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Without doubt this series, like any other, has had its fair share of shortcomings. For a writer who’s reputedly spent four years on the script, I’m surprised this didn’t pop up for him then. Although, to be fair, things on paper and on reel vary for many a reasons and sometimes, despite the writer’s best intentions, the story may fall short. And here, we enjoy an amazing ride that goes uphill until suddenly it just plummets down, and never gets back up.

The start of the finale episode, and the subsequent storyline that was developed in it was good and had potential-but it was not executed well. The whole idea-that Hong Ki goes behind Park Sa’s back and tries to make his own friends turn on him was excellent, but it’s not something that should have been left up to the eleventh hour. Because in this case we missed out on a lot of potential conflict as we weren’t even allowed to properly relate with it. An example: Soo’s reaction to Park Sa being a police officer. Yes, he’s hurt and you can see it in the moment he confronts Park Sa about it. We see him mourn the friendship he thought he had and then we see him go to Jin Suk about it. But after that, we never get to see his turnaround and final decision making. He knows Park Sa is a good friend, believes in him and that belief is tested when Hong Ki reveals the truth but Jin Suk assures him Park Sa is still his friend. Her words connect with him-you can see that in his expressions, but from that moment up to the moment he goes against Chairman Jo himself-what happens? It is so unfair that we’re left to imagine this part. This bromance was one of the important things in the series-it gives us perspective on Shi Hyun’s life as Park Sa but it was left underdeveloped and somewhat forgotten.

In this perspective, Jin Suk’s arc was better and totally well executed. You can see her trying to come to terms with the revelations, to seeing everything in a new light. And like a true friend and a person sincere to Park Sa, she decides to see things through his eyes and understand why he made the choices he made. She’s the one who realizes how really alone Park Sa must have been on that path and as a true Noona, she comforts him. Moreover, what makes me love her even more is the fact that in the end, she is glad that Park Sa is a police officer. She is glad that the crimes he committed, the bad he did, wasn’t for selfish purposes and perhaps realizes that deep down, Park Sa is still Shi Hyun-a normal good person. She totally overlooks the fact that he lied to her, reads beneath the lines-that Park Sa must have refused to abandon her and Soo, which causes Hong Ki to try and build the rift between them. And I so love her for it! Upto the end, she was the most awesome badass woman in this drama! *Salute*

Hyung Min and Soo Min were totally relegated to the background and their presence felt like their actions and presence at places was just too coincidental. When Hyung Min asks Officer OH and the female officer to help him against Hong Ki-they all end up doing little. And suddenly Soo Min decides to search his office. N being the baddie that Hong Ki is, he doesn’t even suspect anything or has any security measures to prevent it? Oh n yup, the usb magically disappeared. Unfortunately, we never even learn what is in it or why it was important.

Just like Hyung Min’s dad. We see him spending episodes creating the perfect replacement for Chairman Jo along with the reporters dad but suddenly he decides to turn himself in. I can see the reason he’d want to do that or be touched after hearing Park Sa beg him for his son’s sake-he already lost one son and this was like a wake up call lest he lose the other. But due to the little time constraint, we never get to see him reach the breaking point where he decides to ‘turn back’. Again an unanswered thing is-what was his and the reporter’s dad’s role in everything? Moreover, what exactly was everything!?
I liked Jo’s dialogue-that nothing would change even if he were to die and that even Park Sa would act the same if he were in Jo’s shoes. It’s a classic example of the concept that sometimes people don’t do evil for the sake of evil but because they have no other choice. How awesome would it have been if the drama hadn’t just veered into single man revenge theory and rather have stuck to its one man against one evil organization concept. I’m really feeling tempted to try and write my own story now just to get my satisfaction with characters and plot.

The Hong Ki x Park Sa confrontation scene totally lacked the suspense and thrill we’ve come to associate with HC. There was no undercurrent tension, no suspense, no loaded meanings to the conversations, except for the anguish and pain you could witness on Park Sa’s face. Hong Ki was his usual crazy self while Hyung Min and Soo Min seemed to be there just for the sake of having them there. Their presence nor amplified the tension of the scene, nor did it help the outcome any. The way Hong Ki flip flops from ‘You were like a son’ to ‘Arrest him!’ was laughable. What was the man thinking? I enjoyed Hong Ki as a character throughout the series-he was always intriguing because you were left to wonder about his motives even after you knew he was the bad guy. But suddenly, he’s been relegated to this person who’s madly orchestrating things (things we never get to see come to fruit because they were never given the time to develop) and then flip flapping in front of Park Sa and Hyung Min. At one point, I was like-are you insane? Can’t you see how stupidly you’re behaving here? I wonder no one was rolling their eyes at him-I was!


