Two Weeks Episode 6 Recap


I swear, I didn’t think I could like Tae San any more than I already do or root for him any more vigorously than I do but damn, he’s got a way to get under your skin because his plight is so human and heartening. It’s endearing to see the man who never cared to rise above his trash-like existence now putting all his efforts into being the better person and no longer caring if he lives or dies as long as he gets what he’s struggling for.

Episode 6 Recap:

Seung Woo stands stunned as the bullet from his gun hits Tae San in the back and the latter goes tumbling off the cliff, falling into the water below. One wonders where the hordes of police force that came with them are at this moment.


In the river, Tae San’s injury bleeds and he comes to consciousness, trying to swim away despite the wound in his arm. Soo Jin’s toy escapes from his grasp but he manages to grab hold if just before a fast current of water sweeps him away.


Seung Woo sees the wound on his hand and realizes someone hit him but Killer Kim is long gone. Jae Kyung arrives and asks about Tae San, mortified to hear Seung Woo shot him. Just as Seung Woo’s taking off his jacket, she doesn’t miss a beat and takes off hers, jumping in seconds before he does. The police force-arriving behind yell at each other to help them.

Tae San is dragged away, gasping for breath, by the current while Jae Kyung and Seung Woo search the water but don’t find him anywhere. They emerge much later, frustrated at losing Tae San. Jae Kyung orders the police to search the lower riverside and then turns to rail at Seung Woo-didn’t she tell him to catch Tae San and not shoot?


Seung Woo defends himself-he gave Tae San plenty of warning and besides, someone hit him so he’d miss his shot, he says and shows her the wound on his hand. That leaves her eyes widened as she realizes it’s probably the person from Moon Il Seok helping Tae San escape. Seung Woo confronts her saying there’s something she’s not telling them but she just barks orders at the police to find anyone suspicious around and arrest the guy.


Killer Kim, listening in on the police radio, decides to lie low. His dad’s orders were explicit-to not let Tae San be caught by the police, nor let him die until they have the camera in their possession.

To make things worse, it starts to rain.

Jae Kyung’s colleague Sang Hoon turns up at In Hye’s job and starts asking about her-like if she’s married. That works better cause her colleague is quick to warn him that she’s got a cop fiancé!


At the hospital, Soo Jin asks her mom what Tae San means. Her mom asks why she’s curious about that but Soo Jin plays off her interest with metaphorical words. Mom tells her Tae San means ‘Big mountain’ and Soo Jin continues to draw a big mountain at the back of the picture she’s drawing.


When  In Hye wants to go out to make a phone call though, Soo Jin stops her asking why she’s always making phone calls away from Soo Jin. Is she trying to hide something from her? In Hye makes the excuse that she’d like some air and Soo Jin quickly points out that she’s the one all cooped up in a closed room and not mom.

So In Hye hugs her close and tells her she doesn’t need to make a call anymore when Soo Jin tells her to call ‘ahjusshi’ from the room if she wants.


Sang Hoon goes to Soo Jin’s doctor for more information on In Hye and Soo Jin but the doctor refuses to reveal anything citing patient confidentiality. But Sang Hoon guesses that the donor is Tae San and the doctor’s shocked expression is answer enough. He also wants to know if Seung Woo knows the connection but here the doctor cuts in and tells him Seung Woo’s in the dark about it. “So if Tae San dies…” Sang Hoon turns around and faces the doctor with sudden realization, “The little girl will die too?”


An old man drives up to the river side to check on his rafts. Tae San is clutching one of those rafts and loses consciousness moments before the man comes up and finds him there. The man jerks back as soon as he sees the bullet wound on him.

But later, we see Tae San lying face down on the floor of a house and wakes up to find the old man mashing up some herbs for him. He’s immediately afraid and draws back but the man brings forth the medicine and puts it on his wound before bandaging it up lightly.


Tae San starts to explain how he was shot but the man just asks him, “Why didn’t you kill me back then?” Oooh, this is interesting! Tae San has no idea what he’s talking about until the man continues, “You’re the one who didn’t kill me and went to prison in place of Hwang Dal Jun, no?” That triggers Tae San’s memory.

