Two Weeks Episode 1 Recap


If anything, the opening scene was so pretty to look at and so beautifully done that I was sold! The ambiance of the drama is definitely melo, but what works for this episode more than anything was that everything seemed to be just perfect-the back story, the intro for every character, the setup for the whole two weeks to follow. And as usual, Junki is just so pretty to watch although right now, I’m torn between the two men! Enjoy the recap!

Episode 1 Recap:

We open to a montage of scenes across a bridge as a man, Tae San, is being driven away in a police car. We see him waking up next to a dead woman, shouting at a man (Sang Goo) “It wasn’t not me! I said it wasn’t me!” A woman (later identified as Seo Hee) slapping a man (later identified as Il Seok) as she says in voiceover “Jang Tae San, silence him.” A woman drawing back curtains from a wall to show the wall totally covered with clippings and evidence. Jae Kyung says something to that woman but in the next scene we see her as she drives her car, crying and shouting in frustration.


Teary and anxious, Tae San stares outside his window as the car drives up to a street light. At the same time, Jae Kyung is approaching from the other end and sobbing madly, she speeds up to avoid the red light. While she makes it through and passes the police car with Tae San, another car swerves out of control trying to avoid hitting her. The police car in turn swerves sideways to avoid hitting the other car but ends up being rammed by a truck coming in from the opposite direction.


Tae San is injured while traffic spirals to a standstill at all sides, a motorcyclist ending up on the ground trying to avoid hitting anything. (Side note: I love the music and song in the background)


And then the credits-an injured Tae San is unconscious in the toppled police car and the name of the drama rolls over.

Roll back to  a few days. We see a gambling hall where Tae San loses after betting his whole hand and gets a 10000 won note back for use. Then his phone rings and he heads to a nightclub where many of the underlings standing to the side bow to him as he passes. Turns out he was called to the club cause one of the guests wants to see him. He’s definitely not eager for the task, “What am I? A host?” and asks the waiter for money in return for the favor. The guy coughs up some money, saying the woman is bound to pay him more anyway.

Then he heads off to entertain the woman who called him. She’s definitely much older than him but is all flirty and hands him a gift bag-a new suit inside for him.


At the same time, four people-dangerous by the looks and music and lighting in the scene walk down the corridor. This man is Il Seok. He enters a room where a roomful of gangsters are standing while a woman is kneeling on the ground in front of them, panting for breath from fear and sobbing. She turns to him as he enters and begs him for forgiveness, calling him ‘Chairman’.


Turns out, the woman had been planning to leave the ‘work’ and go away with someone who had promised her a better life. As she tells Il Seok she wanted to leave this place, he slaps her hard and grabs her hair, railing at her for betraying him. She begs for forgiveness, promising o do anything. Just then, a minion moves to the back and takes out a knife board. Il Seok then leaves as his minions stuff the woman’s mouth with a cloth to stifle her screams and proceed to cut her fingers.

As they’re heading out, a woman-part of the club’s workers is thrown out of the room she was entertaining in and bumps into Il Seok. Turns out it’s a regular occurrence for her to be thrown out but Il Seok treats her with fondness. The woman from earlier’s screams reach them but Il Seok distracts the girl and they walk away.


Tae San is drunk and singing away as the woman who was with him carries him through the street. And she’s brought him to a hotel, citing she doesn’t know his house. Behind them, Il Seok and the girl are heading their way on their car. Il Seok is telling the girl that he’ll get her a room and she should quit the club. Just then, Tae San breaks free of the woman, wanting to head home but ends up bumping into the oncoming car. He apologizes to the driver as he emerges but one look inside has his expression turning serious and angry.


Il Seok sees him and recognition comes just as the woman with him gasps and hides her face. Il Seok tells her not to bother with ‘trash’. His driver’s about to punch Tae San but he calls the driver off so the driver shoves him aside. Il Seok smiles an evil smile at him as the car drives away.

The next morning, Tae San wakes in bed with the woman… in the hotel. Ha, so she did drag him in eventually. Before he changes though, we cut to see a prominent scar on his back.

He leaves the hotel and finds a number of cheques in his coat pocket which the woman put there. Some gangsters pass him by then and bow to him. As he walks away, one of them wonders why they’re letting him be and learns that it’s the Chairman’s orders.

At home, Tae San arrives to find his roomie just digging in for breakfast and digs in himself. His roomie wonders why he continues to live like this. Tae San rails at the roomie for sitting on and ruining his coat and the roomie’s like ‘what’s the big deal?’ Tae San mutters that you never know who you might end up meeting in life at any time. Roomie scoffs-does he even have people to meet with him coming and going all the time? Telling his friend to have the clothes dry cleaned, Tae San settles back to watch a movie.

