Two Weeks Episode 5 Recap


There’s nothing more heartbreaking than the realization of what you never had even if it was always there. This episode is all about Tae San’s journey towards the realization of how much he’s really missed because of his life as ‘trash’. For us, it’s another look into Tae San’s past and all the could-have-been that he never even knew and that it’s not just his own life he thrust into hell when he took that fall for Il Seok’s crime.

But Tae San’s heartbreak is such that when he cries, you feel the heartbreak and can’t help but cheer this man forward so that he finds that point in life where he can overcome this all!

Episode 5 Recap:

Tae San comes home for the planned meet-up, only to find Man Seok dead on the floor. While he’s grivieing over his friend, begging him to wake up, Kim steps forward to attack him while Seung Woo stations himself outside the door, gun in hand.

Seung Woo’s phone rings, causing everyone to jump. Tae San jumps back as he turns towards the door, Kim retreats to the closet, turning off the lights-unseen by Tae San and Seung Woo scrambles to vut the call. Making a quick decision, Tae San runs out the door, knocking down Seung Woo in the process. Their eyes meet for a moment, and the both eye the gun fallen in between them. Tae San pushes it away and makes his getaway.

Seung Woo gives chase and they’re both sweating it out-not realizing that Kim is also hot on both their trails.

Hoobae discovers Man Seok’s body and rushes out.


Tae San manages to put Seung Woo down by throwing a number of streetside garbage bins his way, making him stumble and fall. Seung Woo rises and gives chase but this time, he’s lost Tae San for good because Kim distracts him from Tae San’s real location and turns to follow Tae San himself.


Tae San, hidden in a truck sees Kim approaching and recognizes him as the man who tried to kill him. Kim removes bag after bag from the truck, intent on finding Tae San  but the arrival of the men driving the truck cuts his search short and he makes a run for it as hoobae comes rushing up.


Hoobae runs up to Seung Woo, who punches him and rails at him for calling him during a stakeout. Well, that was wrong but hey, it’s cutie hoobae, lol!


Jae Kyung is currently going through Tae San’s history and records for the past eight years and are trying to find out why Tae San took off with the camera. She gives instructions to find the woman who came to meet Tae San and one of the guys wonders if it’s the woman he dated eight years ago. They figure that he might have turned to her for help if he didn’t go to Tae San. Just then she gets the call that Tae San killed Man Seok.


We cut to see Tae San sobbing away-still in the truck as its driving to its location. Aww, I feel just like that! Why kill Man Seok? He grabs his head in frustration, remembering Man Seok.


Unfortunately, he’s bigger problems on his hands, as he realizes when he sees Kim trailing the truck in his car.

At their house, police goes over the crime scene and Jae Kyung rails at Seung Woo, his boss and hoobae for losing Tae San. He defiantly tells her he’ll take responsibility and definitely catch Tae San with his own hands.


Kim is still trailing the car and this time, Tae San gets up to face him, shouting, “You’re following me to kill me? You also killed Man Seok, didn’t you?” He throws some of the garbage bags at the car, which causes Kim to lose his balance and the car skids to the side. But he’s nothing if not a good driver and gets back on track immediately.


So this time, Tae San picks a large bottle and throws it at the car. It crashes into the windscreen, causing a crack and Kim swerves to the side and brakes immediately. Some distance away, the truck also stops and the drivers get off to check what happened. They wonder how the garbage fell and decide to check if there’s someone injured in Kim’s car. He however, drives away immediately-and in the wrong lane. Thinking something’s wrong, they snap pictures of the car as its driving away.


Kim watches them go, before coming back to the site. Seeing the ladder going up, he follows it but finds no one there, and no hint on where to follow Tae San. The cold dead look in his eyes is pure murder.

Tae San is thankfully, still hidden in the truck.


He jumps off when the truck stops at a rail crossing-picking some discarded pins before he does that. As he’s running away, he remembers In Hye begging him to turn himself in, remembering what she said about him being Soo Jin’s last chance.

In Hye is at the moment horrified as she reads the online news about Tae San. Soo Jin’s doctor shows up and asks if she truly believes Tae San and wants to let Seung Woo know. In Hye worries that this might cause more trouble but the doctor argues the risks are high either way. She argues that Seung Woo loves Soo Jin as much as she does and has the right. She promises not to say anything until In Hye tells him but that it won’t be so for long.


Tae San picks the locks on his handcuffs and manages to get them both off-finally, says the look on his face too. Then he just lies down on the bench there as Soo Jin’s voice calls out to him, “Why are you just lying there?”

