cause. The miracle of a cause. It will be interesting to see how he overcome all these obstacle within the time limit. And it will be extra sweet if at the end of this journey i can see a scene of the three of them as a whole family watching the sunset. 🙂 that will be awesome!

  2. Finally Jae Kyung and Seung Woo, it was about time you saw the light.
    AND what is this I only got like few seconds of teacher Kim -hmph-
    Imaginary Soo Jin always gives him ideas and hope, though he is the one thinking.
    and yay Soo Jin wiped the tears
    me is still angry about teacher Kim having no screen time, for goodness sake he is the killer, he is supposed to be in every other scene because me have to drool and swoon, tsk seriously. *goes to watch Kim is ep 7 again*

  3. Thank you for nice recaps. Looking forward to next episode. So exciting.

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