Heartless City Episode 18 Recap


And we’re on for the final week and the last two episodes now that episode 18 has aired! I can’t believe this drama will be ending a week from now and we’ll have no more Cruel City, and our resident baddie Park Sa to look forward to! Maybe it’s time we also went out in search for that drug factory just to get us off this addiction and on to something else, lol!

Episode 18 Recap:

Park Sa realizes Soo Min knows the truth about him and dials her number. She’s currently at home, crying her heart out and watches the phone ring with an angry expression.

Finally, she picks up and when he says it’s him, she asks him, “Who are you?”

“Park Sa Adeul.”

That brings a fresh wave of rage and regret on her and she cries, “Why? Why did you do it? Why’d you do that to me? Why deceive me until the end?”


He answers, “What do you want to ask me?”

“Park Sa Adeul, Jung Shi Hyun. Did you… did you really kill my Unni Kyung Mi?”

As she asks the question and mentions Kyung  Mi’s name, his expression mirrors sadness too. As a response, he just tells her she could also become like her Unni, “So leave Lee Jin Suk’s side immediately!Oh God! He just made things even more certain for her! Why can’t he just tell her he didn’t do it, just like Hyung Min?

Soo Min can’t believe it and as she bites back her tears, she tells him, “I’ll never forgive you!”


He hangs up, “I understand.” But then immediately moves to open the door to her room. He’s been inside her house all this time! Please open it and go in! But the sound of her crying stops him and he simply stands there, holding the doorknob, unable to turn it. Then he simply walks away.


Soo and Jin Suk are treating each other to drinks and she tells him she’s glad he didn’t die and came back alive. Then she asks if he isn’t going to even thank her for saving his life. He’s like-why didn’t you just make that deal? “Why? Regret it?” She agrees she totally regrets it and he asks seriously if they can’t just kill Jo. She tells him that it’s what she wants too, but killing Jo right now will gain them nothing. Soo doesn’t want to let go of the matter still, but Jin Suk tells him Safari has Jo right now so that means their hands are tied anyway. That’s news to Soo, and he wonders aloud, “Where on earth has Park Sa gone at a time like this?


The man in question is currently back at his place, brooding over Soo Min’s words “I’ll never forgive you”. Please, just please go and be honest with her. You want her out of this world, right? Being truthful will make her give up and go away! When his phone rings with a message from Hong Ki, he jumps as if surprised. Park Sa calls up Hong Ki who tells him to find Safari since he must be the one who took Chairman Jo. Park Sa wants to know how much Safari knows about Busan and Hong Ki tells him Safari betrayed him but he doesn’t want to go into any details beyond that. But that if it’s Safari who’s taken Jo, he most probably means to kill Jo and take his place.


Safari puts Chung Mo and Eun Soo on guard-Jo duty before heading out to meet Jin Suk. She asks what he’s going to do to Jo and he asks her, if he takes Jo’s place, will she be with him? He promises to treat her well but she laughs at his proposal; after living for so long, doesn’t he get it yet-the best isn’t what others make, but what one feels for oneself! When she turns to leave, he asks if it’s because of Park Sa, so she can be next to him? But she responds that she gave up on a thought for anything more with Park Sa ages ago since she has no right to it and just being by his side is enough for her.


When she gets back, Park Sa is waiting for her and Jin Suk asks him what he means to do next. Park Sa says he’ll get Chairman Jo back. When she asks about Safari, Park Sa doesn’t reply.


Safari returns to his place and it’s time to interrogate and torture the man. Chung Mo seems a little chicken for the job so Eun Soo takes over. Safari has just one question-where is the factory? Jor effuses to give it up and wonders what will change even if Safari knows where it is and his eyes widen the moment he realizes he’s been left to die but still refuses to budge. In a rage, Safari tells him not to test his limits or he really will die. Jo tells him, “Once a dog, always a dog.