I can imagine myself loving the scene-if only it were given slightly more time. It feels so rushed, so out of the blue running so fast that you’re left feeling deprived. We’ve seen Park Sa from day one, we know how he thinks, what he thinks and how he feels, we’ve come to relate with him and at the very end of such an epic journey, the end like this makes it feel like going just half the distance and pretending you’re still epic. I loved the moment Park Sa was given the choice to let go of Hong Ki and return to the police but he refuses. It is so characteristic of him-he has spent eight years giving up his true self for a lie and can’t just turn back. Not because he doesn’t want to, but more because he doesn’t think he can. When he tells Soo Min that he’s still Park Sa, I agree with him. No matter how much he wants to be Shi Hyun, however much he’d just like to leave this life behind, he can’t because he’s lived in this lie for so long that he can’t face anything else or even fathom it. Example: he’s always telling Jin Suk to leave this world and go live freely but when the choice comes upon himself, he says he can’t because he feels tied down to his deeds here. Perhaps he believes he no longer deserves the freedom that would come by leaving this world behind. Maybe its his conscious, threatening to haunt him for everything he’s done, or maybe it’s the guilt of innocent blood on his hands-Kyung Mi’s, but either way, he feels tied to this world even as he feels trapped in it.

When he tells Hong Ki to finish what he started, it’s like giving Hong Ki that one last chance to prove his humanity- but Hong Ki chooses to save his own skin and like always, just drop someone else under the train. I’d say more than anything that Park Sa would have known this was coming when he offered Hong Ki that choice. Maybe he was prepared to die, if that’s what it took him to be free of Park Sa. Maybe he wasn’t confident of his own ability to overcome the last eight years of his life and move on, but either way, I’d say it was Hong Ki who failed him once again at the very last minute by choosing to forsake him.

In the end, Soo Min imagines Park Sa and then a young Kyung Mi and Park Sa, then we intercut to see a back profile of Park Sa, standing somewhere in a street. I think it’s probably reasonable to believe Park Sa died and that was what I thought until the moment they showed his back profile and the voiceover that interplays-Shi Hyun’s words about the world. And that had me thinking, why didn’t Soo Min imagine an adult Kyung Mi and Park Sa in the orphanage? She imagines their younger versions. I think that was her way of connecting with her Unni and Shi Hyun and the fact that they were young, carefree and happy at the orphanage is how she remembers them. Maybe she didn’t even see them, but it’s the drama’s way of telling us that she still carries them in her heart and unknowingly, she moved into Kyung Mi’s shoes by becoming another good police officer.

For the very last shot that gives us hope that Park Sa is alive, my first thought was-wow, he’s wearing a light colored suit! Maybe it’s to signify that he’s survived and is free of his past Park Sa persona. As the baddie Park Sa, he’d always wear those dark colored suits (which suit him and his guyliner so well, LOL!) and now, for the first time, you see him differently, without a dark suit and moreover, with his back to you, standing in a street, signifying that he’s moved on. But, his surviving also begs the question-why are Soo Min and Jin Suk acting as if he’s dead then? Which reminds me of Kyung Mi’s situation. Shi Hyun left her behind when he became Park Sa and she became a police officer, so now maybe he has also left Soo Min and Jin Suk behind too.

Which leads me back to my second theory, in retrospect to what Park Sa tells Chairman Jo right before he kills him. Chairman Jo mocks him, saying nothing will change even if Park Sa kills him and Park Sa tells him that he will end it. Maybe, just maybe Park Sa is still living in the underworld after all, but this time, he’s not following orders from anyone, but rather working to make the difference he wanted. He may not be motivated by revenge anymore but that doesn’t mean he’s lost his purpose either-he came to take down Busan-not just the head figures but the whole organization and the drug dealing with it, so now maybe, just maybe, he’s actually living on and doing that. It would explain the light colored suit-and him being on the phone. It’s like saying he’s still a part of this world but nobody really knows it and nobody can figure it out, just yet.

That said, what do you guys think?

Overall though, I’d say this was a great ride (I’d have used the word epic if the finale were good enough)! Thankfully, we had too many good and epic moments in this Heartless City (the whole run, except for the final few episodes was too good) that the little shortcomings-when they happened, were not enough to erode away the awesomeness of the whole series.


