Heartless City Episode 14 Recap


I ride into every episode thinking, Can this get any better? and every time, the show blows me over. Things take worse than a bad turn for our hero in this episode. I said it once before, if Hong Ki betrayed Park Sa, it would be too much for Park Sa to take and his world will literally crash down on him, like dominoes. Now that it’s happening, there’s no way to stop it. And when he cries, your heart bleeds right there with his!

Episode 14 Recap:

As soon as he hangs up the phone, Park Sa drives Soo Min back to the club. Once there, he removes her battery-so they can’t track her and tells her to get a new number. But she’s more concerned for him-what will he do? He’s also in danger! She asks him what the matter is and why won’t he say anything and he bursts out at her.

“Don’t you get it? You were in danger because of me!” In a quieter voice he adds, “Therefore, don’t be by my side.


Okay, totally wrong reaction for me, but SWOON! He gets out of the car and walks away but she calls out to him-she’ll be waiting for him at the coffee shop tomorrow. Since they have no way to be in contact now, he has to come, he must come! He stops in his tracks for a moment but then walks away.


At his place, Park Sa draws out a briefcase of drugs and thinks of what to do now. He contemplates making a call. Hyung Min at the very moment is debating whether Haneul’s death is actually Park Sa’s message to him. The reporter drops by to see him… armed with lunch. But he excuses himself and walks away. The reporter watches him walk away and wonders to herself, “How on earth did Kyung Mi Unni land herself that guy?


Hyung Min stares at his wall of evidence at home and the dead commissioner’s words ring in his mind. His phone rings and he answers, immediately brought to alert by the fact that it’s Park Sa on the other end. Hyung Min asks him why he made Haneul out to be Park Sa and if this means war with Busan. Park Sa agrees and tells him to listen clearly, “I didn’t kill Lee Kyung Mi.”

Hyung Min lashes out at him and tells him never to utter her name again. Park Sa says fine, but would Hyung Min be able to catch him? Hyung Min promises to kill him when he does. Park Sa tells him he’s giving him a chance right now then-come to where he is and not to be late if he doesn’t want others to die.


Hyung Min rides to the place and gives an update to Officer Oh. At the same time, Park Sa grabs the briefcase and heads out… back to the dragon’s lair, aka to meet Chairman Jo, who is currently enjoying dinner. And he stalks in, calm as you please.

Chairman Jo asks him why he’s alone and he holds up the briefcase-he’s brought him a gift. Minion takes the briefcase to Jo just as Hyung Min arrives outside. Looking at the drugs, Chairman Jo says Park Sa must be out of his mind, calling this a gift to him. Hyung Min is denied access inside so he fights his way in just as Jo’s men move in to kill Park Sa.


Ever so awesomely, Park Sa fights off Jo’s men-even using his coat at one time and then donning it back on. Chairman Jo watches with a smile because although Park Sa is good-his men are plenty and they manage to get a hit in, here and there. He then gets up to leave by a side entrance.

Hyung Min manages to get inside the room and Park Sa, using the distraction he caused, grabs the briefcase and walks away, but not before Hyung Min sees his retreating back and remembers him from the day he had confronted him in the rain. He fights off the men and heads to follow Park Sa. Making his getaway, Park Sa keeps looking back to make sure he’s not being followed and makes his getaway through a staircase where Hyung Min also follows.


Chairman Jo is being escorted away when Park Sa grabs him and holds a knife to his throat and tells the Chairman, “I won’t make a deal with you anymore.” Jo laughs-because he’s wanting to die?


Just then, Hyung Min arrives at the end of the corridor and Park Sa pushes Jo back into his line of vision-along with the briefcase of drugs. Aha, nice move Park Sa. Except, since Jo’s such a big baddie, he’d hardly stay in jail for this. Park Sa walks away while Jo stands there at gunpoint and Hyung Min finds the place empty when he looks around for Park Sa.


And so Jo is arrested. When Hyung Min questions him on who he is and what his relationship to Park Sa is, Jo simply smiles. His smile visibly falters though, when Hyung Min asks, “Are you Busan?” Curious!


From a corner, Park Sa watches.

