Two Weeks Episode 2 Recap


There’s no doubt about it-this series is dark, addicting and it’s got villains that are pure evil and frighten you with their two faced nature. They’re not as heartless or creepy as Heartless City’s Chairman Jo and his son but damn if these guys don’t make you shiver the minute you see their true nature seep in. Mi Sook probably never truly realized she opened a pandora’s box when she decided to delve into Jae Kyung’s world and it cost her her life. And the storm her death swept in has already consumed Tae San’s freedom and if he doesn’t run fast enough, it will claim his life. Lucky for us, our anti-hero wishes to redeem himself for his ‘trashy’ existence and so far, that anchor is enough to keep him running and surviving!

Episode 2 Recap:

Tae San wakes next to a dead Mi Sook, covered in her blood. He doesn’t even register the knife in his hand as he reaches out to her and calls out to her. Just then, the door behind him bursts open. It’s the police and they burst in, guns aimed and pointed at him, telling him to raise his hands. He complies, trying to tell them there’s a mistake. But then realizes the blood that covers him and the knife in his hand when the officers order him to drop it. They overpower him as he’s still trying to comprehend what has just happened and he screams at them, “It’s not me! I said it’s not me!”


Soo Jin is dancing happily on her bed, telling Sang Goo she’s going to live and Sang Goo asks In Hye who the donor is and she just brushes the subject off. Soo Jin repeats that she’s going to live and In Hye teases her that if she says it one more time, it’ll be the hundredth time but Sang Goo assures Soo Jin he’ll listen to her say it a thousand times. Awwww!


Soo Jin’s on cloud nine and says once she has the surgery, she can eat ice cream and chocolate and hamburgers and says mom promised to buy her everything. She rattles off a whole more list of things and Sang Goo adorably picks her up. Before they can chat more, Sang Goo gets called to the office for a murder case.


At the police station, Tae San is trying to tell the officers again and again what happened as they search him and when they retrieve the teddy, he tells them to give that back at least and wrests it back from the officer. “Just because you’re the police you can casually take someone’s belongings?” He warns them he’ll not sit still and holds the teddy bear close.

Sang Goo reaches the crime scene and his colleagues give him the update. One of his juniors asks him eagerly how they proceed through with a murder case since it’s his first time witnessing it and being on the case. Inside he’s adorably queasy and almost throws up on the scene when Sang Goo asks him to photograph the victim from close.


Back at the station, he apologizes to Sang Goo. Sang Goo tells him to cut it out-in a friendly manner and tells him he’s the same. The junior wonders how he can stand it then and Sang Goo responds that he thinks of the victims as tears they’ve shed-tears that say they were wronged. He then asks about the culprit and his hoobae gives the profile of Tae San and Sang Goo heads inside to question him.

As soon as Tae San sits down, he starts to tell Sang Goo it wasn’t him but Sang Goo doesn’t listen and starts asking him the usual questions-name, age and all. Tae San rattles off the answers in frustration and asks how Mi Sook is. Is she dead? Sang Goo doesn’t answer but asks him what he does for his address instead.


Sang Goo asks him why he killed her and Tae San repeats for the umpteenth time that he didn’t kill her and only went because she called to say she was unwell.

So Sang Goo calls in his colleagues from the pawn shop as witnesses and of course, they deny any call ever came through and lie that Tae San never came back to the office once he left that morning and offer the CCTV from the shop as evidence.

As he sits in a cell, Tae San is haunted by Mi Sook-the way she lay there dead and how she’d always approach him with a smile at the pawn shop and wonders aloud what happened.

Sang Goo tells Tae San his story fell through and his colleagues even stamped their statements. An angry Tae San asks that they be called back and argues that they’re lying, asking that the story be verified with the CCTV. He calls his friend asking about the CCTV camera but the guy reports that there’s no CCTV footage installed there.


Now panicking, Tae San repeats his words and asks them to verify with his phone but there’s no record there either. Now finding his colleagues words suspicious from before, he thinks he might be responsible. Sang Goo asks him to verify where he was in a specific timeline and Tae San says he went to the hospital. “I killed Mi Sook? You don’t even know what today means to me…” he mutters. Sang Goo asks for the hospital name and address.

