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Endless Night Chapter 1 [By Lyse]


And here’s chapter one of the series ‘Endless Night’ by Lyse telling the story that happens after Heartless City. Fan of the series or not, this is a story you definitely want to follow! The synopsis-with a minor change is given ahead again so read on and enjoy folks!  `Akiko


It’s been five years since the tragic final act that ended in blood, betrayal, and death. A new drug is filtering through the city’s underbelly and leaving a trail of death in its wake. From abroad, the man known as Doctor’s Son is facing the threat of usurpation from within the walls of the empire he has built, as the organization he’s vowed to destroy turns his own weapons against him. To come out the victor, Jung Shi-Hyun  will have no choice but to request the help of those from his past, in particular a young woman who is haunted by nightmares and walks her own deadly path.

It is a race against time as love lines are reformed, alliances made, betrayals discovered, and the dead are avenged.

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