Heartless City Episode 12 Recap


Another episode, and this one’s left me in even more knots than last week’s cliffhanger! The game’s stepped up, players like Safari find themselves back in the play but Park Sa has even more enemies to fight off than before. Can the poor guy never catch a break? At least for a little romance? Needless to say though, he’s as awesome in action as a baddie in a suit can be! As an actor, Kyung Ho has mastered this role because you see the little details and emotional responses in his expressions so that even a brooding baddie is just as heartening, and as frightening as any other.

Episode 12 Recap:

Soo Min asks Shi Hyun if he knows anyone named Park Sa and his expression changes ever so slightly before he responds that he doesn’t.  Soo Min sighs and says she heard he was the most influential guy around here and muses that Shi Hyun must still be on a lower level then and that she definitely must meet the guy. He asks her why.

“When I meet him, there’s something I must definitely ask.”

“What is it?”

“That’s something I’ll ask Park Sa when I meet him myself.”

He looks like he’d like to pursue the matter further, but realizes there’s no point unless he were to reveal himself.


He drives her back to the club and she’s surprised at the constant silence. When she questions him on it, he won’t respond, nor agree when she asks if he’d join her for a drink. She goes on, Should she leave, should she get off, I’m really going… getting more agitated as he won’t answer. She opens the door and looks back but he’s staring into space. She moves as if to go and turns back, but he’s still not responsive.


She slams the door back shut and angrily asks him what the money he left that night meant. She was going to ask him whenever they went out at drinks but can’t wait anymore. He replies it was all he could do for her. He finally turns to look at her and apologizes but she jerks out of the car. He gets off on the other end, watching her go but she turns back and approaches shim again. Doesn’t he like her? Isn’t that why he saved her? He tells her he doesn’t have the time to love someone.


She contradicts his actions with his words-he told her his name, didn’t he? Why would he do that? He tells her, “Telling you my name, meant I won’t see you again.” Teary eyed, she tells him she thought this was their beginning. Taking out the money he left her, she throws them in his face “Don’t ever appear in front of me again!” With that, she walks away.

She goes up to her room and sits dejectedly on the bed, now letting her tears flow. He drives away, her words about Park Sa ringing in his mind. He takes his phone and dials his minion. He begins to say he’d like someone investigated, but stops just short of revealing Soo Min’s name and says he’ll just do it himself.


Jin Suk is driving somewhere with Park Sa’s warning ringing in her mind about Safari now nearing his end because Busan knows about him. He asks Jin Suk to stay away from Safari. She goes to see Hong Ki. Curtly telling him she’s not here to see him because she wants to, she asks him if Safari was a police officer. Hong Ki agrees and Jin Suk is flabbergasted-do they think they’re joking around? Why on earth did he go around asking her to keep an eye on him if they were both police officers? Hong Ki tells her he asked her because Safari betrayed him, and the police. She rightly points out-more like shouts it, that he should’ve told her and draws the correct conclusion-Hong Ki used her to get to Safari. He agrees that he’s a bastard and used her for that reason but that’s not the reason he’s meeting her now. “Even now, I…” he begins but she cuts him off, coldly telling him not to say another word before stalking off. Is it just me, or maybe Jin Suk has feelings for Safari after all? Driving back too, Jin Suk is unable to hold back tears.


Hyung Min goes to see Hong Ki and gives him the updates about what happened at Jin Suk’s and how she was accosted by some guys. Except, they don’t know who it was or what exactly they want-after all, they did leave her behind. Hyung Min’s theory is that the guys were from Busan and since Park Sa is the one responsible for distribution, this might mean there is a possibility of Park Sa and Busan working together, or an all out war. Hong Ki asks Hyung Min if Soo Min is in place.


Hong Ki next calls up Park Sa and snaps at him for failing to report that Busan had made a move. Park Sa says they have to make a deal since this time, even Jin Suk could get in trouble. Hong Ki understands that, but his main concern is that if Park Sa goes back as an underling, “When are we going to catch Busan?”