Years ago in 2005, Seoul. Tae San is on the watch when he gets the order that ‘Han Ki Chook’ is heading his way and is told to catch him. Just then, the old man runs out, bleeding and they both battle it out as he tries to get away but Tae San overcomes the fight and pins him to the ground, retrieving his knife and readies to stab the man but can’t bring himself to do it.


Taking advantage of his moment of hesitation, the man throws Tae San off and runs away. Tae San doesn’t chase him but just sits there watching him run away with a sad expression.

In the present, he recognizes the man and the man asks him again why he never killed him. It’s the only reason he saved Tae San instead of handing him over to the authorities.

Tae San replies, “It’s because of my mother.” And we cut back to see the flashback from his childhood when he’d happily come home with ice lollies for mom and himself, only to find her dead on the floor, having killed herself. The ice lollies dripped away in his hands, dropping with the same red color as blood. “Back then, that blood… that smell of blood… I still can’t forget it!”


The man asks him why he killed that woman and the person he used to live with then? That’s news to Tae San and he asks if they’re blaming him for Man Seok’s death too.

“It’s not me! I didn’t kill anyone! It was Moon Il Seok. He killed them and framed me!”

The name Il Seok seems to send the man in a daze and he doesn’t even listen as Tae San explains about Mi Sook and the camera she gave him. Instead, he cuts off Tae San and tells him to leave. If he’d known Il Seok was behind Tae San’s case, he’d never even have brought him. Han wants nothing to do with Il Seok but Tae San begs him to help him-he can’t die or Soo Jin will… as he says those words, another thought enters his mind and he checks his wound immediately.

He asks if Han treated him well because if it infects, Soo Jin would die. Han wonders who this Soo Jin is and Tae San replies it’s his daughter.


The police is searching the area thoroughly and as a result, Kim is still stranded in the middle of the place with no way out. Jae Kyung refuses to believe Tae San is dead-not until she sees the dead body and orders the search to continue. Seung Woo and she literally sing the same tune as they order that the nearby areas be thoroughly searched because if he’s still alive, he’d take a hostage to help him or someone will be helping him.


Outside the police station later, Jae Kyung thinks to herself that the man who helped Tae San escape must be Il Seok’s man and wonders who it might be. She calls up Sang Hoon who tells her the relationship between Tae San, In Hye and Seung Woo. Jae Kyung realizes Seung Woo knows about Tae San which is why he’s always been so dogged and heated in his pursuit of the man. When Sang Hoon tells her about the impending surgery, she realizes that’s the reason Tae San must have escaped and if Seung Woo knows it. When Sang Hoon responds in the negative, she tells him to keep mum about it.


The police have searched all the surrounding areas and Seung Woo himself searches Han’s house but finds nothing. That floor under your feet seems pretty suspicious dearie! All the while, Han sits by the riverside and purposely ruins Tae San’s clothes by scuffing them up and finally tosses them in the river, but only after cutting himself up on the arm with the rock too.


Sang Hoon approaches their boss for a protection detail on the little girl Soo Jin.


Baddie’s Minions, meanwhile try to get ahold of their boss now that they know the real identity of the woman who came to see Tae San at the company and are told to come back in the morning.


The police find Tae San’s clothes and shoes in various parts of the river. Seeing the wear and tear, they deduce he might have hit some of the rocks pretty hardly and may as well be dead but Jae Kyung isn’t so easily sold and doesn’t believe it but the police decide they need to search for a dead body.


Seung Woo walks out of the room in a daze and stares at his hand which trembles as he remembers shooting Tae San with it.


Jae Kyung takes her frustrations out by the riverside as she shouts at Tae San for going and dying and leaving his sick daughter behind to suffer the same fate. She’s appalled that he went and killed someone when he had something so important scheduled just days away. But that thought stops her and she repeats to herself, slowly and thoughtfully-holding his daughter’s life in the balance, he went and did a murder as tasked?


