Two Weeks Episode 4 Recap


Seriously, before D-Day comes, I’ll die of the worry for Tae San. How is he going to survive now? Man Seok’s murder will most likely be pinned on him too. I know the truth will eventually come out-and I am so hoping for a trio friendship here-Jae Kyung, him and Seung Woo working together. (I wanna see Seung Woo graduate from his all gangsters are trash belief!) But the problem is the dwindling hope and avenues for Tae San to explore for himself. His one lead is now dead, so what does he do next? There’s still a lot many days left and not many, if any place to hide!

Episode 4 Recap:

Tae San is running through the woods, trying to get away but Seung Woo and Jae Kyung are hot on his trail. Unknown to them and Tae San though, even the killer-named as just Kim is also on his trail and looking for the chance to make his move.

Tae San turns one way but police corners him from the back. He runs off just as Seung Woo gives the update to Jae Kyung who issues instructions to her men and they also start off in that direction. Kim stays behind and consults his map, looking for another point to corner the guy and starts in another direction. Tae San is almost cornered from both ends and is desperately thinking of a way out as he holds Soo Jin’s little bear and whispers, with tears, “Help me! Help me! Please!”


Just then, a number of blasts sound in one direction from where the police are making their way towards him. Ah, is that a trap by Kim to lure the police out of his way? It does the required job though and the police take off in the direction following the blasts instead, leaving Tae San with an opening to get away. I love that he kisses the teddy lightly before running off.vlcsnap-00003

As he’s running away though, someone comes upon him on the way and knocks him down. He takes a few moments to get his breath back and gets up but the man-Kim grips him from behind and holding a knife to his throat wants to know where the camera is. He can’t figure it out and Kim turns him so that they’re face to face and warns that he’s dead if he doesn’t answer.


It triggers a memory and Tae San remembers how Mi Sook gave it to him the day she died. Thanfully, he’s quick on his mind and immediately clutches his pocket, as if it’s there. Kim moves his hand to check it out and Tae San uses that chance to fight him off. It’s a pretty losing battle for him since Kim is the better fighter. Soon, Kim holds his neck in a grip but Tae San uses a perfect moment to trip him so that Kim falls down the slope. Before he can get back up, Tae San runs off.


Jae Kyung and Seung Woo realize they lost Tae San and she screams at the latter and his hoobae in frustration. Seung Woo deduces that the blasts were part of his escape plan which means someone’s helping him out.


Tae San huddles in a corn crop and using it as cover, approaches the medical van for the police escort. Unfortunately, there’s no key inside. But before he can be dejected much, a bus comes up the road. Thinking fast, he changes his jacket so that it hides the cuffs on his arms and hails the bus down. He makes the excuse of making a trip to see his ill mother but has no money and the kind hearted bus driver offers the ride anyway.

Il Seok can’t believe Kim lost Tae San. “You lost him? YOU? How could you?” and barks at him not to come until he has the guy or the camera. Il Seok is worried that Tae San plans to use the camera recording to hold it over him but one of his minions points out they should’ve gotten a call by now in that case. Besides, he points out, Tae San should already know it’s Il Seok trying to kill him. But even more pressing is the ‘what if Tae San is caught by Jae Kyung?’

Seo Hee has a meeting with some people regarding the charity event with the antiques-mostly towards the organizing front of it.


Kim returns to his car and stars studying the map again. He doesn’t even bother to wipe the blood trickling down his forehead but instead uses it to make a mark on the map.

Tae San arrives at a village and is wondering where to go and what to do next when he spies a girl hammering in a nail on their gate. Her mother, who cannot speak, begs her to just let go and head inside. Also, the girl is wearing a funeral pin on her head, showing her father recently died.

The two head inside and prepare to sleep, only to find the door open and Tae San standing there with a rope and a knife. Next thing, they’re both tied up in the corner while he greedily munches on food. He catches the mother trying to shield her daughter from his view-since she’s wearing just short pants. He turns back away before it dawns on him why.


“Ahjumma!” he turns back in an offended tone. “What do you take me for, huh?” He goes on to say having cuffs around your hands isn’t always cause a person is bad, but rather because there’s unavoidable circumstances and situations. Rising, he takes some clothes off a hook near the door and throws them at the girl, turning away and telling her to cover herself.