Park Sa asks Hong Ki directly-what is it he wants since he doesn’t know anymore. Hong Ki reminds him of their promise-Park Sa helps Hong Ki catch Busan and Hong Ki will help Park Sa with his revenge. Park Sa says nothing as Hong Ki tells him to go ahead, reveal Busan and catch him.


Jin Suk and Park Sa are together when Soo bursts in wanting to know what’s happening. He and Jin Suk start bickering but not in a very dangerouns manner but Park Sa asks them to stop it.

“There’s no way other than to make a deal with Busan.”

Soo is against it and Jin Suk’s like, “So, do you want to fight with Busan?” but Soo doesn’t see the danger- if that’s what it takes! Park Sa shuts them up again by telling them they’ll be doing the distribution for Busan and he will be going into Busan’s camp. He leaves Soo in charge of distribution and lays out a plan-which we don’t get to hear.


The next morning, Soo and Park Sa visit Jo’s son and Park Sa introduces Soo as the guy who’ll take charge of distribution. Jo’s son meets Soo and then states there seems to be no need for Park Sa anymore. He tells Soo, “Kill this guy” pointing at Park Sa. Lol, may I just add, I love the way Soo’s eyebrow goes up, like  WHAT?


Both Park Sa and Soo stare as Jo’s son bursts out laughing. Hand fisted, Soo is about to step forward but stops when Park Sa flicks a finger on his fist. Ah, I love the bromance! Jo’s son calls Park Sa forward and tells him he had better listen to his words well. If he has to come down here himself again, Park Sa is as good as dead.


And then he calls in Jo Oh. Aha, gangster reunion!


Hyung Min and Prosecutor Ahn have an argument about letting Jo Oh go-the latter explaining why they had to let Jo Oh go.

Jo Oh smirks at the two and asks if Soo’s the one for distribution and holds out his hand to Soo as if meeting for the first time. Flashback shows us prison when Jo Oh had wanted to know what Park Sa will do for him if he follows his line. Park Sa tells him he already sent his son away like he’d previously promised-what would Jo Oh do?


As Soo and Park Sa walk away, Soo muses that it was fun. “You know why I’m by your side? It’s really fun!” Both laugh at that.


At home, Soo Min is out of sorts and Hyung Min clocks her mood but doesn’t press. He hands her a gift box which contains a lipstick and tells her how it works. His order-to install it in Jin Suk’s room. Soo Min looks there for a good spot and thinks back to Jin Suk’s words when she told Soo Min she was glad Soo Min was safe after the amusement park deal. Still thinking, Soo Min accidentally drops the lipstick and can’t find it. Just then, Jin Suk comes back.

Jin Suk tells her that she trusts her and would never knowingly put her in danger, things might get more worrisome hereon so she should probably stay away. Soo Min tells her she would still like to continue working with her. Jin Suk smiles at that and tells her that if something bad were ever to happen to her, the only person who can take her place is Soo Min. Listening in on the conversation is Hyung Min, although it seems Soo Min would have cut the feed if she had the lipstick case.


Just then, Jo Oh’s son walks in. He tells Jin Suk he asked her to come see him, so how come she made him come all the way here? When she asks if he’s Jo’s son, he flips a card at her so that it lands at her feet, rather than handing it over to her. Soo Min picks it and hands it to Jin Suk. And it turns out, his name is ‘Jo Haneul’. Irony, that the guy is named ‘Heaven’ or ‘Sky’! Haneul, as he shall now be known, smirks at her and seats himself, asking to be served drinks and women.

He turns his gaze to Soo Min and remarks that Jin Suk has already called a girl and that she does have sense. Soo Min freezes, wondering what to do as Haneul points to his lap, telling her to sit there. Excuse me while I go vomit! Jin Suk speaks up, “Not her. I’ll call others.” She says it in a way that makes it clear Soo Min is off the menu (Eww, just writing that makes me sick! Off to vomit, again!). Haneul threatens Jin Suk and to diffuse the situation, Soo Min stands and introduces herself. Jin Suk stalks off angrily when Haneul asks her to fetch drinks, loath to leave Soo Min there, but unable to do anything.