In the police station, Prosecutor Ahn watches as Chairman Jo is brought in. Ahn then immediately phones Hyung Min’s dad with the update. His dad then makes a call to someone who tells him what to do.

Hong Ki calls up Officer Oh and inquires what happened. He’s surprised to hear Park Sa called Hyung Min to the place, which is how the arrest happened. Which is when a number of officials come into Hong Ki’s office asking why they’ve arrested Chairman Jo with a drugs charge since it doesn’t make sense to them.


Park Sa gets another message from Hong Ki-time for a meetup… in a church. Hong Ki screams at Park Sa-what useless things has he been doing? Park Sa argues that they’ve caught Chairman Jo but Hong Ki says a mere drug charge won’t hold against the guy. Wasn’t their objective a fight with Busan to get to them all and Park Sa shouts back-they’ve already started it all!

Hong Ki: “Shi Hyun ah, you can’t win like this.”

Park Sa: “I know… that I can’t win. But so what? I have to do it!”

With that, he turns and walks away. A few steps away, he stumbles and catches a bench for support, stopping for a few moments before moving on. Hong Ki never even looks back at him.


As Park Sa’s driving home, he looks over and over at his hands and wounds on them. Passing by the convenience store where he met with Soo Min, he thinks back to her. Even back at his place, he remembers the first encounter as he holds a box of bandages.


Jin Suk and Soo arrive together for a meeting with Park Sa, Jo Oh and minions. Hie order of business-they won’t deal with Busan anymore-no distribution. Instead, they’re making their own drug factory-manufacturing them and distributing them on their own. He tasks Soo, Jo Oh and Jin Suk with what to do-announcing, “We no longer need Busan.” Jin Suk seems a bit worried, or taken aback by the sudden change in plans.

Soo, Jin Suk and Park Sa stand together later and Jin Suk asks him if he really must go so far-“This will be war with Busan!” I love Soo’s answer-“Oh come on, this is going to be really fun!” She asks Park Sa to think it over but Park Sa tells her Chairman Jo will never acknowledge him-not until the end.


Eun Soo and Safari hear of the latest events and the former is flabbergasted, “What the hell do we do now? Laugh or cry?!”

Soo Min looks for the lipstick device she lost when Jin Suk walks in on her. She lies that she lost her lipstick and tells Jin Suk she changed her number because “I wasn’t liking it.” And then she asks, hesitantly.

“Is Director Jo (Jo Haneul) dead?“

Jin Suk confirms it. “There’s nothing else I could do. Sending you to that man, I hated it to death. I didn’t want you to do something like that. I know more than anyone, how humiliating that is.”

Soo Min is shaken, and just nods. Once back in her room, she throws away the lipstick device.


That night, Safari comes to see Jin Suk. He wants to know if Park Sa is responsible for Chairman Jo being in jail right now. Jin Suk says Hyung Min was the one who caught him but Safari knows the whole setup must’ve been by Park Sa and tells Jin Suk Chairman Jo will never acknowledge Park Sa. She doesn’t bat an eyelash at that and tells him to just go and beg Park Sa for forgiveness-that’s what an uncle should do, no? “Don’t make me hate you anymore!” With that, she walks away. Safari sits there in thought as she makes a business call in the background and then walks away. She watches him go while he turns to look back every few steps.


Chairman Jo is still in interrogation but not cooperating at all-he’s just wiping away his sweat. When Hyung Min asks him what his relationship with Park Sa is, there’s no reply. So Hyung Min continues-he’ll lay out the scenario. Park Sa mutinied against Jo Oh and Chairman Jo sent Safari to deal with him. Unfortunately, Safari made a mistake and the fact that he’s a police officer was uncovered. So Chairman Jo then sent Haneul to deal with both Park Sa and Safari. But Safari ended up killing Haneul so Jo came down to deal with them both himself. But Park Sa got away once again and now, here Chairman Jo is, sitting in the police station.

“Chairman Jo, when will you avenge your son?”

At that, Jo finally turns to look at him and cracks a smile but says nothing as his expressions range from amused to furious.


Just then, Ahn bursts in and starts apologizing to Jo for all the trouble and says he can go.