He tells her about going to see Man Seok since he took the camera, but that Il Seok got to him first. Soo Jin wonders what he’ll do now ad asks about her surgery. Tae San turns to look at her and then sits up so he faces her-promising that he’ll be there for her surgery, he has to be. She asks him the ‘how’ but he’s no idea how and says he’ll think over it. He can’t surrender since Il Seok would have him dead in a heartbeat. He wonders why he spent all this time with Il Seok and Soo Jin mutters, “Because you’re an idiot!” he agrees with her and she mutters if he just realized it. He shakes his head and sadly tells her, “No, I knew. I knew… but it never mattered back then.”


She approaches him and sits by his side asking what he can do now. Once again, he begins to promise but grabs the cuffs and walks away. Some distance later, he mutters, “Whatever happens, whatever happen, I’ll survive. I have to do that! I MUST do that!” With that, he throws the cuffs far away as a truck comes towards him. He dons his glasses and turns towards the truck with one last look at Soo Jin.


Kim reports his failure to Il Seok as he kneels and when minion remarks on his constant failure, Il Seok just snaps at minion to go and catch Tae San instead. Then he turns to Kim and tells him to get up. Strangely, he asks Kim-his son, if his eyes are okay? Kim replies, “Yes, Father!” ll Seok wonders if Tae San has seen the content inside the camera but minion says it’s format wouldn’t be so easy for him since Jae Kyung must’ve had it especially done and if he had, he’d already have gone to the police. Kim confirms the camera wasn’t at Tae San’s house and Il Seok uneasily thinks back to the conversation recorded on the camera and says Tae San can’t, under any circumstances be caught by police. Then he wants to know who the woman who came to see Tae San is but the baddies have no ideas so far.


Lackey from the pawn shop tells the other guy he told Tae San everything and the other rails at him for being so stupid and tells him to report everything to the chairman himself tomorrow.

As he’s running out of the hospital, desperate to make his getaway though, he spots In Hye. And remembers her. Damn.


Tae San, now back in the rural areas runs around for shelter from the rain while Seung Woo broods in the shower-memories of the whole case flashing in his mind as he wonders how a person like In Hye was involved with Tae San, muttering that it can’t be and wonders, “No way, is Tae San… Is Tae San…” but never finishes the thought.


Tae San, walking through the neighborhood keeps telling himself all he has to do is survive until the surgery-after that, it doesn’t matter if he’s dies. He comes upon a no entry sign-into an orchard and goes in-devouring the apples hungrily… until a voice sounds nearby and spooks him-it’s a woman who’s grunting in pain. He turns to see her and drops back in surprise and fear.


He comes upon her as she calls out, wondering if it’s a ghost but then slaps some sense into himself. He turns to leave but the woman calls him back, begging him to take her to the hospital-she’s in labor. Since he can’t do that, he apologizes and decides to leave but a flash of light illuminates the woman and he’s stunned to see her bloody legs. When it reminds him of his own mother-flashback of her slumped against the wall drowned in a pool of her own blood, he draws back in shock.


Next thing, he’s taken the woman into her house and has gathered all supplies for her labor. He tries to leave still but her screams and cries hold him back. He offers to call a doctor, asking her to at least say where she’s hurt and how. As he wipes her forehead with a towel, he wonders aloud if giving birth is always this hard.


Next thing we see, he’s holding her hand and coaching her to breathe and push as he guides her through the birth. Hearing her call her husband seems to put him in a daze and he imagines In Hye as the woman lying there in pain during her birth-all alone and calling out to him. He remembers the moment he cruelly told her to abort the baby.


Turns out, he’d initially loved the idea of fatherhood and promised to marry In Hye immediately but then the Il Seok situation happened and so he had to go back on his words. To spare In Hye, he’d been extra cruel to her telling her the idea had appealed to him at first but now it made him sick of her and he hated kids. With a smile-to make it more believable, he’d told her to get rid of the kid and go abroad to her parents. As he walks away from her back then, he can’t control his tears and pained expression but she never sees it.


Likewise, at the clinic where he took her for the abortion, he shoves her through the operating doors cruelly before going out to the parking lot and breaking down in sobs. And there and then, Il Seok’s men come up to him and he’s told to go and turn himself in.

As he now holds the newborn baby in his hands, he watches the kid in fascination.


When he’s sitting alone later, he looks at his hands and whispers to himself-this was how Soo Jin was born-amidst so much pain and hardship… and loneliness. He sobs and calls out In Hye’s name. At the moment, In Hye’s sitting by Soo Jin’s bedside as the little girl smiles in her sleep and looks at her handmade calendar.


Kim goes back to what seems like his killer lair and takes out a knife-disguised as a pen. Meanwhile, Seo Hee warns Il Seok his life is on the line if things don’t get sorted out quickly but he tells her he’ll definitely catch Tae San or he’d kill himself before anything happens so she can rest assured she won’t have to go to the trouble.