Safari loses patience, retrieves a gun from his jacket pocket and holds it to Jo’s head, but then fires it to the ground in frustration as he shouts out too. Eun Soo and Chung Mo are surprised to see him so out of control like this. he then proceeds to explain the situation to Jo again, reminding him that if he wants to live, he’d better be nice to him (Safari) since Safari holds his life in his hand. Jo’s eyes widen and he looks around worriedly, comprehending Safari’s words.

He then softly makes a final request-after all, how long will Jo protect those people? Isn’t their worry to survive first? And then he proposes the same deal Park Sa had once given Jo Oh-Safari will take charge of the factory and work-Jo just needs to sit around in that chair prettily. Then he levels the gun at him again but Jo is quick to answer this time.


As they sit together later, Eun Soo asks Safari if he’s really going to believe Jo’s words when Park Sa comes barging in, wanting to talk.

Once they are alone, he asks Safari what he’s about to do and asks him to do it together. Safari asks him what he’s working so hard for and why can’t he just live a normal life with Jin Suk. Park Sa throws the question back at him-why can’t he quit? In a wistful tone, Safari admits even he doesn’t know the answer to that.


He pours Park Sa a drink and tells him everyone is the same-there’s nothing else they can do so they just do what they can. He adds that even Hong Ki is like this. Omo, does he know something? It seems he does. Then he asks Park Sa if he meets Hong Ki these days. Park Sa says he doesn’t but Safari asks that the person who sent him to his mother was Hong Ki and says he thought Hong Ki might have sent him to Safari with some lies.

Park Sa looks thoughtful at that and Safari tells him to leave unless he means to kill him right now. He tells her to take Jin Suk and to just live a normal life. Man, Safari totally knows! On his way back, Park Sa goes over those words again and again.


Jin Suk and Soo are at Park Sa’s place and chit chatting. Soo asks her what the current status on her relationship with Safari is but she tells him to cut his interest. As he’s leaning in to ask her what her real relationship with Park Sa is, the man himself walks in. Everyone turns to him and Soo asks him about Chairman Jo-has Safari killed him? Park Sa tells them he’s probably looking to find the drug factory first. And then Park Sa tells Soo to call his friend. Officer Kim tells him the head minion broke down. Park Sa asks him to keep checking for updates and Soo wonders if the minion knows the location of the factory itself.


Safari and Daddy HM meet again during the movies and HM’s dad gives Safari the go ahead to kill Chairman Jo now that he knows the factory’s location. Safari agrees.


Joon Young comes to meet Soo Min and sees her wall of evidence. Soo Min asks her to pretend she didn’t see anything but Joon Young can’t do that. She knows the guy is dangerous, Hyung Min told her but she can’t just ignore it. Soo Min tells her not to meet the man again. Joon Young begins to say she can’t since she- but Soo Min tells her she’s going somewhere and will talk when she’s back and the matter is over. “It’ll be over soon!” she promises.


She goes to the police station and meets up with all the officers and looks for Hyung Min. He’s currently in a meeting with the reporter and the female officer when Soo Min bursts in. Hyung Min postpones the meeting and asks her why she’s here. She asks him if that reporter girl likes him. He’s about to say something but she tells him she was wrong about him-he’d always seen Kyung Mi when he looked at her and tells him, like a fool, not to let a good person slip away.


He wants to know why she’s here and she says she has a request. When he asks what it is, she simply asks for a cup of coffee. When he heads out, the reporter is there and offers to get it for him. Before he can head back, he gets called away to the interrogation room. When the reporter brings the coffee to Soo Min, she tells him to ‘take care of my brother-in-law.” She returns the gesture. With that, Soo Min leaves but there’s a determined glint in her eyes.


Hyung Min tells the minion his boss is dead and wants to know the location of the factory. The man breaks and Hyung Min and a team start moving out for a search. Ahn reports it to Daddy HM who gives the updates to the reporter’s dad. The other man admits he was worried but Daddy HM tells him to rest easy-they will use Park Sa as security.