Much later, Haneul is singing while both ladies sit without spirit and looking totally bored. Haneul’s minions are clapping and praising his performances. Lol, that did make me laugh! Drunk, Haneul behaves even worse with Jin Suk who contemplates the knife on the table but Soo Min takes cue and starts singing instead. While singing, Soo Min is slightly teary eyed and clearly hating every minute of it. A furious Jin Suk watches, her anger mounting every minute she sees Soo Min being touched by Haneul.


More drunk, Haneul is being carried out by his minions when he turns to Jin Suk and tells her to send Ahreum, aka Soo Min to him tomorrow. She jerks off his hand and walks away. At home, Hyung Min wears his headphones back on and tunes in.

Jin Suk walks back into the room and asks Soo Min to leave before making a call. She then leaves after telling Soo Min she’s heading out. Hyung Min calls Soo Min up to tell her to follow Jin Suk since she’s off to meet Safari and wants to know who it is. And so Soo Min has a taxi follow her car but Soo Min loses her on the road when she makes a turn that Jin Suk doesn’t.


A furious Jin Suk storms Safari’s room and slaps him on the face. She asks him if he’s a police officer or Safari. He tells her to believe what she wants. Soo Min is walking home and retrieves her phone to call Hyung Min to tell him she lost her. He takes this failure in stride but tells her if this keeps up, there’s no point in her being there and asks her to try harder next time.

Jin Suk tells him to sort out his problem with Hong Ki without involving her. What she’s interested in is knowing who he is-Safari, or a police officer? She says what she’s saying is for Safari and tells him she wants Haneul dead. Doesn’t he want the same? If he does, she’ll help him. He’s interested in why she’s changed her mind-wasn’t she interested in a deal but she doesn’t answer.


Soo Min is trying to hail a cab but having no luck until Jin Suk drives up and offers her a ride, wondering what she’s doing here. Soo Min says she came to meet a friend. Jin Suk knows she was looking for a taxi and wonders if she should get her a car. Oh I so wish these two would work out for realsies, like Kyung Mi and Soo Min.

The lady officer whom Hyung Min shot once is currently undergoing therapy when Hong Ki comes to meet her. She apologizes to him but he tells her she did a good job anyway and to continue doing well. However, she’s not ready to come back to the force since she’s guilt ridden about Kyung Mi. Hong Ki argues that those are all on him-he’s the one who sent her to Comm. Kang and told her to follow all his orders so she has no need to feel guilty or wronged. For Kyung Mi’s sake, she must help Hyung Min. Man, how many people is this guy playing?!


Hyung Min gives Officer Kim the task of finding out who sent Moon Duk Bae undercover and doesn’t let Ahn know what the orders are. Just then, Hong Ki walks in with the woman officer-her name’s Seo Yoon. Hyung Min is against the reinstatement but Hong Ki asks him if he ever thought from Seo Yoon’s perspective. All she did was follow a superior’s order.

Hyung Min gets a call from his prosecutor friend, worried about the journalist-her mom died in a car accident and she’s still not recovered from it so something like this is even worse. So Hyung Min goes to see her. He’s not gentle and tells her things will continue this way-she’ll feel pain about what happened but does she want to spend the rest of her life avoiding everything because of it or work hard and make sure the people who are responsible get caught?

As he’s leaving, she snaps at him-what the hell does he know about pain like this?


Soo is in contact with Haneul and Park Sa tells him to make it work like a real deal. Just then, his own phone rings-Haneul, who calls him to come visit. Park Sa muses it must be to make sure the deal goes through. Haneul tells the same to Park Sa.

Soo Min is ready to go but Jin Suk is loath to send her until gets a reminder call from Haneul. Not knowing what else to do, she tells Soo Min, “I’m sorry.

Hyung Min arrives home and plugs in to the listening media and hears Jin Suk sending Soo Min off. Jin Suk hands Soo Min a new car and something in a bag telling her to use it if she wants. She watches Soo Min drive away with a heavy heart. Park Sa, on the other hand, heads out too.


He arrives at the mansion just in time to see Soo Min arriving. While she just brushes by him, he grabs her hand and asks her what she’s doing here. She refuses to answer and tells him not to pretend he knows her. “Why? You have time to know me? I don’t have the time to know you, so let’s live like strangers!” With that, she walks away and Park Sa watches her go before taking out his phone and making a call.