Han orders Tae San out of the house at night-so he was hiding under the floor in the basement. Once Tae San’s out, he hands him medicine, some more clothes, antibiotics, money and tells him to be on his way.

Tae San doesn’t want to leave in his condition-it’s as good as a hiding spot can get but Han says the antibiotics’ll take care of the pain, plus, he has to be on his way before the police, or worse, Il Seok comes for him.


Tae San begs him to let him stay for just ten more days but Han doesn’t budge-he doesn’t want to get embroiled back with Il Seok by helping Tae San. Tae San begs that it means his daughter’s life will be on the stakes but Han says he doesn’t care and forces Tae San out.

Il Seok hears that Tae San is probably dead and tells Kim to stay and make sure the body is found. He’s concerned that they weren’t able to find the camera and mutters that it feels like a ticking bomb is out there-what if someone stumbles upon the evidence and it gets out? But good news comes when his minions call with the information that they’ve found the woman.


After putting Soo Jin to bed that night, In Hye is devastated to hear the headlines that Tae San is dead.


Jae Kyung watches the police search the river and whispers to herself that even if Tae San is dead, this isn’t the end. For Il Seok, her and Seo Hee, it’s only over when they die, or she dies.

That night, Seo Hee enjoys a lavish dinner while the news runs in the background and she looks over at a screen showing live feed from her son’s room. He’s sleeping. Just then, the news runs coverage that Tae San is supposedly dead since his clothes have been found and search is ongoing for the body. In the morning, she leaves for work again in her usual drab clothes and through the old apartment. Watching her every move and recording it is Jae Kyung’s colleague.


A frustrated and dazed Jae Kyung tells Seung Woo he’s the one responsible for cleaning up the mess here while the police heads back to Seoul and to find the body of Tae San since he’s the one who shot him. His colleagues feel outraged on his behalf but he accepts the punishment as his due.


He sits byt the Cliffside later, brooding until he starts looking at Soo Jin’s pictures on his mobile and they make him smile fondly. A flashback to a few years ago shows him showing up at her mom’s shop, intending to take her camping but she’s staring dully at a ‘dad and me’ picture drawing contest. Since it’s today and she’s in a mood over it, he offers to take her and be her companion but she points out he’s not her dad yet and her real dad is dead.


But Seung Woo’s the perfect shoulder for her anyway because he offers her the perfect solution-she can go with him but draw her own dad and he can be ‘the bodyguard her dad sent’- after all, he promised her mother to take care of her so that does make him her bodyguard. That makes her day and with a smile and she promises him that when he marries her mother, she’ll call him dad. And so, she makes his day with her comment. Sweet!

Just then, he gets a call from his dad-who’s angry and asks him to report back immediately.


Soo Jin talks to dad’s picture and tells him how good Seung Woo is to her and her mom. He loves her mom so much and he does everything for Soo Jin in the stead of her dad. With a sigh though, she says that if she knew dad were still alive, she’d have told him not to like mum.

But how’d she know Dad was alive-because she saw mum rip and throw away this photo when she got engaged to Seung Woo. “You’re supposed to burn the photos and not rip and throw them if they’re really dead people. That’s how it is in dramas!” Lol. With a serious expression now, she wonders what her dad did to hurt her mother so much since she’s always crying at night. “She must hate dad a lot! But still, I like you!”

Tae San approaches the checkpost in Han’s car and when he rolls down the window, we see his face is convoluted due to welts and spots. So when the policeman looks at the wanted poster to see if there’s a resemblance, Tae San clutches Soo Jin’s bear tightly and waits. The man seems to realize there’s no resemblance and lets him pass. Tae San only breathes freely once he’s driving away.


A flashback to last night shows the moment Han held a knife to him and ordered him to leave. He’d claimed it was Tae San’s own fault that he was in this mess-Il Seok took advantage of him for the third time and all the while, Tae San was just a fool for letting it happen so now he needs to get out of it himself too.


The words seem to resonate with Tae San who hangs his head in defeat… but when Han lowers his guard, Tae San knocks the knife out of his hand and throwing him to the ground, holds the knife to him, just like all those years ago. As he moves in to stab Han, Han flinches and Tae San stays the blade-his point made. “If I stabbed you back then, I wouldn’t have ended up like this, right?”

