Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 2 Recap

Once upon a time, two little girls decided to start recapping a drama. Full of spirit and sure that they could achieve it all, they started recapping… but then reality kicked in, aka time differences, studies, exams and whatever not…

Ages later, they both returned to their promise and this time, they’ve vowed to keep it. This time, the world seems to be helping them and so far, they’re going so good!

Cheesy, no? Well, wanted to make a statement, and here it is! Me and Raine from Raine’s Dichotomy are back to recapping Sungkyunkwan Scandal (At least we hope we are), so go ahead and enjoy this wonderful and totally fun recap at Raine’s here.

Enjoy the recap folks and hopefully, episode 3 won;t be too far behind! 😉

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  1. Song Joong Ki is going to the army and you decided to pick the recaps, talk about Good Timing

  2. This was one of my first Korean Drama’s that I watched and I enjoyed it! I love reading the recaps of some of the shows I have watched. I always get something out of them that maybe I missed or thought differently about. Look forward to reading the recaps, makes me want to go back and watch the series again. 🙂

    • Yup, reading recaps gives an interesting perspective to the drama and you end up looking at things differently and in more depth, at times! I hope our recaps for SKKS deliver well and you totally enjoy it once again!! 🙂

  3. SSKS is a fun show 🙂 Looking fwd to reading your recaps 🙂

  4. Oh great:-) From the synopsis alone, there has always been a tie between “Master´s sun” and “Two weeks” for me! I saw the first two episodes of “Who are you?” and neither the story, nor the editing or the leads send out real sparks for me.
    After CC and Shark wrapped up (in a rather disappointing, twisting-my-guts kind of way), I think that for now, I´ve got enough of the hero-type of a dark knight on a revenge crusade! It´s not that I won´t enjoy a badass dishevelled Junki on the run, on the contrary:-) It´s just that I don´t think that I can anytime soon be so emotionally invested in a lonesome wolf´s journey, as I´m still stitching myself back together after the loss of our Doctor (doesn´t matter if he´s still out there or not, I miss him!).
    So right now, I´m more interested in a breezy and cute rom com! Did you see the extended preview of “Master´s sun”? Okay, from the premise it´s not really the poster child for my definition of breezy. But underneath all the gothic artsy flair presented by the promos and posters, the preview really places the focus on the undeniable chemistry of its OTP in some cutesy bickering moments in trademark Hong Sisters´ fashion! And the supernatural, eerie twist is the icing on the cake:-) I´m so sold for this drama and it has definitely become my first pick! What do you think?

    • I’ve checked out Who Are You too and although I’ve found some shortcomings and I’m not totally fond of what’s happening, I did enjoy the episodes-maybe because I was just watching and not focusing on the whats and hows. One scene that I really liked though was the part in the second episode where the killer takes the heroine (I’ll have to remember her name :P) to the abandoned factory and their confrontation thereon. It literally gave me the chills! *shudder*

      Alright, I have decided on doing Two Weeks since it was first on my list and the votes were more favorable for it too but also want to try out The Master’s Sun. Like you said, there’s been an overdose of badass and gangster action on us and something light is definitely needed on the menu. I have checked out the extended preview for TMS and I have to say, it made me want to do it even more! As much as I loved the OTP’s chemistry, I was also scared when the ghosts came up! TMS is definitely going to be fun to follow! Is your offer of doing a co-write open for TMS? Would you like to attempt it with me? I;m hoping the answer is yes! 🙂

      If yes, how do you want to go about it?

      • I share your opinion on “Who are you?”! I´m not yet ready to abandon the show, because there is so much more palpitating stuff underneath to be explored. But it´s not one of the dramas that makes me eager to jump directly to a new episode the moment it comes out. And I´m still waiting for Kim Jae-Wook to make his ghostly appearance and stir up some trouble for the heroine:-) I´m just wondering how they will be able to communicate, as the ghosts that we have seen so far, couldn´t speak…..

        And YES, I´m totally in for an attempt on the Master´s Sun recaps:-) I think it would be best to discuss the details in a personal message. I can reach you via

      • Yup, that’s my contact address! I’ll be waiting to hear from you!! ^^

        I find the bickering on WAY fun, the setup good (I had chills with that psycho doctor) but at some points (read:most) the acting kind of falls short so it takes some of the fun out of it. But like you said, KJW is definitely one reason to watch it n its been ages since he lit up our screens anyway, hehe!! ^^

      • Hey,

        I haven’t heard from you. Does that mean TMS deal is off?

  5. Hi Akiko!

    I absolutely love your site since I stumbled upon your Heartless city recaps! Also glad to see that you took the students from SS back under your wing for a fresh recapping project. Minor problem: The link for Raine´s recap always leads right back to this site! Or am I the only one experiencing this?
    And I´m curious about something: Did you drop Arang and the Magistrate because of time-dependent problems or did you really not like it?
    Talking about fresh projects: Would you still be willing to co-write one of the new dramas?



    • Thanks Obsidiana! *huuugggssss* I checked the recap link n yup, it was a fault on my end but I’ve corrected it now! Hope you enjoy the recap, and have the same fun we’re having with it! 😀

      I loved Arang and the Magistrate, especially the end but I had to drop it cause it was too close to my exams! 😦

      Ah, I’d love to co-write one of the new dramas! That would mean more recaps! Which one do you have in mind?

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