Kim gives the update to Soo before heading out and Jin Suk finds it strange that the minion would know the factory location. But before Park Sa can react, his phone rings.

It’s Daddy HM. So Park Sa goes to him for a meeting. He relays the info he got from the police and Daddy’s like, “What do you see me as?” He asks if Park Sa’s serious about a new drug factory and offers to keep mum and pretend he doesn’t know about it. And then offers a drink to their ‘new start.’


Hyung Min gets word from his prosecutor friend that prosecutors are also on the way to the location they’ve heard of. He wonders why, and then remembers seeing minion talking to himself. That gives him a new thought and he heads back to confront the minion and asks if Chairman Jo was behind this. A flashback shows him Jo had instructed him to relay those words. He now smiles at Hyung Min-he’s just the middle fish, there’s not much Hyung Min can do to him. Yup, I knew you were too much of a baddie to just turn good.

Park Sa and company discuss what to do next-if Safari gets caught by Hyung Min, they have the chance to just launch a new factory with Gyu Suk.  Park Sa’s phone rings again-it’s Safari. Park Sa tells Safari not to believe Jo so easily but Safari laughs it off.

“Don’t go. It’s a trap.”


Safari knows it, but talks like it’s a decided game already and ends the talk with an offer, “Park Sa. Jung Shi Hyun Park Sa. If I take Jo’s place, what will you do? Will you come work under me? Why? Min Hong Ki won’t allow it?

Park Sa’s eyes widen in realization and he looks around immediately to see if any of the others heard it. I knew he knew! Containing his reaction, Park Sa asks him what he’s talking about. Safari asks Shi Hyun to come and watch his back-there’s no person he trusts other than him.

Park Sa heads out almost dazedly and doesn’t tell the others where he’s headed. Safari heads out too, and from his words and expressions, it’s obvious he knows he’s going towards something bad.


Hyung Min heads out when he hears Hong Ki just left for somewhere and rushes out but only then realizes his gun is missing. And immediately makes the connection that Soo Min took it.

He calls her up-she’s waiting in the parking lot outside Park Sa’s place, and tells her Park Sa wasn’t the one who killed Kyung Mi. She refuses to believe him and tells him she saw the gun and tells him he’s been deceived by Park Sa, just like she was. Those words also send Hyung Min into a spiral-please tell me he’s not going to be in line to kill Park Sa next. He wonders if Park Sa just put on an act to use him to catch Busan and remembers all the times they came face to face, including the last time they met and he had the nagging suspicion Park Sa was more than just a drug lord and how he’d warned him to remove Soo Min. He decides it wasn’t just an act and calls up Soo Min again but she doesn’t answer.


Park Sa leaves the premises, followed by Soo Min, but she’s noticed by minion, who follows her. Basically, car trailing car trailing car.

Police arrives at the mentioned location and prepare to take over the premises but it turns out to be just a gangster hideout. Ahn gives the update to HM’s dad. Meanwhile, Safari and his cronies arrive at their location with Jo in tow. Jo’s smile is not comforting.

Safari makes a call while the others go in ahead.


They enter the premises to find that it really is the drug factory. Outside, the police pulls up and surrounds the premises. Jo retrieves a file from a safe and gives it to Safari. They ascertain the contents just as they realize the police has arrived and decide to make their getaway. Safari, however, tells the others to go ahead and he’ll follow.


Safari runs back to bar the door. Jo makes his getaway when Jo’s cronies attack them. Safari watches them from a distance as Chung Mo leaves to go after Jo while Eun Soo fights off the baddies. But before he can react, there’s a gun to his back. It’s Hong Ki. “It’s been a long time!”


