Heartless City Episode 13 Recap


Damn, things just went sky high in this episode and we see Park Sa and Busan/Chairman Jo finally come to the point where the only answer is all out war. Park Sa’s all ready to compromise and sacrifice and become the underdog once again, but Soo Min’s the catalyst that ends all possibilities of that. Love’s finally grabbing the hearts of both our leads, but it’s not necessarily the best thing for both ! Onto the episode recap!

Episode 13 Recap:

Park Sa watches Soo Min and Hyung Min from afar and simply walks away. Several steps away, he turns halfway back, Soo Min’s words ringing in his ears – “Do you know Park Sa Adeul?” Once in the car, he thinks back to Jin Suk’s words about who Soo Min was “The person who saved me in prison when Soo tried to have me killed.” He drives away.


Hong Ki gets an update from Officer Oh (I keep forgetting their names, if wrong, let me know!) about Jo Oh and immediately afterward gets a call from Park Sa.They meet up in a church where Park Sa appraises him of the recent developments-that Safari killed Jo’s son and asks what Jo Oh told the police. Park Sa breathes a sigh of relief when he hears Jo Oh did as he said and named Jo’s son as Park Sa. He tells Hong Ki his next  step is to make sure Busan knows Safari was responsible for the murder and then asks Hong Ki, “By any chance, does Ji Hyung Min lso have someone undercover?

Hong Ki looks shifty as he answers that he doesn’t know, which implies that Hyung Min doesn’t!. Bastard. There’s no doubt. You are the bad guy! Poor Park Sa. Park Sa asks again and Hong Ki repeats that he doesn’t know of any such thing.


Park Sa returns to his underground place and suddenly thinks of Soo. Thankfully, Soo has won the fight with the baddies and is fine, if a little hurt. Park Sa takes him aside and says they have to talk-then tells him the latest development. Soo wonders what they’re going to do next and Park Sa says they have to make sure Busan knows it was Safari.

Both return to Park Sa’s place where Jin Suk is already waiting for them. She apologizes to Park Sa for her mistake but he tells her he’s the one sorrier for making her worry. Soo looks at the two-what’s with the sorry? And suggests they all have a drink.


Soo calls up his contact in the force-he’s Officer Kim right? To ask about Jo Oh. At the same time, Hyung Min heads in to interrogate Jo Oh. Soo, Park Sa and Jin Suk are debating what to do next. Park Sa says they have to get to Jo Oh first when he gets released-since he’ll be the only one who can confirm Park Sa’s innocence to Busan.

At the same time, in the council of baddies-Chung Mo, Eun Soo and Safari, Safari holds off on calling Busan with the news. Chung Mo presents the worry that Jo Oh may be a problem to them. Eun Soo wonders if he’s holding off on the call because Busan might know he was a police officer once. Safari says the problem is getting to Jo Oh.


Hyung Min asks Jo Oh who Jo’s son is again-he refuses to believe the man is Park Sa. The next question-who killed the guy? Park Sa? Busan? Hyung Min knows people like Jo Oh only care about money and tells him to choose his sides carefully but Jo Oh doesn’t budge from his statement.

Chairman Jo gets the news and beats up the walls in the bathroom stall in grief. When he finally emerges, he’s as calm and collected as ever. He asks the minion bearing the news about Jo Oh-where is he? And who killed his son? The minion believes it was Park Sa. Chairman Jo tells him to make preparations-he’s going there. Damn, more baddies was all we needed.


Park Sa sits on pins and needles, waiting to see what happens next.

Hyung Min reports to Hong Ki and says he doesn’t believe the man is Park Sa. Hong Ki agrees that might be so but there is no reason for the police to focus on this case anymore since Park Sa is dead on paper and the very target in this case was to get to Park Sa. He asks if it’s true the phone they found belonged to Kyung Mi, since that would point to the man being Park Sa.