But then he feels too aggrieved so he turns right back and declares that however bad he is, he’s not the kind of person to bother women for fun. Then he turns his back on them again and snipes at the girl to hurry and cover herself. She points out that she needs her hands free to do that and her mum nods. Ha!


Jae Kyung and team reconvene and start their search again whereas Seung Woo points out they need to find the guy who helped Tae San. Jae Kyung wonders if it’s Il Seok.

The whole police force then sets out to search the neighborhood-house to house. Eeek! Kim meanwhile sits idly in his car, listening to the police radio.

At the house, Tae San has fallen asleep and remembers the moment Mi Sook gave him the camera. He wonders why she gave it to him just as the doctors words ring in his mind about not getting infected. Remembering that Kim cut his neck a bit, he dashes towards the mirror and examines the wound. Anxiously, he asks the girl if they have any medical kit but she replies they’ve only medicine to apply but that’s not what he needs and gets flustered but the girl points out that he just needs to wash the wound well and apply medicine and it should be fine.

So comes the shower scene where we get another look at the long scar on his back. He washes off the wound and wonders again why Il Seok wants him dead, crying that he really was just going to hide here until Soo Jin’s surgery. What do I do now, he wonders miserably.


Outside, the girl placates her mother’s fear by repeating that Tae San doesn’t seem like a bad guy-didn’t he give her clothes to change into just because he knew what her mother was scared of? Mum falls silent at that.

Just as Tae San changes and puts a bandage on his wound, there’s a knock on the gate-the police arrived. Tae San sends the girl out while he holds her mother hostage.


Outside, she tells her neighbor, and Seung Woo that nothing’s wrong although they seem to gleam her behavior as a bit weird-especially since it took her so long to open the door. She lies that they’d already slept so she had to change her clothes before coming out.

She comes back in and tells Tae San she’s alone and that she didn’t say anything. Then she adds that they have to lock the door since everyone sleeps early in the neighborhood. Then she locks up.


Tae San lets the mom go and mutters an apology to her, telling them to sleep.

He sits that night, smiling as he remembers Soo Jin making him promise to return the bear. But then his smile fades and he sits looking at the bear, muttering that he’s waiting. As he begins to think of a picture of Soo Jin, he remembers the camera he put in his pants and that Man Seok borrowed it.


Later that morning, Soo Jin is having breakfast and tells her mother to head to her shop now and tells her to hurry go and then hurry back.

At her workplace, she catches the news broadcast on the television and perks up at the name of Jang Tae San. She’s horrified when she sees his photo and info appear on the screen. Dazedly, she walks away, the headline still ringing in her head.


Another movie reference as Tae San changes his hairstyle like he saw in a movie before and dons a suit and glasses. Gosh guy, you really do look better already, hehe! My favorite part-the mum and daughter are still in the back and watching him.


He turns to them and kind of apologizes for taking their father’s clothes and thanks them for the medicine as well. The girl asks him where he’s headed and he jokes-what’s the point in telling him where he’s going since he won’t be telling the truth most probably. Then he asks them to loan them some money too, haha! He assures them he’ll return it to them, whenever he gets the chance.

Turning serious, he asks her to definitely tell the police once he’s gone that he didn’t kill Mi Sook. She asks if he really didn’t kill and he tells her that although he may have hit people many times, he’s never stabbed/killed someone. “To me, human blood is the scariest thing in the world,” he tells her.

Then it’s back to being tied up for the two ladies as he leaves.


At breakfast in the police station, Jae Kyung is deep in thought-she still thinks Il Seok helped Tae San escape after he had Tae San kill Mi Sook, but if Il Seok-who never forgives betrayal thinks Tae San betrayed him (since he ran away), why would he help him? Is it so that he won’t be caught by Jae Kyung’s hand?


The mother and daughter untie themselves as Tae San makes his getaway in a suit with a briefcase and he literally passes the guard in front of the bus station. He easily boards the bus and it leaves the station.

Mom brings the phone to her daughter, asking her to call as she stands outside by the light she was trying to fix last night. It’s working now-Tae San fixed it and she tells her mum she’ll report it after a while. Awww.

On the bus, Tae San falls asleep and right ahead-is a check post. The police come in just as he comes awake and sits easily while the policeman checks everyone. He allows himself just the slightest of reliefs when the guard passes by him, without putting two and two together.