Tae San begins to say the truth but then stops, thinking there can’t be anyone behind this but Il Seok. He has a flashback from years ago when Il Seok practically forces him to take the fall for him and go to jail. Tae San wants to refuse because he’s found a better and happier life with In Hye but agrees when Il Seok threatens In Hye’s life.

Thinking back now, he wonders, “No way… again?”


Seo Hee is in her office, waiting anxiously for some sort of call and casually switching the channels on her television, stumbles upon the news of Mi Sook’s murder. Seeing how she reacts with stunned surprise, she probably wasn’t in on the killing.


We cut back to see the time when Mi Sook was still alive. Seo Hee, after the meeting had exited the house and found Mi Sook’s behavior strange so she put in a call to someone named Oh, wanting him to dig into something.

Later, Il Seok is in his office with some gripe about the pawn shop and the man in charge there (the one who fought with Tae San) blames it on Tae San while also relating how a girl named Mi Sook is all gaga over him and comes to find him every other day. That has Il Seok’s attention and he snaps at the guy. Just then, his phone rings.


He meets up with Seo Hee who delivers the taped conversation Mi Sook had on her phone. She rails at him for his incompetence and he hits the steering wheel in frustration.


We cut to see an anxious Mi Sook come home and grab an already packed suitcase to leave but the door opens and Il Seok walks in. Oh God. He grabs her by the hair and drags her in, asking where she thinks she’s headed and reveals he knows all about her and Jae Kyung. Her eyes widen and that is answer enough for him and he asks her if she didn’t realize how he felt towards her. She stutters, “I… I knew.” even as tears flow down her cheeks.


He wants to know why she betrayed him and she says she had no other choice and he rails at her-how dare she play with his heart, his feelings? With that, he grabs his minions knife and stabs her, again and again and again, muttering, “My feelings… my heart!”
Before he can control himself, she’s on the floor, dead. His minion asks what they should do now and promises to find a solution but Il Seok mutters, “Jang Tae San.”


At present, Seo Hee and Il Seok are in a meet again where she asks how things became so large when he promised to take care of it quietly. He kind of apologizes but she wants to know, “What happens if Jang Tae San names you?” She lays it out for him-Il Seok sent the guy to prison twice in his own stead so even an idiot would make the connection if he thought for five minutes. Il Seok argues no one would believe him even if he named him but she disagrees-Park Jae Kyung would. If she even caught scent of this, what does he think Jae Kyung would do? “Park Tae San, silence (kill) him.” Since Jae Kyung is already in America, there’s no way she can make it back in time nor will she be able to do anything once she gets back. If this matter falls through, she warns him, their project together would suffer the same fate.


At the police station, Tae San is now tightlipped, wondering what to do next and goes quietly when the officers order him back to the cell. He’s taken away moments before In Hye walks into the station and they barely miss seeing each other-she’s brought dinner for Sang Goo who doesn’t even let his superior touch it, haha! He then walks In Hye out, handing the dinner to his hoobae who came in to report on Tae San’s activities and warns him against eating a bite until he comes back.


In his cell, Tae San is enraged but his first thought is-what about the operation now and urges himself to think of something. Outside, In Hye and Sang Goo share coffee as she wonders how a person can kill someone else so easily, muttering that life is precious but Sang Goo bitterly remarks that people like that don’t think of life as precious before they start talking about Soo Jin and he smiles.


Hoobae cuts the date short by bringing news that the crime scene report is out. Turns out, Tae San’s prints are everywhere-knife, trunk, cup, door. Moreover, his blood test shows he’s high on drugs. Tae San listens in a stupor and immediately holds back his sleeve to reveal a needle hole there. Damn, they did quite the thorough job there. Sang Goo tells him to just admit it now but Tae San stands up shouting, “NO! It’s not me! I said it’s not me!” He grabs Sang Goo’s collar but Sang Goo tells him whatever he says, the evidence is saying otherwise and forms a theory about what happened that day.


Tae San listens listlessy his anger increasing with each breath as he fists his hand. Just then, another man is brought in for another crime but he looks suspiciously at Tae San.

