Drama Review – Scandal [Epi 6-10 ]


Wow, however short I try to make the review, it always just drags up a bit… or a lot! I was sure this one would be small, but it also took eight pages! I’m just thankful I got it done in one day with so much else going on!

The screencap above shows just exactly what I see in this drama and focus on when I’m watching it-Kim Jae Won! 😛

Episode 6-10 Review:

In their adulthood, both Eun Joong’s are well settled and happy in their new families. Tae Ha thinks Jang EJ is really his own son and tells him, “You are my last dream”, planning on making Jang EJ run for office.

Meanwhile at the Ha household, Ha EJ has a great friendly bickering relationship with his younger sister (I so love every scene between these two) and Myeong Gun looks upon Ha EJ with pride and as his own son. And how deep is the following scene, where Ha Eun Joong comes home after many days and sees his father’s nameplate by the door a little dirty so wipes away the dirt and cleans it with his sleeve? *LOVE*


The fates of these families, however, seem to be fated to cross one way or another. The company that Myeong Gun works for as a construction  worker is currently working under Tae Ha Constructions. He happens to be a patient at the same hospital where Hwa Young is seeing a psychiatrist. The youngest Ha child-Soo Young , gets a job under Hwa Young and Jang EJ. Jang Joo Ha meanwhile, is headlining a good position at Dad’s company and hoping to get the title of it’s President someday.

Myeong Gun is close to another worker at the construction site and when his claims of faulty construction to his boss are overridden, he asks the worker-Gong Gi Chan to try and contact Jang Tae Ha personally. For that, he gives the man a usb of date regarding Tae Ha’s illegitimate dealings and promises that would keep him alive.

Gong Gi Chan, an honest and hardworking man is married to Woo Ah Mi and they are both expecting their first child in a few months. They haven’t however, had a proper wedding ceremony and that is scheduled in a few days. In the future, he and Ah Mi had planned on living in the building they are currently building. Knowing how dangerous it is now, and not wanting to put anyone else in similar danger, he decides to do as Myeong Gun asked and visits Tae Ha.


Ah Mi reads about Jang EJ in a newspaper and decides to hire his services to sue Ha EJ for damages to her cart and so pays him a visit. He agrees to help her out. Ha EJ at the same time, is back to doing his best at the case trying to locate the suspect he and his partner lost that day. Interactions with his partner and bosses show him as the quiet, stubborn cop who stops at nothing once he’s made a decision to see something through.


He and Joo Ha come face to face when she accidentally hits a car. He and his partner witness her going off and rush after her, thinking she’s running away. They’re not aware that she left her card behind at so the other person would know who she is and contact her for damages, hence proving that she’d only rushed off because she was getting late to an appointment.


Joo Ha refuses to cooperate at the police station, trying to pull her family status on Ha EJ but he doesn’t even blink and continues to treat her like a regular suspect. Jang EJ comes to represent her and takes her away. But he has double motives for visiting the police station-he’s headed to the missing children department because he connects his mother (Hwa Young’s) odd and cold behavior to a fax she received from there. He has no luck trying to find what the fax contained but before leaving, tells Ha EJ to expect legal papers regarding Ah Mi’s lawsuit. Ha EJ meanwhile tries his best to make the charges stick against Joo Ha, but his superiors refuse to allow him to follow the case through and he has to drop it.


Joo Ha asks her brother Jang EJ to keep the whole matter a secret from their father since she’s hoping to receive the company presidency soon and wants such a small matter to not stand in her way. Ha EJ has no choice but to stand back from this case but tells Joo Ha he will definitely find something to put her away with some day. She challenges him to do so.


Joo Ha, it turns out, has been registered into the official family registry as Hwa Young’s daughter and lives with her and Jang Eun Joong now, having as little contact with her birth mother as possible. In the Ha household, we see that Eun Joong rarely comes home for days, but when he does, his father and younger sister are happy, despite their bickering. At one occasion, Ha EJ goes to his sister’s room and just sits there munching popcorn, telling her, “It’s been days since I saw your face, so I’ve missed you!” She lovingly retorts that he should have gone to law school instead of being hell bent on becoming a detective.


