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Heartless City Fanfic by Lyse

 Hello folks with the first ever guest post (kind of guest post, hehe) at Akiko’s by Lyse. It’s a fanfic she wrote for Heartless City so it’ll definitely appeal to those who’ve followed the drama with us! Enjoy and do be sure to give Lyse your feedback because it will be most appreciated! 
So, a couple of days ago, I wrote that the ending of Heartless City had driven me to write fanfic. After making that claim, naturally I had to attempt, and below is the link to my first attempt. I’m rather nervous about how it will be received, so any feedback would be more than welcome! It’s just an excerpt for now, but I do have 12 pages written, it’s just missing the beginning which I feel you need to be able to understand the story.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 2 Recap

Once upon a time, two little girls decided to start recapping a drama. Full of spirit and sure that they could achieve it all, they started recapping… but then reality kicked in, aka time differences, studies, exams and whatever not…

Ages later, they both returned to their promise and this time, they’ve vowed to keep it. This time, the world seems to be helping them and so far, they’re going so good!

Cheesy, no? Well, wanted to make a statement, and here it is! Me and Raine from Raine’s Dichotomy are back to recapping Sungkyunkwan Scandal (At least we hope we are), so go ahead and enjoy this wonderful and totally fun recap at Raine’s here.

Enjoy the recap folks and hopefully, episode 3 won;t be too far behind! 😉

Heartless City Comments

Without doubt this series, like any other, has had its fair share of shortcomings. For a writer who’s reputedly spent four years on the script, I’m surprised this didn’t pop up for him then. Although, to be fair, things on paper and on reel vary for many a reasons and sometimes, despite the writer’s best intentions, the story may fall short. And here, we enjoy an amazing ride that goes uphill until suddenly it just plummets down, and never gets back up.

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Heartless City Episode 20 Recap [Final]


Wow, ten weeks of a roller coaster ride with our resident baddie Park Sa is just one of a kind experience. I still remember the feeling I had the first time he strolled through Jo Oh’s mansion-ready for a coup, calm as you please while the world fought on around him. ‘Now that’s BADASS!’ is what I thought, and the subsequent episodes took things to levels that I didn’t even think of! And now it’s time to bid it goodbye!

I’m going into this episode not knowing what to expect since I didn’t get the chance to check out the preview. Now I just hope the ending leaves me satisfied, if not happy! But seriously, after 19 episodes of having such close brushes with death and danger, doesn’t our hero deserve a happy ending?

Note after watching: SERIOUSLY WRITER?! Or as Soo said it, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”

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Future Project

Hello folks, I’ve decided to add this poll as a question to my readers (those who plan to stick around after Heartless City finishes tomorrow… erm, technically today, hehe) to help me decide which drama to recap next on Akiko’s Morning Coffee.

Personally, I’m invested into Two Week (Junki HAWTNESS on the run says it all) and Master’s Sun (Loved every Hong Sister Drama except BIG) and have decided to stay miles away from Good Doctor as a recapping project. Why? Cause I don’t do medical dramas that well, pluc i’m positive my knowledge of the language won’t extend that far that well! Other than that, I’m aware of Who Are You premiering tonight (Episode will be put on download in a bit). So, if you decide to hang around Akiko’s, what would you like to see? 🙂



Heartless City Episode 19 Recap


The above screenshot is my personal favorite from today’s episode. It gives that final touch of humanity to Park Sa’s character that leaves you floored. There’s no way you can’t not feel for the guy.

Onto business! First of all, sorry for the shortage of screencaps but I’ve not downloaded the episode yet and just caught this online so made just a few screenshots to put in just enough life into the recap. Secondly, molly wolly IT’S FINALE WEEK! OMG! As much as I’m anticipating the end, I’m hating that we’re leaving Park Sa Adeul behind after tomorrow! How are we going to survive without a dose of big bad every Mon-Tuesday?

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Heartless City Episode 18 Recap


And we’re on for the final week and the last two episodes now that episode 18 has aired! I can’t believe this drama will be ending a week from now and we’ll have no more Cruel City, and our resident baddie Park Sa to look forward to! Maybe it’s time we also went out in search for that drug factory just to get us off this addiction and on to something else, lol!

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Heartless City Episode 17 Recap


Shit finally hits the fan as Soo Min comes to the realization about who Shi Hyun really is. Moreover, Busan is now laid out like a prize waiting for the internal crown wars to be over to see who will be the victor-Safari or Park Sa. It’s a dangerous fight for both of them, but even more so for Park Sa because the path to bringing down Chairman Jo, and subsequently Busan is getting harder and harder for him.

P.S. Forgive the bad aspect ratio of images and all. I’ve reinstalled everything on my system, hoping to make it work better and although everything else is perfect, it won’t give me the option to adjust my screen resolution so everything is wrong! 😦

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