Heartless City Episode 16 Recap

Truths are coming out, new beliefs are springing up in this Cruel City and new relationships and power plays are panning out. While one may be the visible baddie, others seem to have worse skeletons in their closets. What I love most is the shift in dynamics between Hyung Min, Park Sa and Hong Ki. Now what remains to be seen is how Hong Ki will manipulate the situation to save himself and whether Park Sa will be able to find himself any friends in this world full of foes on all ends.

P.S. WordPress is having some sort of glitch and not showing me whether some of the images are uploaded right. Let me know if there is an issue and i’ll try and fix it in the morning! Enjoy the recap, folks! ^^

Episode 16 Recap:

Park Sa holds Ahn at knife point (I doubt that’s a correct word) and tells Hyung Min, “Listen well. There’s no reason for us to fight.”

“You’re right. We’re not fighting. I’m going to catch you!”

“I need your help. We’ll catch Busan together.”

“No, I’ll catch him myself.”

“You’ll die.”

“Doesn’t matter!” Hyung Min shouts, “Answer me. Did you really not kill Kyung Mi?”

“I told you already. It wasn’t me.”

“Then who did it?”

“I’m looking for (him)”

“Don’t say nonsense.”

“I DIDN’T KILL KYUNG MI! THE PEOPLE WHO MADE KYUNG MI LIKE THAT, LET’S CATCH THEM TOGETHER, UNDERSTAND?” Park Sa shouts back at it’s evident he’s losing control over his calm façade.


Understandably, Hyung Min also reads Park Sa’s reaction for what it is. Lowering his gun, he asks Park Sa, “Don’t tell me, you KNEW Kyung Mi?

Park Sa doesn’t reply and the silence is answer enough for Hyung Min. Realizing his time is up, Park Sa shoves Ahn forward so that he and Hyung Min both fall on the ground. A police officer comes running up to catch him but he easily shoves him away.

As he’s walking away, Officer Oh and Kim are coming his way so he doubles back and gets away, even when he’s surrounded by police officers on both sides. The police bar the grounds and check all outgoing traffic. Having parked his car outside, Park Sa finds it easy to get away.

Hyung Min returns home to find Soo Min has gone out-to the market for a bit. At Park Sa’s hideout, Jin Suk and Soo are wondering where he is. When he comes back, his first order of business is to his minion-to the sides, he tells him to remove Joon Young from Ahn’s side since Hyung Min knows about Ahn and minion agrees.

Then he gets down to business with jin Suk and Soo and asks Jin Suk about ‘Jang Gyu Suk’. She hands him over some photographs and says she’s assigned someone to find him. Soo offers his services but Jin Suk laughs at that. Soo proposes they have a match just to see who finds the guy first. Park Sa, however, seems a bit bothered towards Jin Suk.


At home, Soo Min asks Hyung Min if he really met Park Sa. She reminds him he’s the one who said Park Sa wasn’t even ‘human/a person’ so how come he never did anything to her if he knew she was undercover? Instead, he literally called up Hyung Min and warned him? Given how Hyung Min had described him, Soo Min finds it hard to believe that is all Park Sa’s work.

And that is when Hyung Min tells her, “Maybe, Park Sa might not be responsible for Kyung Mi’s death.” She wants to know what it means but her phone rings. It’s Jin Suk and although Hyung Min stops her, she answers. Jin Suk calls her in for work. She agrees to go.

Hyung Min refuses to let her go but she insists-Jin Suk definitely doesn’t know anything about her. If she knew, she’d already have made a move. Moreover, when Park Sa called Hyung Min, she was already with Jin Suk. She knew it was dangerous from the beginning and she’s not backing out just yet. “I have to go. No, I will go.”


And so she arrives to meet Jin Suk who hands her Jang Gyu Suk’s profile and tells her to go somewhere and keep an eye out. If he’s to appear, Soo Min must call Jin Suk immediately. Ah, so that’s why Park Sa was worried. Soo Min comes back to see Hyung Min and confirms that Jin Suk knows nothing. She wonders if a fake person made the call, claiming to be Park Sa. Then she shows him the task Jin Suk assigned her.

Hyung Min realizes it means Park Sa is going to start manufacturing drugs himself now-which means it really is total war with Busan. Soo Min reminds him to keep his promise-until he finds Park Sa, he’s not to bother Jin Suk at all. He agrees.