The same dedication towards her father and brother is witnessed in Soo Young. Whenever asked why she wants to practice or join a certain law firm, she truthfully replies it is so she can makes loads of money and repay her father and brother for their continuous support to her.

One silent point of contention between Myeong Gun and Eun Joong however, is that his father refuses to answer any of the things he is curious about-talk from his past and childhood.


Tae Ha is angry that a mere worker-Gi Chan, has come and dared to raise objections but assures the man he will look into it. Gi Chan in turn promises to hand over the incriminating documents once the matter is resolved. Tae Ha, in reality has no plans to resolve the issue and sends his secretary (the bad minion around here) to search Gong’s house while also tasking Joo Pil (yes, the same reporter who is now officially one of the badder people around) to take care of the matter. Unfortunately as the minion is searching around, Gi Chan and Ah Mi come back. Gi Chan sees the minion and knowing something’s wrong, keeps Ah Mi distracted allowing him to escape. Worried, he goes back to Myeong Gun.


Myeong Gun is surprised that Tae Ha is resorting to such methods-he truly believed the man had changed, and tells his friend to hold on to the usb-it will keep him alive. Gi Chan has also decided to stick it through. So one night-the day before his wedding, when he gets a phone from Tae San to meet on the construction site to inspect the damages, he agrees to go despite the outrageous hour-around 4 am. He lies to Ah Mi that he left his wedding ring and will be back around 8. Ha EJ meanwhile, receives the formal lawsuit letter and wonders where he can get himself a lawyer. His partner points out his younger sister is a lawyer!


Tae Ha’s minion offers to take care of the couple through an ‘auto accident’ when they return from their honeymoon but Tae Ha says he should at least try to make the man one of his people before that. Hence, at the site, Tae Ha inspects the faulty work and then offers Gi Chan money to become ‘his person’. Gi Chan understands the situation now-Tae Ha was always corrupt and never meant to inspect truthfully. Still, he refuses the money and tells Tae Ha he will have no choice but to report the building. Minutes later, Tae Ha comes down and as he walks away, a body falls down behind him and he simply walks on. Oooff!


Myeong Gun meanwhile, has run into Hwa Young whom he recognizes immediately although she has forgotten him. He takes the medicines she accidentally dropped to deliver to her office and discovers a drawing of Ha EJ there. Turns out, she asked the police department to do a sketch for what her real son Eun Joong would be looking like at this age, and the result is strikingly similar to Ha EJ. Myeong Gun panics and leaves immediately, but Hwa Young runs into him later again and thinking he is another random patient with a hurting past, she forms a friendship with him.


As for Hwa Young, she spends hours sitting and rewatching the tape from when both young Eun Joongs met in front of their old house and is ever more determined to find her real son.

Joo Ha meanwhile has taken up boxing as a side hobby and wants to enter an official fight within the club. And so she’s paired together with Jo Jin Woong for a match-which she will end up losing.

Ah Mi is ready at the wedding reception, where Myung Gun also arrives but Gi Chan is strangely absent and there is no call from him. Finally, a message arrives where he calls her ‘honey’ and asks for her forgiveness, saying he did wrong. It’s only until much later, when the hall is empty save for her and Myeong Gun that her phone rings and it’s a police officer-Ha EJ, on the other end. He delivers the news that Gi Chan is dead.


At the same time, minion plants money as bribery evidence inside Ah Mi and Gi Chan’s house-their motive is to frame him for being corrupt and committing suicide due to guilt.

When Ah Mi comes to the crime scene, not finding Gi Chan anywhere, she asks Ha EJ, who recognizes her from his past encounter with her but she’s too distraught to remember him. She goes right up to the point from where Gi Chan fell-Ha EJ taking her every step (he half believes she’ll try to kill herself) but she refuses to believe her husband committed suicide or that it was an accident. They were expecting a child and no matter how many worries or secrets he may have had, Gi Chan could never bring himself to abandon her and their baby like this. Moreover, he knew this place better than he knew their own home so death by accident is also out of question.


