Two Weeks Episode 3 Recap


The chase is on and everyone-from the good guys to the baddies are hot on the heels of the Tae San. Unfortunately, he’s a man on the run with no plan and no means and even being fast on his feet will not be enough in the end unless he comes up with a better solution to his dilemma. As it is, running can only take you so far, buddy, when there’s a dogged cop and hot blooded prosecutor out for revenge, on your tail!

P.S. Forgive the bad quality of screencaps-the episode hasn’t downloaded and I had to get them online.

Episode 3 Recap:

Tae San gets arrested for Mi Sook’s murder and his cries of It wasn’t me fall on dead ears. We see him escaping the scene when his police vehicle is involved in a crash after Jae Kyung deflects a red light, crying over Mi Sook’s death.

As he’s making his getaway, he flashes back to In Hye asking him whether he’ll take the blood test or not and he’d asked her why she had the child when he was so against it back then. She refused to answer any of her questions and left him with the contact for the hospital for the test.

He takes offense at her words, “If you don’t want to…” but she retorts, “You never wanted the child to live!”

He sits for a few moments as she leaves and repeats her words, “I didn’t want the child?”

Now he’s driving away on the highway and takes an exit.


At the police station Seung Woo is in a bad mood and snaps at his colleagues for joking. One of them wants to pick a fight with him and he apologizes, taking a conciliatory tone until the other officer tells him to go and whine to Daddy Dearest if he’s got any gripes. (The commissioner from last episode, whom Seo Hee met)

Just then, Jae Kyung comes barging in, asking for the detective in charge of the Mi Sook murder case. As she introduces herself to Seung Woo, hoobae gets the call that the police escort was in an accident and Tae San got away. The police has to hurry to the location and boss barks at the officers to get the CCTV footage at once as he rushes out.


Jae Kyung seems to freeze at the name Tae San and asks Seung Woo again, “Mi Sook’s murderer is Jang Tae San?” That leads back to a flash where Tae San is on trial for a murder but a highschool girl in the back of the courtroom is crying and shouting at everyone, exclaiming that Tae San isn’t the murderer and points to Il Seok, but he simply smirks since no one pays any heed. Wait, that was her?

Tae San is still on the runaway and is going when he realizes that CCTV camera’s are picking him up on the highway. Intercut an American movie scene as he quickens his speed.

The police is hot on his trail through CCTV monitoring and they start monitoring the neighborhoods looking for the motorbike since he’s hidden himself in a crowded area.

As the police makes the plans, Tae San has already dumped the motorbike by a school and laughs when he sees two highschoolers drive away on it. So far so good boy, but what next?


He spies a food truck being loaded and hides in the back, zipping up the covers. Thankfully, the food truck makes it out of the area just before the police arrive to seal it up and start searching every vehicle.


Jae Kyung tells her boss that Mi Sook was like a real sister and asks to be put in charge of the case, saying she wants to catch the killer by her own hands. Boss isn’t swayed and tells her no-she’s not even the best prosecutor on the team. So she’s no choice but to reveal the whole truth- “Mi Sook died because of me!” He asks what she means and she fills him in on the scenario-she has the belief that Il Seok and Seo Hee know each other from their days when they were locals in Busan and have been working together since.


Seo Hee meets Il Seok-on a rooftop this time and it seems the bad news about him escaping has yet to reach their ears since they are hoping for an early resolution to the case. Il Seok is worried about Jae Kyung but Seo Hee tells him she’ll take responsibility for Jae Kyung and he should just handle his end of the bargain. The smiles on their face are wiped off when Il Seok’s minion comes running up with bad news-Tae San has escaped. Plus, Jae Kyung is back on the scene as the prosecutor in charge.


At the police station, everyone is in frenzy, especially the chief and Seung Woo reports that they’re on the lookout and have Man Seok under watch as well but haven’t had much luck. Jae Kyung walks in with the authority letter placing her as the prosecutor in charge and assisting her is Hee Suk. She asks to be updated on the case.

While they’re briefing her on the whole search operation for him, she shoots down the idea that Tae San would go to Man Seok citing he’s the first person the police is bound to suspect so Tae San wouldn’t go there. Seung Woo argues that he would need help-friends, family, anyone-“He’s handcuffed!” but Jae Kyung doesn’t buy it since they’ve yet to even catch the motorbike. She asks Seung Woo if he’s totally sure Tae San is the murderer-was the evidence definite? Tae San affirms it and Jae Kyung fires a number of instructions at them-especially not to let Tae San flee the city.