Busan is in a bad mood when he gets updates on Park Sa’s activities and declares they have to prepare too. He instructs his minion to make a call to Incheon. And then he smiles-not a good sign.

Hyung min gets back to the station and demands a profile on Jang Gyu Suk immediately.

Park Sa is at the moment still going over Jin Suk’s words about how she has asked someone to look into the guy. Soo Min meanwhile, preps herself up for the work and heads out.


Park Sa and Soo are sharing drinks when Jin Suk comes upon them and her first comment, “Are you two dating?” has Soo responding, “Why? Are you envious?” Park Sa just pours her a drink while SOo asks her for updates on Gyu Suk. Soo finds it hard to believe she’s found someone good to work the task and mutters, “There are no people you trust!” She retorts, “I just don’t trust you!”

Soo min is at the club with a guy and sees Gyu Suk so she calls up Jin Suk. Jin Suk tells her to keep watching and that she’ll be there soon. Soo offers his help but Jin Suk rejects his offer. Park Sa is silent and still visibly bothered.


Soo Min keeps an eye on Gyu Suk’s room in a totally visible manner-seriously girl, anyone can sneak up on you, and finds two men standing vigil outside his bar room door.  A drunk man does sneak up on her but she manages to get away without arousing much suspicion. As she’s walking away, her phone rings and she looks around before answering.

It’s Hyung Min. She gives him the update and asks what he’s going to do. He doesn’t answer and just tells her to keep vigil. He gives a few orders to his men before heading out.

At the bar, Soo Min changes into another dress and removes the wig before starting her vigil duty again. She calls Jin Suk with the update who is already on her way there. So is Hyung Min, and Park Sa is in his room and contemplative.


Jin Suk arrives and she and Soo Min head up. The latter confirms that only two men are guarding Gyu Suk. We cut to see Gyu Suk sitting in a room and fidgeting nervously. A look into the other room shows Jo’s minions are there and ready.

When they reach the room, Jin Suk asks her minion to knock just as Jo’s minions inside see them. But then Jin Suk stops her guy and turns to Soo Min-she said there were two guys, right? Soo Min points out they were outside until the last time she was here. Grabbing Soo Min’s hand, Jin Suk turns, “Let’s go.


The door opens as they’re leaving and the minion steps out, calling to Jin Suk, “Where are you going?” Jin Suk and Soo Min dash off just as her minions stop the guys but they’re ambushed at the elevator by men coming up. She and Soo Min dash off to the other end of the tunnel and manage to hide away into a room.


The minions split up and start searching the floor. They arrive into the room where the girls were hiding and see the service elevator heading down. Drawing the obvious conclusion, the minions run off. Which is when we see Jin Suk and Soo Min still standing at a side, hidden from sight, and joined by Hyung Min. Aha! After everyone breathes a sigh of relief, Jin Suk asks Hyung Min how he’s here.

He makes an excuse about investigative works and asks her what she’s doing here-“Perhaps, another deal?” She laughs it off “I came to a seminar! And is that the kind of thing to say to a poor woman whose being chased by gangsters?

Both turn away but then Jin Suk turns back-why aren’t Soo Min and Hyung Min greeting each other and asks if they’ve already broken up? Hyung Min says he has no time to dawdle around and turns to go but Soo Min grabs his arm, “If you’ve interfered, take responsibility until the end! This is also fate!”


So he helps the woman get away by acting as the look out and escorting them across the floor. Meanwhile, the minions’ party heads down to accost the service elevator. They go across the floor but find nothing and so head down to the maintenance floor. Unfortunately, that is where Jin Suk, Soo Min and Hyung Min are.

Hyung Min tells the others to run while he distracts the baddies. Jin Suk doesn’t like the idea and tells him they’d best all run off. He knows they’ll all be in danger that way and tells them to go ahead. Jin Suk thanks him and tells him to come play around the club anytime he wants-she won’t charge him.


Hyung  Min faces the baddies and tells them his rank and orders them to stop. But the name rings a bell with the head minion who remembers Jo’s orders to ‘off’ Hyung Min too if he interferes too much. And so he orders his men to proceed… and hit Hyung Min.

Hyung Min shoots two men in the leg and takes on the rest hand to hand. But luck’s not on his side since the bad guys are too many and although he manages to hit them, he takes more hits himself.

