Scandal Episode 13 Recap


Does he even realize how he’s always looking at her, following her with his eyes? I melt every time they’re onscreen. Like someone pointed out, Jae Won hasn’t even fully smiled in this drama yet and I am so missing that smile-it’s just…. beyond words!! *fangirl squeal*

First of all, this episode onwards I am using Jang Eun Joong’s real name, aka Man Bok to call him although he is still going by Eun Joong in the drama. Only problem is, it’s too confusing in the recap to write Eun Joong for both cause then I have to make sure to write their whole names each time otherwise it’s unclear which Eun Joong is being referred to.

Secondly, there are no screencaps in the latter part of the recap since I had to go online and watch the rest and recap as it won’t download-I’ll try and edit the post tomorrow and put up the rest if my download comes through on torrent. Also, there’s some parts I had trouble with listening to online so there are a few scenes where I haven’t done dialogue in detail-again, I’ll edit and add it later after the download!

Episode 13 Recap:

Man Bok remembers his childhood meeting with the real Eun Joong as he called himself Ha Eun Joong and tears up even as he laughs at this cruel turn of fate as he sees the recording on the video.

And unknown to him, Tae Ha sits outside, stewing in his car as he sees Hwa Young and Myeong Gun (though he can’t see MG’s face) laugh with each other. Myeong Gun tells Hwa Young to head back inside as he’ll be leaving too and walks away. He instructs minion to follow Myeong Gun. Fortunately, he is prevented from seeing Myeong Gun’s face when another car intercepts them at a crossroads and they lose track of Myeong Gun.

So Tae Ha comes back to the office and confronts Hwa Young, wanting to know who she was with in the parking lot. She says it’s a client and he roars at her to tell him who. She asks him if it’s such a big deal that she saw the client out and laughed with him and reminds him she also knows how to laugh. At which he demands to know why he hasn’t smiled at him even once in fifteen years-she even cried in their wedding photos. Didn’t he tell her not to smile at others and only at him? She reminds him it’s a client but he defers-she smiled cause she liked him, cause she wanted. She deflects the topic by telling him he’s being hard on her and that his being like this isn’t love or jealousy, it’s a disease-calling it a complex for her.


Man Bok returns the tape to Joo Ran who asks what he plans to do now-he’s not Jang Tae Ha, but nor is he Geum Man Bok anymore. He just tells her he’ll follow with whatever decision she makes-if she wants him to go, he’ll go, if she wants him to stay, he’ll stay. She’s stunned and asks him if he really means that. He confirms it, then leaves for his appointment with Daddy Tae Ha for lunch and Joo Ran is left wondering why he’d do that and if he’s planning something.


Ha Eun Joong takes out something wearable from his trunk-which is hilariously dumped with clothes. He sprays it-his usual cleaning method and looks over at Ah Mi-who’s washing her face and hair at a nearby tap. As soon as she’s done, he hands her his handkerchief and takes out a piece of seaweed still stuck to the neck of her shirt. Ah Mi draws away instinctively at that and he hands out the shirt for her to change in.


As she’s walking away, he watches her.

Joo Ha exits the elevator and straightens her appearance, an eager expression on her face as she looks around the lobby expectantly-but there’s no one there (Eun Joong had promised to come over to pick her). She reads his message again to make sure and then stays there, waiting.


At the moment, Eun Joong is still at the playing ground and is casually playing football with himself when Ah mi returns. Instead of disturbing him, she just sits on the steps, looking at him.


He finally notices her and kicks the ball to her. She grabs it in surprise and he continues-she has to kick it back! With a half smile, she goes down and kicks it back. Soon, they’re both casually playing and smiling.


And then Ah Mi makes a kick and her show goes flying with the ball. She tries hopping forward with one foot to reach it and Eun Joong walks forward too. He throws the ball at her and when she catches it, she loses her one foot balance and ends up putting the other foot down in the sand to steady herself.


So she just walks forward to the shoe and asks him why he did that? He in return asks her why she’s taking up hardship when she can easily walk well on her two feet (As in, why hop on the one foot) and picks up her shoe, dusts it off and hands it back.


He adds that instead of bottling things up inside her, she should just let her anger out when she feels it. She puts on her shoe but before either can say anything more, his phone rings.


It’s Joo Ha and he just remembers his promise to her and checks his watch when he sees the time. When he picks up, she points out the time and asks if he forgot or if he’s just trying to deliberately embarrass her. When he mutters an apology and says he forgot, she’s like “YOU FORGOT? SORRY?” and asks where he is.


He just tells her they should reschedule their date for some other day and she scoffs at that but lets it pass, only asking him why he’s switched to banmal with her, pointing out, “I am three years older than you!” He’s like, “Then you talk in banmal too! I can’t talk in jondae to the woman I’m dating!” Still annoyed, she just hangs up on him and he’s left staring at the phone with a sigh. Ha!