From her wedding dress, Ha EJ realizes today was their wedding day and Ah Mi tells him how he left the house saying he’ll be back by 8. He offers to take her to the hospital to see her husband’s body. He asks after his close associates and she names Ha Myeong Gun-the name surprises him, even more so when he sees his father on the site.


What’s ironic is that while this scene unfolds, Tae Ha is on the television doing an interview about how his company is all about trust and following moral ethics. Joo Ha is also signing a new deal for the company. Joo Pil learns of Gi Chan’s death and delivers the news to Tae Ha, musing that the heavens are with him once again. Tae Ha tells Jang EJ to look for the worker’s family and settle any grievances with them. He also asks the minion to keep looking for the USB.


Ha EJ takes Ah Mi to the morgue where she collapses on her knees, finally seeing the truth with her own eyes. When the coroner stars relating the cause of death, he asks her to just leave but she refuses. “How can I leave him here alone?!” So he simply covers her ears so she can’t hear the coroner. When she tries to remove his hands, he tells her, “The baby can hear it! The baby!” That settles her and she starts crying, all the while he covers her ears. *heartening*


Jang JH meanwhile contacts the person who his mother has hired to look for her real son and offers the man a better deal to find out what Hwa Young is up to. It’s so sweet that he’s doing this out of concern for her, hoping to solve whatever dilemma she has, only to be confronted with the news that he isn’t her real son and she’s trying to find the real one. He’d always had nagging suspicions because Joo Ran would always belittle him, but he put them off as just her suspicious mind. Now, he knows he really isn’t the son of Jang Tae Ha. Although, to be fair to Hwa Young, when Myeong Gun asks about her family, she tells him she has a daughter and two sons-so she clearly considers Jang EJ as her son too, but cannot stop the mother in herself from wanting to know her birth child! And the time when Jang EJ finds out and returns home, he gazes at his mother with tears and a pained expression, unable to even tell her how he feels. When she calls him and asks him what happened, he begs her not to call him with that name, or look at him like that.


Ha EJ goes through the evidence box and everything suggests suicide-even the text message and the suitcase full of money found in Gi Chan’s house but Ah Mi insists on having an autopsy done and he seems sold on her belief that it wasn’t suicide. She tells him Gi Chan never once called her ‘honey’. He had a string of nicknames for her, from ‘hey’, ‘you kiddo’ to ‘you poet’ but never ‘honey’. That enough is proof that he never sent that message himself.


Unfortunately, the person who supposedly gave the bribe testifies to Gi Chan being corrupt whil Joo Pil drops off an audit report with the police that shows Gi Chan was being internally investigated. Here, he runs into Myeong Gun and the two share drinks at which point Myeong Gun tells Joo Pil he was quite close to the late victim.


Ha EJ gives Ah Mi a change of clothes he had someone bring from her house and agrees to her request of the autopsy on the condition that she have something to eat first. Again, he tells her to take it for the sake of her child and takes her to eat. By the time he’s finished, she’s barely eaten more than a few bites and is desperately trying to hold back her tears.

So he tells her he has a phone call to make and will go out first-she can come once she’s finished. As he’s leaving, he turns back to add that it will be a long phone call, so she should come out after half an hour. Once he’s gone, she lets her grief out and starts sobbing. Ha EJ waits sees her cry as he waits outside.


Tae Ha hears about the autopsy request and has it blocked and rejected from the higher ups. Lol, an interesting tidbit. Ha EJ is totally not a clean person and his partner and sister have to beg him to take a shower or at least clean up.

Soo Young starts her job with Jang EJ (That’s Chairman Jo’s son in that office! He still gives me goosebumps!) Hwa Young and the others seem impressed with her spirit for work.