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  1. I know this is really late and random, but does anyone know who really killed that undercover police guy in the first five minutes of episode 1? It looked like Doctor’s Son but if it wasn’t then…?

    • It was Doctor’s son who killed him. But as we find out later, he did it under the orders of the corrupt chief of police, and he probably thought he was doing the right thing.

      • Sorry but no it wasn’t. They said expressly many times that Doctors son had never killed anyone in cold blood. That’s why the final scene where he shot that man was so Momentus. It was him shedding a peice of himself and giving up. So if he’d never killed before then, who killed that cop.

        Writing error maybe?

      • I dont remember them saying that expressly. Afterall, its impossible for him to have risen so far in the underworld without being a bad guy. The fight scene at the end of Episode 1 is enough to show you how ruthless he has to be. Besides, if he’s acting under the police chief’s orders, would it be considered in cold blood?

  2. I just finished watching this drama – yes there’s a lot of hole but I am okay with it. I watched Kyung-Ho before in the Time Between Dog and Wolf where he is also good in action but he is not the lead there – here I was really satisfied super….and man he looks so good with eyeliner/stern eyes and when he fist fights with the special knife he looks so cool.

    and funny the female lead does not act like a lead – badgirl Kim Yoo-mi (Lee Jin Suk) is the lead for me. Her love and understanding so powerful. I don’t want another episode to clean sweep the holes – I like the end that way. Thanks for the recap

  3. Thanks so much for your thorough recaps! I ran thru the entire series in three days! I’m still confused about Min, and I was hoping you’d be able to clarify. How did he know Soo and Jin Suk? I know the characters were undercover cops, but what position were they such that he could gain so much of their trust?

    Also, what exactly are Min’s ties? I know Jo and Commissioner Ji was mixed in there as well. So who was in charge of the drugs, and apart from being just evil, what were the two sides battling each other and their motivations? The story kept jumping around and somewhere along the lies, I got lost.


    • Jin Suk and Soo were never undercover cops, they were people who had ties to the underground world-Soo was a pure gangster in that manner, while Jin Suk went into that world to help Shi Hyun. Min knew Jin Suk from their shared past while he knew Soo through Shi Hyun/Parksa.

      Overall, the main plot was that Min used several people for his own selfish interests-his intent was to bring about a better world-by being in charge on both ends and wanting things the way he saw fit

  4. I feel like an extension of 2-4 episodes would have helped to wrap up all the loose ends. It felt very rushed and inorganic in execution towards the end. The reaction I had in the last 15 minutes was WTF?!

  5. ” I’m really feeling tempted to try and write my own story now just to get my satisfaction with characters and plot.”
    Would love to read YOUR version. I can hear “me too!” “me three!” *smiles*

    “Overall though, I’d say this was a great ride (I’d have used the word epic if the finale were good enough)! ”
    My sentiments exactly!

    I am with you on both post’s there. I watch 3 dramas that are all ending this week. This being one, Shark, and I hear your voice. Haven’t seen the last for I hear your voice yet, however the previous two, I am definitely wanting to rewrite the endings to just appease myself!!! 🙂

    Hope you are all having a great day!!

    • Shannon, Lyse did a kind of epilogue post to the Heartless City end as a fanfic and it’s posted so you could try reading that! If you want, you could write your own and share it with everyone! I’m sure they’ll be delighted to read it!

      I skipped Shark though-I just wasn’t in the mood for it somehow! :/

      The day’s just starting here, and I so hope it turns out great! 😉 Same to you! ~~^^

    • @Shanna: Hey there! I didnt get the time to check IHYV or Monstar either. The fanfic writers here should totally write their own versions of the ending 🙂

      @All: I loved reading your thoughts on the episode/Akiko’s recaps 🙂

  6. *nodding her head after every paragraph* Akiko, we are on the same wavelength. If I start qouting, i’ll end up quoting your whole post! You pinpointed all the loopholes in the writing and execution. Z-a-b-a-r-d-u-s-t post! 🙂

    ” I’m really feeling tempted to try and write my own story now just to get my satisfaction with characters and plot.”
    Would love to read YOUR version. I can hear “me too!” “me three!” *smiles*

    “Overall though, I’d say this was a great ride (I’d have used the word epic if the finale were good enough)! ”
    My sentiments exactly!

