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Hello again guys! Finally I’m back with the comments! Once again, man, this show is just pure awesome! Sure, it lacks a bit in places and there’s some things you just have to take on faith at times, but what this show does best is to make you forget those little moments of errors because it has got so much better going on that you just can’t look away from the awesomeness! πŸ˜€

Episode 10 was, like most of the earlier episodes, an hour long ride that led to such a surprising twist and it literally makes you fall off your seat! If there’s one thing this show is good at-it’s to always, and I mean ALWAYS keep you on your toes, guessing about what’s coming up and trying to peel off the layers of characters and see if there facade of good or bad is what they really are! Characters like Safari, Jin Suk, Hong Ki are still so deep in the shadows that it’s impossible to tell what their real motives are. What makes this suspense intriguing is the fact that each time you imagine something about these characters and think you’re right, the story gives you yet another twist to throw you in a further loop and raises stakes sky high each time!

First off, the relationship between Soo Min and Park Sa. I LIKES LIKES! It’s setting itself up quite nicely, and in an unconventional manner which allows it to be more believable. A typical boy falls for girl or girl falls for boy would simply stand out sorely in this drama! But when you look at Park Sa and Soo Min, their characters and their interactions, you can see the chemistry and the sparks. Park Sa’s spent eight years out of everything and the last woman he loved, he gave her up to keep her happy and safe (Kyung Mi) and this is the first time he comes across someone so naive that he’s got no idea what to make of her. I think what gets him the most is that she recognizes his truth-that he’s a gangster from his gruff manners and attitude and still, she’s the one who calls him out and has drinks with him easily, not the least bit daunted and afraid. Every time I see them together, I can imagine Park Sa asking himself, “How come she isn’t running away from me?” Granted he’s no monster or anything, but he’s made sure in eight years that his gruff and hostile manner never let anyone close to him so it’s that much of a surprise and shock to him to know that someone’s able to look beyond that. Eventually, he’s just drawn to her like he’s never been before and unable to control his curiosity about her. I love the way he just picks up the second time she calls him up (but then he hangs up because of JS).


For Soo Min, I think there’s always been curiosity about him since the day he was hurt and he inadvertently helped her out and yet threatened her to stay away. It’sΒ  like a common case of ‘mixed signals’ to her. She’s seen him asΒ  a good guy-despite the fact that he didn’t really mean to help her out but was too annoyed with the guy trying to rob the store and too in a rush to wait for the man to walk away. She’s seen him as a somewhat bad guy because of the way he held the knife at her throat and warned her that she shouldn’t interfere with just about everything. Despite herself, she’s curious about him and that curiosity, and her lonely sulking over Hyung Min led to their ‘night’ together. And now that he’s saved her, rather than Hyung Min, she’s going to fall even harder without realizing it! πŸ˜€ I’m loving that she will get to know Shi Hyun the person and then find out that he’s also Park Sa-the man she’s led to believe is a monster. It should give her definite pause when she knows his truth and hopefully allow her to find out exactly what happened with Kyung Mi.

I don’t think his leaving money for her needs to be analyzed in a micro level. It’s just his way of responding by telling himself there’s no feelings involved, even though he can’t stop himself from thinking about her all the time even when he’s walking away. Like Jin Suk said, it’s his way of saying there’s no heart involved, but our dearie has yet to discover the heart just has its own ways! πŸ˜‰ I know, baby steps for our big baddie. But what speaks MOST, is that he TELLS her HIS NAME! That is just plain <3!


Hyung Min’s still the same except for the little bit of humanity he shows in Episode 10-which incidentally isn’t even directed towards our heroine. We get more of his and Soo Min’s backstory, effectively laying out her crush on the guy her Unni dated and showing us why he always looks and behaves around her as if she’s a thorn he can’t wait to be rid of. It was surprising to see Hyung Min all happy and smiling with Kyung Mi in the flashbacks because he looked like a completely different and such a happy person. I suspect that would all be before his brother’s incident because at that time, he was so happy and content with Kyung Mi and there wasn’t even a shadow of the man we’ve seen since Episode 1. It makes you feel sorry for the guy, until the moment he messes it all up… again!