Soon he’s bloody and beaten on the ground and head minion moves in to stab him.


Just then, Park Sa slices the throat of one of the minions. Ooooh, fight’s back on! Park Sa picks up Hyung Min’s gun and notices there’s only one bullet left. Arranging the bullet, he looks at the rest. Head minion stands straight now, looking at him, “It’s been a long time, Park Sa Adeul.” Hyung Min also turns back to look at Park Sa and finally get a look at his face. Park Sa looks at the minion, then Hyung Min and then proceeds to beat the rest of the baddies one by one.


And of course, he’s beyond good so that even the head minion is backing away in fear. Park Sa turns the gun on him when he’s knocked all other guys down but the minion has taken Hyung Min hostage and holds a knife to his throat.


He shouts at Park Sa again and again to drop his gun but Park Sa doesn’t flinch and takes aim. The minion hides behind Hyung Min and keeps shouting as Park Sa tries to focus on a good shot. Hyung Min is standing in the middle, seemingly dazed so Park Sa shouts at him, “JI HYUNG MIN!”

When he gets no response, he finally lets the gun drop. And just as he drops it, Hyung Min elbows the head minion in the face, sending him sprawling on the ground. Yei!


And then Park Sa kicks the gun straight to Hyung Min. Whoa. Hyung Min picks it up and levels it at Park Sa.

“Why did you help me?”

“I told you. We have to catch Busan together!”

“Kyung Mi-you really didn’t do it?”

“I TOLD you. I didn’t!”


Hyung Min asks him again if he knew Kyung Mi, and this time, Park Sa lies-he didn’t know her. Hyung Min lowers his gun and tells him to go. Park Sa mutters thanks and walks away. His footsteps echo with hyung Min as he hears him leave and remembers his promise with Kyung Mi in his mind-that he’ll definitely catch… no, kill Park Sa. He remembers the way he held her when she died, and tears fall from his eyes in the present. *Floored*

Park Sa also pauses at the staircase and takes a moment to compose himself before heading off.


Jo’s minions are taken in for questioning while Hyung Min receives medical care and Ahn bursts in, wondering what has happened and reminds him they’re on the same team now. Hyung Min tells him to quit drugs and then they’ll talk. He then calls up Hyung Min’s father and tells him Hyung Min was hurt by Busan’s men.

His father is at tea with Busan-Busan called him, and here he threatens Hyung Min’s dad. He states that he’s the one who made Hyung Min’s dad as he is today so he gets to make the decisions about what he should do. Hyung Min’s dad says this is the time for them to stay quiet but Jo doesn’t care.


The reporter comes to see Hyung Min and states that he should be more careful as she sees his injuries and he just asks her for information. She’s left sighing after he storms off once again right after getting what he needs.

Jin Suk and Soo Min are on their way back and Jin Suk wonders why Hyung Min was there and asks Soo Min who the guy she slept with was, since she and Hyung Min were never lovers. “I could tell just by looking.” Soo Min lies that it’s her boyfriend from before but it’s finished now. Jin Suk tells her it’s better that way-what kind of boyfriend leaves money?


Park Sa returns but doesn’t go inside since he sees Jin Suk taking Soo Min there. He then tells minion to take Gyu Suk. Inside Park Sa’s lair, Soo flips his lid when he sees Jin Suk brought someone along and doesn’t buy that it’s a sister. “I know you have no real siblings! Do you know where this is?” Jin Suk shuts him up by saying she’ll take responsibility and Soo Min remembers him as Park Sa’s right hand man that Hyung Min told her about.


That causes her to look at him with renewed awareness and concealed anger. But no one notices since Soo and Jin Suk step to a side to talk. She tells him about Soo Min saving her life and tells him not to worry. He argues that this is Park Sa’s place. Has she forgotten no one knows about it but them only? She reminds him that she’s not someone to burden Park Sa and will take responsibility. Just then her phone rings.


It’s Park Sa. His words, “Send her back! Right now.” She says she will and he adds, “Noona, without my permission, nobody comes in.”


So she goes to Soo Min and Soo Min understands she should leave without Jin Suk saying anything. She apologizes for making Jin Suk uncomfortable and heads off. Soo watches her go with a suspicious expression. As she’s heading out, Soo Min turns back and whispers to herself, “That is definitely Park Sa’s place!”