The police force returns to the police station and take a rest there while Seung Woo asks hoobae to get the report on Tae San’s phone. Prosecutor boss, meanwhile rips into Jae Kyung’s boss for letting her back on the case.

When he gets back to his office, Jae Kyung is there and reports that the camera is definitely in Tae San’s hands. Meanwhile, boss tells her that she was right-the person who wanted her off the case was Seo Hee.


Seo Hee is at the moment, giving an interview when she gets a call from Jae Kyung. She refuses to take it between the interview and asks the secretary to just take a number. When he’s gone, the reporter’s phone rings. Oh yes, oh I am liking where this is going, ha! Sure enough, it’s Jae Kyung on the other end and she wants to talk to Seo Hee.

Reporter passes her the phone and the smile on Seo Hee’s face is wiped off for the second time. She tells Jae Kyung she’s calling at an inopportune moment since she’s in an interview so Jae Kyung tells her to add this to her interview-that Jae Kyung will definitely catch Tae San and then she’ll send the contents of the camera to Seo Hee as a present. Seo Hee cuts the call, saying she’s busy and on the other hand, Jae Kyung winces-Seo Hee doesn’t have the camera. So now Jae Kyung thinks the only reason Il Seok is helping Tae San is to get the camera from him.


And so Seo Hee pays a visit to a shocked Il Seok asking about the camera. He reminds her she just walked into his office but she’s not bothered-the camera is a more pressing worry. Once she’s gone, Il Seok’s like “Is that really Jo Seo Hee?


Man Seok’s girlfriend shows him the pictures they had developed out of the camera but he’s too worried about Tae San. She holds the camera back for him to take but he tells her to keep it-it reminds him of tae San.

Hoobae brings back the phone report. He finds the record of the phone call between In Hye and Tae San when he compares the numbers on his phone and heads out to confirm it with In Hye, wondering whey she’d be calling a murderer. Before he can go though, he gets the call for a meeting with Jae Kyung and heads back in. Jae Kyung wants phone records and he lies that they’re still being resolved.


And then hoobae says the talk around is that Tae San was recently involved in something where a woman came to see him with some kind of request. Tae San looks worried at that before heading out.

At the hospital, poor Soo Jin goes through some tests after which In Hye pats her back as she retches in a toilet. She assures mum, “I’m okay. I can bear this much, so don’t cry.” But it just hurts her more and she holds Soo Jin close, crying.

Tae San calls her up and she lets out her anger at him-he asks how he could do something like that, not even giving him the chance to speak, asking what’s to become of Soo Jin now. He finally shouts in through her outburst, asking her not to worry-he’ll be on the run until the surgery and tells her the only reason he ran was to make it to Soo Jin’s surgery.

She obviously scoffs at that and refuses to listen to him-what, he can’t do the surgery if he’s in jail?

“Yes! I can’t do the surgery if I’m in jail. Because I’ll be dead! Because I’ll die. And if I die, Soo Jin will die too!”


She finally pauses, as if realizing he might be telling the truth. He tears up as he continues that he may be a piece of trash who didn’t even hear his own father’s voice but he won’t escape if his child were to die. He tells her he didn’t kill anyone but she shouts his prints were everywhere. He says he can’t explain it now but promises that he’ll be there for the surgery-that’s what he called to tell her.


He asks her not to tell anyone under any circumstances that she knows him or she and Soo Jin will also be in danger and asks her to convince the doctor too. She tells him to turn himself in and take the surgery-if he doesn’t make it Soo Jin will die. Clutching her phone, she cries as she collapses on the ground, shouting at him to save Soo Jin.

He asks what she means by Soo Jin’s last chance but then spies some police officers in the vicinity putting up posters so he wipes his tears and dons the glasses again before saying into the phone that he understands what she means so he’ll look for the evidence that will prove his innocence. He promises to make it for the surgery-which she scoffs at since his promise isn’t worth anything but he points out, “I’m not making this promise to you. It’s a promise to Soo Jin.”


He says their fate ended eight years ago and he’s never told anyone about her so no one knows who she is. On her end, she also needs to stay quiet now and everything will be alright.


Seung Woo visits the pawn shop again where they tell him about a beautiful woman coming to see Tae San. He asks for details but they can only describe her since they know nothing about her. That reminds Seung Woo of the day In Hye met Tae San. On the way back, he wonders to himself again and again why In Hye would meet Tae San. He seems to think Tae San is the man who is Soo Jin’s donor but then stops himself saying it doesn’t make sense.