Flashback shows us the younger days of both when Hong Ki was called out by Safari for a meeting. There, Safari tells him he feels sorry towards Park Sa Adeul-the person who followed him since he was little and entered this world after him, but he’s terribly sorry towards him now. He wonders when the time will come when he’ll be able to tell him the truth.

“That day will come, right?” He asks Hong Ki.

Hong Ki agrees and Safari gives him a bag full of evidence and files about Chairman Jo and the drugs.

In the present, Safari asks what Hong Ki’s here for. Hong Ki says he should already know, and asks him to hand over Jo’s file. Safari asks him if he knew Park Sa was on his way here. Hong Ki looks around suspiciously.


And as they speak, Park Sa is walking down a corridor. Outside, Soo Min sees the police entering the building.

Safari turns around and asks Hong Ki what he thinks seeing Park Sa like this and confirms that Hong Ki sent Park Sa undercover.

“You used me and even Park Sa… you really are a bastard!”

And Hong Ki just smiles.


Safari seemingly holds up the file but as soon as Hong Ki reaches out to take it, he puts up a fight. Both struggle for control until Safari finally holds a gun to Hong Ki and shoots at the area behind him. With that, he turns around to go and gets a bullet in the back, from Hong Ki. Hong Ki’s such a bastard. He turns to walk away again but Hong Ki fires another bullet, and thankfully misses. Safari makes his getaway and Hong Ki turns and walks away.

Park Sa arrives to find Safari in the corridor, almost on the verge of collapse but Safari refuses his help and sends him after Jo. On the way up, he hears a gun shot.


When Park Sa arrives on the roof, Jo holds a gun to him from the back and offers him a deal-if he gets Jo out of here safely, Jo will give him the location of the factory. Park Sa scoffs at that. Jo tells him this isn’t the end and  tells him they are both partners right now. Park Sa challenges him that he won’t be able to fire-the police will rush straight here then but Jo tells him it doesn’t matter-as long as he can kill him.

But Park Sa’s eyes widen as he sees someone emerge from the door behind Jo. It’s Soo Min and she holds a gun to Jo’s head, ordering him to throw his away.

He does, and she knocks him out, then leveling the gun at Park Sa.


Tears in her eyes, she asks him why he did it.


And suddenly, we see a sniper from a surrounding rooftop aiming at them. Oh God no! Just like before with Kyung Mi, the sniper asks someone for the order on what to do next. No, no, no! I was just saying there could be a similar scenario! Please, I didn’t mean it! And then he aims at Soo Min. Gosh, no no no!!!! Writer, nobody had better die!


Soo Min’s shouts at him again- why did he kill her Unni, why? And Park Sa’s expressions are just heartbreaking-like he really wants to tell her everything but is holding back.



And there’s no preview again. I am going to be dead before next week at this rate, aren’t I?

Doesn’t it feel even more like Hong Ki was the one who killed Kyung Mi? What better way to jeopardize Park Sa’s real identity as a police officer and Shi Hyun than to have him implicated in the murder of another police officer. And now, to repeat history-to pile even more guilt onto Park Sa… that is beyond cruel, whoever (HONG KI) is behind this scheme!

Okay, and can I hold on to the hope that this time, Hyung Min will get there in time? Maybe they showed us the back view of that sniper for a reason-he’s totally focused ahead and anyone could get to him from there. Hyung Min, BE THERE, YOU HEAR ME?! Oh yeah, Park Sa’s minion had also followed them there, right? Maybe he’ll be the hero here?

This episode feels like a stepping stone for a final showdown although there are some things that still hang on and one wonders how they will be resolved-the involvement of HM’s Dad and the reporter’s father. Where do they fit in the whole equation? We had the suspicion that someone from the police was involved and that higher ups from the prosecutors were also in it, but to what extent? The way it’s shown right now, they are more than just involved people-they seem like the puppeteers for the whole thing. And if Busan is their brainchild-when will they come to limelight as the baddies and be given justice?


