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Endless Night by Lyse [Heartless City Fanfic]

endless night banner 1Banner Credits: Eunjo for image and m.z. for graphic design

And we’re back with another guest post by Lyse as she continues on her quest to write the fan-fic sequel for Heartless City. She’s provided the prologue and synopsis below, so check it out and I promise-if you loved Heartless City as we did, you’ll love Endless Night-your curiosity will be piqued and you will definitely be back for more! 😉


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Two Weeks Episode 6 Recap


I swear, I didn’t think I could like Tae San any more than I already do or root for him any more vigorously than I do but damn, he’s got a way to get under your skin because his plight is so human and heartening. It’s endearing to see the man who never cared to rise above his trash-like existence now putting all his efforts into being the better person and no longer caring if he lives or dies as long as he gets what he’s struggling for.

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