Hyung Min returns to the office where the female officer returns Kyung Mi’s phone to him. As she’s walking away, he tells her, “You did well!” and she perks up at the praise. Later, Hyung Min sits out in a park browsing through the phone-photos of him and Kyung Mi and remembers the times he spent with her. The reporter comes up to find him then but he leaves without a word, although she catches on to the fact that he’s been crying.


Prosecutor Ahn asks Hyung Min if the man they found dead really was Park Sa and Park Sa tells him the dead man couldn’t be Park Sa. Ahn says they have to catch the real guy then. Hyung Min wonders why he’s so interested in catching Park Sa-after they let Jin Suk walk away like that. He warns Ahn that he’d better decide if he wants to help in getting Park Sa caught or be caught in the net himself.

His prosecutor friend calls Hyung Min up and he tells her there is a possibility the dead man might be Park Sa.

Ahn goes to see Joon Young and demands she call up Park Sa (whom he knows by a different name). She says she doesn’t have his number so he tells her to call up his minion then-which she does. The minion reminds her she wasn’t to call them up first and hands the phone to Park Sa when Ahn comes on and demands it.


They meet up and Ahn says the dead man doesn’t seem like Park Sa. Park Sa says the guy is Park Sa and that he kept his end of the bargain. Reminding the man never to call again unless he is contacted, he turns to leave but Ahn, now fidgeting and nervous asks for ‘medicine’. Park Sa refuses and tells him to earn it if he wants it.

Outside, Joon Young asks the minion if he’s okay. The man replies that he is and Joon Young continues, “How long do I have to do this? I really want to end it now.” Park Sa watches the exchange and on the ride back, tells him, “You know there’s only contact until needed. Don’t forget that.” The minion nods.


Hyung Min gets the update on Haneul and his life history. Hehe, Officer Oh pronounces Darmouth as Darmouse and Hyung Min corrects him but once he’s gone, Officer Oh reads it again, “It is mouse.” Hyung Min calls up the reporter and seeks to get information from her on ‘Sky Investment’. He wonders aloud, “Jo Haneul… Just who are you?” The name seems to strike a memory and he rushes off. Going home, he listens to the taped conversation from Jin Suk’s bar room where Haneul had come.

Soo Min brings Jin Suk tea when Jin Suk answers a call from Safari. Moving to the side, Jin Suk admonishes him for trying to frame Park Sa for Haneul’s murder and tells him never to call again-she’s ridden herself of her past.


Eun Soo asks Safari why he keeps calling Jin Suk-what feelings does he have for her and wants to know what that makes her and why he saved her then? Does he not realize what feelings she has for him? On the other end, Jin Suk pours herself a drink and asks Soo Min what’s with the constant messages she’s getting. Soo Min shows her-it’s spam. Later, she calls up Hyung Min and tells him to stop messaging her and that she’ll be in touch.

Jin Suk asks her how far her relationship with Hyung Min is. Soo Min lies that they are in touch via calls every now and then, but she hasn’t been able to win him over yet. Then, Jin Suk calls up the man who can help with Jo Oh’s case-Hong Ki.


Hong Ki questions her on her curiosity about Jo Oh and she brushes it off. He wonders aloud why Jo Oh would be calling Haneul Park Sa, since they both know he’s not Park Sa. She says she doesn’t know what he means but he asks her, “How long do you think you could hide it? The truth that you are with Park Sa. Also, if my thinking is right, Park Sa is Shi Hyun.”

She still bluffs but he continues, “Don’t be next to Shi Hyun. You’ll be hurt. He killed a policewoman! Moreover, it was Hyung Min’s woman!” He warns her that things will be out in the open soon. She pretends to the very end and gets up to go-mood now ruined. He calls out to her once again and tells her, “I’m divorced.” She’s flabbergasted and rolls her eyes before heading off.

She walks away and Hong Ki spends the afternoon drinking, reminiscing to their younger days when she’d once jokingly asked him if he’d marry her.