He’s always been abrupt and harsh towards Soo Min because of her happy go lucky and carefree nature which was a constant worry to Kyung Mi, and hence to him. I doubt he’s ever seen her beyond Kyung Mi’s little sister/responsibility and doubt he even feels little more than that. Even in Episode 10, he pauses at her outburst, but only barely, and his flashbacks simply become a reminder of Kyung Mi, and what she was to him. Maybe he’ll fall for her later (Frankly, I wish they’d not go that way cause I’d hate for THAT storyline to play out when there’s so much potential otherwise) but he’s doing a fancy job of making sure Soo Min gets a rude awakening from her crush on him. The moment he decides to go after Chung Mo and his men, rather than her, speaks volumes! With an amusement park full of baddies and police ready to go at each other, he chooses to follow his agenda, forgetting that she’s also his responsibility. Has he forgotten his promise to himself/Kyung Mi, that he won’t let the same situation happen again? This guy is too lost in his revenge that he can’t look beyond that, even if he’d want to! I like the way Soo Min’s expression hardens when she asks him where he is, well aware of the fact that if it weren’t for Park Sa/Shi Hyun, she’d be dead because Hyung Min wasn’t there when he’d promised to be.


Jin Suk-still one of my liked characters because of what we’ve seen of her so far. BUT, and I mean BUT, the hint in this episode that she might be in love with Park Sa is more than I can take. Seriously, IΒ  feel cheated if that were to work out! Gosh, these three-her, Park Sa and Safari have lived together for quite a while as family! He called her ‘Aunt’ and she has literally seen him grow up. I’d rather they had a close relationship as the do now-where they protect each other and it doesn’t even have to be an aunt-nephew relation-it can be as vague as you want, but not of the ‘I love him as a man’ type! There’s a closeness that can exist without people becoming entwined like that and it would make much more sense for Park Sa and Jin Suk’s relationship to be that way. That is the reason I liked them so far-because they felt closer than family and so loyal to each other when they aren’t even family! Why can’t it just continue like that?! Needless to say, we don’t need a Jin Suk x Soo Min conflict coming up that centers on Park Sa/Shi Hyun!


Safari… the ever eluding guy who’s motives are just as shady as ever. And the latest twist just makes things even more hazy than before. First of all, is he really a police officer who has been undercover this long? Second, if he was, how come Hong Ki never knew it and why was Safari one of the persons Park Sa must catch-right up there with Busan? Third, then what about his alleged involvement in Park Sa’s mother’s death? Fourth, why was he a part of Park Sa’s childhood then-and might I add, quite actively a part? Fifth, then his whole business with Park Sa, before Park Sa became Park Sa, what was it? Why did he abandon Park Sa that day by driving off and making sure he got caught? They had plenty of time to get away easily yet he betrayed Park Sa and drove off. Sixth, If he is a cop, he can probably get out of an operation if things got too bad-like right now, when he has a matter of days before he dies unless he kills Park Sa. So why, why would he go so far as to kill Park Sa if he really is NOT working for Busan? Seven, does he really not know Park Sa’s true identity? The way he gloats as he’s flashing the badge and smirks when he glances sideways at Park Sa-it’s like saying, “Beat that, punk!”

I know the last question is tricky-it’s not too easy to get out of the undercover world and since Busan is such a bad guy, he’d probably be able to fish out Safari, but then to go so far as to kill someone-and someone so close to you, it would mean you’ve completely given up on your own moral code, let alone that as a cop. Eight years in the worst and still Park Sa was able to retain his humanity where Kyung Mi and Jin Suk are concerned. Hell, he even formed such a great partnership with Soo. What does that say about Safari? I know there’s no definite line in this drama about cops being good and baddies bad-this is more of a personal perception of what and who are right and wrong and who is willing to go to the end in pursuit of something right and wrong BUT it’s hard to accept Safari as a cop. I’m not saying it’s false, but its not a twist I would like to be true. Not to mention, it brings everything that Park Sa has believed CRASHING down!Β 

What do YOU guys think?

Alas, all the questions above will only be answered as more episodes come out so I’m just gonna close my eyes and keep hoping Monday comes soon enough before I go crazy trying to sate the Heartless City obsession in my heart!


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  1. Exhilarating and very thrilling. Nice movie.

  2. omg, this drama is so good.
    and this episode was DAEBAK!
    so much happening, so much secrets, things being unveiled. OMO!

  3. I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIHYUN-SOOMIN <333333
    eheem out of topic but does everybody know that Nam Gyuri worked with Jung KyungHo's father in Life is Beautiful 2010????

    • I’ve heard good review about that drama! Jung Kyung Ho’s dad is a director?

      • Yes he also did the cable drama “Childless Comfort”. πŸ˜€

      • Is the preview up on any site like dailymotion? It freezes every other second on me at jtbc! 😦

      • Ive seen 20 episodes of CC n I like the concept n the execution, but the daughter Soo Young annoys me too much! Sometimes I just wanna go into dramaland, grab her hair, pour a bucket of water on her and slap her until she comes to her senses! Yes, she makes me hate her that much, n no, I’m not even the least bit violent otherwise! 😐

      • I don’t think so.. D: I was looking for it but couldn’t find it. T-T

        I watched the first couple episodes of CC but then I stopped watching it…. I wasn’t in the mood for a drama like that.

