Two Weeks Episode 7 Recap


Another amazing ending because we finally get to see a face off between the good guys and the baddies and it is so worth it! I don’t read the previews usually-unless they’re with the episode but caught the written preview for this one this morning and had been wondering what would happen until I actually saw the episode and despite knowing what was to happen-the thrill of the moment was so.good!

Episode 7 Recap:

Soo Jin answers Il Seok’s call to her room and comes face to face with him when she removes the blinds. He smiles at her and asks if she’s Jang Tae San’s daughter. With a large smile, Soo Jin confirms it and asks if he’s a friend of her father’s. Il Seok mutters that she resembles her dad a lot and Soo Jin, ever the innocent one asks if it really is so, because she always thought she resembled her mother more. Il Seok clears his throat before asking her where her mother is since he has something to talk to her about.


Soo Jin begins to say Mom is with the doctor but then cuts off to tell Il Seok not to mention it to her mother that she’s met her dad. Il Seok is surprised that In Hye doesn’t know Soo Jin met Tae San and asks Soo Jin if Tae San came to meet her without her mother’s knowledge. Soo Jin confirms it, but asks him why he doesn’t know that if he’s close to her dad.


And then she tells him he came to see her today too. Il Seok’s eyes widen and he’s like, “TODAY?” Soo Jin adds that he came just a little while ago and Il Seok’s all, “JUST NOW?” Lol, however bad the situation is-Il Seok realizes Tae San isn’t dead, the look of annoyance on Il Seok’s face is still funny to see! Soo Jin then asks him why he came today-to see her dad? Il Seok turns towards minion in annoyance at losing Tae San although Soo Jin continues with her questions-“What does my dad do?” Il Seok turns to her and tells her he’ll see her later and walks off without waiting for her reply. She’s left wondering why he came.


Outside the hospital, In Hye mulls over Tae San’s words about how she can’t tell anyone about him being Soo Jin’s dad lest she fall into danger.

As Il Seok walks out of the hospital, Seung Woo walks past him and sees him. Just across, In Hye also enters and approaches Seung Woo. Minion tells Il Seok about In Hye coming to meet Tae San and the two hear Seung Woo and In Hye’s meet-up as he tells her he came to see Soo Jin and wants to ask her something.

As the two sit in a coffee shop later, Seung Woo thinks back to the time he’d helped In Hye by taking her to a friend’s place and thinks to himself now-that he never wanted to ask her about Soo Jin’s real dad until the day he died. This time, when he begins to talk about it, she changes the subject, asking about the investigation. When he tells her the suspect seems to have died, she just tells him with a smile that it means he’ll probably finally get some good rest then.


He notices that she seems too relaxed and thinks to himself if it really means nothing Soo Jin’s real dad just died. She tells him she’s just focusing on the surgery so he asks her why she called him earlier-there was something she wanted to say, no? She begins to say that it was regarding Soo Jin’s dad but she’ll say it later now-once Soo Jin’s surgery is done. He simply nods dazedly and she covers his hands with her own. “Thank you. Because you never asked me about that person even once. And I’m sorry, because I couldn’t say it first.”


Unfortunately, watching the two from afar is Il Seok. Minion notices she seems too relaxed, not even worried that Tae San is dead but Il Seok says she’s probably doing it just to hide it from her lover who is off chasing Tae San. Minion doesn’t understand what he’s trying to say so Il Seok drops the bomb, “Tae San is alive.” And then Il Seok calls up Kim, wondering, “How the hell does this guy do his work?!” Ha!


Seung Woo is still reeling from guilt and thinks to himself how better it would have been if Tae San had just come with them quietly.

Soo Jin begins to ask her mum about Dad but Seung Woo comes up to see her and she takes him to task for not coming to see her sooner. He sees the calendar on her wall and whines that there’s still many days left until she gets the surgery. That prompts Soon Jin to ask if it’s because he likes her mother so much but he tells her it’s because he really wants to hear the words ‘Dad’ from Soo Jin quickly.