    I was just playing badminton with my niece and i imagined Hong Ki’s face every time i hit the shuttlecock *satisfied smile*

    • hehe, shukriya shukriya! ^^ Feedback, especially positive feedback means a lot to a blogger like me! ^_^

      Lol, are you serious? :O

      And I definitely love your idea of how to play badminton! I’m sure there are others who’d follow that, just to get their satisfaction at giving Hong Ki the worst suffering! 😀

      • Hey Akiko! Seriously if i had more time and was no logged in from mobile while reading your recaps then i would quote my fav lines from your post 🙂 Your awesome recaps made my day and helped to understand a lot of confusing things 🙂

        Coming to hong ki’s face, oh it was SO satisfying to imagine it instead of the shuttlecock. The whoosh whoosh sound made me even more happy ^_^

        I have read the fanfic *smiles* LOVED it. Will post my thoughts peacefully.

      • I’m still rather surprised and totally grateful that you like my recaps so much! 😛 It’s the best feeling in the world to know you wrote something and the other person/reader enjoyed it! See you a lot more with future recaps if you hang around! 🙂

        Do post your thoughts for the fanfic whenever you get the chance! Lyse would appreciate it a lot! ~~^^

  7. First of all whattheefffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
    I was refraining myself to watch the last two episodes and this is what I get. Soo’s death had no purpose, poor guy died in vain, I mean why do you kill the guy I liked the most -of course after Paksa-
    Hong Ki you sick lying son of a bitch, I swear my BP was rising and so was the voice of me cursing and thank God no one was in the room.
    Why Soo why do you had to go alone and fight all Paksa style? -WRITER COME HERE LIKE RIGHT NOW-
    I really liked how Jin Suk took all in.

    I like about what you said about Paksa being alive or he might be in heaven -talking to someone on a cellphone???-

    • Saraaaaaaaaaa!!! How are you? 😀
      Lol, I can imagine all your screaming and cursing just from your comment! 😛 Maybe the writer ought to take a short vacation somewhere you can’t follow him! 😉

      Lol, I doubt they need cellphones in heaven, so lets stay with the alive part! Who knows, he might have called up Soo Min or Jin Suk! 😉

      • A week earlier I “stabbed” myself with a peeler (my finger TT) and after few days later I burned myself with boiling water (my hand TT), life is just treating me good other than that I m fine, just all that cursing and screaming left me thirsty – roza kab kholey ga?- is all I m chanting right now.

        I think I will have to scream some more, IHYV’s finale is today, and I swear if something happens to my favorite character……… I guess I will just scream.

        or he might have called Hyung Min, they are friends now, arent they? Hyung Min called Shi Hyun a friend. me is happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy >.<

        How have you been?
        getting ready for next weeks Two weeks ^.^

      • Oh-is your finger and hand okay now? I managed to spill a bit of hot oil on my foot but am alright, thankfully!

        You ought to be happy now since the IHYV finale was just too adorkable, hehe! ~~^^

  8. @Akiko: Excellent comments. I love your second theory about Pak Sa. I think i’ll stick around here to read your recap, hopefully it will be Two Weeks :p

    @Jillia: I’ve also read you comments at Soompi forum, but i don’t have any idea that your mother language is German. Cool! I’ll read your fan-fic about Maru whenever i have time :p

    @Lyse: So, are you a Japanese? Haha..why don’t you write a recap about J-Dorama. I’d love to read it because jdorama is my first love. I watch it long ago before I’m start being crazy with kdrama :p

    At last, it’s really nice and fun can discuss drama that we love here. Nice to meet you guys. Oh, btw, english is not my mother language too, so please forgive me if I’m not using proper grammar. Ha! 😀

    • I’m not actually, I’m a pale white chick :). I’d recap a JDorama if I found one I liked, but recently the quality has turned terrible. The only series that have held my attention in the past were Keizoku: SPEC, Rich Man, Poor Woman, and then the Strawberry Night movie had a yummy yakuza (Osawa Takao is truly an amazing actor) with steamy scenes :D. I highly recommend any of those!

      Other than that though, the pickings are slim and the industry is bone dry >_<.

      • Hehe..i agree that the quality of jdorama has been decreasing, while kdrama is being in the spotlight. I’ve watched RMPW and Oguri Shun had never failed me :p I think i will looking for Strawberry Night. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

      • Strawberry Night has a TV series, special, and movie. I’m a fan of the whole series, but the movie in particular was amazing! I do however recommend watching them in order though, because the director for the movie assumes that you know the characters and their history.

