Hurt (Wound) – Heartless City OST by Kim Yong Jin (김용진) – Lyrics and Translation


I freaking LOVE this song! It is just PERFECT with the drama and the way it plays in the background is just ooooohhhhh! And they have finally released it so I’m doing a happy dance every time I listen to it! 😀

To listen to the song or read the lyrics, go here. Translation is below in the post.

Some words were ones I hadn’t heard before so I dig up my dictionary and came up with the most plausible sentences that seemed to make sense. I hope there aren’t any errors but if there are, let me know please and I’ll correct them up!


In the grey forest of buildings,
The wind howls sadly, um,
Taking my stray fate,
The sound moves my heart,


Even if I spit bitter laugh or tears engulf me,
Nobody can find me,


*Love is dead, whoa whoa
Losing the light,
Love is dream,Whoa Whoa
Even if I scream,
All I can hear is the wind*


Moonlight drenched noir,
In the city dreaming glittering dreams, um

Lips stained with heat like blood-red wine

A loved name and a twisted world
End like the wind




Even a scattered moment rests cowardly for a breath, oh


Love is wind, whoa whoa

You lose,
Love is dream, whoa whoa
Even If I call your name, Oh~

Love is wind, whoa whoa,

A dark, serene city,




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  1. amazing… it makes me wanna watch the drama again!!! but i don’t wanna cry anymore T_T the end was too cruel for me *sobs*

  2. Thank u I love the song and drama 🙂

  3. I agree!! The music is soooooo perfect! I always listen to it.. when the action is on and the background music is on! Its so perfect i got goosebumps.. i not a fan of action drama.. but this drama is so wonderfully made! Cruel city indeed! I cant getover of doctor’s son.. i think im inlove of him and his charter.. thats why now im watching smile, you..

  4. I love this song too! Do you happen to know where I can buy it?

  5. Love this song….so fitting everytime it is used in the drama. I usually get tired of hearing OSTs being played but not yet…

  6. i’m gonna share, episode 11 trailer is up! if you could so kindly please translate if you have time…. i’m dying to know what’s going on! (even though it’ll make the wait for episode 11 that much more agonizing)

    thanks again for the great work!!

    • My wordpress starts acting up at the strangest times and doesn’t work for hours at end on the browsers! Currently having the same issue (replying from my mobile app) so will post it as soon as it starts working again!

  7. Thank you for posting this…. i really really dig this OST!! So fitting to the drama – its darkness and the voice is mesmerising…..

  8. Hi. First time poster. I think this is the same man that sang the OST for What’s Up Fox?
    Once you hear his voice, you never forget it. His voice is so smooth and sexy. Thanks for posting this.

  9. Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Thanks for the lyrics. Great song. Sad tho’ … is it for Hyung Min whose love died? or does it hint at some tragic Baksa fate? or Lee Jin Suk torn between her loves? or Soo-min’s loss of innocence as she leaves Kyung Mi’s protective wings? or for Safari who is walking a path deeper into hell because of his connections to Jin Suk and Baksa? or Cutie Soo whose lover was murdered because she loved him?

  10. Oh…I thought he sang “love is dead…war” and “love is wind…war”……..but it’s still the best! hehe

  11. Thank you so much for the translation! 😀 And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song… it’s dark and sexy and at the same time it’s so positive. And it’s so Shi Hyun to me. ❤

  12. My obsession of the moment.
    I don’t know why but i alwayse hear “love is wound” instead of “love is wind” i guess it’s because it fits better with the title xD

  13. Thanks for your super cool translation of the heartless and cruelest song ever!! Nicey sung by Kim Yong Jin……^.^

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