She’s surprised, “Dad?” and he reminds her of her promise. She smiles at him and he thinks, “I’m sorry, Soo Jin.


As Tae San drives away, he holds back tears thinking about Soo Jin in the hospital and mutters, “Bear it for just a little more.” His arm hurting, he takes some other medicines before opening the paper Chairman Han had given him.

At the police station, Seung Woo finds the precinct empty and wonders where everyone’s gone. Calls to colleague goes unanswered as all phones are switched off so he asks a passing guy who tells him they were off to some important work and ordered everyone’s phone off.


5 hours earlier, Sang Hoon had been the one to hear the call from Tae San to In Hye. Jae Kyung had taken the info to her boss along with the fact that there’s only one boat heading to Busan tonight and asks for permission to go after him. His condition-the operation happens without Seung Woo. So when she visited the police at the bar and briefed them, she took away their phones.

As a result, Sang Hoon and Jae Kyung are off to catch Tae San along with the police officers.


Il Seok gets word that the police has no idea that Tae San is dead but second minion comes up to tell him that Jae Kyung has disappeared with most of the police team.


Night time at Busan-Tae San drives up and with a sad smile, mutters that the city seems so peaceful. A look at the ballet centre in a building on the side reminds him of the time he’d seen In Hye teaching ballet. Another flashback when he’d passed by that area on his motorbike and looked up but she wasn’t there. With a sad smile, he drives off.

Flashback to before when In Hye had been in a panic to get somewhere and was unable to get a taxi. She stops Tae San on the bike and asks him to take her where she needs to go, clinging on to him lest he say no. It’s adorable the way he takes out the spare helmet for her and evades looking directly in her eyes all the time.


Once they reach their destination, In Hye just runs off as soon as the bike stops, leaving him muttering, “The helmet?” A short distance away, In Hye realizes she’s still wearing the helmet and turns back, but a look at her watch shows she’s running late. Tae San watches as she runs back and forth before hurrying back to where she had to go. Tae San smiles to see her go and catches his reflection in the side mirror. Wiping off the smile, he just drives away.


In the present, he’s washed off the allergic cream and chides himself for thinking useless thoughts. He remembers In Hye mentioning that she’s getting married to someone and that Soo Jin follows her like a father and mutters that it’s a relief since he seems like a good guy.

Just then, someone walks in to the bathroom and asks him the code question, to which Chairman Han had given him the answer. In short, this is his ticket onto the boat.


As the two men walk towards the boats on the dock, watching from above are Jae Kyung and sidekicks. The policeman asks her how she knows Tae San was alive and heading here. In response, she just delivers some orders as Tae San is escorted onto the boat.


The man leads him inside and to a small hidden chamber where he locks her in along with eating and drinking supplies, telling him to be quiet. All else is well, although Tae San’s request for medicine against infection is denied.

So Tae San settles in the place before checking his wound-happy that the medicine seems to be working.


In Hye watches the clock with a worried face that night and Soo Jin asks her if she can relate a story-long ago, San and Hye were in love and although they loved each other very much, they broke up. In Hye smiles and asks why they broke up if they loved each other so much? Soo Jin replies that they met each other every moment and ended up being up and about all the time-unable to sleep too. So San ended up angry that he couldn’t sleep and they both had an argument and broke up since they were so angry. In Hye smiles and asks if Hye said they should break up and asks where she went if she left him then? Soo Jin agrees, muttering that it’s a sad story.


At the same time, Tae San smiles as he watches Soo Jin’s doll. He’s alerted to sounds outside and hides in a corner. Just then, the door opens and Jae Kyung and team sit there, pointing guns at him, asking him to surrender. He tries to fight back but stops suddenly when Jae Kyung flashes her light at him. He sees her determined expression while she notices his desperate one. Tae San is arrested.


As he’s brought out of the boat in cuffs, he starts to say something to Jae Kyung but the detectives don’t let him speak. Jae Kyung follows slowly behind and flashback to her conversation with boss shows she plans to find where the camera is and as soon as she gets back to Seoul with the camera, she’ll immediately apprehend Seo Hee and Il Seok. Boss tells her Tae San won’t believe anyone so she has to make him believe her.