The next morning Jae Kyung gets a visit from her boss at her house who blows into her for blowing the case even further out-Tae San is now a double murderer, and says she’s probably really not suited for this case. His gaze lands on her wall of evidence and he approaches it. One look at it and he asks her what the whole story behind her revenge story is.


Flashback shows a young Jae Kyung being promised a university scholarship from a seemingly warm, pleasant and working for the public’s welfare Seo Hee who was just a lawyer back then. She’d run home in excitement and delivered the good news to her mother and they’d both been on cloud-nine with the happy news. She’d asked for her father and muttered he was ‘still there’. Back then, her father had been protesting the forceful eviction of residents from a local building. Of course, Il Seok had been his opponent back then and he’d used underhanded means to obtain the license to go ahead on the development project.


Now at the site as the two face off each other, Jae Kyung arrives just in time to see Il Seok stab her father through the gut. The other protesters with him had just run off in fear when Il Seok threatened them. Jae Kyung cries and her dad shakes his head at her to stop her from coming forward. With a determined expression, Jae Kyung had driven off to Seo Hee’s office just as she was leaving so she followed her-intending to ask for help.

Instead, she came upon the scene as Il Seok met with Seo Hee. Il Seok had come with the same problem, asking her for help-she’d told him she’d get the lawyer for him and he’d better find a good scapegoat. When Jae Kyung arrived and shouted that Il Seok murdered her dad, Seo Hee sent Il Seok off and pretended she’d been alone, talking to Jae Kyung in a totally patronizing manner.


In the present, Jae Kyung tells her boss Tae San took the fall for Il Seok back then. At the trial, her cries were ignored and she was treated as mental for insisting Il Seok met Seo Hee and suffered from aphasia. Her father passed two years later from the accumulated stress and rage.


Now, she wonders why Tae San took the camera and why he hasn’t surrendered it in to clear his own name or if he’s trying to make a deal with Il Seok but her boss-Prosecutor Han, advises her to think from Tae San’s point of view, rather than trying to fixate on his thoughts. “Don’t wonder why he escaped, but what feelings drove him to escape. Don’t think of things from your point of view, but look into his heart.” Jae Kyung tries to understand what her boss is implying.

The next morning, a now relaxed Tae San cooks breakfast for the lady-andeats a lot himself too since he never knows when he’ll get  the next chance to eat. At the same time, Soo Jin assures mom she’ll be alright while In Hye is mulling over whether or not to tell Seung Woo the truth. Soo Jin tells mom she had a great dream where the ‘three of us’ were running around and playing. When mom asks if it was Seung Woo, Soo Jin says, “Hmm… was it him… it was three people anyway.”


At the same time, Seung Woo asks Soo Jin’s doctor who the donor is and if it’s someone related to Soo Jin. The doctor, although conflicted, sticks to being evasive as she says her grandparents are abroad and the father is reportedly dead. That seems to relieve him and the doctor adds that he should ask In Hye if he’s curious about anything, citing that she’ll tell him if it were anything major.

Seung Woo watches In Hye as she’s at work as she stares at her phone and contemplates calling him.


At 9:17 am in the police station, the team reconvenes for the case and Jae Kyung asks if they’ve found the woman who visited Tae San. Seung Woo says they haven’t and just then hoobae delivers the report that there’s no fingerprints at all on Man Seok’s murder weapon. Boss is flabbergasted-that could mean Tae San isn’t the killer but Seung Woo insists it’s Tae San-he saw the man run out of there himself and he’s more than capable of murdering his friend.


Jae Kyung doesn’t buy it-there’s no reason for Tae San to kill Man Seok and that someone else could have probably done it but Seung Woo quiet heatedly argues that Tae San is the guy. Jae Kyung asks him if he thinks he knows Tae San that well but before they can talk more, In Hye calls Seung Woo while Jae Kyung gets the name of the mystery woman-In Hye.

It seems In Hye’s about to come clean with Seung Woo but the call gets cut when he rushes off as the police get a new clue to Tae San’s location. In Hye, alerady standing outside the police station sees the police rush out.


Tae San hangs a charm outside the woman’s house as he tends to her-giving her breakfast and apologizing for the taste since it might not be good-he’s making it for the first time today. When he moves to wash one last diaper for her, she tells him thanks and asks him to go on his way since he was on his way to meet his older sister, no? Tae San goes along with his made up story and says he’ll leave in a bit. She offers him her husband’s clothes since his are all bloody now.


As he’s washing the diaper, Tae San once again mutters how nice it would be if he could just stay like this until Soo Jin’s surgery day. Meanwhile, it rains as the police spreads around the neighborhood and searches around for Tae San-killer Kim included.


The new mom tends to her baby and tells him to grow up all nice and good like ‘that ahjusshi’-referring to Tae San. Just then, she sees the news report about Tae San on the run but doesn’t seem to connect him to her houseguest.