In Hye returns to find Soo Jin drawing-of a grown up who’s crying. She asks why Soo Jin’s making such a drawing and Soo Jin just replies that there is such a situation where the person can’t say anything no matter what and smiles at her mother. Then she asks mom how and when she first met her father and asks, “My dad was a good person, right? Like Ahjusshi, he was a good person, right?” In Hye tells her it’s been ages as she flashes back to the day.


She was acting as a mermaid-all painted bronze and statue like for some event when a man drove behind the venue, fast on a motorbike. He went to a store to find it closed and his contact waiting for him there took him along to the event, musing how the mermaid hasn’t moved a bit and wonders if it’s a person. Tae San couldn’t care less if it were a person or not and tells the guy to do as he wants and decides to leave but in the end takes up the bet-to see if it’s a person or not. So he grabs a ladder lying nearby and takes it to the stage where In Hye is posing.


Silence overcomes the crowd as he rises on the ladder and touches the statue of the mermaid-on her breast. Uh oh. In Hye’s hand on the board she’s holding tightens and her expression changes slightly as she stares at him angrily. His eyes widen, realizing the truth. Beneath them, the crowd starts whistling and whispering in amusement. He takes back his hand, apologetic in expression and looking still kind of lost. An employee of the event management walks up to him, demanding to know what he’s up to and he gets back down before walking away embarrassed. In Hye’s eyes follow him.

His friend asks him if it was a statue or a person and he mutters, “Statue… *cough*”.


Much later, In Hye, dressed in a white dress is approaching every person in a suit, looking for him. She finally finds him and approaches him, slapping him on both cheeks without even saying anything. He takes them quietly and she wants to know if he did it knowing she/the statue was a person or not. He’s like, “ “If I knew, would I have touched you?”

And she smiles, “So you didn’t know!” and turns back to smile at her friends all ‘I told you he didn’t know’-they’d had a bet going about it, Ha. As she turns back, he seems taken by her smile.


Much later, Tae San is going somewhere in a moving truck when he catches sight of In Hye giving ballet lessons to students. When she sees him watching though, he immediately jumps inside the truck, embarrassed again.

Back to the present, she tucks in Soo Jin who has fallen asleep and remembers the last time she met Tae San, how his friend had asked him if he sold his body again last night and she scoffs at herself.

Tae San is in the cell, wondering about everything when he imagines Soo Jin sitting next to him, asking, “Then what about my surgery?” He tells her, “Your Surgery…” and smiles before he continues, “I’ll make a request the prosecutor and come out for it!” She asks if the prosecutor will allow it and he says of course they will. “No matter what… don’t worry about your surgery.” He assures her before she fades away.


Turns out, he was dreaming and as he sleeps, the guy who was just brought in after him wakes up. Making sure everyone is asleep, he draws a small rope from his pants and starts strangling Tae San. Tae San wakes and fights the guy off. As he overpowers him, he starts beating him, wanting to know what the deal with him is as the lights turn on and his fellow cell mates wake up. They draw him back just as the police officers arrive and the guy who tried to kill him starts relating a sob story making himself seem like the victim here.

The officers listen dispassionately and tell Tae San to cut the crap and stop putting on a show, not even buying the strangling marks on his neck.


Il Seok gets the news that his man failed and unleashes his wrath on all the inanimate objects on the table. Meanwhile Seo Hee gets a message and flings her phone away in anger.


Now in solitary confinement, Tae San scoffs, “They’ll kill me if I talk and even if I don’t?” He cries and laughs at the same time angrily muttering why again and again.

Tae San’s friend and his girlfriend are on their date trip and they decide to develop their pictures once they make a stop. But at the stop, the shop is closed so his friend decides they’ll do it someday later as his girlfriend browses the camera. Just then, his friend-name’s Man Seok, gets a call from the police and goes to see Tae San.

He asks Tae San what’s happened and Tae San asks him for a favor-what was the relationship between Il Seok and Mi Sook. His friend promises to look into it and Tae San begs him, “Please, you have to do it! You’re saving two lives!”


In Hye and Sang Goo get an update from the doctor that Soo Jin’s going into care tomorrow and asks that they be with her and vigilant. The reason is so that Soo Jin needs care immediately. Unfortunately, if the surgery gets put off or anything bad happens, there’s no other chance-she would die.


Seo Hee goes to meet the police commissioner-I think that’s who it is. As the two sit to chat, the scene cuts to a portrait on the table, of father and son, although it’s hard to make out who the other person is.