Lowering the blade, he continues-his eyes weren’t closed to it all, he did it for In Hye. The only reason he went to jail for the man was because he threatened to kill In Hye. Tears fall as he continues to say how pointless life seemed without In Hye-he lived as if he didn’t care when he died.

“Back then, I didn’t think of anything but In Hye. I didn’t think of Soo Jin. I just wanted her to live well. If she had Soo Jin, I was afraid she’d be overwhelmed like my mother, so I shoved her into the operating room to kill Soo Jin. The child I killed once already—I can’t kill her again. Ten days is okay! Can’t you give me that?


Han asks him what he’ll do if Il Seok comes to kill him after the surgery but Tae San’s prepared for that possibility and doesn’t care as long as it means his child gets to live and so he just wants to spend the next ten days alive so he can make it for the surgery. He doesn’t care if he lives in the basement with no food or anything-all he cares for now is to save his daughter-his own life means nothing else to him. He cries that he’s not an idiot and all he wants is ten days.

Han relaxes at that and gives Tae San food before telling him to go and hide abroad in Philippines instead of here since Il Seok will find him anywhere. He writes something on a paper and gives it to him. All he has to do, Han says, is come back on the surgery day. He offers his truck to take Tae San to Busan where he can catch the boat but Tae San worries he’ll get caught. Han says he’ll make it so that he doesn’t get caught and sits on mixing some more herbs.


In the present, Tae San drives away, holding his shoulder in pain as he listens to the news saying he’s dead and smiles at the irony that he’s dead. As he’s making the turn off the highway on to Busan, he remembers Soo Jin calling out to him for the first time ‘Dad’ and makes the turn to Seoul instead.

In Hye goes to her doctor in a panic and asks if there’s no other way for Soo Jin. She wants to stop the surgery overall but the doctor advises against it saying she’ll intensify the search for a new donor. As In Hye sobs, the doctor tells her she should have told Seung Woo the truth earlier to prevent something like this from happening. In Hye realizes the doctor is right but that causes her to blame herself for creating this situation for her daughter and collapses from the stress.


Seung Woo’s dad rants at him for not letting the criminal get away twice, citing that it’s not like Seung Woo to let personal distractions get in the way of work. Isn’t he out of things because of In Hye’s daughter Soo Jin’s impending surgery? Seung Woo denies it but Dad’s on a rant and makes a comment about Soo Jin being fatherless and all. Seung Woo reminds him he promised not to speak like that again and Dad apologizes. In a softer tone, he tells Seung Woo to buck up for work and then tells Seung Woo he’ll visit the hospital with his mother this weekend.


In Hye takes Soo Jin for another round of tests just before Tae San calls them up in the hospital but learns they just stepped out for tests. His face still disfigured, he looks up the floor and heads upstairs but decides to use the antidote on his face.

After the treatment, as Soo Jin’s being wheeled back, Tae San is riding up in the elevator.

Soo Jin suddenly feels sick and vomits so In Hye busies herself cleaning Soo Jin. Incidentally, they’ve stopped in front of the elevator. When the doors open, Tae San moves to walk out, hoping to find Soo Jin and sees her there. Their eyes lock, and she smiles to see him there. It’s so adorable the way she deliberately drops her shoe so as to get an extra minute to see her dad.


Tae San’s expression is painful when he sees Soo Jin retch again and he’s unable to do anything to help her. But Soo Jin still keeps mom distracted from seeing him and tells mom to wheel her away facing each other. That allows her to look at Tae San until the last minute and she waves at him as she’s wheeled away. Tae San waves back tearfully.


Happy to see her dad again, Soo Jin jumps on her bed up and down again and again. When mom’s phone rings, she tells her to accept it and In Hye is stunned to hear Tae San on the other end.

Jae Kyung is chewed out by the chief prosecutor who wants her off the case while she wants to stay on just long enough to wrap it up and her boss backs her up on it. Just then though, she gets a message, “The signal came in.”