So now she has Tae San put in her car and tells the detectives they’ll see each other back in Seoul. The detectives balk-what if he runs off again? Does she think detectives are puppets? She agrees to let them take him as long as they don’t question Tae San and returns their cell phones.


Hoobae turns on his phone to find a million messages from Seung Woo and immediately calls him back up and tells him about the deal-and that they found Tae San. Seung Woo is stunned to learn that Tae San is alive. But why did Jae Kyung say he wasn’t to be told about the operation?


As they drive back, Jae Kyung sits with Tae San and ignores a call from Seung Woo before Tae San asks her how she knew he would be on that boat. Oh damn, does he think In Hye sold him out? She says she just knew and not to say anything else. Oh, that’s a relief. He doesn’t think In Hye sold him out but the only other person who could have done it was Chairman Han.

As Jae Kyung watches him, she thinks to herself, “Don’t worry like that. It’s all over now.” And the way it seems to me, she’s saying it kindly, not in a bad sense. Maybe she finally does believe him?


Seung Woo sits at the station and thinks back to the moment he shot Tae San and all the evidence there on that suggested he was dead. He calls up Jae Kyung again but she cuts it off, messaging him to stop calling-they’ll see each other in Seoul in two hours anyway. Turning on his GPS tracker, he gets in the car and drives off.

Traffic is at a standstill on a bridge and both police cars are caught in the rush-seems there was an accident a while ago over there. As Tae San looks around, the police guy tells him not to even dream about it. Since traffic is caught up, they decide to take the alternate route. Oh no! That’s never a good thing to do! Tae San, haven’t you learned that from the movies?

And as they enter the other route, baddie’s minions are behind and watch them go, stopping another car from following them.

Further into the road, they find themselves stuck behind another car which is being driven at very slow speed. A truck comes in from the opposite direction and opens up sideways as it approaches them. Tae San seems to realize something’s wrong and a moment later, Kim in the truck fires a gas grenade into both cars.

vlcsnap-00034Sang Hoon loses control as the other car crashes into them and from all sides, baddies come barraging in, taking down the officers one by one. Jae Kyung and Tae San are still in the car and Kim approaches with a gun.


Jae Kyung and Tae San get off through the back but she holds onto him and fires a shot into the air. Unfortunately, it only brings the baddies attention to them and they sweep in from all sides. Tae San shakes her off just before one of them knocks her out with a blow to the head. Kim holds Tae San by the neck and chokes him until he’s unconscious.


As they drive off with Tae San, a car comes up behind. Jae Kyung gets up and runs after them but can’t get a read on the plates. Unfortunately, her gun is also busted but she grabs the car from the newbie and rushes after them. Um, without a gun that is not a good idea.


Seung Woo loses signal of the hoobae’s cellphone and wonders what’s up now.

The police guys get up and boss tells hoobae to call 119 but Sang Hoon stops them, saying they have to wait for Jae Kyung’s call. The detectives balk at that but Sang Hoon tells them no one knows about the operation today so no one gets to make a call out. Hoobae’s the one to point out all the phones are broken-how do they wait for their call.

As she’s driving after them, Jae Kyung whispers-to Sang Hoon, I think, “Don’t follow me. You can’t follow me.”


Spying a scarf and glasses at the side, she dons them immediately and takes off her coat in an attempt at a disguise.


Seung Woo drives up to the others just as police and help arrives. He orders hoobae to go around and ask about CCTV immediately before any of the baddies get to it. Hoobae points out he hasn’t a car and just then the guy who’s car Jae Kyung took comes up and tells them Jae Kyung took his car.

Baddies search Tae San’s belongings as Kim drives them away. Sure that the car behind them is a trail, he shakes off Jae Kyung.


