Heartless City Episode 12 Preview


Yes, even I’m surprised. Somehow, I am on a roll today, even though I’ve had a loooooonnnnngggg day and have another early morning ahead tomorrow! But let’s take it as it comes, and for now, I’ve also ended up doing the preview for you guys! Yes, I’m definitely going to sleep right after I post this (past 2 am here) so will get back to all comments tomorrow! My favorite moment in it is the very end-Park Sa’s words and his expressions! Enjoy the preview and count the hours to tomorrow’s (technically today for me) episode!!

Episode 12 preview:

Soo and Park Sa go to see Jo’s son.

Park Sa to Hong Ki: “What is it Ahjusshi wants?”

Hong Ki: “Enter Busan’s world. Go in, reveal his truth and catch him.”

Jo’s son piches Park Sa’s cheeks while Park Sa stands there, taking it all. Jo Oh comes to Chairman Jo’s son as Park Sa and Soo watch. Soo is surprised and angry. Something must have provoked him since he seems to step forward with one hand fisted but a flick of Soo’s fingers on his hand stills him. Soo is surprised by something while Jo Oh smirks.

Soo Min is holding a lipstick cover-a gps from Hyung Min as he gives her instructions in voiceover and she drives somewhere. Hyung Min has set up camp somewhere and is listening to some conversation. Jin Suk is driving a car somewhere and looks uneasy.

Soo Min to Par Sa: “Ahjusshi you like me, don’t you? Isn’t that why you saved me?!”

Park Sa: “I don’t have the time to like someone.”

Soo Min throws the cheques he left for her last time in his face as he stands by his car, one door open.

Soo Min: “Don’t appear before me again!”

Jo’s son throws something at Jin Suk as she holds out her hand to take it. She’s annoyed and angry, but says nothing.

Jo’s son: “(something something) why call me all the way here?”

Jo’s son is drunk and acting excessively rude around Jin Suk. Soo Min is also there and watches uneasily.

Jin Suk to Safari: “Jo’s son, that bastard, its better if he weren’t (means kill him). Doesn’t Uncle think the same?

Soo Min anxiously mixes something-a drug in a drink and takes it to Jo’s son. Safari and Eun Soo go on a hunting spree-they are hitting someone’s minion.

Jin Suk, continuing: “If you’ve had that thought, I’ll help you out!”

Soo shields his eyes from a lot of lights and sees a lot of men in suits, aka minions coming in from a gate. He chuckles and heads in for a fight against them.

Jin Suk: “This is an opportunity for us!”

Park Sa is driving and anxiously/angrily turns his car around.

Park Sa to Jin Suk: “The fight with Busan that Noona is so against… ” Jin Suk stares in surprise.  Park Sa is talking to Jin Suk. “… Now we are going to start it!” *ME? FISTPUMP! GO PARK SA GO!*

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  1. This show is freaking good!!!! It gets me more and more excited and curioused after each new episode. Who is the good, the bad and the mastermind……????

    The lead actor exudes style and charisma eventhough he is a bit skinny/slim for a “gangster” role (IMO) but his gaze…oh mine! captivates me.

    Akiko – thanks for your sacrifice (of sleep) and review/write up on CRUEL CITY.


    I feels for Park Sa and Soo-min… I think he has deep feelings for her already. I hope they don’t die…so sad. Please let these two sad people not have a tragic ending!

  3. Daaaawwww…you’re so sweet! A million thank yous for staying up late to give us this preview! This drama is so addicting! Gah!

  4. luvnlife_Sara

    Thanks for giving us a run down of the previews. I know staying up late on Monday’s is the worst. Cant wait for today’s episode.

  5. Thank you so much for the preview! Can’t wait for the action to happen! kkk 😀

  6. thanks for translating, I got the vibe that auntie will have to sleep with Jo’s son…I hope I’m wrong! like really !!!

  7. Eww JS and SM both near that psycho (necrophilic ?) ?!?!

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