Ah Mi tells him to go and take out his date-she’ll just go home now cause her mother -in-law ought to be gone by now. He says they should head home together but she tells him to call his girlfriend back and tell him he’s on his way. When he just stands there looking at her, she takes the phone out of his hand and calls her back, holding out the phone to him.


Joo Ha is pleased to see the phone ring and clears her throat before answering. Ah Mi nudges Eun Joong to take it and he does, telling Joo Ha he’ll be with her in half an hour. As he chats with her, Ah Mi walks away and again, he watches her, only half listening to Joo Ha’s words.


Tae Ha and Jin Wook are together for dinner. When Tae Ha asks what drink he should order since Man Bok will be arriving soon, Jin Wook tells him to do as he pleases and Tae Ha admonishes him to be more willful, saying this is probably why Joo Ha doesn’t see him as a guy and he starts lamenting that his own wife doesn’t give him any importance either.


Joo Ha and Eun Joong drive somewhere as she tells him she knows why he’s dating her so he points out there’s no need for them to be sorry towards each other then. She agrees and then tells him she’ll continue with the ‘jondae’ speak, wondering where they are headed and sighs dejectedly at his idea of a date-which is when Dad calls her to come to dinner. She makes an excuse at first but then suddenly agrees.


She tells Eun Joong she’ll head there alone but he disagrees, telling her she’ll meet her dad and they’ll get their date too. She argues against it and he wonders if its cause of the cuff pins. Didn’t she already say her dad wasn’t at fault? He promises her the investigation results aren’t out yet and won’t make any stupid moves before then. She voices no more objections but is definitely bothered.

Man Bok is already at the dinner with Dad and Jin Wook. Jin Wook picks on his grim mood but Man Bok mutters that everything’s fine. Dad drunkenly talks of them both as his family and Man Bok remains grim faced even as Dad mutters that he’ll always be number 1 to Dad.

Eun Joong and Joo Ha arrive and she asks him again to just leave today. When she argues more, he tells her petulantly that he’s heading in and she can take her time coming in.


But it’s Joo Ha who enters the room first and is displeased to see Jin Wook there since Dad said he was alone. But before anyone can react much, Eun Joong also walks in and everyone’s left flustered. What I love most about this part is that Eun Joong’s all casual attitude while everyone is trying to hold back their anger-or in Man Bok’s case-fear.


Tae Ha tells Eun Joong to take a seat and drink with them and Dad seats Man Bok opposite Eun Joong and asks his son to pour their guest a drink. Man Bok complies but Eun Joong curiously notes his trembling hands. Dad notices it too and Man Bok apologizes, saying he’s not feeling well. Dad immediately asks him to go back home and rest but he says he’ll stay instead.


Joo Ran confronts Hwa Young again, wanting to know her decision-will she move out and divorce Tae Ha or does Joo Ran have to drag her out? Hwa Young promises to think about getting divorced and Joo Ran promises to give her time, telling her it’s best she protect what’s closest to her and leave herself than be chased out badly. Hwa Young argues that Man Bok is like a son to her too and warns that she won’t let Joo Ran go if she tries to meddle with him and that if she tries anything funny, her and Joo Ran might be the ones chased out instead since she’s the one who sent that letter from the kidnapper years ago and she hid Eun Joong’s letter too.

Joo Ran feels the threat but refuses to submit to it and warns Hwa Young she is under her control but Hwa Young defers that she seems to have forgotten the real Eun Joong is still alive. What happens when she finds her real son and asks for the tape back. Joo Ran refuses to give it and Hwa Young asks her to think about it carefully, long and hard and return it. “You are also a mother, so you know exactly what it means to me!”


Jin Wook corners Joo Ha on the way to the bathroom and asks her if she’s really going to continue like this? She reminds him he’s the one who started it-they both hate each other, even if he forgot, she remembers each and everything he ever did to her and points them all out. It all sounds more like an elementary school kid bullying the girl he likes, me thinks! Anyways, she ends it with a pointer that she is already seeing someone and tells him to cut the crap, ha! If there’s one thing I love about this character-it’s how clever and smart she is-and the actress is doing a great portrayal of her! Jin Wook just stands there smiling for a minute before he just quietly leaves.


Now it’s just Tae Ha, Eun Joong and Man Bok left to drink-Tae Ha doesn’t waste a minute to let Eun Joong know how much he hates him. He believes all the accessories in people like Eun Joong’s house, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear are all their, aka people like Jang Tae Ha’s given. Daddy dearest, I can’t wait until those words bite you back! Eun Joong agrees there’s much he doesn’t know and vows to study well now on especially about Jang Tae Ha and his empire of Tae Ha Corporation.