Jae Kyung’s associate-this is probably Hee Suk reads the memo that Mi Sook left for Jae Kyung, wondering at the strange words in it. What girl says ‘I miss you’ to another girl. Just then, Jae Kyung calls out, I’m back and carrying her suitcase, walks in. Seems she’s come in straight from the airport and sits down to check her email immediately.

Mi Sook’s mail wipes the smile from her face and she reads it anxiously, happy once she sees the contents. Shouting “Assa”, she immediately starts typing a reply when Hee Suk relays the message she got from a ‘Kim Tae Hee’.


Stunned, she turns to him. She goes to her superior and he asks if she’s caused trouble again. She tells him she’ll let him know once she’s confirmed it and gets back.

Sang Goo is frustrated with Tae San since he’s still tightlipped and notices the strangulation marks, asking what happened but Tae San doesn’t reply. So he turns to leave, muttering, “Trashy bastard.”


Outside, the other officers are discussing whether Tae San’s story of the attempt on his life was true or not and Sang Goo points out that there’s no evidence to link the two guys and there’s got to be something for the guy to try to kill him but they’re both virtually strangers.

Their superior walks in and tells Sang Goo to send Tae San off to prison. Sand Goo wants time for a confession but the superior tells him to let it go.

Jae Kyung goes to a hotel to check for reservations under Kim Tae Hee, finding nothing. So this is where Mi Sook was headed-their backup plan. She tries for Oh Mi Sook but there’s nothing there. Now worried, she heads out.

A flashback shows Mi Sook thought Kim Tae Hee was her favorite person and they decided on a number of coded words to contact each other-one of which was ‘I miss you’. Jae Kyung warns her that the people she’s dealing with are dangerous and that she has to be ten times cautious.


Mi Sook nods, wondering whether Il Seok will really fall for the trap-aka her. Jae Kyung says he definitely will and warns Mi Sook not to contact her on her private phone or email and only to contact her at her office email. Mi Sook agrees. She’s so innocent it’s driving me batty. Why would Jae Kyung send such an innocent person in?

She calls up Hee Suk and asks him to visit Mi Sook’s house and get her out, heading there herself too. Hee Suk arrives to find the place sealed.

He calls Jae Kyung who’s driving her car and delivers the bad news. And Jae Kyung’s reaction-stunned, is just so breaking!


She has another flashback where the two sit together chit chatting and Mi Sook points to her always closed curtains against a wall, asking what it is.

“The reason I live… the reason I became a prosecutor… People I must definitely catch before I die.” Jae Kyung tells her.

Mi Sook still wants to see it and Jae Kyung mutters, “If you see that, you have to put your life in my hands!” Mi Sook immediately says she will and Jae Kyung’s hand stills for a moment and her smile fades. She tells Mi Sook not to be so careless and argues that those people are dangerous. Mi Sook argues that she’s not joking-Jae Kyung was the one who saved her, so she’ll do anything for her. When Jae Kyung doesn’t agree, Mi Sook asks to at least see the wall.


Before Jae Kyung can stop her, Mi Sook runs to the wall and draws away the curtains, turning back to Jae Kyung in surprise when she sees what’s there.


In the car at present, Jae Kyung starts sobbing madly as she turns the car around.

At the police station, Tae San is loaded onto a police van and sent off.

In Hye and Soo Jin sit together in the hospital as she asks her mother who’s the angel who’s her benefactor and says it seems like Santa and that she’s really curious who it is.


And then we cut to the opening scene from episode 1 where Tae San is being transported while Jae Kyung is rushing somewhere sobbing madly.

Her car passes the police vehicle carrying Tae San when she beats the signal at the intersection, causing a whole chain reaction with car after car piling up in an accident.


The police car is the worst hit as a truck rams into it and sends it toppling.

People start coming out of their cars to check the accident and drag the affected people to safety. Tae San is unconscious in the police car, blood oozing from a wound on his forehead.


He wakes up groggy, head pounding, in the car and looks around, pushing himself up, trying to make sense of what’s happened. A look at both the police officers shows they’re out cold. He sees the people outside and then catches his reflection in the sideview mirror as he remembers everything that’s happened so far-meeting Soo Jin, being strangled in the police station, Soo Jin calling him Daddy and giving him her toy. He digs the toy out of his pocket and looks at it, expression turning determined as he makes a decision.