She tries to follow but they’re already away. So she drives up to the intersection and thinks about where they could go-they need to go some place people won’t see Tae San and be suspicious. Thinking back to her years of research about Il Seok and Jae Hee, she seems to find an answer.


Next morning already, Seung Woo is driving after Jae Kyung’s route while the detectives make their own way back.

The baddies bring Tae San to an abandoned warehouse and shake him awake with a douse of cold water. Right in front of him sits Il Seok.


Il Seok wants to know about the camera and Tae San realizes that’s why they killed Man Seok-to find the camera. But that also means the baddies haven’t found it. He vows to himself that he won’t be fooled by Il Seok again when Il Seok offers to let him go-“You have to live!”


Tae San asks him why he framed Tae San, saying he never did anything to him-from the first to the third time, why him? Il Seok tells him it’s his problem for falling for it-after all, he did go willingly both times. Tae San points out he threatened to kill ‘someone else’ in his stead and Il Seok asks if he killed that woman?


Tae San asks him what he’d have done if he refused to go back then? Il Seok replies he would’ve killed both the woman and him and reminds him he’s the one who made those decisions. If that’s really so, Tae San asks, why didn’t Il Seok ask him this time? “Jang Tae San, is it okay if you die? Is it okay if you’re a murderer? Do you want to die? Is it okay if you die? Why didn’t you threaten and ask me first?!”


Il Seok says it’s because he’s the kind of guy who’d just do as told-he’s two previous times to point to it. What’s the point in giving a choice to a person like him? As he says that, Tae San thinks to himself, “Was I that laughable?

So Tae San asks what he’ll do if he gives over the camera. Il Seok wonders if he’s negotiating with him and with a smirk, Tae San thinks to himself, “Until he gets the camera, he can’t kill me!” and points that out to Il Seok-he’ll give the camera if he will let him live. Il Seok is surprised at the guts Tae San is showing, musing being near death must have gone to his head but Tae San smirks-why’d he hand it over knowing full well he’d be killed?


Il Seok takes out a knife and moves to Tae San’s back where he was shot. Removing the medicine there, he seems to recognize them and asks Tae San who patched him up. Tae San retorts he did it himself.


Outside, Jae Hee looks at the place, wondering why there’s no car and if she got the wrong place. Inside, Il Seok looks through Tae San’s belongings and finds the medicine herb box and wonders-isn’t this Chairman Han’s work? Minion can’t believe he’d be alive but it seems Il Seok probably realizes it’s Han.


Tae San continues to say he did it himself. So Il Seok tells Kim to go ask around about the guy who got the medicines and helped Tae San. Il Seok’s reasoning-that Tae San might have given it to the guy who helped him.


Minion points out they can just use Soo Jin as bait but Il Seok refuses to do that.

Jae Kyung is still looking around and sees a baddie just as he sees her. But she can’t get away so turns to fight him and his fellow. She holds out pretty good on her own but the fight means that there’s been noise and consequently, while she manages to knock out the two she was fighting with, Kim comes up and knocks her out. Whoa, he totally picked and threw her like it was nothing.


Inside, Tae San is all bloodied up thanks to Il Seok beating him for the location to the camera. Just then, minion comes running in to tell him of their latest discovery.

In Seoul, Seo Hee is having lunch with some people who seem to want her support for something and it seems she is also recording their conversation. When Il Seok calls, she cuts him off but he calls again and she picks so he tells her he caught Jae Kyung.

Seo Hee hears and connects the whole story and asks her what they should do next-Jae Kyung hasn’t seen his face so they might as well just dump her outside her house. But Seo Hee balks-Jae Kyung isn’t someone to just let go of the matter and lays it out – “Kill her!”


Much later when Jae Kyung awakes, she’s tied to a chair and standing in front of her is Il Seok. While he tells her she has no fear, she retorts that he’s the one who hasn’t any fear. A look at her hands tied in the back show that she’s actually trembling but warns Il Seok she’s not alone. He doesn’t heed her and she, almost desperately asks how he knew about Busan and took Tae San away. A flashback shows Kim planned the whole thing with kidnapping Tae san from their custody.

