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Hello folks, I’ve decided to add this poll as a question to my readers (those who plan to stick around after Heartless City finishes tomorrow… erm, technically today, hehe) to help me decide which drama to recap next on Akiko’s Morning Coffee.

Personally, I’m invested into Two Week (Junki HAWTNESS on the run says it all) and Master’s Sun (Loved every Hong Sister Drama except BIG) and have decided to stay miles away from Good Doctor as a recapping project. Why? Cause I don’t do medical dramas that well, pluc i’m positive my knowledge of the language won’t extend that far that well! Other than that, I’m aware of Who Are You premiering tonight (Episode will be put on download in a bit). So, if you decide to hang around Akiko’s, what would you like to see? πŸ™‚



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  1. Recap Two Weeks plz πŸ™‚

  2. Two Weeks πŸ˜€

  3. i’ll stick around for “Master’s Son.”

  4. master’s sun please! I love sjs’s and ghj’s chemistry so much, and sig and the second female lead seemed awesome from the long trailer as well!

  5. Master’s Sun or Who are You please ^__^ Thank you as always!

  6. Any series you decide to recap, I’ll be here to read. As a loyal fan, I really don’t care which one you recap, as long as you enjoy recapping it.

  7. master sun plz

  8. Two weeks because i’m a lee junki fan xD

  9. I m fine with any of the two or three, because I know I will be here. ^.^
    or you can do one more thing, recap the one you are more comfortable with or do the one who has your bias in it. ^-^

    I watched the first episode of Who Are You and I had flashbacks of a personal favorite movie -The Sixth Sense-

  10. Well that will be a difficult pick!!! 0.0 since I want to watch them ASAP!!
    But I think I’ll prefer Two Weeks, let’s keep the chasing, cops, awesome story (seems like it) and Hotness in the Blog haha LOL

  11. i watched the first ep of who are you and its killing its so intersting and i cant wait for ep 2 in my opinion who are you is the best of them but i like junki and gong hye jin so it doesnt matter i will watch anything you make a recap about thanx for your hard work here is the link for who are you ep1 but its still without sub http://www.epdrama.com/who-are-you/who-are-you-episode-1/ & here is the trailers http://couch-kimchi.com/2013/07/28/who-are-you-long-and-short-trailers/

  12. I still vote for Master’s Sun. Hong sisters has always impressed and made some kind of splash with their dramas. My Sassy Girl ChunHyang is still in my top 10 Fave dramas of all time and Big Love was just epic,EPIC!
    Yeah Big was such a disappointment in so many levels but i think it is only one out of eight in ratio or more like one out of nine thats just urrgghhh. I am sure they can make magic eerrr more like horror in this one and redeem themselves.
    And we have Gong HyoJIn, again. She is the first leading lady that the Hong sisters has recycled, but I am not surprised. Every Drama/movie she stars in is just perfect, she has great chemistry with all of her co-stars may it comedy (Big Love) & drama (Thank you) and she has great TV presence.
    Then we have So Ji Sub, what can I say He is actually the one I am really wanting to see. This is so out of his element that I am dying and excited to know what will happen. Ever since he came into the scenes has always lay off rom-com. and since this is A hong sisters product, it will be rom-com –big doses of it. I keep feeling/sensing rom-com-horror genre like Chilling romance. I can somehow sense that with this drama he is going to change his image like Cha Seung-won,

    I’m out voted but still SJS being stuck in puns and all ridiculousness, that’s gonna be epic!!!
    and after that painfully-satisfying-heartbreaking Doctor Son, I need some laughter. Big doses of it and Masters sun is just the medicine I need.

    anyway thanks so much for the recap of heartless city, I don’t know how to move on after all the pain Doctor’s sons experience but I am praying for KyungHo. (My Baby, my poor baby)
    I hope he heals fast. I hove wolverine-like healing of Doctors son will be transferred to KyungHo. T___T

    and lastly I got into heartless city because of your blog, Thank you! CHINGONG!!!

  13. I think Who Are You would be an interesting one to recap because of its premise.

  14. I would prefer “Two Weeks”… I checked out “Who Are You?” and even with Kim Jae Wook in it I can’t bear watching Taecyeon. D:

  15. I would love to see a list of what is coming out with a short synopsis of each. I know I can probably look it up individually online but having them all in one place would be great. πŸ™‚

  16. I love Jun Ki, so i choose Two Weeks in the first place. But, i also love Gong Hyo Jin, so I can’t deny Master’s Sun. I would love to if you can do both, Two Weeks and Master’s Sun :p
    Btw, thank you Akiko for asking us ^_^

  17. A fan of Lee Jun Ki, no doubt, 2 week is my choice, love his his acting and fighting skill.
    Thanks akiko,hope you will choose 2 week. πŸ˜‰

  18. Thank you for asking us! Nicey….I prefer Two Weeks! Lee Jun Ki vibes here! Thank you!

  19. I prefer Two Weeks! That show looks promising πŸ˜€

  20. I’m torn! Both would be nice. If I had to pick, Lee Junki!

  21. hehe, while I would also so love to take on all three projects, I have to be practical as well. All three projects would probably kill me within a few weeks. Alas, there’s only so much my two hands can do at times! >_< Still, I promise to check all three out and even consider doing them, so wish me luck that it works out! ^_^

    Right now, we've got Master's Sun with 3 votes, Two weeks with 2, and Who are you – 1! So the first two seem to be on their way to becoming a deal! πŸ˜‰

  22. I would love for you to do both Two Weeks & Master’s Sun

  23. delicatecloud

    I have been a Lee Jun Ki fan since Time between dog and wolf and my prayers have been answered (have been praying to the Drama Gods that he will do another action/thriller drama)!! So it is definitely TWO WEEKS. I am a fan of the supernatural and would love it if you could do MASTER’s SON and WHO ARE you!
    Thank you so much for your hard work.

  24. Master’s Sun please πŸ™‚

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