He asks Jin Suk why she sent Soo Min to Haneul and Jin Suk tells him it’s just a present she sent so he needn’t worry.


Inside, Soo Min serves drinks to Haneul while Jo Oh stands to a side. Haneul asks him if Park Sa isn’t here yet-which gets Soo’s attention and gives him the order to tell his men to kill them all. No, to bring them to him before they kill ’em and then dismisses him.

Soo Min makes small talk and asks who Park Sa is. Haneul tells her she needn’t know and proposes they go upstairs. Aaagghh!


Jo Oh goes outside and straight to Park Sa-the deal’s off and they’re all dead, so what does he propose now? He suggests they could both go in and confront/kill the guy now but Park Sa remembers Soo Min’s words about wanting to meet Park Sa and hesitates-not now. Jo Oh is surprised, but doesn’t press.


Park Sa calls Soo off and tells him to head back to the office but before Soo can make a move, him and his men are surrounded. With a smile, Soo dives into the fight!

Driving back from the place, Park Sa is still anxious and finally turns his car around. At the house, Soo Min is making drinks and adds something to Haneul’s drink-something Jin Suk had given her. Haneul takes the drink and collapses on the ground.

It’s only once he’s down that Soo Min allows herself to show her fear and can’t control her trembling. As she turns back to put the glasses away, Haneul gets right back up and hugs her from the back. And this time, he doesn’t have drinks on his mind. Soo Min buys some time by saying she wants to take off her jewelery and takes out a taser, hoping to use it but he gets to it and snatches it away from her.


He tells her he won’t just kill her like that-they should have fun before that. She manages to kick him away as she’s thrown on the bed and he takes off his belt, musing she must like action. She manages to avoid him at first, and then uses her self defense skills to throw him on the ground. At which point, she runs and gets the taser and tases him. THANK GOD! Now I can breathe again!


She puts him on the bed, making it seem as if he’s asleep and walks out. In voiceover, we hear Jin Suk’s instructions to her to open a specific door. She goes and opens it. In walk Safari, Eun Soo and Chung Mo. She uses that door as an exit.

Meanwhile, through the front door, Park Sa walks in, fighting.

Up in the room, Chung Mo, Safari and Jo Oh watch as Eun Soo stabs Haneul. Is it bad that I feel glad he’s dead and that Eun Soo gets to do it? She stabs him again and again. Safari turns on a phone and puts it onto the bed, telling Safari, “Now, the man who killed Jo’s son is Park Sa.” OH NO! Jo Oh nods and the men leave. You bad guy Safari!


At home, Hyung Min is worried when his phone rings. It’s Seo Yoon who tells him they’ve found Kyung Mi’s phone. It turned on at a site and they’ve located it. Oh no you don’t! My poor Park Sa!

Park Sa arrives to find Haneul dead and asks Jo Oh what happened. Jo Oh tells him to run away as he’s called the police-Hyung Min will be here soon.


Hyung Min arrives and turns to question Jo Oh. Flashback shows us the conversation between Jo Oh and Park Sa as Jo Oh told Park Sa what Safari has done and intends-for the murder to fall on Park Sa. With an angry look in his eyes, Park Sa turns to Jo Oh and tells him to follow exactly as he says if he wants to see his son again.


And so Jo Oh tells Hyung Min that the man on the bed, who is dead is … “Park Sa.”

Hyung Min isn’t buying it so easily but more police arrive, including Ahn and tell him to back off.


Park Sa storms Jin Suk’s place and shouts at her. Did she call Safari? WHY? She tells him she wanted Haneul dead.

“The fight with Busan that you’re so against… we’ve just started it!”

Jin Suk argues that it’s a chance for them. When Busan knows Safari killed Haneul, what would he do? Won’t this be the perfect opportunity for her and Park Sa to step in? Park Sa pours cold water over her by telling her what Safari intended-for him to take the fall.


She’s stunned and he turns to her-who does she think Chairman Jo will believe? Safari or them? With that, he storms out.


Soo Min is in her room when her phone rings. It’s Hyung Min.