So now Il Seok kneels in front of her with a smile as he recounts it. He gives the order to shut her up while she wants to know who gave him the information but he refuses to tell. Seung Woo finds Jae Kyung’s car and calls up hoobae.


Tae San is all tied and bloody when Il Seok walks in and brings Jae Kyung behind him, all tied up. There it is that Il Seok reminds Tae San who Jae Kyung really is. Flashback to the day in the courtroom when Tae San had taken the blame for Il Seok’s case-that is how he got the scar on his back. As he sits through the proceedings and sees everything, he closes his eyes in guilt and sadness. When Jae Kyung rises and accuses Il Seok of being the culprit, he listens but is unable to do anything.


So now, he looks at her and realizes who she really is. Il Seok tells Tae San the reason she was dying to catch him was so she could take revenge on him for her father but she desperately shakes her head as Tae San looks at her.


Tae San takes out a gun and gives it to Tae San-if he kills her, he’ll let Tae San live. The only reason, Il Seok says he wanted to kill Tae San was because of Jae Kyung’s dogged pursuit of him but since she’ll be dead and out of the picture, there’ll be no reason to kill Tae San anymore. Tae San looks horrified at Il Seok and Jae Kyung, who shakes her head at him, unable to say anything.

“Kill a prosecutor? Kill a PROSECUTOR?” He asks Il Seok.


Il Seok tells him he can go to Philippines or wherever else he wants to go as long as he kills Jae Kyung-he’ll let him go since he’ll keep his mouth shut. As he holds up the gun, he tells her, “It’s my last gift to you!”


Tae San flashes back to Soo Jin, sick in the hospital and a hard, determined look enters his eyes as Il Seok tells him to choose.  He takes the gun and a struggling Jae Kyung shakes her head at him, eyes now wide with fear.


He rises and tells Il Seok once he kills this woman, he has to go and find the camera. Il Seok agrees.


Tae San steps forward as Soo Jin marks another day off her calendar.

Tae San fires the gun.



The Tae San x Jae Kyung confrontation was much better than I anticipated and gave quite the delightful edge to what was otherwise average episode. The little snippers we see here and there are quite the life of the drama and keep things going-and the stakes high (Soo Jin x Il Seok meeting, In Hye and Tae San’s past, Seung Woo’s dilemma) but what really keeps the premise going is if the game constantly changes. You can;t have a chase sequence last 16 episodes because after a bit, you get tired of the whole ‘Catch me if you can’ and ‘Oh you can’t!’ bit. So it’s refreshing to see the game change so much (about time it did!) and Tae San and Jae Kyung finally get the face to face… with a gun between them. Couldn’t have asked for more guys!

Of course he didn’t shoot her and we all know he wouldn’t but the whole question of why and how is what makes this cliffhanger so effective-how will he survive without killing her? And Jae Kyung aside, how does he get out of Il Seok’s clutches? And how will Jae Kyung take this all? How much does she believe in Tae San and what will she take of the confrontation today? She already knows Il Seok isn’t helping Tae San (Bloody Tae San ought to have clued her in to that) but does she truly think Tae San will kill her? If yes, how will Tae San change that belief? Hehe, yes, I’m still hoping for that Jae Kyung x Seung Woo x Tae San team! The good guys definitely need that added strength!

And last but not least, let’s just drool over Tae San from the past until tomorrow’s episode! 😛



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  1. Thank you for your recaps. Enjoy it very much.

  2. Wait a minute….. baddie has a heart? I was sure he will use Soo Jin and my heart all got twisted when I saw the doll in Tae San’s belongings on the floor but I guess I was wrong, still Soo Jin keep your mouth shut.
    Teacher Kim -oh my heart, I m sorry, I know, I m swooning over a wrong guy but……wipes drool- and OHMYGOD when he threw Jae Kyung -can I have him-
    Flashbacks why you kill me -sigh- they were so happy.
    Now can I have teacher Kim?

  3. Great episode. Great recap.
    Thank you:)

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