Jang Tae Ha meanwhile meets with a new minister-seems to be a friend from the olden days, and both of them decide on a reunion between their children-his daughter with the ministers son. And that said son is Joo Ha’s ‘teacher’ Jin Woong.


Ha EJ gets the fingerprints scan on the cheques found on Gi Chan’s person and the results come back-it’s Jang Tae Ha’s fingerprints. So Ha EJ goes to meet him. Just then, Myeong Gun decides to confront Tae Ha about Gi Chan but is shocked to see Ha Eun Joong face to face with him.


Tae Ha is, as usual, offended that a mere detective tried to tackle him and wastes no time in providing an alibi-that he was at home, and that his secretary was the one who delivered the cheque but he signed it so it has his fingerprints. I love Ha EJ’s determined and I’m-not-buying-that-excuse look. Then Tae Ha shows him his family photo and says these are the four people he should never mess with in this country. He says he’ll let it slide this time-since his name is the same as his son’s.


On his way out, he bumps into Joo Ha who asks why he’s treating her like a criminal and he retorts, “Would you even become a murderer if you murdered someone?” He’s totally curt and impolite to her, as she points out and says he ought to line up in front of her and her father if he wants to get somewhere in life. He retorts that he’s always lacked common sense anyway. Since she’s the main official in auditing, he’ll come by to question her about Gong Gi Chan’s case. She hasn’t heard of it and tries to cover up her slip but he realizes it.


He tries to ask his father about Gi Chan and his father tells him he’ll only tell him what he knows if he gives up the case. EJ wants a reason and Myeong Gun tells him, “Because you are my son. Because I have to protect you.”

Eun Joong: “I am also a detective, father.”

Myeong Gun: “Before you are a detective, you are my son! Please promise you’ll give up the case.”

Eun Joong: “I’m sorry. If I don’t promise, I’m still your son. Even if I break that promise, you’ll still protect me. I;m going to believe that promise, that you’ll protect me. Whoever it is, however powerful they are, I want to go against them.”


Jang EJ goes to Gi Chan’s funeral where Myeong Gun tells him the details behind Gi Chan’s death but he shrugs it off as propaganda against Tae Ha Constructions. Ha EJ meanwhile, makes headway in the  investigation when he discovers what Gi Chan had written down to get Tae Ha to meet him. (It was a few details from the usb’s blacklist he had).


Ah Mi sits at the funeral where no one has come to pay respects to Gi Chan. Ha Eun Joong arrives, bringing some of Gi Chan’s personal effects and Ah Mi unleashes her anger at him. It wasn’t enough that they were calling her husband’s death a suicide-now they have him pegged as corrupt? She tells him their incapability is a crime-since he’s dead and has no money and can’t defend himself, they’re all just filling up their case quotas, no? “A person dying, that’s just another case to you, isn’t it?”


Eun Joong remains silent during her outburst and once she’s quiet, just tells her he brought some of her husband’s personal effects and that he’ll send the rest to her house. As he leaves, he hesitates before putting in the money envelope and heads to the ATM machine. He draws out the equivalent to $1000, leaving just $71 in his account.


When he returns to put it in the box, Gi Chan’s mother has arrived and is taking out her sadness and anger on her daughter in law. Since it was a match the parents on both sides had resisted, she was never welcome in his family and even now, his mother laments that Ah Mi ate up her son’s life. She throws her out of the funeral room and this time Eun Joong stops her from going back in.


He advises her to give some time alone to her mother in law with her son and asks her to go outside with him and get some air, quietly saying that being with a detective, however incompetent, is better than staying here alone. With that, he promises her he won’t blow off this case since it’s not just a quota number to him.


Outside, Ah Mi dazedly walks behind him before coming to a stop seeing a sign on the road. It reminds her of the last time she and Gi Chan were at such a place and they’d both told each other how much they loved each other. Unable to hold back, she kneels down there and cries her heart out. Eun Joong stands quietly at a side, watching her.