Hyung Min leaps at him-on whose authority? The whole police station has to step in to stop the fight. Ahn explains the reasons they can’t keep Jo any longer, which includes lack of evidence and tells Hyung Min to let him go right this minute before things get worse. Jo is walked out of the police station and he’s smiling while Hyung Min glares at him, furious but unable to do anything. Ahn watches him go with a smile.


And so Chairman Jo goes to lunch… with Hyung Min’s dad. It seems they know each other from way back as Hyung Min’s dad apologizes for his son’s behavior. Jo asks if that’s why he called?

“Park Sa, Safari Moon Duk Bae-if you catch them, definitely give me a call.” He orders and promises to take care of things nicely. Hyung Min’s dad agrees and continues, he’s apologetic about his son’s behavior but the Chairman must take care of the matter between him and Haneul’s wife. Huh? Yes, I’m sure I heard it right, but what does it mean? Chairman Jo’s expression tightens and Hyung Min’s dad proposes a drink.

As they’re drinking, Chairman Jo tells Hyung Min’s dad that the son definitely is like his father. He’s then offended that the drink he was given is Sake and calls out to the serving person to bring wine.


Hyung Min drinks to himself that night at Kyung Mi and Soo Min’s place too. When Soo Min arrives, he shouts at her for changing her number. She states its within her rights to do it-it is her number. But his reasons are valid too-he couldn’t get in contact with her for several hours-does she know how worried he was?

“If something bad were to happen to you… Kyung Mi won’t ever forgive me!”

She relents and apologizes. He then tells her Park Sa called him and used him to catch Busan. But he’s drunk and can’t continue anymore.

He wakes up the next morning on the sofa and finds a note from Soo Min on the refrigerator about breakfast she’s left for him. It’s not as good as her Unni’s, she states, but asks him to enjoy it nonetheless and calls him ‘Brother-in-law’. Okay, she’s definitely moved on and what a wonderful way of showing it to us, show!


Eun Soo asks Safari if they should just go away to Japan but he tells her he left the police for money. After that, he goes to visit the orphanage where Kyung Mi and Park Sa were together and as he leaves, he has a picture of them both and smiles to himself.

Hyung Min’s dad and Ahn are at lunch together where Hyung Min lays out the possibility that the man Ahn is in touch with might be Park Sa himself. Hyung Min meets his prosecutor friend where she gives him details about Ahn’s latest girlfriend-Joon Young. Hyung Min dismisses the possibility that Ahn brought the girl the expensive apartment she’s living in and says it must be from Park Sa. He then remembers the girl from the time Kyung Mi had introduced her and Soo Min to him at the orphanage.


Ahn goes home drunk that night and rails at Joon Young and wants to know what the real name is of the guy who is posing as the President Jung. She says she doesn’t know and is visibly frightened by the turn of events.

Hyung Min meets his reporter friend and he tasks her to look more into the matters he asked for. He sees her drinking tomato juice and wonders why she’s off alcohol now. She thanks him for being the one to get her straight and asks him to accompany her to a movie. He cites a meeting he has to attend and she offers to wait until its over.



Hyung Min goes to see his father who asks him if he doesn’t plan on coming home and how long he plans to whine over a dead woman. Hyung Min asks his dad about Jo’s release who says it was an order from above. Hyung Min wonders if it’s because they know about Chairman Jo and Busan’s connection. Hyung Min’s dad asks if he thinks prosecutors are so laughable to him and tells his son to stop meddling. As he’s leaving, he says he heard Hyung Min was meeting Cha’s daughter and tells him to do well. Really Dad?

As a result, Hyung Min calls up the reporter and cancels with her. She laughs it off as if no big deal but in reality though, he is standing a little behind her and watches her, looking a tad… regretful?


Park Sa’s still undecided about Soo Min’s offer and she sits in the café, waiting for him to show up. Unknown to her, he is there, but turns away from outside. So a drunk Soo Min calls up Joon Young.