And Park Sa watches her as she walks away.


Park Sa heads in but doesn’t stop to chat with anyone and tells them he wants to be alone as he heads straight for his office. Once there, he sits in thought.

Back at her home, Soo Min looks at the wall of evidence Hyung Min out up and calls up Hyung Min. She asks him if he’s okay and begins to tell him about meeting Soo and he seems to begin to tell her something but stops and cuts the call, telling her he’ll call her back tomorrow.

So she starts doing her own research work and goes through his papers and evidence bag.

Hyung Min sleeps at the office and Officer Oh brings him breakfast. Oh tells him something that has him rushing to Ahn’s office. Turns out, Ahn wants the matter resolved easily since there is no evidence. Hyung Min doesn’t fight back.

Jo welcomes his minion back… by cutting off the man’s hand… or at least slicing it up. Oh. He then sends the man out to find Jang Gyu Suk, warning that another failure would mean his death.

Soo asks Park Sa if they’re manufacturing drugs or not and Jin Suk wonders if they’ll be fine since Jo knows about Gyu Suk. But Park Sa doesn’t seem to be worried.


Safari and his minions fight off some more of Jo’s henchmen and make their getaway. Safari makes a call to Park Sa who tells him, “Good work.” Safari asks him to send over Jang Gyu but Park Sa says since that place has been discovered, they need to change the address of the factory.

Safari then discusses something with Eun Soo and Chung Mo that has Chung Mo burst out-is he so tired of living that he’s saying that? Safari just smiles in response.

Joon Young is leaving Ahn who wails at her departure and wonders if she was never genuine in her feelings towards him. He then gets a call from Park Sa who asks what became of what he asked-regarding the person behind him. Ahn tells him he now knows his true identity.

“Whether I’m President Jung or Park Sa Adeul, you’re the person who can do nothing about even if you do know!” Park Sa tells him as he shuts him up and tells him to follow as he says.


Later, Ahn dashes out of his house and goes to a restaurant. Unknown to him, Park Sa is watching him and seems to have been waiting at the place.

He’s here to meet Hyung Min’s dad who laughs at Park Sa’s attempts to threaten Ahn. He tells Ahn to find the guy and call him. As soon as he says that, the door opens. Lo and behold, it’s Park Sa.


So Park Sa and HM’s Dad are left alone for a chat. When Park Sa moves to sit, HM’s Dad tells him to stay where he is. Then he asks him why he’s gone to such obvious lengths to get in touch with him? and then he warns him against making a mistake. Park Sa apologizes and gets straight to the point. He’ll work instead of Busan-means back him instead of Busan. HM’s Dad is silent for a momen before continuing that he doesn’t know what he means but he definitely made a mistake towards him for the second time (as in, was disrespectful or something).

“I know your son is Ji Hyung Min.”

“That’s the third mistake.” HM’s dad says as he gets up and heads to the door.

But Park Sa lays it out-Hyung Min is chasing Busan right now. If he leaves it be, won’t everything come out into the open? Maybe he’ll lose his son for it. And then he gestures at HM’s dad to sit.


Ahn, who has been eavesdropping, walks away.

As they sit, HM’s dad asks him if he’s Park Sa and Park Sa pours him a drink while saying he’ll give him much more than Busan but the man pours it down on to the table. Oh. *shudder* So Park Sa pours him another drink.

“Someone’s status is not about looking the place that person is seeing, but seeing the person that is sitting in/occupying that place/seat. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Park Sa says he does. HM’s Dad drinks the wine Park Sa poured before getting up and leaving.

Outside, he tells Ahn to do something at the police station.

Inside, Park Sa is still sitting and thinking over HM’s Dad’s words.


HM’s Dad goes to the river side where he meets… Safari. Safari asks him if he thought about what he said and HM’s Dad asks, “That you’ll act in place of Chairman Jo?” He laughs and just says it’s interesting. Then he asks him what he thinks about Park Sa. Safari says-won’t he be pitiful until the very end? Then he asks if he’ll use him and HM’s Dad quotes the same words he said to Park Sa.

Safari thanks him for the chance and tells him, “I’ll come see you again when I’m sitting in that seat/place.

He bows and HM’s Dad leaves.