Tae San runs into the woman from the night before (the one with Il Seok) when he comes to work. He’s just like, “You’re here again?” She tells him he’s looking cool today but he brushes her off. She’s here regarding a necklace-to pawn. He quickly deals with her before turning away and reading the newspaper and doesn’t reply when she says, “See you again!” before leaving.


Just then, another guy comes in to rail at Tae San for paying out too much for something fake. Tae San, as seems to be his manner, tries to talk his way out of it but the other guy isn’t so easily bought over. A fight breaks out between the two as another person walks in. It’s In Hye and her presence stops the fight from  coming to blows.


She looks on at them disdainfully and Tae San’s fist, raised to hit trembles as he looks at her.


Both move to a coffee shop to talk where Tae San is visibly uncomfortable. She’s the same, avoiding to look at him in the eye altogether and tells him she came because she had a favor to ask. She asks for his bone marrow. He’s obviously confused until she clarifies-she has a daughter who has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant but there’s no match. He’s surprised she has a daughter and muses that she must’ve gotten married. She finally looks straight at him and clarifies, “The child is 8 years old.”


The truth sinks in just as she looks away. She tells him her child thinks her father is dead and it takes him to a flashback when he’d told In Hye to get an abortion for her unborn child with him. She lays it out flat that he has no right to even try and meet her child so warns him against any such thoughts. And his expression at that moment is just …

“You had that child? You HAD that child!”

She repeats her words-it’s nothing to him, and tells him she’s already engaged to someone else and her daughter considers that person her father so all he has to do is be the guy who donates his bone marrow and asks him if he’ll do it or not.

He asks her if she had that child alone and it reminds him of another point from his past-when he’d taken In Hye to the hospital for the abortion. She’d been crying and calling him ‘Oppa’ and he’d literally shoved her into the operation theatre before just walking away. She’d collapsed onto the floor, crying.

As she walks away now, Tae San follows her and shouts at her, “Why’d you have her? Why’d you give birth to her? Who asked you to do that? Who allowed it? Why? WHY?” She’s pretty repelled by his words and walks away, calling him dead.

Tae San trembles, trying to process what she said as she walks away.


In the hospital, a bunch of children play football led by Soo Jin (Tae San and In Hye’s daughter). The nurses run after her, trying to stop her when someone reaches out and grabs her up. It’s Sang Goo, whom she calls ‘ahjusshi’. He takes her to task for doing something she’s not supposed to be doing but she says, “I’m going to die anyway so I should at least do everything I want to do.” Sang Goo’s taken aback by her direct and matter of fact response and asks her who told her that. Soo Jin relays that one of the kids died this morning and his mother said that. As she tears up, Soo Jin continues that if she’s going to die like this, she wants to play all the games she can and eat all the ice cream she can. Sang Goo tells her she won’t die and says that God won’t let her just die like this. As he tells her that, she hopefully asks if it’s true and smiles, believing him and they both share a laugh before In Hye walks in. (Gosh, these two are so cute together!)


In Hye and Sang Goo  chat outside as he asks her to be a little careful towards Soo Jin since her anxiety and worry are rubbing off on her and urges her to be strong. He’s so supportive and sweet, I love him already.


That night, Tae San sits in darknesss at home, mulling over everything he heard her say and thinking back to their old happy days.

A woman, Seo Hee is headed towards a water filter plant to gather some water and everyone warmly welcomes and praises her, offering to let her take an earlier spot in the line but she courteously refuses to butt in, reinforcing her good image. We cut to a scene where she is in a political meeting with her party and tells the members she is planning to leave once their latest matter is settled. She wants to go to her son and from now on, live simply as a mother.


Il Seok’s office is apparently in one of the city’s finest high rises and he heads out for a meeting just as Seo Hee pulls inside a parking lot. She parks the car, goes to another car, retrieves the key taped just above the tire and donning sunglasses to hide her face, heads out again. She drives to the river side for a meet with Il Seok.

She’s surprised he has a new driver this time around and he assures her the person won’t talk, calling him his son. The man turns his face slightly sideways and nods towards her.

We cut to Jae Kyung at work in her office where she’s sitting around until the last minute to finish up her work and her boss and colleagues urge her to run off before she’ll be late. Her character is dedicated, hardworking and totally clumsy.


Il Seok takes Seo Hee to a house where the woman from his earlier encounters is also staying. Turns out, such meetings are frequent between them and Seo Hee mutters he brought her to another woman’s house again. Il Seok promises the woman’s silence and the two sit down to business. On the closet in the corner though, there’s a camera aimed right at them.