Once Joon Young’s there, Soo Min tears up and confides in her friend, “I must really love that person. I miss him, I miss him so much. What will I do if I can’t see him again?” Joon Young tries to ask her who she’s talking about but she doesn’t answer and heads home. Once there, she lies on her bed and cries silently. Park Sa as well is roaming the streets just driving around as if nowhere to go.


Park Sa asks Soo a favor who balks at it. Park Sa wants him to let Chung Mo go and Soo argues-he shows Park Sa the scar on his stomach from Chung Mo and reminds him that he killed Hye Su, the woman he loved and says he can’t let the man go.

Chung Mo is tied up in a stable where Soo arrives and sends his men away. The he draws a blade and heads in. Inside however, Chung Mo hits him with a pipe-so he wasn’t tied or managed to untie himself. Soo falls to the ground but doesn’t follow Chung Mo as he runs away and shouts out in frustration. He then makes a call, “Park Sa, this is the last time. Next time, I’m seriously not letting him go.


Outside, Chung Mo gets into a taxi and is relieved no one is following him. So he asks the driver for his phone and calls up Safari. Chung Mo’s ecstatic about his escape but Safari realizes it’s odd and lays it out-they let him go so they could get to Safari. Which is when we see the driver is Park Sa. He parks to the side abruptly and takes the phone from Chung Mo, then knocks him out.


Safari asks him if he knows Chairman Jo was let go and says there’s no reason for the two to meet. Park Sa asks him, “Why did you quit the force?” Safari looks conflicted on how to answer but finally says there was no specific reason-it’s all for money. Then he asks Park Sa, “Do you want to know who killed Lee Kyung Mi?” and we see he is holding the childhood photo of Park Sa and Kyung Mi.

Safari says it was Chairman Jo who did it.

Exiting the taxi, Park Sa takes a moment to get his breath and then asks Safari if it’s true. Safari asks why he’s so interested though and what the relationship between him and Kyung Mi was. Park Sa swiftly says it’s because he’s angry that he’s been wrongfully blamed that he wants to uncover the truth. Safari smiles as if he knows that’s not true and tells Park Sa he was also supposed to die there but was let live because the police, and Hyung Min arrived.


Both meet face to face at the river side where Safari quips that it reminds him of the past. While everything else has changed-they’re still the same. Park Sa says he’s only here since it’s his mother’s anniversary tomorrow. As he’s leaving, Safari tells Park Sa his mother was a great person and Park Sa asks him why he killed her then? Safari is surprised by the question and asks what he means-Park Sa says he was the one responsible for getting her hooked onto drugs and gave them to her until she died.

Safari laughs at him-is that why he wanted to get to him all this while? He tells Park Sa he’s not the one-all he did was distribute drugs, just like Park Sa is doing right now. Maybe they ended up in her hands somehow but he never gave them to her. What about you then and the drugs you distribute? Safari asks him.


Park Sa’s expressions change and you can see he believes Safari. Moreover, Safari adds, his mother was the one who distributed the drugs for Safari. Park Sa doesn’t want to believe it but Safari tells him to sort things out himself they’ll talk when he’s got it clear. With that, he leaves.

Park Sa tries to wrap his head around the new facts. That brings a flashback for him when he’d once delivered something from Safari to his mother. As he’d walked away, he’d spotted his mother packaging drugs, which he’d not realized at that time.


As he now sits at the river side, tears flow from his eyes. He remembers the last time he had made the delivery and his mother had been dead. Horrified at himself, he stares at his hands and injures himself by hitting one hand with a rock, drawing blood. But his pain is too much to be sated, even with that.

Hong Ki gets another call from Park Sa and they meet in the church again. This time Park Sa asks Hong Ki how his mother died. Hong Ki confirms that she died of a drug overdose. Hearing that, Park Sa turns to leave. As he’s walking away, Hong Ki calls out to him, “Shi Hyun, is it hard? Chairman Jo was also released again. I’m worried about you. If it’s too hard, just tell me anytime. You can come back to the police!


Park Sa turns back and grabs Hong Ki by his shirtfront, dragging him up. And then he shouts at him, “Why, huh? Why did you do this to me?!”


Hong Ki: “Shi Hyun ah”

Park Sa: “Don’t call my name! I’m Park Sa Adeul! Now, everything is finished!”

