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Heartless City Fanfic by Lyse

 Hello folks with the first ever guest post (kind of guest post, hehe) at Akiko’s by Lyse. It’s a fanfic she wrote for Heartless City so it’ll definitely appeal to those who’ve followed the drama with us! Enjoy and do be sure to give Lyse your feedback because it will be most appreciated! 
So, a couple of days ago, I wrote that the ending of Heartless City had driven me to write fanfic. After making that claim, naturally I had to attempt, and below is the link to my first attempt. I’m rather nervous about how it will be received, so any feedback would be more than welcome! It’s just an excerpt for now, but I do have 12 pages written, it’s just missing the beginning which I feel you need to be able to understand the story.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 2 Recap

Once upon a time, two little girls decided to start recapping a drama. Full of spirit and sure that they could achieve it all, they started recapping… but then reality kicked in, aka time differences, studies, exams and whatever not…

Ages later, they both returned to their promise and this time, they’ve vowed to keep it. This time, the world seems to be helping them and so far, they’re going so good!

Cheesy, no? Well, wanted to make a statement, and here it is! Me and Raine from Raine’s Dichotomy are back to recapping Sungkyunkwan Scandal (At least we hope we are), so go ahead and enjoy this wonderful and totally fun recap at Raine’s here.

Enjoy the recap folks and hopefully, episode 3 won;t be too far behind! 😉

Heartless City Comments

Without doubt this series, like any other, has had its fair share of shortcomings. For a writer who’s reputedly spent four years on the script, I’m surprised this didn’t pop up for him then. Although, to be fair, things on paper and on reel vary for many a reasons and sometimes, despite the writer’s best intentions, the story may fall short. And here, we enjoy an amazing ride that goes uphill until suddenly it just plummets down, and never gets back up.

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