Endless Night by Lyse [Heartless City Fanfic]

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And we’re back with another guest post by Lyse as she continues on her quest to write the fan-fic sequel for Heartless City. She’s provided the prologue and synopsis below, so check it out and I promise-if you loved Heartless City as we did, you’ll love Endless Night-your curiosity will be piqued and you will definitely be back for more! 😉


Author’s Note:
Endless Night is meant to be read as a sequel to Heartless City. The story takes place four years after the events of the ending of the series. I have tried my best to keep characters as close to the personalities they originally displayed. There are small (well, and one big one) liberties taken here and there, but one of the questions I had to keep asking myself was “Would “X” actually act this way? Would they have this kind of a relationship?” The story has gone through many many revisions before it came out the way that it is now, but I hope that it serves as a homage to Heartless City. I find that I am unable to let go of one of the most amazing series that has graced the screen in a long time, and I know that it will hold a place as of the best for many years to come.
I have taken the story in the direction that the series hinted at but couldn’t fully show (blurry knives and tattoos are not found here.) As such, this is a dark, sometimes disturbing piece. There is no violence just for the sake of violence, but it doesn’t hold back either. You have been warned. That being said, it’s not all doom and gloom, but it doesn’t sugar coat the world either.
Chapter One will be posted on Monday, with new chapters posted every following Monday. It’ll be like clockwork!

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

by Lyse

”Every morn and every night 

Some to misery are born. 

Every morn and every night 

Some are born to sweet delight. 


Some are born to sweet delight, 

Some are born to endless night.”

William Blake, Songs of Experience



It’s been four years since the tragic final act that ended in blood, betrayal, and death. A new drug is filtering through the city’s underbelly and leaving a trail of death in its wake. From abroad, the man known as Doctor’s Son is facing the threat of usurpation from within the walls of the empire he has built, as the organization he’s vowed to destroy turns his own weapons against him. To come out the victor, Jung Shi-Hyun  will have no choice but to request the help of those from his past, in particular a young woman who is haunted by nightmares and walks her own deadly path.

It is a race against time as love lines are reformed, alliances made, betrayals discovered, and the dead are avenged.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Heartless City, JTBC. Original characters are mine however.




Music pulses through the club like the pounding of blood in one’s ears. Amidst the heavy throng of giddy club-goers, there is a boy who is listening to a song only he can hear. It rings through his ears and snakes down through his fingertips, curling into the sharp nails that bite into his palms.

Beyond the club’s dim haze and the dazzling flecks of lights flickering off metallic dresses, a private movie plays on behind his eyes. He’s staring out at the smooth, shiny floor, but he cannot see the waving hands and worried faces directly in front of him.

He is standing in a small and dusty room with floorboards weighed down by years of turmoil. The air smells of blood, fear, and his own cowardice.  His nose is pressed against the floor and he can’t move or breathe; he can only wait for the next lash of the belt to bite down his back, for the flames to lick a trail of fire across his skin.

Tears mixed with sweat and grime run down his face. His teeth clench tightly against the effort to not make a sound; to not breathe, to not move, to not let out the strangled cry fighting to escape from his throat. His fingers splay futilely against the boards and press down so deeply…

In the club, the boy’s fingers curl around the bottle in his hand and he’s no longer that little child who waits to be thrown against the wall or down on the floor. His body jerks and he whirls around to face his oppressor, his own flesh and blood, and he smashes the bottle into the leering face. The bottle shatters and the its jagged edges cut his hands, but the boy doesn’t feel the pain.

He’s no longer the powerless, innocent victim that he was all those years ago. He clenches his weapon in his hand; lifts it up, and brings it down over and over again. The song reaches its roaring climax and unrestrained laughter bursts from his throat.

The song dies down and its final notes seem to choke him as the images continue to play on relentlessly before him. The face of his aggressor grows larger and fuzzier with each note, until his entire vision is filled with noise.

The boy drops down to the floor, smiling victoriously, oblivious to the growing chorus of horrified screams around him. His hand comes to a rest next to the unseeing eyes of the girl on the floor. His red-coated fingers entwine her blood-soaked tresses.


Author’s Note: And so it begins. Special thanks to lilahozi and aziraphale. This story wouldn’t have been told without you two!

Keep posted for more, folks! ^Akiko

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  1. any chance you will be able to continue this story? I think it is really good. It has good character development and the new additions fit very well with the originals. I was really suprised at how quickly I became hooked on your story!

  2. If only your work can be seen and heard by JTBC. It is the most amazing K-drama I have seen (I’m picky!) Felt the story has not ended yet and by the way they ended the show, I think the writer sees it that way, too. The only drawback for a sequel is that it had dismal ratings. Hopefully, word of mouth and fan support can create a continuation of this story. Keep up the good work!!

    • Wow those are super generous compliments. I don’t consider myself anywhere near the level of the series writer, but I would love to be able to get ahold of the original script and see the changes that were made. I have a feeling that ending wasn’t the originally scripted one. And I actually am writing 4-5 chapters ahead of the chapter I release so there will definitely be a timely release of chapters :). Thanks for all the support!

  3. Interesting, nice introduction, woud not want to miss this 🙂 count me in 😉

  4. Thanks Akiko!! *hugs* Chapter One will be up on Monday with a new chapter up every following Monday :). It’s around 25-30 chapters looking at the storyline :).

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