Soo Min tells Hyung Min the events of the night when she went to Haneul’s and he takes her to task for it-does she realize what she’s done? Jin Suk used her to kill someone! Soo Min says Jin Suk would never do that but he’s like, “What Unni Unni? Since when is she your Unni?”

He then asks her who the people were that day and she points them all out, including Duk Bae/Safari. He tells her once again this is why undercover work is dangerous-because one forgets one’s own real self and tells her to never forget her reality. Just then, he gets a call-from Safari.

Both meet up and Safari reminds him he asked for help catching Park Sa. Hyung Min says Park Sa is dead-referring to Haneul but Safari laughs at that-you believe that? And confirms that Park Sa is still alive! In the end, Hyung Min just asks him-are you still a police officer? Safari heghes, “That isn’t important right now. What’s important is to catch Park Sa, no?” Hyung Min agrees and warns him-after Park Sa, he’s the next target.


Safari confirms his findings with his fellows and they debate what to do. Safari tasks Chung Mo with getting rid of Jo Oh. When his phone rings, Safari takes a moment to drink something and then answer. It’s Chairman Jo, with a summons.

And so Safari shows up to meet the Chairman, who proceeds to beat him up, wanting to know what happened. Safari, as planned, pins the blame on Park Sa so Chairman gives him one last chance., saying he doesn’t care whether Duk Bae is a police officer or not-Bring him Park Sa.


When he’s let go and thrown outside, Eun Soo walks up to him and asks if he’s okay. In response, he starts laughing-mission accomplished and calls up Chung Mo-who at the moment is trailing Jo Oh who just got released. Unknown to him though, Hyung Min is also on Jo Oh’s trail.

Hyung Min is steadily trailing both cars, without their notice when a third car cuts in and causes him to miss the other two as they get away due to careless driving. The driver for the car apologizes for his errors… and the man is Park Sa’s driver. Officer Kim reports that they have lost Jo Oh too. He then calls up Soo with the update.

Meanwhile, Park Sa also heads out, calls Soo to deal with Jo Oh and goes to see… Chairman Jo.


As his son did, Chairman Jo laughs at Park Sa’s guts to come. Park Sa says he came because he wants a deal. Jo laughs at him-is that why he killed Haneul but Park Sa corrects him- the one who killed Haneul was Safari. Safari narrows his eyes at him and tells Park Sa he’s not about to let him go for those mere words-as n, you have no proof but Park Sa corrects him-Jo Oh was there. Chairman Jo tells his man to call up Jo Oh.

Jo Oh has reached his house and is fondly touching his old chair-the throne one, when Chung Mo shows up. Uh oh. And he goes straight for his knife after bowing to Chung Mo.


Consequently, the minion’s call to Jo Oh goes unanswered and Chairman Jo’s minions force Park Sa onto the floor, kneeling and hold a knife to his throat. He gives the threat to kill Park Sa but Park Sa knocks one of his minions down and holds his own in the middle, surrounded by all sides. Chairman Jo tells his minions to finish it, quickly… which is when his phone rings. It’s Jo Oh. His minion answers.


And on the other side we see that Soo got there in time to protect Jo Oh and Chung Mo is on his knees now. Jo Oh tells Chairman Jo the one who killed his son is Safari.


Chairman Jo makes a *damn-it* face before cutting the call and turning to Park Sa. He tells him his words are correct and calls him forward. Park Sa’s shoulders sag in relief as he drops his knife –NO, never a good idea to just drop your knife! And walks forward.


Chairman Jo tells him he has one condition-Bring him Duk Bae. Park Sa agrees and Chairman Jo adds one more. The next moment, he’s knocked out cold. When he awakens, he’s lying on the floor, hands tied behind his back. Oh no! Chairman Jo approaches him again and this time puts a foot to his neck, saying he’s the one to truly blame for the whole incident since HE started it all by rebelling. He promises to repay what Park Sa has done… by killing the one person Park Sa holds most dear and loves, right in front of his eyes.