Tae Ha and Man Bok’s color pales when they hear Eun Joong is dating Joo Ha (yes, Man Bok, you really need to open your mouth sometime soon, you know!)


At home, Myeong Gun is doing some woodwork while Ah Mi watches and promises to learn from him. She needs to do well so that she can clear Gi Chan’s name-she tells him. He wants her to just focus on work while he does the fighting but she asks him to do it together with her then.

When she returns to her room that night, she looks around at Eun Joong’s room-seeing their family photo until she spies Eun Joong’s papers about her husband’s incident on the table and studies them. Reading them, she flashes back to the time she’d angrily ranted at Eun Joong at the funeral for killing her husband ‘a second time’ because of their incompetence.

At the same time, Eun Joong is in a footwear shop and is buying new jogging shoes for himself. As the sales clerk moves away to process his order, he has a sudden thought and buys another pair-for Ah Mi. Awww. But as he’s paying by card, he remembers he hasn’t the money in his account. So he tells the receptionist to change the order. He’s taken out his own, hasn’t he?

Tae Ha comes home drunk and angry that night, railing at Joo Ha for her incompetent choice in Eun Joong as her boyfriend and warns her to break up with him before he kills the bastard.

Hwa Young’s listening to the rant and wants to know what’s wrong. Man Bok asks mom to take care of Dad since he’s not feeling well today either. But Tae Ha shoves her away too and warns her that if he sees that guy again, he’ll not leave them alone either.

When Man Bok comes forward to help Hwa Young, she’s worried about him seeing how pale and weak he looks and wants to take him to the hospital but he just hugs her there as he cries. Hwa Young mutters that she knows he’s having a hard time and apologizes to him again.

Joo Ran runs into Jin Wook at the gym and starts asking him personal stuff, from job to girlfriends-like a mother-in-law or father-in-law would want to know for their daughters. Jin Wook answers well and asks Joo Ran to make sure to straighten out Joo Ha instead.

Breakfast at the Jang House is no joke-Tae Ha’s still stewing and Joo Ha apologizes for the sudden announcement but Dad just bursts up and asks Hwa Young to break the two up before storming up. Hwa Young agrees and asks that she at least meet the guy so she can know who her daughter likes, and then she can help her fight her dad. Man Bok is even more uneasy now.

Lol, The Ha family stands around a table as they stare at three pairs of running shoes on the table and ask Eun Joong what the deal is. He says he bought them so they could all exercise together and Soo Young points to the ones in the corner, asking who they belong to-they’re not Eun Joong’s size and they seem to be women shoes anyway. Eun Joong mutters that they’re Ah Mi’s and Ah Mi turns to him in surprise, “What?”  He just makes the excuse that he was buying them for everyone in the house so. Hehe, of course you were, Ha Eun Joong! And when he asks everyone to promise to exercise, Myeong Gun just shakes his head and walks away, saying he’ll put up dinner. Ah Mi follows, offering to do it instead.

Hwa Young goes through the documents Myeong Gun left her and calls him up and says she’s going out to meet her husband about the documents. But then she changes the location and asks to meet at a restaurant instead.

Myeong Gun is currently in a meeting with someone as well. His companion tells him they have to be careful if they go forward with this but Myeong Gun tells him he’ll no longer hide back, nor will he avoid a confrontation either. Gi Chan’s death is too big a burden on his conscience, it seems.

Ah Mi goes to see Joo Ha again and asks why there’s no detailed record of how her husband embezzled whatever funds he supposedly stole. Joo Ha points she has no evidence otherwise. Ah Mi returns the money they left her at the funeral home and turns to leave, warning that she’ll make sure to spread word.

Joo Ha bursts into her dad’s office to tell him about Ah Mi’s threat and asks what they do now. Tae ha isn’t so bothered by it-he can block any news reports that might make it out.

Just then Hwa Young arrives to meet him and Ah Mi runs into Man Bok at the lobby. (She doesn’t know his real identity as Jang Tae Ha’s son). He almost tells her but then just asks her to wait ten minutes and that they both go out for coffee. She agrees.

Hwa Young asks her husband to do things properly but he’s using the same ‘everyone does this’ line and orders her to stay out of the matter. She tries to appeal to his conscience and he asks her, “If I can’t do it, what will you do? Will you fight against me, against Tae Ha group?” She apologizes and confirms that she would.

Man Bok asks Joo Ha to break up with Eun Joong and just marry Jin Wook but she refuses. Man Bok jusrt says, “Not Eun Joong. Just not Ha Eun Joong.” And says he just has a reason to oppose it, asking her to listen. When she asks what it is, he uses the excuse of the case against Tae Ha Consul and their Dad. He decides to leave and tells her he’ll talk to her later then.