A flashback to four years ago shows Seung Woo was on his way to a dance school (?) but finds the door locked there. He recites his rank and shouting that the door be opened. In Hye opens it and he’s like, “It’s you again!


Turns out she’s living here and is homeless. She asks to be let for a while so she can stay here. But since he can’t do that, he calls up a friend who’s flat is empty and takes her there instead. Here, he asks about Soo Jin’s dad and In Hye doesn’t respond.

He goes to the hospital and imagines confronting In Hye about meeting Tae San but he’s too scared to confront the truth so stays quiet and just asks about Soo Jin.

Just then, he gets the call that the family they saw last night called in about Tae San and as he’s taking the report, he clocks In Hye’s unease but doesn’t comment on it. Man, I feel bad for the guy, despite his, all gangsters are trash attitude.


7 o clock that night, Tae San corners the younger pawn shop minion and confronts him about who killed Mi Sook and framed him for it. The minion doesn’t know much, only that he was told to do what he did.


But Tae San is now sure that Il Seok is responsible and wonders why the guy’s searching for the camera. He calls up Man Seok with plans to meet up. Unfortunately, Man Seok’s too edgy and scared during the call, which means someone’s next to him. Man Seok wants him to come home and Tae San agrees. Hearing in on the conversation is Il Seok while right next to Man Seok are Seung Woo and hoobae. Turns out, Man Seok has sold him out only on the condition that the cops help him.


Seung Woo and hoobae head to the house, without backup, planning to wait for Tae San and be there before he arrives. Tae San meanwhile is riding a bus somewhere. Hoobae and Seung Woo secure the place.

Man Seok comes home that night, wondering if Tae San’s already been caught and mutters his apologies, but he truly believes the police would help Tae San.

Man Seok comes home and immediately gets attacked… by Kim. Oh noes! Kim realizes he’s got the wrong man, but I doubt that stops a killer!


Seems Kim was expecting Tae San but Tae San, on his way, is running late. Seung Woo is anxiously waiting in the car but he’s suspicious since the light’s still out. Tae San goes inside and calls out to Man Seok again and again. He turns on the light-only to see his friend’s dead corpse on the ground! Oh dear, another murder on him now?


He approaches his friend, only to get his blood on his hands.. Behind him, Kim tiptoes towards him. Outside, Seung Woo approaches the house.


Kim gets ready to strike but Seung Woo’s phone rings outside, alerting everyone. Kim immediately hides, turning off the lights. Seung Woo draws his gun and Tae San makes a run for it.


He throws open the door and it sends Seung Woo stumbling away since he was leaning against it. Both end up stumbling to the ground, eyes locked on one another.


Soo Jin approaches her calendar and marks another day off with a smile.



God, I liked Man Seok! He was Tae San’s friend-the only friend he had, I think! And he was trying to protect Tae San! It’s just a classical case of wrong place, wrong time, but his death is like the final driving point for Tae San. It seems like Tae San’s death will make him realize his plan of ‘I’ll just hide until the surgery’ is no longer a viable option. If he wants life, let alone freedom, he needs to fight for it.

Thankfully, the over the top act by Jae Kyung got cut back a LOT in this episode and she was back to being good as the dogged prosecutor-eve if her presence felt so little in this episode. It’s like while last episode focused on her, this one focused on Seung Woo, and in turn his relationship with In Hye. We see a break in his perfect exterior as a boyfriend now that he’s got the questions about Soo Jin’s dad, suspecting that it is Tae San but unable to bring himself to face it. It’s one of the good things about this show-you see the emotions and feel them with every character as he starts waking up to them. You’ve got goodies and baddies-no relative shades of grey in them, but this one’s a battle that’s billing out in human blood. And as Tae San said and the drama depicts-human blood is the scariest.

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  1. Things are going bad to worse for Tae San, his one and only friend died and he would be blamed and has no where to hide. oh my heart…….but he was looking so delicious dressed up in a suit.
    WHY why we have to see Soo Jin happily counting the days.
    Tae San’s comment that he have to live until Soo Jin gets a surgery – dont say such ominous words-

  2. Wow, you’re fast, thank you.

    With Man Seok gone, who will help our hero….no one..he is on his own..this is really bad…how will he survive ….

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