Tae San’s food truck arrives at a location and while he’s thinking of what to do next, he sees a truckful of dirt pass by-meaning there’s a construction site nearby. He goes to the construction site where he’s able to avoid detection easily but by now, his stomach is grumbling for food and he spies a coke bottle in a truck and steals it, drinking down every bit in a single gulp, wishing for more.

Then he looks around, wondering what to do since he won’t be able to hide easily. But then a look at the straw he retrieved from the coke bottle leaves him thinking.


Seo Hee goes to a high official in the police department with concerns about the whole ongoing escape fiasco and the prosecutor who was attached to the case with reservations towards Jae Kyung as the prosecutor. Such an inexperienced person for such a big case!


Jae Kyung visits the crime scene and a look at the body outline in chalk and blood on the floor send her into tears and self loathing. She laments that Mi Sook was probably waiting for her call back until the minute Tae San killed her and loathes herself for going to America at such a time. Hee Suk tries to comfort her-she had no idea what might happen and offers to search up the scene but she says she’ll do it herself. She’s folding her clothes neatly back into the suitcase later when Hee Suk, having searched the other room tells her there’s no camera.


So Jae Kyung draws the logical conclusion that Tae San killed her and took it. They just have to catch Jang Tae San, she says in a loud voice, trying to hold back her tears and mutters this is the way to get to Seo Hee too.

Just then she gets a call from her boss who tells her she’s off the case-it was an order from a higher up. Before she can object, he hangs up. She dials back but there’s no answer.


Seo Hee arrives home that night to find a number of post it notes and flowers taped to her wall. She takes them inside and dumps them on a table-where there’s many more and then heads down to the basement. The remote she turned her lights on with flicks for a few moments before the lights automatically go out-it’s timed for it. And the plain basement path she’s taking, that is a creepy way to head towards… a nice house?

That night, she calls up Il Seok, telling him she’s taken care of Jae Kyung already so he just needs to take care of Tae San.


That night, Tae San is drunk at a bar with friends and remembers Tae San asking him for the favor so he starts asking the hostess with him who is also somewhat drunk. She offers to answer the question after she’s got him drunk some more.

Seung Woo and his buddy sit outside Man Seok’s house on the lookout when he walks up, muttering Il Seok and Mi Sook were dating but then he killed her and blamed it on Tae San. He wonders if he should go and tell Tae San but just then Seung Woo and hoobae walk up to him.

They search his place, asking about Tae San but the poor guy swears he doesn’t know anything and offers up his alibi for the night.

Seung Woo wants to know if there’s someone Tae San was ever in contact or knew. Man Seok promises there was no such person so Seung Woo wants the name of anyone he might have ever named.


They report back to the chief who freaks out but just then, they get the news about the motorbike being found and chief shouts at them to find the guy.

Police at the outposts search a truckful of sand going somewhere but find nothing. As the police officer goes back down, in the corner, the straw Tae San had found is poking out from under the sand. Ah, good going, Tae San! The driver gets the go ahead and he drives away.  When he’s driving away, Tae San emerges from under the sand, panting for breath.


When the truck makes a stop, Tae San jumps off and runs away. As he’s running away, he loses balance, drops a shoe and ends up stumbling to the ground. Once there though, he just lies for a few moments panting for breath. Then he sits up and finally takes a look around at his surroundings.

He arrives at what seems to be storage for some house and starts looking among the things there trying to find a way to cut his cuffs. He finds a steel cutter but it won’t work on the cuffs. Before he can even take a breather though, a dog sounds in the distance so he decides to make his getaway-on a bicycle he spies in the corner.

As he’s driving away on the bike on a bridge, he keeps stumbling due to his cuffs-he has to take care of them somehow.


He spies a camp in the vicinity and runs up to the place, stealing some of the clothes and shoes. He hears machines running in the background-welders at work and spies on them.

Much later on the road-it’s almost morning, he’s too tired and panting and arrives at two houses. He approaches one-the only thing greeting him are the sounds of snoring. A look at the shoes outside mean it’s just a woman there. He hides in a corner, throws some stones at the door but the person inside doesn’t wake.


In Hye puts Soo Jin to bed but the latter complains her heart is still beating so fast she can hear it and it won’t let her sleep. In Hye smiles at her to sleep as she turns to the TV-recounting the story of a murder but In Hye turns it off before listening much. Soo Jin cutely muses her mother must be bored since ‘Ahjusshi isn’t around’ but In Hye smiles that she’s not bored and wonders if that’s the person Seung Woo is catching. Discussion turns to her donor but In Hye pretends not to know who it is.


Tae San enters the house’s storage room, looking for something and finding a switch, plugs in the machine he stole from the earlier workplace. Ah, so he didn’t steal the clothes but stole this instead. He runs it but then looks out just in case someone woke up-there’s only silence.