      • I can imagine. I also decided against raising my blood pressure every hour by following it! πŸ˜›

      • Yes, he is the Director and the drama is really lovely. Very well done!

  4. Wow I can’t believe I’m speaking in Hyung Min’s defense but…Soo Min can’t expect him to save her every single time she’s in trouble. She has to learn how to do things on her own when Hyung Min isn’t there to help her. Also even though Hyung Min is part of the police his authority is limited, he can’t just magically protect her all the time. Anyways these two have very little trust and Soo Min’s ignoring Hyung Min’s instructions shows that even more. She put her trust in a near-stranger over her own handler. T_T”

    As for Safari vs. Shi Hyun, I don’t think we can say that one guy is more ‘human’ than another. Even though Shi Hyun is a cop and he’s loyal to Hyun Soo & Jin Sook, that doesn’t mean he is necessarily more moral than Safari. I’m sure there are a lot of things that Shi Hyun has done prior to this that would go against his moral code as a cop.

    Oh and I wouldn’t mind a romance between Jin Sook and Shi Hyun, but I don’t NEED it either. I just want them to be happy πŸ˜₯

  5. Hi! Thanks for your post and detailed analysis about Heartless City! It’s a joy to be able to read the thoughts of others about Heartless City, so mad props to you for providing a wonderful platform for all of us to discuss our thoughts!

    With regard to Soo Min, I really do wonder whether she’d betray Hyung Min somewhere down the line, because there’s just so little trust and faith between the both of them already at such an early stage of the operation. I mean, Hyung Min does the bare minimum in caring for Soo Min, and when push comes to shove, he always picks himself and his own interests first. He’s just using Soo Min like a tool, and I find that that’s really horrible.

    I feel that the consequences of his actions are often downplayed too, because there’s always someone else who’s ready to save Soo Min – for instance, him not taking action fast enough to get Soo Min out of jail didn’t really result in any harm to Soo Min because Jin Suk was there to do the job. His abandoning Soo Min when the undercover operation when kaput also didn’t result in much harm because Park Sa was there to save her. So it’s perfectly understandable imo if some don’t find Hyung Min as horrible as he is to me, because his actions has not really resulted in any terrible consequences. What I find terrible is that he did those actions without the knowledge that someone would be there to help Soo Min, ugh.

    Thus, I hope that Soo Min can grow more in the future, and when she does find out Park Sa is Shi Hyun, that she’d seriously question what Hyung Min has told her about Park Sa, and even before that, slowly start to question his orders and judgments.

    If Safari is truly an undercover cop, then I think he would be the epitome and symbol in this show of an undercover cop gone rouge (or maybe he’s just lying). And another point to consider is whether Hong Ki knows about Safari’s true identity. If he does, why is Hong Ki keeping it from Park Sa? What does that say about Hong Ki and his motives? Safari’s just too confusing for me to really comprehend.

    Side note, I’m glad Jin Suk outsmarted Safari this time round, but why did she decide to send Soo Min instead of going herself? If she sent Soo Min because she had mild suspicions that Safari was setting up a trap, why on earth would she send Soo Min into the tiger’s den? And if she didn’t suspect, why did she had to induct Soo Min in this way? Surely there are other, safer ways for Soo Min to be introduced into the drug circle. :/

    Lastly, I’m also not too sure why on earth Pusan would be so intent on punishing Shi Hyun. Sure, he upset the organizational structure and defied their power by staging an internal coup. However, rather than wasting so much time and resources in trying to dispense him, why didn’t they just accept the arrangement proposed (Pusan supplies, Park Sa distributes) and earn their money? I mean, they could still mete out some form of punishment, but aren’t they sick of not making any money because Park Sa isn’t getting any goods to distribute o.o

    Sorry it’s so long!