With that, he releases Hong Ki and walks away, an angry gleam in his eyes.


 Comments will be up tomorrow folks! Sorry for the delays, but believe me, my routine is totally crazy these days! >_< Till then, let’s cry with uri Park Sa and pray for a definite happy ending for our baddie-he deserves it more than anyone! 

P.S. Is there a preview out?


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  1. Oh, no. Why do I think Hong Ki is going to end up being Shi Hyun’s real father? This is the staple of almost every Kdrama — birth secrets

  2. Heya *waves*
    *whispers* ITS ME

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Paksa is going towards the dark side, now he will know how Safari felt. When ones trust turns into a betrayal. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I hate Hong Ki, he uses people, and I hated him the first time he appeared on my screen and ripped his recognition certificate or whatever the hell that was.
    Aside from Soo Min’s high heels and sometimes (ok always) police incompetence and some random scenes with random people I dont care about, all is good.

    • Lol, your comments never make me stop smiling! I’ve missed having you run around here!! 😛

      Personally, i would so love Park Sa to go to the dark side just to up and reveal the truth about Hong Ki, but we’ve got to take what the writers give us, so I just hope it’ll be good. Like the Doctor says, “We’re all stories in the end, just make sure it’s a good one!”

      How does Soo Min run around in those heels?! >_<

  3. Does it get any more Daebak than this! i guess next week will tell. btw can anyone tell me what Shi Hyun meant when he said “Why, huh? Why did you do this to me?!” to Hong ki. I mean was it just a general rant as to his fate at present or was he indicating some specific event/s that were caused by Hong ki.

    Side note: Soo Min sure can run in those heels. she could probably use them as weapons, look sharp enough 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the recap. I can’t imagine how this is going to end.
    Did anyone think Safari was lying when he told Parksa it was Chairman Jo that killed the female cop?
    I honestly thought it was the cop that is a mole did it.(Don’t remember his name)

  5. There is a preview out! Go to couchkimchi and they posted it! its from the networks youtube channel

  6. I love your recaps. I’m enjoying this drama the way your enjoying it. I love the layers the writers built into this drama and the intricate relationships everyone has with each other. Some you hate but yet forgive(? End up liking?) – like Jo Ah. I like what he says about the criminal world. It’s ruled by those who have the power to kill you. Trust/loyalty isn’t worth s*^t. And that’s where we see Parksa/Shi Hyun’s dilemma. He saves Soo instead of Soo’s girlfriend, doesn’t relinquish his relationship with Auntie even when some of her decisions produce the opposite effect, still has some regards for Safari ahjusshi, and just saved Soo Min knowing that he probably just signed her death warrant.

    The good guys aren’t as innocent as they proclaim to be. Hyung min’s relentless pursuit of Parksa irks me a little because Red Flag even he himself said that cops used similar rifles as the sniper that killed Kyung min. He shot another officer with it.

    Hongki is “good” but he’s powerless against anything. Or is he just useless?! Safari accused him of not even trying to catch Busan. While it seems that Chairman Jo knew all along that Safari was a cop, he might not know that Parksa was one Parksa might’ve had a chance of catching Busan but with the fall out from the coup, how does Hong Ki really think that Parksa could endure anymore. Parksa already knows he signed a death warrant.

    I for one love the love story going on here. Whether it was a fast love or not the subtleness and tension whenever Shi Hyun and Soo Min meet are just well done. The actors have really related depths of emotions. I hope what she feels for him overrides her own revenge and she starts seeking the truth behind Kyung mins death as well. But I’m thinking maybe Parksa will have evidence/a conversation with Soo Min present which reveals that someone else killed Kyung min. We might get to see Parksa repeating his own line about the world to Soo min which leads to her rationally figuring out whether she believes him or not.

    Sorry for my rambling. I just really really enjoy this drama. And I love your recaps and comments.