I liked Safari’s arc and the whole revelation that all this while, he knew exactly who Park Sa was and why he was working undercover and it was totally touching to see him reach out to Park Sa for real this time. I hope Safari isn’t dead-yes, he was shot but people can survive that and he deserves to be alive to see Hong Ki being brought to pay for his actions. It’s evident that he knew who Park Sa was because Safari told him and that’s exactly why he used him. Cruel man.

And how amazing that Hyung Min trusts his gut more than anything where Park Sa is concerned now. He reads beneath Park Sa’s actions and knows it’s not a murderer that wanted Soo Min sent to safety. But even if he’d been more open with Soo Min earlier, it wouldn’t have mattered because unless Park Sa comes clean with her himself, there is no way she can believe the man is innocent.

Holding a gun to the man you love-this is one of my FAV conflicts because it has so many underlying emotions that one just cannot fathom how it will turn out. Of course, Park Sa won’t die here (still two episodes left) and it’s likelier that Soo Min won’t either (repeating the whole scenario with Kyung Mi will be awesome conflict, but since it’s already happened, it won’t pack the same punch so I hope the writer has something better up his sleeve)-I hope this will prove to be the moment these two will be totally honest with each other. It’s the perfect chance to be just two people in love, separated by misunderstandings and issues, but to come clean about their feelings and their reasons for everything, instead of walking away, more unhappy than ever. I want some happy time with this OTP, if not a lot, and show, Shi Hyun deserves that!


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  1. Im confused, how hong ki know of the factory.

  2. Why did I only find these at the end of the series? LOL

  3. I had 7 sleepless nights just to marathon watching this show from episode 1 – 18. Really, I had no plan to watch, however, this show is repeatedly recommended by the viewers of “shark”. Now I can conclude that I am one of those hooked fans for this drama alone. This is the second time I watch the acting of the male lead “princess jamyunggo” and truly enough, he is a promising actor.

    To all the staff, production personnel, and talents, thank you for making our days full of anticipation for the next episode. Whatever the ending of this drama, I’m sure all your efforts and talents will be appreciated. More power to you all!!

  4. delicatecloud

    @Lyse thanks for posting the preview….. looks like Hong Ki may have another person undercover to check Paksa i.e his minion. Looks like SM may not be completely out of danger…. keeping fingers crossed!!

  5. Thank you very much for all the recaps of this awesome series!

  6. Awesome recap as usual…. love Love LOVE the screen cap pictures. Especially the first one. Thanks for investing your time and making us fans even more giddy.

  7. Thank you for the recap and comment. Love them and always read them before watching. I cannot believe only 2 more episodes left. I hope the writers not going to rush through the last 2 eps. Since the person suffer the most was doctor’s son, I hope he will have at least a satisfactory ending if not happy. I kind of felt sorry for HM now to realize what Will happen to him if he found out about his father. Too many questions. Can they really be able to answer all questions in 2 eps? Guess we have to wait and see… thanks again.

  8. Thanks for the recap.

    Although many loose ends remain to be tied up and we aren’t certain of many things yet (except for the fact that Ming Ki is definitely not as good as he “seemed”), I think there are a couple of reasonable extrapolations to be made at this point.

    1. Who is/was the sniper?

    Assuming its the same person, the “sniper” is someone we have already seen (perhaps quite a bit) in this drama. It would be illogical for the drama to introduce the sniper’s face (if it intends to do so, which I hope they do..) in the final 2 episodes if its just some random guy. True, he could be a random hit-man hired by Pusan (who could be Ming ki), but I think too much of this drama has been dedicated to the “sniper” (Hyung Min promising her to kill the sniper, Soo Min recognizing the sniper rifile, etc) for him to just be a random dude.