    • Oh my gosh, you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly all that I was thinking. In addition., while I would not love a possible one-way love interest between JinSuk and ShiHyun, I would prefer for her to not become mired in its not being realized as he has only ever seen her as an Aunt. in fact, I would love for it to make her want to protect whoever it is he does end up loving (hopefully SooMin). I would not be surprised if she betrayed HyungMin later, although I would not call it betrayal as they have no solid foundation together. If anything, I would call it her picking a path to follow. ParkSa or HyungMin. Or a solitary path even. However, since she has shown how attached she gets, I would rather she picked ParkSa as he will reciprocate :). As for Safari, I agree that he is the perfect example of undercover gone rogue and he was holding on to his past self by holding on to ParkSa. He has now decided to let go it seems….wonder how that will play out. As for Pusan, I don’t understand them yet. They are just this vague REALLY BIG BAD…. lol

  6. Is it bad of me to say I like Safari? And that I don’t hate Hyung Min as much as I should? And damn if there arent more OTP moments ill flip it.
    as far as safari is concerned, the badge is probably a fake…
    when the preview for ep 12 comes out, do u mind posting it with subs because its impossible to find it elsewhere.
    thank u πŸ™‚

    • Hehe, we all need more OTP moments to keep us sane! As for Safari and Hyung Min, I feel both are pretty human and not that hate-able, but some of the choices they’ve made take them beyond the point where they can be forgiven. You can understand why they’ve done what they’ve done, but doesn’t mean you can forgive it either.

  7. I think what Safari did it is a trick.
    Lets assume for argument’s sake though that he is telling the truth. Since he was the one who sold drugs to Shi Hyun’s mother, that would mean he was undercover for what? Fifteen years? Twenty years? Noone would hire him as a cop afterwards knowing that kind of past. It makes absolutely no sense. So he would have to have been undercover 2x longer than Shi Hyun. Of course, that would explain why Safari appears to be more rotten than Shi Hyun seemed to us in the first few episodes before it was actually revealed he was undercover. He was doing it for so long that it affected him 2x more than Paksa. But that just raises more questions.
    Why did he reveal himself to both Paksa and Hyung Min? I just keep thinking it is for some ulterior agenda. Maybe he is a double agent? Like he is in fact a bad guy but he was let into the police by some corrupt police-heads,, so that he would know what is going on in the police and he can feed information to his organization. Or it could be a simply fake police badge and I am really just over-thinking this.
    Safari is a horrible guy, I just can’t conceive the idea of him being a cop, after all the stuff he was doing. Besides, he is connected to Pusan (the drug group/chairman guy, whoever). Since he is so integrated into the group, if he were actually a cop, he would have catched them a long time ago. He gets a lot of information from them.
    With that being said, this has to be a ruse. I have idea how it is possible to spin this story with Safari being a real undercover cop.

    Now enough about safari….. The scene in the beginning of the show was so hot I was embarrassed to watch it! *I also skipped forward of course ^^*

    • One things for certain-the writer is always surprising us with one great twist after the other, and from what we’ve seen so far, Safari’s story won’t be without it’s merits and emotional moments! πŸ™‚

  8. Ahhh you summed it up so much better than I could, I agree with everything you’ve said!

    Again, as you mentioned, I’m not sure what to make of Safari, a part of me thinks he might be faking it and not actually a cop, but I’m not good at reading Safari’s side grin at the end, was that a “Aaaah, you found me out!” or a “Pulled a dupe you would have never expected to get my ass out of the fire in case cops come after me.” Both ways though could be quite interesting for the story, and again the writer is blowing me away.

    Ahh seriously I’m dying for next Monday!

    Btw, do you think that Soo Min is going to find out rather soon who Park Sa is? I hope they wait a couple more episodes, it ups the emotional stakes! I think if she finds out quite quickly then it’s going to make it a bit unbelievable that she’ll be conflicted about going after him, but as the emotional attachment deepens things’ll get more sticky. Again, I like where the writer is going with this!

    • This drama is doing just a totally awesome job of keeping us guessing about what’s going to happen and why, and which emotions are at play where! I’m loving it especially because you have no way of defining who the good or the bad guys are! And you’re left wondering at everything and everyone’s motives! I loved that Safari Park Sa scene when Park Sa almost died-it was just pure raw emotion and you see there that however bad Safari may be, he’s still human in his core! I wish they give him more depth and back story soon!

  9. i agree with evrythinh jillian said xD
    Oh and what do you think, could Soo be behind Mk
    KΒ΄s murder ? he could have asked his cop freind to kill her as she was becoming a danger ro him and Paksa adeul. That would explain why that cop was so devastated by KMΒ΄s death (aside from having a crush on her) and is somewhat remorseful to the point of trying to end his “patnership” with Soo and try to buy the new team leader (?) with the excuse of wanting to help him financilay.

    • Nah, not that officer! Not that I like him or anything, but he’s too much of a coward to let something like that happen. He’d probably even go through with killing someone, even Kyung Mi, but he’d never be able to face his own guilt over it, even if he blamed others. I just can’t see it in his personality. He’d end up losing his mind to his conscience!