It’s evident that Tae Ha idolizes his son and would do anything for him. His latest aim for his son is to make him run for office. Myeong Gun is also determined to protect Ha Eun Joong and asks Eun Joong’s superior-an old colleague, to get Eun Joong removed from the case.

For some time, Jang EJ waits on the sketch of the real Eun Joong and during that time, he’s unable to let go of his hurt and acts differently towards his mother. But when he gets the sketch, it only takes one more meeting before he realizes that the man in the sketch might be Ha Eun Joong due to the striking similarity.


Ha EJ meanwhile, is convinced that Gi Chan’s death is a murder when he investigates at the site and hitches a ride with Joo Ha to her home, intent on confirming Jang Tae Ha’s alibi. At one point, he asks her, “Isn’t having two mothers better than having none at all?”

She quietly replies, “People with two mothers are the same as those who have no mother at all!”

It’s here that Jang EJ comes to the realization of who Ha EJ might be. Tae Ha is displeased to see Ha EJ there, even more to realize he is closer to the truth than he might like and EJ shows him the paper that Gi Chan showed him, remarking that he’s finding a lot of connections. Tae Ha still denies any involvement and Ha EJ leaves when Jang EJ asks him to return only when he has a warrant.


The next day, Ha EJ tells Dad about Soo Young working for Jang Eun Joong and worries that she might be caught in the crossfire. Dad again asks him to quit but he refuses-this is not something he can let go of. He puts in another report to have the case reopened but his superiors still disallow him from investigating and instead, transfer him to the department that only handles paper work. Meanwhile, Joo Ha learns from Hwa Young that her father is planning to arrange her marriage and she says she’ll agree, as long as the man never stays out the night. Tae Ha, angered at Ha Eun Joong’s latest stunt rails at Joo Pil to take care of him.


Joo Pil hesitates, because he is also beginning to realize Ha EJ’s true identity but doesn’t let it on to Tae Ha just yet, only promising that he’ll take care of the matter in a few days.

Ah Mi puts away her husband’s ashes and her mother in law tells her to cough out all savings and money she has from Gi Chan. She lays it out clear that whatever little leeway she is allowing Ah Mi is only because she is pregnant with her grandchild and warns her against harming herself or her child.


Ah Mi faces her husband’s ruins and tells him she will work towards proving his innocence. She doesn’t want her child to live with the lie that his/her father was a coward who committed suicide. For that, she heads to Tae Ha’s office and meets up with Joo Ha. All the while, the minion watches her. He’s already come up empty handed in his search for the usb at her house and proposes eliminating the evidence totally. Tae Ha agrees.


Joo Ha refuses to show Ah Mi the records of her husband’s doings and has no reason to believe her husband was innocent or murdered. Jang Eun Joong finds out that Ha Eun Joong is Soo Young’s brother when she accidentally sees the sketch he is carrying and muses it is just like her brother.


Ah Mi goes to the police station to collect her husband’s bike and learns of Ha Eun Joong’s transfer due to his persistence in her husband’s case. When she meets him, she returns the money he had put in the box at the funeral house along with the hospital bill he paid for her last time. He asks her to keep the money and give him just the hospital bill if she wants but she won’t take it. When she turns to leave though, he comes forward, picks up the bike and tells her he’ll drive her home.


In the parking lot, they run into Joo Ha who is there to return a button from Eun Joong’s shirt that fell in her car. He thanks her even though he doesn’t need it and gives her a message to relay to her father-that he’s loving the transfer. From her puzzled expression, it’s clear she has no idea her father may really be a blackguard.


As he drives her home, Eun Joong tells Ah Mi not to involve herself in trying to find out what happened to her husband. He promises to do it instead and asks that she just take care of herself and her child. When he drops her off, he asks if she ever saw a usb or if Gi Chan gave her one. She didn’t, but promises to look for it inside the house.


She heads up and he walks back to the car but he’s just opened the door when an explosion sounds and he turns back to see the upper part of the building-where Ah Mi’s flat is, go up in flames. Without a thought, he rushes in.