Soo is still thinking about Soo Min’s reaction to him-so he did notice! When Park Sa returns, he approaches him about it but Park Sa tells him not to worry about it. Soo wonders if he knows her then and Park Sa brushes off the topic. Soo continues-he really doesn’t like the feel of that girl but before more can be said, Jin Suk walks in.

She’s bearing bad news-the man they were looking for has already gotten out. Soo laments that Busan beat them again so Park Sa decides to reach for outer help. Meaning Hong Ki.

He wants to find the drug factory so wants to use Haneul but Hong Ki doesn’t seem keen on the idea. As Park Sa’s leaving, Hong Ki says he knows all about what he did with Ahn. Park Sa wonders if he heard from Hyung Min but Hong Ki laughs-does he need to hear it from someone to know? Park Sa tells him there’s no need for him to worry-he’s not using Ahn again. Then he turns to leave.

But he turns back again. “Did you know? Me and Ji Hyung Min were in the same class in academy?”

“I know.”

“If I went to the academy, would I have been like him now?”

But he smiles rather than waiting for an answer and heads away.

Hyung Min meets with Hong Ki and asks him how one continues when he doubts everything he once believed? Hong Ki smiles and says that it’s an everyday battle between trust and doubt but that doubt is also part of one’s thinking. One of the two will have to win and even that is the person’s own thought.

Hyung Min agrees and then tells him he met Park Sa. That wipes the smile from Hong Ki’s face and asks him what he means. Hyung Min states the truth-that he helped Hyung Min and asked to catch Busan together. And is it just me or does this expression of Hong Ki really look like fear?

Hong Ki immediately calls up Park Sa and shouts at him for doing something unnecessary. Park Sa replies, “Ji Hyung Min should know what isn’t true/doesn’t make sense. That I didn’t kill Kyung Mi.”

Hong Ki asks if it doesn’t matter if he loses his friends/support then and asks if Park Sa doesn’t know how he’s let Jin Suk and Hyun Soo go all this time. But Park Sa calmly replies, “It must have been using (them)!AWESOME! Park Sa, I love you more than ever! Oh you smarty pants!

Park Sa reminds him Hong Ki needs help to catch Busan so he should just give up. Also, not to forget the promise to Jin Suk noona being undercover for 10 years (I’m not too sure about this part-I’ve listened again and again, but I can’t quite place the statement!)

And then he hangs up on Hong Ki.

Park Sa drinks while Hong Ki thinks about the latest turn of events, finally breaking a pencil into half. Oh you baddie!

Jin Suk gets a visitor-Jo’s minion. Seriously, couldn’t she stop coming back to the bar for a few days? And so she’s taken hostage. Soo Min happens to watch her being taken out and hides before the baddies can see her. Jin Suk sees her though, and she signals a nod to Jin Suk.

As they reach the underground parking, Soo Min calls out to her from the back and the two minions holding her turn around. Taking advantage of the surprise in that moment, Jin Suk knocks out one of her captors while Soo Min knocks out the other. The head minion and another lackey, ahead already, rush back just as Jin Suk and Soo Min make a run for it.

The minions think Jin Suk and Soo Min went out so they rush out the exit but Soo Min and Jin Suk, are hiding nearby and head the other way. In the staircase though, Jin Suk proposes they split up-it’s too dangerous. Taking Soo Min’s phone, she enters a number and tells her to call this number for help. She intends to go out alone.

“If you use my name, that person will definitely protect you!”

Soo Min protests-they should go together but Jin Suk disagrees. When Soo Min asks who it is, Jin Suk replies, “Shi Hyun. Jung Shi Hyun.”

Soo Min stands there, frozen in shock at hearing the familiar name, not knowing what to think.



Okay, this episode was long, no? Not in the regular long sense, it was just the same time frame-but there was so much happening in it that halfway in I was like-this’ll probably be ending soon only to realize there was a lot more left! And the reason why I felt this-cause this episode was filled with so much action, so much movement that you just get caught up in the whirlwind of it! After last night’s somewhat slower paced episode, this was another amazing characteristic Heartless City episode. What’s more, I get to see more Soo!

