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Eid Mubarak ~~^^


I know, half the world has already celebrated it yesterday but for me, Eid is today so I’ll still take the chance to wish everyone a Happy Eid! Hope the day passes in fun for everyone who has still to celebrate it (and for those who already have, may the second and third day prove to be enjoyable!)

Two Weeks Episode 2 Recap


There’s no doubt about it-this series is dark, addicting and it’s got villains that are pure evil and frighten you with their two faced nature. They’re not as heartless or creepy as Heartless City’s Chairman Jo and his son but damn if these guys don’t make you shiver the minute you see their true nature seep in. Mi Sook probably never truly realized she opened a pandora’s box when she decided to delve into Jae Kyung’s world and it cost her her life. And the storm her death swept in has already consumed Tae San’s freedom and if he doesn’t run fast enough, it will claim his life. Lucky for us, our anti-hero wishes to redeem himself for his ‘trashy’ existence and so far, that anchor is enough to keep him running and surviving!

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