People are rushing out as he runs up the stairs and in his haste, he doesn’t register Tae Ha’s minion passing him.

He breaks into Ah Mi’s apartment when there is no answer and sees her unconscious on the ground. He carries her out to an ambulance, asking the nurse to be careful-she’s five months pregnant. When the nurse asks if he’s her guardian, he immediately answers that he is and joins them in the ambulance.


That night, Joo Ha gets her first official intro to Jin Wook as her fiancé and immediately refuses the match, sure that he would be of the same view. Except, he surprises her by agreeing to it. Joo Ran also comes to visit but Hwa Young makes an excuse to not let her in. So Joo Ran decides to roam the house and comes upon the old video of both Eun Joongs. One look at the real one has her sweating-so the real Jang Eun Joong is alive!


When Jang EJ drops Soo Young at her place, he makes the excuse of needing to use the restroom to get invited in.

In the hospital, Ah Mi wakes, still drowsy and half conscious, immediately hands Ha EJ something she had been clutching in her hand. It’s a cuff pin, and tells him the perpetrator dropped it.



Wanna sell me on a show? Give me family dynamics that go beyond blood! And that is exactly what Scandal is doing right now!

In the Ha family, you can see Myeong Gun be proud of both his children while Ha Eun Joong is living his life to try and do the best by his father and sister. Not one to be left behind, Soo Young is the same adorable girl she was as a little girl who dotes on her father and brother-however much they playfully bicker and wants to fulfill her part as family by becoming independent and helping them out, rather than depending on their support. One of my favorite scenes is when Soo Young asks Dad or Oppa which skirt to wear and Eun Joong tells her to wear pants instead. Even as she retorts she won’t and walks away, Myeong Gun smiles. The smile only gets wider when Soo Young later emerges-wearing pants. And then he looks at both of his children with that smile-it’s adorable the way he looks at them with such open love and adoration! And the slight smile that breaks on Eun Joong’s face-it’s just so priceless!


In the Jang family, Joo Ha and Eun Joong are typical brother and sister, teasing one another and looking out for one another as much as could be considering their unusual family dynamics! Moreover, I love the way Eun Joong is always there for Hwa Young-looking out for her, trying to ease the burden on her, be there to resolve any problems she may be facing. Whether she realizes it or not, he is Eun Joong to her as much as the real Eun Joong would be and that is exactly why her search for her birth child causes him such pain. Not that she’s wrong-but that she deceived him all this time and even now he only found the truth from others is a blow he can’t just overlook.

That said, I loved his reaction to the news-the way he looks at her with those tears and sadness in his eyes-it gets you right in the heart. He’s not a bad guy, he’s just someone who’s loved his family and spent so many years thankful that he has one, only to know it’s an illusion that would blow away any minute. It reminds me of a dialogue from Can You Hear My Heart, where the adopted son tells his younger sibling that he spent 16 years believing this was the truth for him-that he had a mother and a younger brother, but if someone tells him it’s not true, that he was deceived, he won’t just be angry or heartbroken, he’ll lose the only belief he’s ever had and he’ll be left with nothing, because those 16 years would just fade away. It suits Jang Eun Joong perfectly and I feel sorry for him, even as I egg him on to make a decision that would comfort both himself and his mother-Hwa Young.


Eun Joong is by far my favorite character-just because it’s Kim Jae Won. Seriously, who needs another reason anyway, lol! I’ve only ever seen him in Can You Hear My Heart and My Love Pattzi (If he was in My sister in law is 19, then there too) but it’s the former drama CYHMY that put him in my heart! So when I heard he’s star in Scandal, I knew I’d watch it, just to get my fix of him. I didn’t even read up much on it or see much of the previews. The fact that youtube doesn’t work here makes it kinda hard to watch anything these days!

There’s one thing I find bothersome about Ha Eun Joong although I’m willing to overlook it (because it’s Jae Won, lol!) and that is that he seems too stubborn at times. I was a little surprised when he refused to let Joo Ha’s case pass-it seemed like he was trying to stick the charge just because she’d been arrogant and tried to use rank. I know, it’ll irk me too if something like that happens, but somehow his behavior came off as too stubborn and a bit wrong at that time. Was it just me?