He gets Park Sa’s mobiles and looks for contacts, finding only one. Park Sa’s eyes widen in panic and he drops back to the floor, as if in shock. Oh my God, it’s Soo Min, isn’t it? As Chairman Jo dials the number, we get an overlaying of the other characters with the phone ringing in the back-Jin Suk is drinking, Soo is with Jo Oh, Hong Ki is in his office and Soo Min is washing her face while her phone rings outside on her bed… caller id is Gangster Ahjusshi.


She comes out to find it ringing and picks it. Chairman Jo hangs up on the other end, “So it’s a woman! Definitely your loved one.” Park Sa looks like he’s lost his soul and tells Chairman Jo that woman is of no concern to him. The latter refuses to believe him and tells his man to send her a message. It calls her out… the particular spot they are currently at.

Park Sa tells the Chairman, “This is throwing me away!” The Chairman laughs back at him-of course it is. Gosh, he never meant to let Park Sa leave alive! Park Sa draws back in surprise as Chairman Jo kneels before him and tells him he was never an option from the very beginning. He repeats what his son said-that he should have come to him first rather than making that mess without his permission. That is the reason he would never do.


Now desperation written on his face, Park Sa begs the Chairman to reconsider-he’ll do better than Safari, Jo Oh… no, he’ll become an underling, a dog, like before but Chairman Jo holds up a finger to silence him-Thinking’s over and tells him to wait until they finish.

Soo Min gets the text and decides to go with a smile-she should listen to his explanation, shouldn’t she? Carefully picking her dress, she heads out.  She arrives at the place and is walking inside the building when gangsters catch her and drag her away. She shouts at them to let her go. Inside the room, knowing she’s arrived and hearing her, Park Sa desperately asks Chairman Jo for mercy. Chairman Jo tells him to be quiet, and his minion punches Park Sa in the face.


At that, Park Sa goes perfectly still and silent as he spits blood from his mouth while Soo Min is dragged in. She looks around at the men, asking them who they are and demands to be let go. One of Jo’s men slaps her and Park Sa closes his eyes at it. Chairman Jo just savors the moment she turns to see Park Sa, calling out to him, “Ahjusshi!” He doesn’t respond.  Chairman Jo tells her it’s a pity. She shouts at them again but another man just hits her and this time, she falls to the ground.


Park Sa’s expression hardens and he whispers quietly, “Keep your wits, and just look at me!” All the while, he’s working on opening his binding ropes. The minions force Soo Min up again and this time, Jo’s man moves in for the kill.

But Park Sa’s finally free and shoves the man aside. Soo Min punches her captors and Park Sa moves in to protect her from an oncoming blow. With that, he takes her hand and they make a run for it. All the while, Jo stews.

Park Sa and Soo Min manage to ward off their chasers and make it to the car. The few men left chasing them jump out of the car’s way and both of them make their getaway.


Once they reach, Soo Min mutters, “You really do dangerous work!” Park Sa doesn’t respond and she continues-she’s been wondering if it was true but now she knows it for sure, “I like you!” and asks about his feelings.

Park Sa turns to her-he won’t ask her who she is but asks her to give up whatever it is she’s doing. They both know he’s referring to her search of Park Sa. Moreover, he asks her to erase his number immediately. Before she can respond, her phone is ringing and the caller id is Park Sa’s. Park Sa answers and its Chairman Jo on the other end.


“You  threw your life away for a woman just now. Be warned. I am a man who always keeps his word. Try and protect that woman all you want.”

With that, he laughs and Park Sa turns to look at Soo Min.




There’s nothing to describe the way I’m feeling right now! This episode was epic but the trailer-that just broke my heart! What is Shi Hyun going to do now?! *Haven’t seen the latest episode.. Recap’ll be up tomorrow around this time or earlier*

The big player-Chairman Jo, or Busan if that’s who he is, has finally come down to the playing field now and is angling for blood. While he probably would have let Park Sa live-had he let Soo Min die and brought in Safari, he’s now out for total Park Sa’s blood. I know I’m probably mad, but maybe this will lead to a Park Sa x Safari partnership where both sides wind up together against one enemy. Would make much more sense since both are now hunted. And when Park Sa learns the truth in the next episode-it’ll be total heartbreak, no? To find out that the poor guy spent eight years of his life on a lie and the only man he did trust lied to him since the very beginning? I so want Hong Ki to get his punishment-and brutally-he deserves it!!