She heads outside when the door is knocked and she clocks Tae San’s nervous reaction to the police calling from outside. Looking at him now, she realizes who he is and he sees the realization hit home for her.


For a few moments, he forgets his panic as he looks at her and with tears tells her, “It’s not me. I’m not a murderer.” She looks at his sad expression and the washed diaper in his hand.


She opens the door and the police-Jae Kyung asks her if there’s been anything strange but the woman denies it. When Jae Kyung asks why the woman was so late in answering the door, she hears the baby’s cries and sees the new charm hanging on the door-realizing it’s a new birth and the woman confirms it before denying again that she saw anyone.


The police, once again failing at finding Tae San, reconvene and declare the trip a waste when Jae Kyung suddenly realizes something-the new mother answered the door herself! They burst into her house, only to find nothing but Tae San’s bloody clothes there.


Tae San runs through the woods following the woman’s directions to look for a cave where she told him he’d be able to hide. Unfortunately, he’s not that good at finding the place and barely stops himself from falling down a rocky slope. To his bad luck, the police and killer Kim aren’t far behind. He manages to hide from one hooded person, only to come face to face with Seung Woo.


Seung Woo gives chase as he runs off and Jae Kyung snaps at Seung Woo in the walkie talkie to arrest Tae San. The chase leads them both to a cliff where Tae San is trapped.


Seung Woo draws his gun and orders him arrested as Tae San’s mind flashes back to the moment Soo Jin called him dad and how In Hye had cried at him that Soo Jin would die. He looks back towards the water under the cliff.


Seung Woo holds up a hand and warns Tae San not to think about it and aims his gun at Tae San’s leg. Tae San turns towards the cliff just as Killer Kim fires a rock from a slingshot towards Seung Woo’s gun.


That means the bullet, meant for Tae San’s leg, hits him in the back. Oh damn!


At the hospital, Soo Jin crosses off another day from her calendar. Tae San falls from the cliff as a stunned Seung Woo watches.




This episode provides another insightful moment for us in the shape of Jae Kyung’s past. Now we know exactly where and how she came from and why her revenge has consumed her all these years. What I love most about her though, is how level headed she still is. Those times she spent being treated as mental or dealing with her aphasia has certainly brought out the best in her it seems. She’s overcome the point of ‘blind leap’ a person takes because they feel righteous. She’s patient enough-has been for years now, trying to find the link between Il Seok and Seo Hee and that patience and exposure she’s had until now gives her the chance to be level headed and see deeper than what’s on the surface-like her boss tells her to do with Tae San.

At the same time, Seung Woo, already judgmental towards all criminals has found himself even more narrow-minded towards Tae San because of what he suspects is the relationship between the two. I’m sure the confirmation of his fears won’t be such a shocker now, but what I really want to see-am most anxious to see is how he handles the situation. It’s clear he cares about both In Hye and Soo Jin and I want to know what he’ll do when he learns of the prime dilemma-Soo Jin will die without Tae San. Like I said before, I’m hanging out for a three-way friendship between him, Tae San and Jae Kyung. His judgment is standing in the way of his level headedness as a cop but he’s definitely one of the good cops-always looking for the right way to things and the pursuit of truth. This is one fine dilemma he’ll find himself in and one that’ll teach him that not all baddies are always monsters.


Tae San’s moment of glory comes in this episode when he helps the woman give birth and then realizes everything he’s missed out on in the last eight years-he never knew the joy of holding his child in his own hands and In Hye, the woman he really did love was all around against the harsh world and that he’s the one who sent her down that road. Truly, he had no choice and is only half to blame for the one he did make-he made it because he did love her and couldn’t tie her down to a bad fate which he must have believed was destined for him anyway. He could have been honest with her and told her the truth rather than to break her heart so cruelly but then again, knowing the world he lived in, I’m sure he didn’t want to leave In Hye with any lingering ties to that world while he wasn’t even with her. For all the times that we’ve heard of In Hye as the woman Tae San loved-this is the moment we see the true testimony for it.

Now that bullet on his back had better not make things worse, ya hear?! Time to give him a break from all the bad luck he’s been having so far!


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  1. Dont jump……Dont shoot…….dont shoot…..dont jump….. were the only words I was screaming at the end.
    When Tae San got scared and thought it was a ghost, I was like no dude, for you it was last year in Arang, this year its So Ji Sub’s turn, dont mix up.

  2. So Jin is like a fullmoon to Tae San dark world, its bright light shining the way for Tae Sun……and then this happen ….I am a little upset…hopefully i hope all is well with Tae San because the days are counting short and there is nothing hopeful here except for so jin smile.

    Thak you for the recap:)

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