Ah Mi is making me cry-I can imagine every bit of pain she’s going through and no wonder she looks like she’s lost her will and always bursts into tears. [Spoilers ahead-I’ve seen Episode 11] Here’s a girl who was carefree and happy. She had a husband and they were looking forward to having a child. All of a sudden, not only does she lose her husband on their official wedding day, she ends up having to hear the whole world accuse him of being a bad person and corrupt. And as if that wasn’t enough, she lost her baby too, through no fault of her own. A week ago, she had dreams, life and a special someone in her life and now, she’s all alone in the world, forsaken by family and facing this tremendous loss of everything she’d ever held dear. I liked that determined change in her-when she vows to find the truth about her husband and faces off against Joo Ha-she felt like someone who was trying her best to stop herself from falling any further into misery and as someone who didn’t need someone else to come and be her knight in shining armor, saving her from distress.


I’ll write more about her and Ha Eun Joong in the next review or when I connect with their budding relationship/romance. For now, that’s all I can think of to say! What are your thoughts on this?

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  2. I m so liking this drama and YAY for your review, I like it very much.
    My heart breaks for both Eun Joongs, one Eun Joong knows the truth, its a matter of time the second one knows and we all know what will happen then – the start of ep 1- TT
    Poor Ah Mi I cried with her when her world collapsed.
    I cant even imagine what would Tae Ha do when he will know the truth, I m dreading for whats to come. and first I thought it was my eyes then I thought my laptop needs a beating but no…… Tae Ha’s hair????
    Myeong Gun’s superior knows about the kidnapping? When did that happen, did I miss something?
    Joo Pil has joined the baddy, oh man he was feeling so guilty when he promised he would write a report for Myeong Gun, and Tae Ha covered it.
    me needs all the 30 + episodes NOW, I cant wait.

  3. So far so good, I just finished episode 11 and skimmed through episode 12. There are several things I want to point out at this point though:
    1. Ha Myung Gun’s indicisiveness is irritating and how he pretty much led Ah Mi’s fiancee to his death by making him do all the dangerous stuff.
    2. The mistress, she is just annoying and every episode in the drama she either yells at someone or vows to take revenge on Eun Joong’s mom.
    3. Eun Joong / Kim Jae Won hasnt shown a single full blown smile yet! I have been dying for one ever since I finished “Can You Hear My Heart”. His smile blows me away and I hope he will show some soon.
    4. There is a little bit about his character though that bothers me- Ha Eun Joong used to be smiling as a kid and was very happy, but now he is very inflexible and stern. I was wondering why such transformation happened and I think it was possibly because Myung Gun sometimes mistreated him (in the few scenes we were shown when he yelled at him for no reason or kicked him out of the house). Their relationship doesn’t seem as happy as Eun Joong’s with his sister or hers with her dad. I dont remember any good father-son moments. Maybe my memory is bad? It would be more hurtful to him to find out his dad’s role in the kidnapping if they had a better relationship. Though maybe Myung Gun distanced himself from Eun Joong because if it.
    5. Jang Eun Joong’s dad constantly changing hair color. He is blonde in one scene and grey in the next… Consistency is not their strong point…
    6. The whole idea of Joo Ha possibly falling for her half-brother is interesting. Yes, its wrong in a real world situation, but she doesn’t know they are related. Usually in Kdramas they never go that route. They make the potential couple think they are siblings and then later realize their have completely different parents. Although they might not go this route anymore, seeing how they put in the “potential husband” guy in there. She will probably fall for him instead.
    7. Can’t think of anything else, so far I was watching with a lot of criticism. I don’t like this drama as much as I loved CYHMH. So far there was a lot of angst, teariness and makjang moments. I will continue watching it because of interest, but I haven’t had any “oh my god, this drama is amazing” moments that I did with CYHMH.

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