Park Sa and Soo Min’s story comes to a definite turning point today-she’s graduated from her Hyung Min crush and he’s made, like Chairman Jo said, a decision because of a woman. His intention to save Soo Min probably didn’t stem from liking her only-he’s still at the point where he can deny his feelings for her and sweep them under the rug, but the thought to have her die on his conscience was probably more than he could bear-especially since it would be totally a replica of Kyung Mi’s death in so many ways. Those moments when he’s bound there, helpless to save her would have made him realize it’s not just the possible guilt that had him so desperate. But as we know him, he’s bound to try and distance her from himself to keep her away from this life and a horrendous fate. I’m hoping Soo Min is strong and stubborn enough to stick it out for him and make him realize that in the world where he’s totally alone and can’t trust someone, he can trust her.

Except, it also reminds me that she doesn’t know he’s Park Sa and wonder how she will react when she does find out. I’m hoping the interactions they’ve had so far are enough to make her not betray him and decide to hear, and believe his side of the story.


Totally off topic, but here’s an announcement that future recaps will probably be late as well-on the day after the episode airs because starting Thursday, it will be Ramadan here and since I’ll be fasting, I’ll need sleep in the night and have other chores during the day. Still, will do my utmost best to get the episode to you as soon as I can manage! Please bear with me for this, and thanks folks!! 🙂


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  1. What ever day you get the recaps up, I’ll be reading. The intensity level for this episode was in the STRATOSPHERE! I literally had to stop watching for 30 min, my angst level was so high! Shi Hyun? You will be the death of me! Drama death! When he went to Busan; knowing that Chairman Jo was looking for him, it was unbelievable! I still can’t fathom the chances the man takes. It will be interesting what Soo Min’s reaction will be when she finds out he is Paksa! I really don’t know! I’m hoping she finds out before the relationship gets more serious so that she can realize faster that he did not kill Kyung Mi; however, its Hyung Min that I’m worried about. That is one CRAZY dude! Crazy! I’m believing if the evidence was in front of his face that Shi Hyun had nothing to do with her death, he is liable to react first and then… He scares me. Safari? Well, he is crazy, it is as simple as that but then I expect his craziness as a gangster sans police office; Hyung Min is a cop! There is no excuse! Great episode! No, WONDERFUL episode!

  2. Ive been reading your recaps for a while so I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I appreciate your speedy and detailed recaps 😀 I cant wait for the next episode!!

    Btw, Ramadan Kareem :D:D

  3. Thanks again for all you do! Another great episode. Can’t wait for episode 14 recaps looked like another cR@zY episode… i just with there were more romance scenes in 14. They better give us an extra dose next week!

  4. Thank you so much for the recap. I actually read your recap before watching each episode. I felt so heart broken for Park Sa right now. To find out about Hong Ki is the ultimate betrayal for Park Sa. I am hoping Park Sa will stay strong after finding out about Hong Ki and truly hope that Soo Min will take his side no matter what. Thank again and I am looking forward to more of your recap. 🙂

  5. OMG, episode 14. Major game changer. Hur!

  6. Thanks so much for the recap.
    Ooh man the last 20 mins was crazy. When the phone was ringing and the camera pans over everyone that Shi Hyun trusts & then lands on Soo Min i knew shit was about to hit the fan. With the war about to come i am so scared for the characters on Shi Hyun side. There is no way everyone will come out unscathed.

    Also i just love that Soo Min is so straightforward with Shi Hyun & i have a feeling she will definitely stick by his side no matter what he says.