One of the best things about this show is how it brings both Hyung Min and Park Sa to the forefront. We finally get a confrontation between the two and for all his ‘Park Sa is the one. Park Sa killed Kyung Mi. I’ll kill Park Sa’ Hyung Min really isn’t blind to what his gut and the evidence is telling him-that Park Sa isn’t the one and he didn’t kill Kyung Mi. When he finally does come face to face with the ‘monster’ he thought was Park Sa-he saw himself seeing just another person. And how do I love that he can easily pick the emotion beneath Park Sa’s outburst and clues in that perhaps Park Sa knew Kyung Mi before.

And the way he tears up when he remembers Kyung Mi’s death and his promise to her-heartbreaking. His tears signify so much-that he’s still not over her death but the one purpose that kept him going; to find Park Sa and kill him as Kyung Mi’s murderer has just turned to dust in front of him and he has no idea what to do next. It is such a mirror of Park Sa’s own reaction, when he pauses in the staircase to compose himself, as if he’s just let go of a hard burden he’s kept on his shoulders all this while. While it may be relief for him that half the truth is out, it’s hard for Hyung Min who has to start from point A all over again. But the best part is that the goal both of these men share is the same-to find the true killer, and while Park Sa is probably as easger to put a bullet through the responsible person’s body, I’m sure at the end, he will let Hyung Min step in to collect his debt. [I’m holding on to the belief that it IS Hong Ki, unless the show does another 180 on us and show us Hong Ki is really a good guy?!] I so want him to go beyond Park Sa’s denial of knowing Kyung Mi and find out the relationship between the two-that’ll allow him to understand Park Sa more and what wouldn’t I give to see these two team up to catch the baddies-which includes Hong Ki at the TOP of the list, please! Pretty please!

Oh, and watching Jin Suk get help from Hyung Min while she’s out attending a ‘seminar’-priceless!

I’ve said this before-I find Chairman Jo frightening, because all he needs is to smile and tell his men, ever so calmly to kill and they follow suit. His smiling, soft spoken attitude is similar to Park Sa’s except Park Sa is always cold and harsh even when he’s soft spoken. What makes Jo worse for me is the way he’s always smiling at you and you can’t fathom what the man is thinking. At least with Park Sa, you can see the anger reflected in his eyes and expression. The way Jo killed Jo Oh in the last episode, smiling as his throat was sliced open-that is just plain crazy! But in this episode, we’ve seen his evil tamped down to just a few scenes where he’s mostly just been a man talking threats so he’s not seemed much dangerous-even if he still feels like a total psychopath.

What’s most interesting though is the way his connection to Hyung Min’s dad is panning out. What does he mean he’s the one who helped them achieve what they have? Moreover, there is a reason why Park Sa and Safari both-vying for Jo’s position are approaching him. Also, he’s given them both perfect freedom to pursue it if they want which means he must have enough power and connections that he’s not afraid of the retaliation it may cause from Chairman Jo. Are we set to discover that perhaps Jo is the lesser threat when compared to the men who back him-including Hyung Min’s dad? But then, will taking down Jo be equivalent to taking down Busan? When there’s bigger powers in the back, all they need is a snap of fingers to get things started back up!

And yesssssssssss!!! Park Sa is not letting Hong Ki off the hook-he really is suspicious of him. Not in the total you’d-betray-me-anytime sense but in the you’re-not-to-be-trusted sense. I believe that might be one of the reasons he’s finally come face to face with Hyung Min himself-he can’t trust Hong Ki to let the truth out. I love how he calls Hong Ki out on his supposed sympathy and care for his friends and tells him off. He went undercover to get to Busan and avenge his mother-he may have lost one goal, but he isn’t about to forfeit the war that will help him with the other!

hehe, sorry for the loooooonnnng rant, but everyone’s long comments are most welcome and appreciated! 😉

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  1. Wait, I’m confused. Who’s Pusan? I thought Chairman Jo was Pusan…

  2. I think the part where you were not sure, is that what Park Sa meant was to ask Min to remove the undercover he has or HM has placed under Jinsook, He mean to remove SM not like what you thought it meant. I read you recap first I thought JS was also an undercover. But she wasn’t.

  3. About this part: “forget the promise to Jin Suk noona being undercover for 10 years”

    No, Shi Hyun reminded Min again to end the undercover mission to spy on Auntie – aka to end Soo Min’s job. 🙂

    • Thank you for posting that. I thought I would die with the wait.

