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Scandal Episode 13 Recap


Does he even realize how he’s always looking at her, following her with his eyes? I melt every time they’re onscreen. Like someone pointed out, Jae Won hasn’t even fully smiled in this drama yet and I am so missing that smile-it’s just…. beyond words!! *fangirl squeal*

First of all, this episode onwards I am using Jang Eun Joong’s real name, aka Man Bok to call him although he is still going by Eun Joong in the drama. Only problem is, it’s too confusing in the recap to write Eun Joong for both cause then I have to make sure to write their whole names each time otherwise it’s unclear which Eun Joong is being referred to.

Secondly, there are no screencaps in the latter part of the recap since I had to go online and watch the rest and recap as it won’t download-I’ll try and edit the post tomorrow and put up the rest if my download comes through on torrent. Also, there’s some parts I had trouble with listening to online so there are a few scenes where I haven’t done dialogue in detail-again, I’ll edit and add it later after the download!

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