    • Hehe, yup, so far Two Weeks is the winner in the votes too and I’ve decided on it definitely so stick around! 😉

      And your grammar is totally correct! 😛

  9. Hi I just want to comment on the USB part. The USB was important because it had a record of money transactions between Chairman Jo and the corrupted people. I’m saying this because you said “Unfortunately, we never even learn what is in it or why it was important.” And I definitely agree with you on the Hyung-min’s dad and reporter Cha’s dad part. The writer never specify their significancy! And whatever happens to reporter Cha’s dad anyway??! I was disappointed witht he ending :(. This drama had so much potential and was so frickin’ awesome.. until the final episode ! Grrrhhh at least they could’ve given me a “goodbye kiss” between the OTP!!!!! C’mon ggaahhh I’m so mad right now!!!

    • Yes, the USB also had Hyung Min’s dad’s name in it but my point was-did Hong Ki send a number of undercovers after undercovers just for that usb? And it took him eight years to find it. N when he did find it, what did he do with it ? It was a good plot point that was left dangling in the end 😐

      Hehe, I know, there should’ve been more OTP time! But if you’re willing to tweak the ending in your mind a bit, you could read Lyse’s fanfic that she’s posted! It’s got quite the OTP time and it’s set four years in the future when the two finally meet/get back together again.

      • wait wait wait… you’re saying Hong Ki was the evil overlord all along? I thought he was just a (crooked) cop who was willing to use any means to bring down the drug system…
        arghhh…the last few eps are doing my head in!

        That being said, we never did get to see what juicy info the usb contained 😦

      • Lol, everyone suffered quite the shock and withdrawal because of the final episodes! 😛

  10. I am thinking that you nail it akiko, all that you had just said, (and it is a very detailed and great comment) had been twirling in my mind. The good and the bad. 🙂 The good outweigh the bad.

    The whole story is great and the actors were superb. And thats that 😉

    Thanks akiko, you certainly a great commentor and excellent writer.

    i will be waiting for your next drama with anticipation 🙂

  11. Excellent comment. 🙂 I agree with you whole heartedly – the good which truly outweighs the bad in this cruel city.

  12. For me the only person I unconditionally loved in this drama was Shi Hyun aka Paksa.

    I’m still mad in how this last episode(s) were executed but I have all episodes before everything went down and I have Shi Hyun. That said I can rewatch this drama without regretting going on this journay with him because he (JKH) makes everything better and brilliant. I just need to stomach what they did to us with episode 20.

    And I agree with you on all you’ve said. 🙂 But still sometimes I hold this wish that Shi Hyun wouldn’t have been an undercover cop.

    And that he would be a real druglord – who is evil but not evil to his core that he isn’t human anymore. I just thought it would’ve made Shi Hyun a much rougher character but then it wouldn’t be noir, right? So I’ve decided to write a fanfiction on my own like I did with Nice Guy and I will go a different path with Shi Hyun and see where it takes me.

    I will definitely check out this blog in the future as well. Thank you very much again for this wonderful experience and your insightful thoughts! *hugs*

    • Where’s your Nice Guy piece?
      I wanna read!

      And I would love to read your take on Shi Hyun, I agree that making him an undercover was almost a bit of a safe road for the writer, maybe they thought we couldn’t handle a grey main character.

      • You can read my one-shot here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/608342

        And I will upload my fanfiction for Shi Hyun there. 😀

      • I just read your Nice Guy fic, I love! I felt that you captured the essence of Maru perfectly, he was such a fascinating complex character.

        Can’t wait to read your take on Shi Hyun!

      • Can’t wait to read your take on Shi Hyun either. 😀

      • Haha, well, Hitomiakiko has got it so it’s up to her :), although I’m still tweaking, I really need a beta-reader.

        I don’t even have a place I can post it!

        It’s not so much about Shi Hyun, let’s just say I’m giving our OTP 5X5X5 minutes of time! (LOL)

      • Hey, okay, please don’t be angry/sad but I don’t think I can post your fanfic. I just sent you an email. Check it out please.

        I’m really sorry.

      • Yahoo~~ I’m all in for a LOT of OTP time. kkk 😀

        I would help you but English isn’t my mothertongue and this should be the case, right? 🙂

      • Yes, sadly I need someone who can make sure I’m not using the same phrasing over and over and over again, I’ve already had to go back and fix things as I realized I kinda repeating myself.

        What’s your native language then? I wouldn’t have guessed it wasn’t English!