Eun Joong gets the fingerprints result back on the cuff pins and they point to a Shin Kang Ho-aka our favorite minion who’s the robot who serves Jang Tae Ha. This throws the whole it’s-Jang-Tae-Ha for a loop but that would be solved pretty soon, I’m sure.

Ah Mi and Man Bok have coffee in the park but both of them stare longingly at little kids playing with their parents.

Joo Ran phones Joo Ha in anger as she’s leaving a hotel and sees Hwa Young and Myeong Gun heading up so she snaps a photograph.

Joo Pil (Ah, you’re back!) meets with Myeong Gun’s old superior and asks about Myeong Gun’s son. He presents him with a document and says he saw the man’s son was dead with his own two eyes-but then who is this Eun Joong? He has the same name as Jang Tae Ha’s son and asks the man if what he thinks is true-that Myeong Gun kidnapped Tae Ha’s son?

Hwa Young and Myeong Gun both call up their respective persons-Man Bok and Ah Mi to come to the hotel where they are and seeing that they’re headed to the same place, both of them decide to go together.

In the meanwhile, Hwa Young and Myeong Gun discuss the details of the case and she warns Myeong Gun that he has to be careful-even his family and he just nods.

Eun Joong arrives home-and he’s wearing the same old work out sneakers. Awww. *fistpump* I was right! When he’s going up the stairs though, someone sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a blow to the head, then sends him tumbling over the railing with a second blow.

The assailant looks down and Eun Joong is lying in a pool of blood on the ground.


‘Damn, here comes the amnesia, no?’ was the first thought in my head when that blow. And I was so enjoying watching Eun Joong and each and every character exactly as they were! Somebody remind me again, is this a makjang drama?

But damn, the preview was good (amnesia aside) because I get to see the females in this drama being badass! Hwa Young declares she’s moving out-or asks Tae Ha to move out immediately (the words imply double meaning and it’s hard to know for sure which one she meant) while Joo Ha-who’s fast becoming my favorite takes the cake-by taking Minion Shin to task-YAY! 😀

There wasn’t any significant movement in this episode so I can’t think of anything much to comment on-I’ve already said everything about every character already so I’ll just say the summary! Hwa Young faces Tae Ha for his double standards while Myeong Gun decides it’s time to brave the wild wind himself if he wants to make sure Gi Chan’s death isn’t in vain. Ah Mi goes back to her main purpose-finding a way to get to the truth while Man Bok is still conflicted about what to do. I really feel sorry for the guy, but if he continues, I might not have much patience! Eun Joong and Joo Ha provide the cute and funny in the drama and damn if I aren’t loving their interactions-despite the direction it is in (Just as long as the drama stays them away from romance!) 


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  1. AMNESIA, seriously drama, seriously you didnt had any other cards to pull and please forget cancer and any other diseases too.
    When people have amnesia they become puppies (see: IHYV)
    I dont think Hwa Young loves Myeong Gun, she likes him as a friend. and I dont want to even think when she will know who he is (the kidnapper of her son) may be she will sympathize with him because it was her husband who had caused his son’s death.
    AMNESIA arghhhhhhh

  2. Thanks for the recap!!

    Hopefully the “amnesia” sequence won’t be too drug out, although I did feel my eyes rolling into my head when they introduced that (way way way too overdone) plot point.

    But, as it’s already been pointed out in the comments, it’s makjang so what else did we expect, LOL?

  3. Oh yeah, cancer! By the way, I predicted there will be amnesia… Kind of ironic… Makjang is makjang, I am enjoying this regardless of that haha!

    Don’t forget the “going away abroad” or “separation” device. That would let them skip ahead a few years.

    So synopsis said that Ah Mi is a single mom, but since she lost the baby, I guess the synopsis is false now,

    Also Revenge: check! (the kidnapping was the revenge)
    Spontaneous Abortion: check!
    Bad guys jumping you outa nowhere, stalking (the detective taking pictures) check check!

    Rape is often also part of makjang, thank god none here. I kinda hate it when they include it.

  4. Affairs/third party- check
    Kidnapping – check
    Birth secret – Check
    Incest – check
    and now amnesia — check check check!!
    was already expecting this, but didnt thnk they would put this plot device early on the story.
    Only missing plot point would be CANCER, that would make this your MAKJANG extraordinaire!!!
    Wonder who who would be hit by the cancer gene, would it be TaeHa or Myeong Gun…
    hahahaha but I am still holding on this drama for Ha Eunjoong/kim jae won and the weird chemistry I feel between JooHa and Ha Eunjoong..

    Thanks for the recap!!!

  5. Thank you for episode 13 recap….

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