    Having said that, there are only a handful of people who could be the sniper, based on logic and also the side profile of his face we saw when he killed the chick. The most likely and probably fitting is Shi Hyun’s minion. He’s been pretty mysterious up to now, barely saying anything. And yet his facial expression is always distant and hidden. He’s young enough to fit the side profile of the sniper in the early scenes, and he could easily have been planted to play Doctor Son’s minion to gain info. Lastly, he tailed Soo Min when she drove behind Doctor Son in this episode, so it makes all the more sense for him to be the sniper again in this episode. Aiming at Soo Min could be to protect Doctor Son, or could’ve been a planned move already.

  9. Cruel City is an A+ drama going into the final two episodes, but, as others have hinted at above, there are so very many ends to tie up in just two hours.. Over and over again dramas have failed at the very end with rushed and unsatisfying resolutions. I hope that this writer has planned ahead! Somehow, it so often seems that fans could have written better endings than the professionals.

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful recap! 😀 (Have to write this long comment again after my comment wasn’t posted! *sob* xD)

    The scene in the beginning was so heartbreaking. It hurt Shi Hyun so much to hear Soo Min calling him Paksa Adeul and asking him if he killed KM. T-T *sob* It hurt Soo Min as well. But I don’t get why they didn’t talk!? Why didn’t Shi Hyun just clarify himself? It’s always like that in kdramaland: people don’t talk about the important things and this is stressing me out. GAH!

    Anyways I think neither Soo Min nor Shi Hyun will die on this rooftop – first of all it would be poor writing and how pathetic would it be to take away another woman from Shi Hyun the same way he lost KM? O.o

    Plus there are pic of NGR on the Korean news showing her with the script for episode 20. So it can be either that she is alive and Shi Hyun is dead or both are alive. Can’t wait for monday!

    About Min, HM’s father and journalist lady’s father… all corrupt businessmen… It’s scaring! Can at least Min die in the end!?

    I kinda think that Safari is going to die. Somehow it felt like his story came to an end this episode. I don’t know why but I know somebody will die. And for Safari it felt like after Auntie denied him again this is it for him. But we’ll see.

    I want Shi Hyun to live in the end… no matter if it’s with Soo Min or without her. I just want him to be alive because he deserves it more than anybody else in this drama. The question is: does he want to live if Soo Min dies!? Will he turn into Paksa completely – past the point of no return? Will both survive!?

    I really don’t know. It’s a noir drama and the writer stayed true so far to the genre – and noir dramas never have a happy ending. But let’s hope for the best!

  11. Awesome recap this drama had me looking forward to every Monday and Tuesday. As much I love the writer but its love-hate with the cliff hangers, it’s awesome to keep the suspense but its like argh-I-want to watch the next episode now. It’s an enjoyable 10weeks soon of cruel city, definitely a very good show and even the good-baddies like Safari character are growing on me. And I love Soo and Jin suk love-hate relationship and definitely the lead characters Soo Min and ShiYun but definitely the two of them deserve more air time!!!!!!

  12. Thank you for this amazing recap. This drama always put me over the edge. And i can’t even imagine what’s about to happen next. OMG! All of the scenes are so intense. And yes; i do agree that Shi Hyun deserves his own happy ending, with Soo Min of course. I know we’ve been all waiting for them to be together again since the last time they were (was that episode 9 or 10) and to kill one of them is beyond what every fan of this drama can take. That’ll be too much pain for Shi Hyun. I just can’t wait for the final episodes next week! 🙂

  13. The writer really played us well, with just 2 episodes to explain all. What will happen, who will die…… They left us wondering and hoping that all will end well.
    Meanwhile, Shi hyun really have a dead wish. Soo min flip out , went nuts, go rambo (who wouldn’t:) ) but he still tight lip about his situation. What a dilemma.
    Hong ki evil smile is the confirmation of how evil and twist he is. Love it. showed your true self.
    Nice ending, with mr.sniper, hoping the intro of the next episode will be mind blowing 🙂

  14. Ahh..Shi Hyun, you’re really make me crazy. Why don’t you just tell the truth to Soo Min? You must know how much she loves you and how sad she is when she pointed a gun on you, but you’re just silent.