So he sits back and prepares to cut the cuffs. Soo Jin sits staring at the window at night while he cuts the handcuffs. He allows himself a sigh of relief and cries and laughs at the same time when he’s successful.

That morning at 6:10 am, Jae Kyung sits outside the police station when Hee Suk walks up and asks if she was here all night. She’s too lost in thought to respond so he sits by her and pleads, “Jae Kyung ah, stop this and let’s go.” She says she’s afraid to face Mi Sook and is too sorry towards her. He reminds her the case is out of her hands so there isn’t anymore she can do. With a sigh, she gets up.


Hee Suk takes her to see Mi Sook’s body and she is horrified to see the number of wounds on her body and mutters that Tae San probably kept stabbing her until she died. She then collects her personal effects-the dress with her blood on it and sobs when she sees her bloody bra-this was something she gave her as a gift once.

As she’s hugging it close, she feels something inside the lining and takes it out-it’s a receipt from the pawn shop. Ah! Jae Kyung realizes Tae San didn’t take the camera.


So she goes to her boss with the new evidence and once again begs him to put her back on the case. For the first time, we hear she became a prosecutor to catch her father’s killers. Boss warns her she could die but she’s past caring for that.

The police finally decide to start searching here and there and outside Seoul. Seung Woo instructs hoobae to check the nightclub while he heads off to meet In Hye and Soo Jin for a bit.

A cute bit ensues where he lingers outside the door and mutters that he’s too dirty so he won’t come in but when Soo Jin says it’s okay and motions him to come, he adorably hops forward and immediately takes her in his arms.

Later, In Hye walks him out and he’s sorry for not being with her and Soo Jin right now but she tells him not to worry. He promises her he’ll catch the criminal soon at any costs and she takes his hand, telling not to hurt himself.


Tae San has fallen asleep in the storage room while it’s broad daylight outside. In Hye walks Soo Jin into the care unit. Soo Jin stops mum just before she takes her in and asks, “When I come out of here, I will be alive, right?” In Hye tells her she will be and tells her not to worry, only thinking about her promise with Ahjusshi and mom.

Jae Kyung and Hee Suk search the pawnshop but there’s no camera to be found. Jae Kyung confronts the younger guy about it and he exasperatedly shouts that he’s not the one who took it-it was Tae San.

Jae Kyung is frustrated and wonders why Mi Sook gave the camera to Tae San. She thinks that giving the camera to Tae San might have been the trigger that caused her to get caught. She then gets an idea and asks Hee Suk to make some enquiries regarding Tae San. Hee Suk points out Il Seok will soon hear of her coming to the shop but she couldn’t care less about that. Just then she gets a call and shouts, “You FOUND Jang Tae San? Where?


Il Seok, as expected, gets the call and finds out she was looking for a camera but that she left it with Tae San. Il Seok connects the dots that she might have taped them that night and wonders if her words, “I miss you” mean she had evidence. But the more pressing matter, as his minion points out is that Tae San has that evidence.


A man working in a dark room gets a call-he’s the same one Il Seok introduced to Seo Hee as his son. He turns on the light as he attends the call and we only hear him say ‘Yes’ or ‘I understand.’ As he cuts the call, the camera pans down to show us a pen in his breast pocket. Wait, is this a new clicky (See Shark) in the making? I haven’t found a name for this character-anyone know what he’s called?

Tae San updates the team, including Jae Kyung about the trail they’ve picked up on Tae San. Jae Kyung wonders there’s a lot of time between now and when they’ve got the last hint on him but Seung Woo isn’t worried-for all the info they’ve got, it shows Tae San hasn’t had a drop of water or anything to eat since the moment he made his getaway, so where’d he get the strength to run far and fast?

So Jae Kyung issues orders and voila, the team is on the move, including her.


Tae San wakes up to a loud voice of someone yelling at someone to stop. It’s a woman chasing a chicken trying to catch it-she’s somewhat aged and Tae San spies her through the window. At the very moment, a whole fleet of troops is movind towards his location.


He’s still there much later, unable to make his getaway since the woman won’t stop her hunt and he laughs at her antics, then reprimands himself-how can he laugh at this moment? He sits back, hungry as a bunny and wonders what he’s going to do now. As he hands his head, he hears Soo Jin asking him, “So, what will you do?”


He looks up to see her kneeling infront of him and he asks her what he should do but she just repeats her first words. He whispers that he’d be happy if he could just hide away and live here in this corner if only he could get something to eat until her surgery… then he remembers her bear and takes it out of his old clothes-he’d almost forgotten it. “I promised to return it!”