The woman hurries out immediately, but only after turning on the camera who’s button is disguised as her phone charm. She immediately types off an email to ‘Unni’ (must be Jae Kyung) about the meeting and asks for a prompt response.

Il Seok and Seo Hee’s meeting is regarding drugs and ancient artifacts.


We cut to another house with a whole board full of evidence and connections and a functional camera at the top where Jae Kyung bursts in and immediately puts another post it on the board-about the relation between Moon Il Seok and Seo Hee.

She then dons a casual sweatshirt before grabbing a suitcase and heading out. At the other residence, the other woman retrieves the camera and looks through for the view as we hear Jae Kyung’s instructions to her in voiceover.


Tae San heads out as he remembers In Hye telling him the address of where to come if he’s willing to do the transplant. He arrives at the hospital but can’t bring himself to go in. turning to the mirror, he checks his appearance, straightening his hair and all before his phone rings-it’s In Hye. She asks if he’s going to come and will do it. He says he will and that he’ll come just as he turns to see her standing behind him.

He turns in a blood sample to the hospital after which she tells him he can leave. The doctor with her explains that they need to run some tests before they can be sure and will let him know once it’s done. He starts asking more questions but In Hye barks at him to just leave now.


As they’re walking away, she turns back and tells him to go now. He asks when the results’ll be out and she tells him if they’re positive, she’ll call. If she doesn’t call, he should deduce it didn’t work out. With that, she leaves him hanging. He goes after her and tells her not to be so harsh to him-does she think he’ll come back and ask for his daughter now or what? She retorts that’s the way it should be and walks away. He looks at her leaving and wonders to himself, “How can a person be like that?”


He also turns to leave but then looks back and follows their way to the children ward. Once there, he chickens out, wondering whether to go ahead or not.When he does make his decision, he remembers In Hye’s words about not having the right and turns back, muttering the in hye was right. Butjust then, a football comes sliding by his feet and a little kid behind him, who’s in a wheelchair asks for it.

He picks it up to return it and catches the kid-its Soo Jin, tapping her foot like he does. And so he’s left sitting there, staring at her as she comes forward. Silently, he hands over the ball, looking at her before turning away. But when he turns away, she calls out, “Daddy.”


Stunned, he turns back and she smiles at him sweetly. Caught off guard, he gets up, backs away and runs away. Awww! Soo Jin gets up, puts the ball down and follows him. Double Awww!


He stops in the corridor some distance away and Soo Jin stays in the background, watching him. And when he turns back, she’s right there, standing next to the wall, smiling at him.


She calls him daddy again but he balks-why would he be her dad? So she comes forward and asks him why he came here then. He laughs it off and turns to go away so she asks a favor. Next thing you know, they’re sitting together with Soo Jin gazing at him the same adorable way and he smiles back at her unsure. She hands him the toy In Hye forbade her from carrying and says she can’t just abandon it.


He asks if she wants him to take it and she shakes her head. She’s lending it to him. He points out that lending means he’ll have to return it and she nods-of course. Before she can say more, In Hye’s voice is heard, calling Soo Jin. Tae San, knowing she’ll be mad if she sees him with her, turns to go but Soo Jin grabs his hand and hands him the toy, reminding him he definitely has to return it to her later.


A few steps away, she turns back and makes a gesture of pinky swearing their promise, “Definitely!” she reminds him. Tae San unconsciously raises his hand to mirror her gesture even as she rushes away. Once she’s gone, he stands there for a few minutes, lost in a daze.


In Hye asks about the toy and Soo Jin says she entrusted it to someone, but who she gave it to is a secret. Tae San is still in a daze as he rides a bus and looking outside, he sees children happily running around everywhere, in groups or with parents. He looks at the toy and remembers Soo Jin smiling at him and calling him daddy.

At the hospital, Soo Jin retrieves her secret box where she has stashed a picture of In Hye and Tae San together and smiles as she sees it.

That night, Tae San drinks himself to a stupor, wondering how it could be like this, how he could ever have the right and laughs bitterly at himself. His roomie returns and starts chatting away but Tae San retreats to a corner and faces the wall, this time tears falling from his eyes.


The next morning, Jae Kyung’s friend retrieves her paper and is scared to see a baddie’s car standing outside. But her email shows no reply from Jae Kyung and she calls up her office asking her to call back immediately. Unfortunately, someone is outside, listening in on her call.


In Hye gets the result-Tae San is a match. In Hye tears up, even as she hears the news. Just then, the phone rings-it’s Tae San wanting to know about the result. The doctor passes the phone to In Hye who asks Tae San if he can come. He promises to head over immediately.