    Somebody, please stop the sniper. Just order him to kill Hong Ki. Leave my baby Shi Hyun and Soo Min to give them sometime to finish their problem without somebody has to die.

    I can’t believe there are only 2-episodes left. Heartless City is definitely the best drama of 2013 so far. I think I want more Jung Kyung Ho onscreen :p

    At last, thank you Akiko for making a wonderful recap ^_^

  15. This drama is pulling all the right strings. I hope that no one else (besides C.Minn) dies because all the characters have been through a lot especially Parksa. I don’t know how they’re going to resolve some plots but the one about Busan is that someone else will be appointed/step up to make a shady deal with the “good” guys. If not, there are still drug makers/trafficers/sellers out there that need to be taken down.

    I wasn’t a fan of Hyungmin but I have to say he has grown on me. There is so much more to him. He could’ve been a friend of Shi Hyuns but its just that circumstances forced him on another path. And i think Shi Hyun would’ve been friends with Soo either way. 🙂

    Each cliff hanger that CC has left us with is killing me. I can’t wait to see what happens. Will Soo Min let her emotions and revenge take control or will she be like Hyung min and exhibit some level-headedness even with their grief and search for Kyung mins killer? And how deprived Shi Hyun will be if he doesn’t find the killer himself?

  16. i love you for recapping this. and im diying for the rest of the episodes. they should have made this drama longer. its too good to end at 20 eps. so sad its almost done. ;(
    best korean drama.

  17. waiii i cant wait for another week!!! Thanks for your fantastic recaps 🙂

  18. As always, thanks for the recaps! I watched it raw first and you’ve clarified quite a few things that I was uncertain about.

    I have to gripe, this is the first episode that I knew how it was going to end, I hated watching an entire episode already knowing what the cliffhanger was going to be, although the sniper at the end was a nice touch. When I saw Soo Min was in the same clothing as the preview showed at the half way point for the show I had hope, however no.

    For my two cents, I think someone is gonna get shot, probably Shi Hyun. Maybe not, but at this point, the only way Soo Min is going to stop her revenge plot is if he physically gets wounded trying to protect her. We’ve already seen that words aren’t going to make much of difference, and Paksa has done so much not speaking and keeping her in the dark that I think anything less than throwing himself in front of bullet is going to convince her he’s not the bastard she’s convinced he is.

    I’m also a bit concerned about all the misunderstandings they potentially have to deal with in two episodes, besides the shooting, is she gonna ask him about being Jin Sook’s “lover?” I really want at minor skinship before the end (seriously, how difficult is a hug or kiss?!?) but those two aren’t gonna be touchy feely until other issues are sorted. And it is possible that NO ONE is going know about their relationship, ever? So it’s a secret epic OTP?

    So many questions and things to cover and only two more episodes!!!

    I need that preview *NOW*

  19. btw, thank you a million times for doing this recap!!!! I can’t wait to see what happens!!! ❤ hope it will be a happy ending for soo min and parksa

  20. omg omg omg! I really hope the minion would stop the sniper before anyone ever fires! oh please just make it like that or else if soo min or parksa dies, Imma just give this drama a 1 star!

    • Omigod! The minion! Surely they didn’t randomly show him following SM for no reason. U smarty pants you….if its not the minion, it better be HM. Or better yet, SH magically sees the sniper and somehow jumps in front of SM to protect her and gets shot in the back. I know that sounds terrible but we are all waiting for the moment SH properly expresses his feelings, and a little skinship won’t hurt. Not only that, it would be a slap in the face for SM and she will somehow feel guilty or somethin’… Come on writernim! Give us some love…

  21. Thank you for the recap! I was waiting for it!
    Ah! Of course they cut the episode in the middle of Soo Min confronting Park Sa!
    I hope next two episodes are as awesome as the first eighteen!

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