  10. Okay first of all: thank you, thank you, thank you! πŸ˜€ *hugs* What can I say about such a wonderful post? I can only say that it’s wonderful and you brought it to the point.

    Where do I start?? First of all Soo Min and Shi Hyun… They are wonderful and I love them so much. Not for the bedscene or the kissing – which was/IS gorgeous and of course left me breatheless – but for the fact that when they’re together I always forget in what cruel world they live in. They’re so unaware of what feelings are starting to emerge that it’s too cute to be true. While Shi Hyun is probably asking himself what is wrong with him and is even asking for Soo’s advice, Soo Min is so naive because the only thing that came close to having a crush was her “crush” on HM. And as we got to know he is probably the worst person to have a first crush on.

    HM… I don’t even have words for him. I’ll say it: if he doesn’t die in the end just because for the fact that he shoots everyone who looks askant at him. I don’t know…. I feel kinda bad that I don’t have any emotional connection with HM but then again there isn’t much reason left to like him. Kyung Mi was the only person who helped me to see HM as a human being but now that she is gone the human in him disappeared as well.

    And this leads to what you said and what I also commented on your recap for episode 10. While HM tries to make Soo Min believe that Doctor’s Son is a monster, she gets to know that the “monster” is in fact the person she loves/going to love – Shi Hyun. I see a great conflict coming up for Soo Min. It’s like comparing the Beast and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast – we have to ask: who is the real monster?

    Jin Suk…. I like her – I really do. But I don’t like how they build her character. I said before that I believe that they will go the road that she loves Doctor’s Son and this will lead to a conflict with Soo Min. And this could make Jin Suk’s character go flat – or at least it depends on how she reacts. Will she turn into a jealous viper or will the writer let Jin Suk being smart and act wisely? I’ll wait and see…

    Last but not least…. Safari… I actually don’t know what to think of this twist. Maybe we read too much in it and he is just messing with HM and Shi Hyun to get out of this situation. Then again everything is possible. Personally I don’t want him to be a cop – just for the fact that the emotional battle between him and Shi Hyun would be basically gone and this is what connected me the most with Safari. But all we can do is to wait for episode 11 to find out if this is going to be even more complex or if it was just a plain cliffhanger to give us something to think about. πŸ™‚

    Oh and for the money part…. over there in the Soompi thread it was analyzed so much but I agree with you – to read too much into something Shi Hyun did doesn’t make so much sense to quote you: “It’s just his way of responding by telling himself there’s no feelings involved.” πŸ˜€

    Phewww… what a long comment. πŸ˜€ But a long post deserves a long comment, right? kkk

    • Oh I’d hate for Jin Suk’s character to take that trajectory! It would be a waste of wonderful talent in the actress, and a so far, well-written character! I hope the writer surprises us like he’s done so far and doesn’t involve those romantic feelings into this aspect of her and Park Sa. I love her protectiveness and caring for Park Sa, but that’s because I think it’s not on a physical level where she wants him as a lover!

      Making Safari a cop is like bringing in a whole new level of conflict, but not one which is a great thing either-like making Park Sa a cop. Without these two points, the drama would have had so much more emotional intensity to it. Adding these bits is like adding safeguards and making sure everything is ‘right’. I think however daring this drama is otherwise, it refused to go into the territory where it could have been something totally new-if Park Sa were just a bad guy and not a cop. Of course, I’m not complaining much since it means a higher chance of a happy ending! But if I don’t get that happy ending, someone’s gonna have to pay *YA HEAR THAT, WRITER?!*

      • We’ll see where the writer will go with Jin Suk. But the way they filmed this scene… Jin Suk barely missing Shi Hyun leaving Soo Min’s room – it’s screaming “Somewhere in the future episodes she WILL find out about and then everything is going wrong.” So the only thing we can do is trust the writer. And so far he has done a tremendous job. :3

        Now that we know that Safari is actually a cop who changed the sides… I actually thought the emotional connection I feel between him and Shi Hyun would disappear but now it feels it will cause even more pain than it already did when Shi Hyun still thought Safari was bad only.

    • I think you are right…. it may make ParkSa begin to question, if Safari was a real cop, was he using ParkSa’s mother? Was it simply that he went too far and did not protect her, or she went too far with the drugs?
      Also, is it a prelude to what is happening with HyungMin and SooMin, except HyungMin is still officially a police officer? Hopefully, SooMin will have more strength of character to resist spiralling like that.

  11. Lol, I did not mean to go on that much! Long post, eh! πŸ˜€

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