Park Sa’s still in the parking lot when he sees Soo Min head towards her car and watches her drive away. Oh no! This is going exactly where I think it is, right?


Soo Min heads to an outdoor spot and meets Hyung Min. He takes her to task for not giving up the ‘Jo work’. Why didn’t she at least call him before she was going to that place? She tells him she was too embarrassed to tell him.


And watching them from the sidelines, with a very angry expression is Park Sa.



Okay, I definitely think this is much more of a cliffhanger than last week folks! He knows-but just half of it! Now all he’ll know for now is that Soo Min is a double agent, a spy! And how on earth will he react to that? If that angry expression at the end is any indication, damn, we’ve got trouble ahead. I dont think he’ll go to Jin Suk about her. However much he tries to hide it, he is intrigued by Soo Min and was even more so ever since she told him she’s looking for Park Sa. Knowing she’s working with Hyung Min, he’ll at least know that it’s got to be in relation to Kyung Mi and how Hyung Min thinks he killed her. But then again, Park Sa has the ability to be cruel-very very cruel and I just hope his anger doesn’t get the better of him and he doesn’t lash out at Soo Min too harshly!

WHY WHY WHY Why isn’t it Monday already?! AND NO PREVIEW?! Ah, hell! 😦

And the intrigue goes on. The circle for this game is getting bigger-first it was just Jo Oh and Park Sa fighting, but now Jo Oh and Park Sa are allies-which truth be told is fun to watch, and Park Sa has to fight off Busan AND Safari, both now different enemies.

Safari is back to the guy we’ve seen from the beginning in this episode. All signs of vulnerability and humanity that we previously saw in him-his confrontation with Hong Ki, the moment he offers Park Sa a way out, are all in the past. Once again, he’s back in the game for himself. At these times, you can buy Hong Ki’s words that Safari is a betrayer who is nothing but greedy but in little moments-when he stared at Haneul’s dead body, you can see sorrow and regret in his eyes. His words yesterday still bug me-that he had no choice. When will we learn more about him?


As for Haneul, the less said the better. Only gotta say-GOOD RIDDANCE AND THANK GOD! And I liked how Soo Min handled that situation-she’s no damsel in distress that needs saving even when she’s in distress. She was capable enough of handling herself. In this world, she can’t rely on anyone’s assistance no matter how the others may wish to help her (As Jin Suk wanted to, with Haneul) and it’s good to see that she’s adopting to this world well enough. A weak spirited or easily spooked heroine would’ve ruined the story!

Jin Suk’s latest arc has me a bit invested-She’s not torn about the fact that Safari was a cop, she’s torn about the fact that Hong Ki used her against Safari. Moreover, she’s back to calling him the moment she needs him. Frankly, I think she should have known better than to call Safari for anything cause that guy is nothing but betrayal to her every time. But just goes to show how much she wants to protect things around her-most of all, Park Sa. I like the way she stood up for Soo Min as far as she could, and in respect I like how Soo Min stood up for her so as to diffuse her tension and worry. Most of all, I like how Soo Min was the catalyst that sent her looking for Safari.

I liked Soo Min’s interaction with Park Sa-when she wants him to admit interest in her or when she tells him they’d better live as strangers since he’s so damn busy! Bit by bit, she’s becoming more interested in him even though she’s not realizing it and hopefully, away from her crush on Hyung Min. An indicator-the way she’s lost in thought because of him. I think it’s also safe to assume the one she was thinking about during the song singing was also Shi Hyun. It’s obvious from her words at the end of this episode that she’s not over Hyung Min just yet but I hope she just comes to her senses soon enough, that she’ll realize it that the guy who interests her is her ‘Gangster Ahjusshi/Jung Shi Hyun’ and not ‘Hyung Min’.

Also, did they forget they left Soo mid-fight in there?! Come on, I want my bromance back!

And a Park Sa screencap. Just because I can! 😀


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  1. i lab u doctor son nd hyun soo !!

  2. I think that jin suk is in love with park sa! her feelings for safari are just strong friendship and a long story. she’s use to be with him for a long time. but with prk sa she really is in admiration of him. may be that wille creat a probleme between her ans our heroine so min

    I really love this drama as i did for “iris 1” they are a bit alike and the two main actors are really talented. thumb up!!!