      Thank the lord Lee Jin Sook is alive.

      Oh my goodness. That is very gutsy of Soo Min, but that’s Doc Son area he’s going to know she is there.

    • Luvnlife_Sara

      Thank you Thank you Thank you. I can stop refreshing this page until next week. 🙂 Can anyone translate?

  4. Everybody now knows who is Pak Sa and have seen his face, so what does that mean, it means the drama is going to end soon. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    So are they going to team up Pak Sa and Hyung Min? Is this a good idea I mean one is a cop and another a drug dealer who is undercover who do not trust Hong Ki, because he is a bastard who uses people and discards them.
    I LOVED when Pak Sa and Hyung Min were facing each other and Hyung Min’s tear but….but…but… the promise is invalid now because Pak Sa didnt kill Kyung Mi.
    Why did Jin Suk said Shi Hyun, she could have said Pak Sa Adeul no. idontknowidnotknow
    Hyung Mins father – what was his name again?- is a cunning man.
    Jin Suk’s comment when Soo and Pak Sa were drinking AHAHAHAHAA -its kinda true we dont see our OTP together as much we see these two together –
    Oh yeah we didnt get to see much high heels in the last episode so they are back now.

  5. Great recap! It helped to clear up some of the fuzzy areas from reading the subtitles alone. Always interesting to read someone else’s thoughts on what went down 🙂

  6. It was a intense episode, right!? 🙂 I love how so many things happen in one episode it’s almost too much to handle it. And yes… gosh it almost feels like watching a movie instead of drama because 10 minutes feel like 30 minutes.

    Loved that there was FINALLY a confrontation between Shi Hyun and HM.

    If Min isn’t the bad guy and manipulator in the end I’m going nuts because he is just argh. Everytime I see him on screen I want to yell at him to stop whatever plan he is having in his mind. And I love how smart Shi Hyun is… Don’t trust him, Shi Hyun!

    And Busan… this man has no scruples. Funnily I think he and Min are very similar…. Min has no scruples at all either. But they live in different enviroments and Busan seems to play a much bigger role. Also that he was involved with the career of HM’s father. It always works that way… you help somebody to get the position he wants and you have him in your hand. Really looking forward to see how things are going to solved in the next 4 episodes.

    Loved Soo Min in this episode… it was the first time she felt like what should’ve been like for the past episodes – a undercover cop. And now with the revelation at the end of the episode I hope she will connect the dots that Shi Hyun is Paksa and then instead of killing him. Still wondering why the hell HM didn’t tell her about what Paksa said to him that he didn’t kill KM. If this leads to Soo Min killing Shi Hyun – I’m going to give HM a good slap. Just saying….

    Oh and Soo Min now knows where Paksa lives…. yikes… Shi Hyun, you need to move. LOL

    Anyway such a great episode with a equally amazing recap from you! 😀 Thank you very much! ❤ Now we only have to wait for the preview to come out. T-T

  7. Thanks for the recap! is there a preview for episode 17?

  8. Thank you for the recap ^_^
    I love this drama so much! Let’s hope Park Sa and Hyung Min will work together. And i really really hope that this show will have a happy ending where Park Sa and Soo Min become a couple. I don’t wanna see anybody die. Just don’t or I will cry :p

  9. love the rant:)
    love this episode,the intensity of it , plus i get to see all my favourite characters, daebak.

    Meanwhile, hong ki ‘the great manipulater’ is in to deep, there is no way that he is not guilty of something i mean, and i just felt relief that shi yun is aware of it at this point.

    from what i see, all the upper higher, ‘justice man’ i would like to call, are corrupt. And it is sad to see all the good guy(good cop) takes order from them.

  10. Such an action filled episode…my head is still reeling from just reading. I would love to see.Hyung Min and Park Sa work together really, and letting Soo Min on that Park Sa didn’t really kill Kyung Mi. One can hope….but I’m still mourning over Scale so I’m not very happy with the shoW. There was something about him that just made him endearing for some reason. And so does Safari, who better not die by the end of this series or I will cry. Or Hyung Kin. Or Soo. Park Sa might actually die when I think about it. If not him, then Soo Min. I’ve just got this dreary feeling that something is gonna happen to one of them…and as for their relationship, they have 2 weeks left to fall in love and actually declare it, is all I’m sayin’

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