      • My mothertongue is German. 🙂

      • Whoa, seriously! Lyse’s right, I never would have guessed english isn’t your first language. Then again, it isn’t mine either!

      • Whoa, I never would have guessed.

        Although German is actually half my nationality, I can’t speak it alllllllll.

        I’ve got two languages I’m fluent in, English and Japanese.

      • No worries!

        There’s juicy OTP time, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup on tea.

        With your permission though, I’ll add a link to it in the comments section.

      • @Akiko

        Haha… practice is everything. 🙂 You should read my posts on Soompi before NG – horrible. lol


        I wish I could speak Japanese. :3 I can only speak the basic and I can’t read it. T-T

      • Soompi doesn’t like me, it still won’t let me register! Although I do read the forums, and many of your comments!

        I really wish Japan did TV series that I liked, I could do recaps for those! My Korean is absolutely abysmal.

    • Yup, making Park Sa a detective was taking the safe road. I was disappointed when they made that twist even though I was surprised cause I didn’t see it coming, but it was so much better when Park Sa was just Park Sa-the man who made a coup on the underworld that scared them so much, they had to call 911 to the rescue! 😛

      I agree with you-however messed up the finale was, the whole drama on a whole was worth it for the thrill it gave us at its best. And when it was best-it was THE.BEST!

      hehe, we have got to read your fanfic on Nice Guy-I liked that drama and some of the characters quite a lot! And definitely share yours when you write it on HC too!! ^_^

      • Haha… it was just a one-shot but I’m still planning a longer NG fanfiction, so please stay tuned. kkk Shameless self-promotion. xD

        I will share it when I’m done with the first chapter… prologue is already written but too short to share. 🙂

        And yes when HC was the best – it was THE.BEST! Nothing can top that. :3 And now let’s hope JKH recovers quickly and we can enjoy him in his next role. ❤

      • Haha… it was only a one-shot but I’m planning a longer NG fanfiction, so please stay tuned. 😀 Shameless self-promotion! xD

        And yes I will share my take on HC here as soon as I’m done with chapter 1. Already finished the prologue but it’s too short to share. 🙂

        I agree with you… when it was best – it was THE. BEST! :3 And now we only have to wait for JKH to recover, so we can enjoy him in his next role again. ❤

      • Hehe, self promotion totally allowed!! ^^

        I read that JKH couldn’t even walk properly towards the end-and he still shot the drama! That’s dedication-and salute to him for it!

      • That is seriously true dedication on JKH’s part, when I watching him take down Chairman Jo’s minions I was wincing at his action scenes, I couldn’t believe he still went through them!

        But that makes me think, there were complaints here and there about when Soo-Min patched up Paksa’s wound *THROUGH HIS SHIRT* (seriously, that’s medically retarded) but I think that it couldn’t helped, he would have had to have had that tattoo reapplied (and then blurred out) and that’s hours of work, and having to have his back manipulated. I think the Director made the decision for that scene out of respect to his injury.

    • And there’s a link now! It’s sitting up in the guest post for me so very generously provided by Akiko :).

      *Goes back to writing*

  13. i think the writer needed more episodes but it didn’t happen because of some financial issues (perhaps CC being a cable drama, they’re don’t have the financial capacity of the big 3 and can’t extend their dramas).

    • Yup, if the writer wanted to get things out fully, he needed more space/episodes for it. Some of the earlier episodes could have been toned down to include more, but they were still good enough. It’s just the last episode that dragged the whole fun down! 😦

  14. I agree with all you said, it’s rather bittersweet, but I do believe he’s still alive, probably still fighting the good fight.

    Btw, did you get my email of the excerpt? Just making sure.

    • Hey! Yup, I got the email n I’ll be checking it out in a bit! Expect to hear from me about it within a few hours! Might watch the IHYV episode first! 😛

      • Haha, I watch IHYH too! its amazing I get any work done… It’s my sweet sugary fix, that OTP!
        And cool, I actually finished last night or rather I wrote the end. Actually have to write the intro now, lol

      • Just read your excerpt! SEND ME THE REST! 😀

      • Hahaha, I’ll send as soon as I get home.
        Gimme an hour tops, promise!

      • (inserted my comment into the right section, I’m really really bad that this stuff)

        Aaaaand, sent!

        Now I have to go write the beginning, I kinda skipped right to the juicy stuff…

    • looks like we’ll get to read your fanfic real soon, can’t wait ~~

    • Aaaaand, sent!

      Now I have to go write the beginning, I kinda skipped right to the juicy stuff…

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