She asks him how he’s going to keep running but he replies, “I’m not going to run anyway. I’m just going to stay alive… I can’t die.. until your surgery. But Moon Il Seok wanted to kill me, so I had to run. Because I had to live.”

“How are you going to live until my surgery? You’re hungry!”

“I wonder.”


The neighborhood makes an announcement about a murderer hiding there while he keeps his conversation with Soo Jin going. He’s wondering why Il Seok wants to kill him so badly-he even negated his alibis and totally framed him so why-“Why does he want to kill me?” When he looks again, Soo Jin has disappeared. “What was the relationship between Moon Il Seok and Mi Sook?” and then perks up, “Did Man Seok find out?”


Then he looks around and out the window-to find the woman sitting right outside, staring his way. For a moment he panics and draws back. But when he returns, it turns out the woman was staring at the chicken there and is trying to lure it out with some corns.

Tae San finally comes out and helps her up, although she doesn’t see him come and he makes the excuse he’s been running around in circles as he was lost all night. He offers to catch her chicken and next thing-they’re both sitting and eating it!


The discussion turns to him travelling alone and not being afraid but he asks her if she’s not afraid since she lives alone. She remarks, “What’s scary about a ghost? In this world, people are the scariest, more than ghosts.” Tae San agrees, but just then, a neighbor of the woman arrives and freaking out, Tae San hurries away.

At the local station, the police team has reconvened for their search when they get the call that they’ve found Tae San. And then we cut to see killer dude on his way there too.


Tae San is running through a forest area and a horde of the police team starts scouring the area behind him, hot on his trail. He makes his getaway to the top of the hill but a glance around shows the police closing in-fast and near enough.


Also, killer dude has blended in with the team as a hiker.


At the hospital, Soo Jin hangs her calendar to the wall and marks off another day-D 14.

As Tae San’s running, the police catch up to him and he looks back as they call his name and flash a light on his face.


As the episode ends, across his face flashes D-13.



The episode ‘s favorite moments for me, as always, were the ones with Tae San and Soo Jin. That little girl is so endearing and I love that she is the anchor that keeps the hope alive in Tae San even when he’s down and bleak. His answer to her question-that he didn’t want to run but he had to stay alive for her-that’s just *HEART*. The end dialogue in the last episode already clues us in-that the choice Tae San is making is because he wants to be a person, for once in his life, for his daughter. And here-the only reason that he’s doing what he’s doing is because he knows he can’t die before D-Day, i.e. the surgery day if he wants to save Soo Jin.

That aside, one thing I found mildly overdone in this episode was Jae Kyung. I love the actress and she’s done some really amazing roles but here, her actions and reactions to some scenes felt overdone and I found it hard to connect with her. I had a good time with her in the last episode-esp when she learns of Mi Sook’s death and sobs uncontrollably and drives to the police station-that was pure, untamed grief and I bought every minute of it, but today, some of her acting put me on wary mode. Since it’s still the beginning and things will settle down hereon, I’m holding out the belief that she’ll be better-cause seriously, I think the actress is brilliant and I loved her character from the getgo!

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  1. I think I will need to change the sequence of dramas, I watch Master’s Sun first then Two Weeks, why its better to watch ghosts in daylight and chasing at night, but I m going to watch Two Weeks first then Master’s sun, all that tension I cant take it need to lose it, all for the better.
    I didnt recognize Song Jae Rim at first, when he was developing pictures and turned the lights on, I was like OH HE IS…
    Soo jin is soooooo cute
    Call me stupid but all the english movie reference and he does not know how to pick the lock of his handcuff ?

  2. Agree with you about Jaekyung portrayal. She comes off as really egocentric, we can understand that she lost a sister-like-friend but the way she’s alwayse shouting on everyone isn’t really professional. Why was she given the case to begin with, her boss knows her and Taesan’s history, isn’t that conflict of interest. And let’s not talk about her involvement in that accident that caused Taesan’s flight.

  3. I am dying here the suspense is killing me, Tae San do something,do anything, be a James Born, change your face, camourflage yourself, think…think..think faster and smarter. Some one please help him!

    I am thinking all this while reading your recap, this is really an engaging drama.superb. Thank you:)

  4. I agree with you about Jae Kyung’s portrayal being OTT. I thought what we saw of her in the previous episode was spot on: just emotional enough to make her an interesting character. Now, she seems like she’s about to go off the rails at any second.

  5. I haven’t seen this episode yet, so your recap is really helpful. Thank you 🙂

    Soo Jin is so cute. I also agree with you, Jae Kyung acting is way more impressive than In Hye. I never really like Park Ha Sun acting since Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek, and still not impressed with her in here :p

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