  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful recap! *hugs* 😀

    Okay where to start…!? So many things happend in today episode. Maybe I should start with the OTP part because this is done fast. kkk

    I’m one of those people who complain about the lack of OTP moments but at the same time I’m good with it because the short moments they have – even though they aren’t together are speaking volumes. Especially when Shi Hyun remembered their first brief encounter. I was kinda fangirling because omg… I didn’t expect that he actually noticed Soo Min. Of course I saw his glance at her but I never really thought that he really noticed her. :3 ❤

    Anyways… I don't get people who are complaining that Soo Min fell for Shi Hyun so fast – as if there is logic behind feelings. kkk

    About Soo Min throwing away the lipstick device…. she already turned it off when she found it and BEFORE Auntie told her that she hated to send Soo Min to Jo Haneul. And I don't mind it. If HM wants informations he should diguise as a hostess and spy on Auntie by himself. xD

    I really love Shi Hyun's decision at the end of episode 14. I think he should've done it a long time ago because Min is definitely a douchebag with many spies. But then again Min himself seems to be small fish in the pond – BUT he still evil.

    But what's with the connection between HM's father and Busan!?!

    But now that Shi Hyun has declared war to Busan… sh** is definitely going to hit the fan soon. My poor Shi Hyun! I'm scared for his life but then again… when am I not!? T-T

    I want a happy ending for Shi Hyun… I don't care if it's with Soo Min or without her – just let him be alive in the end. *sob*

    And what the hell… did he really think pushing Soo Min will keep her safe? That's some weird misconception in every freaking drama. lol

    Preview for episode 15 is out – yes: http://home.jtbc.co.kr/Preview/PreviewView.aspx?epis_id=EP10016709

    P.S.: Can scratch off the scenes between HM and journalist lady!? Or can writer-nim show that their is actually some important plot behind it? Rather than just seeing how she gets dumbed by HM… LOL

    P.P.S.: And maybe the writer could give HM some brain… I mean Doctor's Son calls him – telling him that he didn't kill KM and all HM can say is "You lie." And I was like "So where are your evidences… where is your police investigation – the real one not the 'I pretend there are evidences against DS'-one??" *sigh*

  8. Thanks for the recaps!

    I loved every minute of this episode and I’m so glad that with five episodes left, the story hasn’t started to drag or become convoluted.
    I honestly wish we’d spend more time with our OTP though. I understand their interest in each other but it is kind of hard to believe that they’re full-on in love when they get two minutes with each other per episode.

    I sort of didn’t understand Soo Min throwing the lipstick away after Jin Sook explained Ha Neul’s death to her. Is she choosing to side with Jin Sook for now? Is she starting to forget who she truly is? I’m also kind of shocked that while we spend so much time with the drug world, that Soo Min’s own character development is thrown to the side. I love seeing Shi Hyun, but I would love to see character development/ hard decisions on Soo Min’s behalf as well. Right now I feel like her only importance/ on-screen time is when she’s waiting to meet with Shi Hyun.

    As for Shi Hyun, I LOVE this new development at the end when he declares that he’s Doctor’s son. I’ve been waiting and hoping that he’d go rogue as well. I would totally understand and back it up.
    It honestly would not surprise me if both Soo Min and Shi Hyun choose to forgo their police identities, adopted their criminal ones, and ruled the drug underworld together with Soo and Jin Suk at their side. They both grew up with others influencing who they would become, and maybe it’s that time where they need to discover who they are as individuals. (Although, looking at the preview for ep. 15, that’s highly unlikely).

    Hyung Min’s character is starting to annoy me (in minuscule amounts). Maybe because he’s blindly going after Shi Hyun that he refuses to see the bigger picture. Even when Shi Hyun spoon feeds him the bad guys, he still fails in the end. He’s so sure Shi Hyun killed her, but he has yet to actually find cold, hard evidence that proves Shi Hyun killed her.

  9. Thanks for the recap 언니
    Dont know what to think about Hong ki ? He’s not as “clean” as he pretends to be but i don’t feel like he’s the “main vilain of the story”.
    Maybe we’ll have to dig around HM’s dad and Pusan ‘s connection.
    Anyways can’t wait for next week, the preview looks promising !

  10. Thanks so much for the recap!
    And yeah the preview for episode 15 is out and OMG such a great preview!!!
    I’m dying for next monday!