  7. delicatecloud

    Thanks so much for the recaps and bon courage for the Ramadan!! I really really do NOT trust Hong Ki – he is a bloody liar and is playing all three of them i.e. Safari, Jin Suk and uri Park Sa and his ultimate purpose is to destroy the bond between the three of them. He is insanely jealous that Jin Suk loves both Park Sa and Safari and do not give him the time of day!! What’s his beef??? Is he trying to take over from Busan – by using everyone? What a jerk really – so conniving and manipulative. Don’t trust him Park Sa!! He has been playing you all along.
    Director Jo – he is evil incarnate and his son is his spawn!! Now we do why he is such a creep and was all twisted inside. Like father like son.
    I do appreciate our heroine confessing first and honestly to him – they live such dangerous lives that there is no time for being coy!! Loved the interaction between them…… here’s keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a good ending for our OTP.

  8. Many thanks as always for the recap!
    Hmmm… I’m going to hold off on comments until you recap episode 14, I find the two episodes work together so well it’s hard to talk about one without mentioning the other!

    Hope you enjoy 14 as much as I did :D!

  9. Thanks for the recap あきこちゃん ❤
    And happy ramadan !!!

  10. Thanks for the recap. I always read your recaps before the subs of drama is out. I’m a moslem too, but ramadhan is starting in wednesday here.. Where do you live?

  11. Ahhhh i’ve been reading your stuff for a while, and didnt realize you were muslim too!!! thats so exciting!! we are starting ramadan tomorroow (wednesday) here in the US…are you in korea?

  12. ramadan kariiiiim to all falks

  13. Okay I have watched episode 14… so I need to restrain myself from spoilering you. 😀

    But first of all: Thank you so much! You can’t believe how long I’ve been waiting for this recap. kkk It’s like a drug just like Heartless City itself! .> Sorry I’m super angry with him!

    Busan… when I thought Jo Haneul was a freak – Busan beats him well. He is pure evil! I see him as a person who is a lovely father to his children (in a weird twisted way) but as soon as he is Busan he is just ugh… My poor Shi Hyun! T-T

    Do I think this will lead to a partnership with Safari!?!? No I don’t think so – but I watched episode 14 so I know a bit more.

    And the last couple minutes in this episode… killed me… I mean we only get approx. 5 minutes of our couple in each episode but they are either full of chemistry or action or both. It’s insane!

    Loved that Soo Min confessed to him… she is seeing him as a person – not as the gangster he is. She knows he is dangerous but she also knows his tender side. These two will kill me for sure.

    “…he’s still at the point where he can deny his feelings for her and sweep them under the rug…”

    I can safely say he not at the point where he can deny his feeling. 😉 But you’ll see… I know I’m teasing you right!? kkk

    • Lol, it’s 3 am here and I am debating whether to satisfy my curiosity and watch the episode or wait until morning and your post is certainly making me consider the former course of action as more likely! 😛

      The recaps’ll keep coming, they just won’t be as timely as they were before cause my whole routine is going to change n it’ll take me time to adjust to the new routine too. But of course, I can’t stop myself from sharing heartless city fun, and it’s great to share views from others too…

      About the episode… halkayo, malkayo? (should I, shouldn’t i?), that is the question! 😛

      • Well depends… if you have to work: malkayo. But based on the level of goodness that episode 14 is: halkayo. 😀

        Always love to read your insights, so I can wait… RL is always more important of course and you can’t do much against technical probs. I can wait! 😛 It’s hard to wait for the recaps but I can do that and keep rewatching the episodes. kkk

      • Hehe, 3 am means i should get to sleep. But then again, morning prayers are at 4 am so I should probably just sleep after that.

        My mind right now: Episode 14…..episode 14…. episode 14…. episode 14….

        *shakes head* Now I’m just looking for excuses to stay up and watch it! 😛

      • Haha… so I guess you didn’t watch it. 😀 But maybe that’s better… watching it with full concentration. ❤

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