  3. While others are reaching exciting climax in the plot, I am growing bored. Everybody is dirty to some level. No real good guys. Therefore, I find myself only halfway cheering people on. Baksa of course remains my favorite, and I like Soomin, Auntie, and CutieSoo, but I am tired of making excuses for them and puzzling out levels of betrayal. It has all gotten too complicated.

    Now, I never for a moment found NINE too complicated and I had multiple heroes to cheer for in that drama. So it isn’t that I can’t follow a complex plot, it’s that the emotional buy-in to keep all these characters and alliances straight doesn’t seem worth the bother when I am watching so many other dramas at the same time.

    I guess what bothers me most is that the whole Korean police department seems corrupt. Hong Ki is living in far too nice a house to be a clean cop. He has some hidden agenda and doesn’t care who he hurts to get there. And Hong Ki is the director of this whole crazy drama … which taints my impression of the whole world as dirty.

    I hope next week improves me take because I just feel like it has sunk into a pit.

  4. Woooooow! this was a fantastic episode! The stakes are higher, Soo’s life is on the line again…JinSuk makes a mistake again because she really can’t let go of Safari or ParkSa…Soo Min has been compromised….what will happen next!?!?! Can’t wait!

  5. Park Sa and Soo Min are like Superman and Lois Lane. He has tp protect her a cop and hide and hide who he is. That is truely a catch 22.

    • He didn’t have to protect her in episode 12… She was able to protect herself – especially due to the fact that HM isn’t able to protect her.

      Fact is Shi Hyun WANTED to protect her. That’s the difference.

  6. Thanks for the recap. All through the scene with Haneul i was wishing either Jin Sook or Soo Min would take their heels and beat him in the face and private parts but i am happy Eun Soo got to stab him after what he did to her.

    Also i hope they get rid of the reporter and her story line cause it sure as hell ain’t serving no purpose.

    All in all i just hope the bromance between Shi Hyun/Soo & the womance between Soo Min/Jin Sook survives the shit storm that will sure be coming at the end.

  7. Omg, now that Doc’s Son has seen Soo Min talking to Ji Hyung Min he has to know she’s an undercover agent. And he’s also an undercover agent! They can work together and become the “undercover agents” couple :))))

  8. a pissed off/ i’ll- get- to- the- bottom- of- your-charade Park Sa is scary. Jung kyung ho’s reaction at the ending just sent shivers down my spine. thanks for the recap. chanting for monday

  9. DRAMACRAZY HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN!!!!!Where will I watch the episodes??I feel like dying right now!!Thank you so much for the recaps….without them I wouldn’t know what happened!!

  10. Thank you so much for the recaps!!

    While I loved this episode, I can’t help but feel that it’s starting to spin on it’s wheels a bit. We’ve basically gone back and forth between the in-fighting and nothing drastic has really happened anywhere else. I also hate that we only get one or two brief scenes with the OTP per episode, it’s going to make it hard to buy that they’re in love later when all the secrets are revealed and the tough choices really have to be made.

    With that said, I did enjoy many aspects of this episode. I LOVED that Eun Soo made the kill. It sure was satisfying to see her get her own revenge for having to sleep/ be raped by that sicko. I also can’t stress how much I love the bromance between Soo and Shi Hyun. It’s loyalty at it’s best and something that both the other good/ bad guys can learn from. It really did worry me that the fight scene was cut off so abruptly, now I’m scratching my head wondering if Soo is okay and if Shi Hyun will make it back to save/ help him.

    While I love that Jin Suk and Shi Hyun are so optimistic (and I use that word loosely) about their former comrades, I think that both of them should’ve been smarter about seeking an alliance/ help from Safari and Jo Oh again. Those two are willing to take the risk in relying on the people who had already betrayed them once before and it’s for this reason that they tend to find themselves on the losing end. I really wonder what Jin Suk was thinking going to Safari for help since they basically all know that everyone is out for Shi Hyun’s blood.