In Hye takes the call in private and Tae San assures her he’s fine since he took antibiotics and bandaged himself up well. “I told you, I’ll definitely keep this promise!” She asks if he found the evidence he was looking for but he didn’t. She asks him to turn himself in-she knows a cop who can help but he says he’ll die if he does. The only reason he escaped was because the last time he was in police custody, there was an attempt on his life.


That’s news to her and he says that’s why he can’t trust anyone and has to stay away. He tells her he’s heading to Philippines tonight but will definitely be back for the surgery. She balks at that-what if he can’t be back?


By now, she’s in his line of vision although she doesn’t see him and he talks while looking straight at her. He assures her he’ll be back but warns her not to trust anyone-even her fiancé. Swearing he wants to save Soo Jin’s life whether she believes him or not-and even if it means he dies, he moves to cut the call with an apology to her but she calls out to him, “Soo Jin’s dad… Don’t die!” Those words hit him straight in the heart.


Unfortunately for the two of them, Jae Kyung is listening in on the call. Damn. She goes straight to the police’s slumber party where everyone’s enjoying some beer after the Tae San case-except Seung Woo and to everyone’s surprise, she apologizes to them formally. I love how one of them literally gulps in surprise.


Tae San applies more of the cream on his face that causes welts. It’s a painful process but helps him go unnoticed. As he’s leaving the hospital though, he doesn’t see Il Seok coming in. Ack!


Soo Jin is finishing her picture complete with the words “Big mountain” and mutters to the toy she’s drawing-it’s only ten days between their meet-up now, and Dad too, when there is a call through to her room. Damn, it’s Il Seok on the other end.


Soo Jin raises the blinds standing in between them and Il Seok stares down at her as he asks her again if she’s Soo Jin. She nods and asks who he is but instead he asks, “Is your dad Jang Tae San?”

With a full bright smile, Soo Jin answers “Yes!”



Man, Il Seok is damn scary! I was literally shaking my head and shouting “No no no!” at Soo Jin as she faced him. Knowing Soo Jin is Tae San’s daughter raises the stakes even more-first it was just his own life on the line, but now this; even In Hye and Soo Jin are dragged into the ordeal!

I love that we’re finally shown a whole deeper level of Tae San’s feelings regarding the whole ordeal. We already know his motivation is Soo Jin, but to hear his words-that he already killed her once and can’t bear to do the same to her all over again is just heartbreaking! Moreover, we get to see exactly what In Hye meant to him back then-he treats her as cruel as he could be to her face, but the painful look in his eyes every time he turned away and the way it broke him to force her through the operating room doors-just heartbreak!

Most interesting in this episode-although given little time overall was Seung Woo’s crisis. There’s so many emotions at play in his character already because he knows about Tae San’s connection to In Hye but what touches him most in this episode is that he’s the one who shot Tae San. I love that scene where he stares at his trembling hand. I’m sure he still justifies it as something he did right but it’ll be worse for him when he learns the connection between Soo Jin and In Hye. There’s no doubt he treats Soo Jin just like his own daughter and it would kill him to know he played a part in creating the chaos that might cost her her life.

And dare I hope Jae Kyung is going to awake to the possibility that Tae San really is innocent?


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  1. Thank you for nice recaps. I also love the lift scene and have to admit I cried with Tae San.

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    sweetie why, didnt your mommy and ahjussi tell you that dont talk to strangers, and dont smile brightly at them. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Somebody……anybody HELP….I think I need help, I need to calm down.

  3. Loving this series and loving these recaps! Thank you 🙂

  4. Agreed things are getting interesting 🙂

    If So Jin is like a fullmoon to Tae San dark world, to me she is my sunshine in this dark world….My heart lurch everytime i see their scenes together, my favorite scenes of all. The lift scene. The realization of Tae San as So Jin appa. I wish for unlimited time for them but this is a limited two week drama. Just thinking it, make me sad and I am afraid to see the next episode, with Il seok and all.

    Thank you for the recaps.komawo 🙂

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