He pockets the toy, looks around for a way out, wipes away the blood on him before wrapping his hands in the towel and forcing his way out. Some people see him emerge and reach out to him as if to help and see if he’s injured but he brushes them off and walks past them.


He looks around, looking for some way to get away and spies the motorbike lying on the ground. He picks it up, sits on it and starts it up. Since his hands are tied, he’s got to use the two as one and accelerates it. As people watch, he drives away.


As he’s driving away, his expression is grim but determined and he thinks to himself, “I am trash. Since I was born as trash, I lived as trash.”

We cut out to see Soo Jin drawing something on her sketchbook as she smiles-it’s a countdown calendar for fourteen days-the two weeks till her operation.

My heart that had died the day I abandoned In Hye… I never knew it would start beating again… Until I met that little kid.

Soo Jin crosses off the first day-marking that only fourteen days are left now.

“For once in my life… for once, I want to live as a person.”

Credits roll as the words D-14 stamps over the scene.



I love the end voiceover-it’s the first time Tae San has voiced how he really feels about himself. We’ve all seen him wallow in guilt and misery for all the choices he’s made in his life but this is the point that he seems to totally accept that as his own fault and that just because he was born and lived that way so far doesn’t mean he’s unable to change right now. And what’s better to spark change in a man than a little parental awareness. He’s never known his daughter for the past eight years but now that he does, the little gestures speak volumes of how he’s feeling and trying to cope with it. The way he tries to straighten his appearance before going into the hospital, the way he immediately cleans himself up when he’s to go hear the results-it’s like he said-you never know who you might run into and his unconscious desire of appearing better is revealing itself in these little gestures.

Mi Sook’s back story with jae Kyung was interesting and I like that the drama isn’t just piling information on us at once-it waits for the perfect moment to deliver the emotions so that you can feel it rather than just let it breeze you by (That’s something I loved about Heartless City too, that it provided the whole story as we went along.) Seeing Jae Kyung’s reaction to Mi Sook’s news, I can’t wait to watch more of her as she dogs Tae San but more than that, I want to see her listen to Tae San where Sang Goo refused.

Tae San easily made it away from the crash site but being on the run-not only from the cops but also from assassins looking to kill you is a tough job and Tae San will have a nearly impossible time trying to stay one step ahead in a world where everyone’s chasing him! And that’s why I so wish he finds a friend and a sympathetic ear that decides to dig deeper than the ‘trash’ that he is and listen to the person, and the father beneath it.


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  1. Finally watched both episodes. I’m more intrested in both second leads coz a bit more and i’m gonna hate them.
    SG because of his views on people being genetically good/bad. It will be fun watching his reaction upon learning that SJ is TS’s daughter.
    As for JK she’s the reason why SM ans thise two policemen escorting TS died. She could easily turn into a hateable character if doesn’t show any remorse and blindly continue with her revenge quest.

  2. okay the story is set and we are in for doomsday which is in two weeks.
    Tae San could have touched her anywhere else but we wouldnt get a nice story on how they met and in Tae San’s case two slaps and he being smitten by her.
    Why wouldnt anyone listen to him? WHY
    and WHY are the daddies always the baddies, first CC and now this.
    and did I say I freaking love the OST

  3. I just caught up now! It’s been an amazing two episodes. It’s been awhile since I got excited right after the premiere. I love how layered Tae San is. That voiceover is beautiful. It’s a guy struggling to make himself better in spite of all the terrible things he did. How I wish people could see that in him as well. You should pay attention to the lyrics of the OST. It’s so beautiful. It captures the essence of what the characters are feeling :)) It would be cool if you did an analysis on those OSTs in a future post 😉

  4. Thank you akiko, I love your recaps.

  5. Two Weeks just started and I can felt all the pain that TS had been feeling and all he will feel later, it grab my heart tightly. This journey is all about him and i don’t have any complain:) love to see more of him. Great acting, great story line and of couse, great recaps 🙂

    Still can’t watch this drama, so i am relying fully on your recaps(imagine is as you recite, so a million times thank you akiko.

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