  11. Thanks for the recap again.

    Now someone needs to hold me. This show is going to give me heart problems. And the preview for ep 15……OMG

    I seriously don’t trust Hong Ki now. He is keeping way too much secrets. Hyung Min father is also a mystery and I wouldn’t even be surprised is someone else is higher up than Busan.

    Now i really want Doctor’s Son to give up being a cop and go being a full drug lord. I also hope our otp get a chance to sit & talk things over when Soo Min finds out Shi Hyun is doctors son.

    I also hope Hyung Min & the reporter relationship takes a back seat for the rest of episodes because it doesn’t really serve much purpose.

  12. Yay! I was literally just refreshing the page and your recap popped up! Thanks!

    This episode was SO GOOD. Seriously I’m normally a big romantic sap and would be complaining about lack of OTP screen time but I think that the story is so well developed and delivered, down to the itty bitty characters parts, that’s it hard to complain! Except that the police are idiots and the reporter character is a bit too filler-y, but those are minor quibbles.

    I have to make a comment cause I’ve been lurking on various forums and noticed many people moaning about our OTP lacking together screen time, like this episode, but I actually think that now they’re getting a LOT of time! Sure it’s not together, but fact that Paksa remembers his first encounter with Soo Min, when she didn’t see him cause of her constant phone texting, speaks VOLUMES. It might have first started out as lust at first… encounter/proper sit down, but she’s obviously found her way into his heart, despite all of his protests and attempts to block her. And she’s just as affected! Her scene where she sits there at the cafe and waits for him, probably knowing the entire time that he’s NOT going to show up (but definitely lurk in the shadows), was seriously tear wrenching. Normally I hate typical kdrama quintessential episode where one side of the OTP decides “We Can’t Be Together,” but I get this development in Heartless City and approve of it’s use. Even though it breaks my heart :(.

    And absence makes the heart grow fonder! I kinda knew we weren’t going to get much screentime in episode 14 because there was lots that needed to be covered with other story lines, and after he tells her not to contact him anymore and delete his number, it would sorta dilute the impact if they then gave into their feelings and met so soon. I just hate that it’s not Monday!

    Sorry for rambling there for a bit :P, would love hear other’s thoughts!

    • Luvnlife_Sara

      Well said Lyse. I had heard from others that there was not going to be a lot of H/h interaction in this episode. At first I was disappointed but when I watched the episode I thought it was great. Week after week these episodes surprise me. They just keep getting better. This episode really added more layers to the story.

      What is the point of the news lady? Her character seems out of place.

      Episode 15 recaps look great. I am so afraid for Soo Min. Hopefully our Park Sa swoops in with his sassy style… wasn’t his suit coat move awesome! He is such a cool actor!

      • I’m kinda afraid for but Soo Min but at the same time I’m not. The one thing that the writer has proven over and over again is that they take the story in a direction NONE of us are expecting. It’s almost like they’re lurking, reading all of the threads and predictions, and then go the opposite path :P.

        So I feel like perhaps even these crazy events shown in the preview are gonna bring our OTP closer. (I’m gonna assume anyone randomly reading this thread has seen the preview for ep15.) The scene where she’s being threatened by the scary dudes with the needle is the same area where some other guys are getting seriously walloped by Paksa earlier in the preview (I’m assuming) so perhaps he’s saving her there? No matter what his personal feelings are or her identity as an undercover, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Chairman Jo has essentially put a hit on her, and I doubt Paksa is simply going to wash his hands of that situation, no matter how far to the darkside he’s gone.

        And yes, his suit jacket move was extremely swoon worthy! I confess to rewinding and replaying a few times 🙂

        For my two cents, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reveal of Shi Hyun as Paksa isn’t as traumatic to Soo Min as we’re all expecting. She’s already shown a strong bond to Jin Sook, with her removal of the lipstick listening device, so while Paksa is probably going to try to be a total ass to Soo Min to drive her away for a bit and perpetuate his darkside move, she’s gutsy enough to call him on it and remind him that it wasn’t Paksa that’s steadly falling for her, but *Shi Hyun.* And after that ending of ep14 *someone* is going to need to remind that boy of his real identity.

        This is my hope at any rate!

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