As he’s making another call, the woman comes in and asks him to safekeep her camera. She’s in a rush and asks for just the minimal amount, anxious to be on her way. He’s also in a rush himself, so he simply takes it, makes her a receipt and instead of putting the camera away and documenting it, pockets it, planning to do that later. Then he returns home and hurriedly starts changing so he can shower.

His friend finds the camera and shouts at him that he’s borrowing it.


He heads to the hospital where the doctor tells him the good news and Tae San agrees to do the surgery immediately-today if need be. The doctor tells him they need to prepare before so gives him a date for it-the 26th of September. He agrees and wants to know what he needs to do until then. In Hye seems bothered by his eagerness.


Outside, she tells him she’ll call him on the day of the surgery but he tells her there’s no need, he won’t forget it and as evidence, puts it in his mobile as a reminder. So she asks him to stay healthy until the surgery and he tells her not to worry about that either.

Outside, he walks away smiling and retrieves Soo Jin’s toy, smiling at it.


He then gets a call and heads to the storage for the pawn shop where he’s told to retrieve an item-it’s important. He looks and looks but finds nothing. So the guy-second at the pawnshop tells him to just come himself then.

Once there, his boss sends him to visit the woman (who deposited the camera) saying she’s sick and asked for him or something. Taking it at face value, Tae San goes. But the look that passes between his colleague and boss is definitely shady.


He arrives at the house and calls out to the woman, finding the gate and door open. Her name is Go Min Sook. He goes inside and looks around just as someone knocks him out from behind.

Soo Jin learns that she got a donor and will be fine now. In joy, she starts crying, telling In Hye she’d been so scared not knowing what might happen and when she might die.

In Hye hugs her close as they cry.


Tae San wakes up groggy and with a pounding headache amidst a pool of blood… and a dead body beside him. It’s Mi Sook and he’s holding the damn knife. He huddles closer and calls out to her just as he hears a sound behind.



Like I said before, this is a pretty solid episode that balances out all the emotions and sets the ball rolling for us to connect with the characters and start seeing the emotional stakes that underline the coming storm.

Every moment that Tae San spends with the new knowledge was well played-you can see his reluctance to accept Soo Jin’s existence and his own loathing for himself knowing he’s every right to be as spurned as In Hye hates him. But once he meets Soo Jin, there’s a definite undercurrent of doing the right thing this time around and I love that she’s the main reason why he’ll seize the chance to run when the opportunity arises.

On the acting front, everyone was good except Park Ha Sun. Something about her acting still rings out as just acting. You can see her do a scene and imagine the emotions she’s feeling because they reflect on her face right there but there’s no connectivity. You can see her cry, know the reason she’s crying but you never make the emotional connection where you feel her pain and emotions in those moments. But since this is just the beginning, let’s hope things get better with her hereon!


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  1. Would anyone happen to know the title and artist of the song played when he was riding the bus thinking about his daughter… thanks!

  2. I love the OST. and I would so like to comb Jun Ki’s hair, I just have this sudden urge.
    The little girl is so adorable and her chemistry with her soon to be daddy is awesome, Jun Ki do something (except dying after saying your daughter in the end) my heart is going for Soo Young’s character.
    This story: a women having a child (daughter) and her father has no idea of her existence, she being sick and the mother has no other option other than to ask for the “father’s” help, finally he meets his daughter who recognizes him from the picture. —–when I was watching my brain was sending the signals, something like this have happened and I have seen it and then BAM………. Humsafar.

  3. I love this drama already. Thank you for recap, looking forward for more to come.

  4. Thank you so much! 😀

    Did you realize they filmed the club scene in the same club as in Heartless City? 🙂 kkk

    • Lol,l I didn’t realize that! Il Seok was so creeping me out and I was cringing for Tae San as he was with that woman! 😀

      • First I thought I wouldn’t like Two Weeks… especially after watching a drama like Heartless City – which is already a depressive show (in terms of mood). But after watching episode 2 I will most likely continue watching it. 😀

        And don’t remind me of Il Seok… he is just DAMN creepy! T-T

  5. Thanks for the recap! I’d greatly appreciate it! TW was fun and fast paced. I enjoyed the story. Cant wait to see tonight episode!!!

  6. Thank you very much Akiko,
    A good introduction of the drama, with me wanting to know more and more….
    And i love scenes that accompanied with music, making it more dramatic and lively.
    Can’t wait to watch this drama.

    • The music and song is amazing and like you said, makes it all the more dramatic! I hope it continues to be this awesome, hehe!

      • I hope so too 😉 that will be a WOW factor to me, because when i am in a crazy mode or while working, i like to play dramas not to watch but just to hear the sound effect in the background. 🙂

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