    I kind of also wish that Hong Ki’s relationship to all of them would be revealed. What’s his connection to Jin Suk and is he really the “good” guy or is he just using Shi Hyun? Should he be the one that we should be weary about?

    I’ve been waiting for a crime drama that could make me think and I’m sure glad I finally found it!
    . . .
    Is it Monday yet?? . . .

  11. Well at least Park Sa now knows she’s not a prostitute! Lol!!!

    I think he’s more intrigued about her now more than ever.

    Thank you, akiko, for posting a recap and feeding my addiction!

    Gah! I have to wait a whole week???

  12. Thank you for the recap! Can’t believe he found out! I’m so excited for next week

  13. EPIC! Thanks for recap!!
    Quick present!
    Preview for Episode 13:

    • luvnlife_Sara

      Lyse… thanks for posting this. Can anyone translate what is being said. Awww… I want the days to fly by to Monday but that just means I’m wishing the summer to end sooner. 🙂

      • Posted by hardofseeker and jina_bing_bang on Soompi:

        HM: Lee Jin Sook used you to kill someone.

        SM: There’s no reason that Jin Sook Unni would do that (to me)

        HM: “Jin Sook Unni, Jin Sook unni” Since when was she your “unni”?!!
        Don’t you ever forget, who you really are and for what you are doing this work.

        JS: Do you think “Scale” will give up his right hand man?

        SH: Scale’s going to come out soon. Before Safari gets to him, we must catch Scale first.

        Safari: You asked if I could help you catch Paksa right?

        HM: Seonbaenim– are you still a cop?

        Female Voice unknown: Prosecutor Ahn has picked up on something [holding onto something as in information]- What does that mean?

        HM: That person [SH’s driver and other right hand man] could be Doctor’s Son.

        SM: Ahjussi, you are someone who does really dangerous work, huh…but today I have been able to know that I like you, Ahjussi.


  14. Writer-nim i officialy think you’re the best writer in korea. Usualy at this point the story slows down, but this drama have managed to surprise me in every single episode, all of my predictions failed.
    Can’t wait for next week !
    thanks for the recap ❤

  15. Thank you so much for the – as always – amazing recap! 😀 Todays episode was DAEBAK and what happened will move on each and every plotline for sure.

    But where to start… where to start!?

    Well first of all: yaih for the bromance! :3 I always love the interaction between Shi Hyun and Soo. They know eachother so well and Shi Hyun’s subtle warning when Soo wanted to slap Haneul was just great.

    Auntie… she is so impulsive. She is making decision behind Shi Hyun’s back which is crazy because she doesn’t think of the long-term consequences. The only thought was to eliminate Haneul – which is understandable! This guy was gross and beyond crazy – but from there she stopped thinking and Shi Hyun made that clear in the last scene with her.

    Which makes me also wondering if Auntie will start to doubt Soo Min because first of all she suddenly appeared in the same street when Auntie drove to Safari AND in the preview (yes there is a preview already!) we can see this weird look Auntie gives Soo Min.

    I’m happy Haneul is now all gone for good. His death was serving the purpose for Busan to come out of this hole, so I won’t complain. Especially because the way he treated Auntie and Soo Min in her own club was just low and ewwwww… And yes I liked how Soo Min handled him and Eun Soo – she deserved to end his miserable life.

    Min as always…. a mystery. I don’t get his plan and what he is doing. But i bet we will find out soon.

    And now for Shi Hyun and Soo Min…. they had 2 important moments together. The first one right in the beginning – Shi Hyun knows at least now that she is looking for him but of course he won’t tell her. First of all he doesn’t know her intentions but he is pretty sure they aren’t good and that makes him decide to tell her that he doesn’t know Doctor’s Son – also because he cares for her. Could he survive if the only person who actually likes him, turns to hate him?! Not sure about that.

    And…. he also saw Soo Min and HM together. And he is smart. He will connect the dots and he will deal with it by himself – probably investigating about Soo Min’s identity and life before prison. And Joo Young will play a role in it!?! Who knows… why did they show her in the preview!?

    So many questions and a week to go until we find out and get more questions to find the answers for. 😀 I can’t wait! Isn’t it monday yet? xD

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