Heartless City Episode 10 Recap


Now this is what you call DAEBAK! Damn, it’s beyond daebak! There’s just no words to describe how much I am enjoying and LOVING this show! Another episode which brings characters face to face with the consequences of their choices and gives us another great twist that changes the power play once again!! Calling comes for both our main characters-Soo Min and Park Sa though it’s more devastating for the latter who finds his solid beliefs and long built work come crashing down. For Soo Min, it’s just a rude awakening of how dangerous the world is that she’s jumped into but for Park Sa, it’s eight years of work that comes crashing down like dominoes.

Episode 10 Recap:

The episode opens up on the moment when Park Sa first enters the restaurant and lingers outside for a moment while watching Soo Min sitting there before approaching her. After that, we see the way she teases him and his reaction to it-the way he’d grabbed her arm and pulled her forward for a kiss. His own expressions seems to mirror surprise at what he’s about to do.

Soo Min backs away first, a hand on his chest and tells him, “It’s definitely not because I’m drunk!” before moving back in for a kiss. Omo omo! Things progress to the bedroom. And I fast forward. No, I’m not joking. I really don’t watch this stuff! 😛


Later, Park Sa turns off the lights before heading out while Soo Min’s asleep. Outside in the corridor, he walks away slowly and turns back for a thoughtful glance around, still thinking about Soo Min. As he gets into an elevator, Jin Suk exits from another but neither sees the other.

Soo Min is woken by knocking on her door and opens it to find Jin Suk there. Jin Suk’s surprised to see the mess in the room and asks if a guy was here which Soo Min denies but Jin Suk sees her clothes lying around and tells her to rest up. When she’s leaving though, she sees some checks on the table and mistakenly thinks it was Hyung Min who came by.


Soo Min is surprised to see the checks herself and asks Jin Suk what that money means. Jin Suk tells her it’s tip money-representing what happened between the two people as a deal and that it only amounts to this much. Oh, bad move Park Sa. Soo Min’s dark expression says the same. Once Jin Suk’s gone, Soo Min has a flashback to the time she spent with Park Sa and how she’d seen all the scars on his body and commented on them.

She scoffs now and at the same time, Park Sa drives home in a somber mood. He thinks back to when he’d sat by her side as she slept and tenderly brushed the hair away from her face before leaving.


Soo’s informant-Officer Kim comes to meet him. Soo is surprised that there’s no movement against him (Soo) already and Kim is worried, “Were you found out by Hyung Min?” Soo tells him to do exactly as Soo orders hereon before handing him a check and heading off.

Hyung Min sits browsing through photographs of Kyung Mi when Soo Min comes back. He offers her something to eat but she’s in a bitter mood and wants to head out but he asks her what she wanted to talk about but she rushes out in a huff of angry after shouting at him. Outside, her mood takes a down turn when she sees he’s not coming after her.

It reminds her of the first time she’d seen him when Kyung Mi had brought him to the orphanage to be introduced to their caretakers as her team leader. So they weren’t dating then. Soo Min seems taken with Hyung Min at first look and her mood takes a somber turn when Hyung Min confides that he actually is Kyung Mi’s boyfriend. He teasingly tells Soo Min and her friend not to give Kyung Mi a hard time and she retorts back that she won’t let him off if he gives Kyung Mi a hard time either. After that, she’d stormed off angrily but turned back for a look.


Inside the house, at present Hyung Min is also reminiscing to an earlier encounter of his with Soo Min. Soo Min had perked up as soon as she saw him and approached him after straightening her appearance and all and then pretended to just notice him as he turned to her. He takes her to task for coming back after spending the night out. She’d argued it was for her part time job but he’d scoffed at her and told her to stop making things difficult for Kyung Mi. As Kyung Mi and he walked away, she tsked as he told Kyung Mi to give up on Soo Min.

Hyung Min gives Soo Min defense lessons and she ends up a fast learner. Both sit for drinks later and she asks him what kind of person Park Sa is. Ooooh, I like what the writer is doing here! Hyung Min retorts that he’s not even a person anymore. Moreover, he’s the man who made Kyung Mi like that. (This has got to be a flashback as well, I think)


Somewhere else in town, Soo is stunned to hear a question from Park Sa.

“What can you give that a woman would like?”

Soo’s reaction, “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” Yes, I kid not!

Soo’s shocked and asks if Park Sa really has a girlfriend but Park Sa just storms off.


Turns out he got a suit and clutch bag, along with the mannequin to give to… Jin Suk for her birthday. Ah, fake out! I was so sure that was dating advice! 😛

She’s surprised and pleased and Park Sa suggests drinks.

At the same time, Soo Min is drinking with her friend-Joon young, right? Her friend asks her what’s bothering her-she’s different from before and always miles away in some thought but Soo Min tells her she’ll tell her once the matter is settled.


That night, as she walks back to the club, she stares at her phone as if willing it to ring and finally bursts out, “I have to at least ask why (he) did it!” And so she dials a number. Yup, to Park Sa and he’s about to pick up when Jin Suk walks back into the room, having changed into the new dress. Park Sa compliments her and suddenly tells her he has something important to do so has to leave first. Jin Suk asks what it is and he’s like, “Something important!” Ha! Jin Suk’s face falls.

Park Sa walks out but then stops and dials Soo Min;s number but it’s busy on another call. He turns around and finds her heading down the corridor. She’s off to see Jin Suk who has called her up. Jin Suk offers her a drink, noting she’s already had some and tells her to have some at the bar any time she wants.


Safari calls up Jin Suk and asks if she’s made a decision yet. She agrees but tells him not to come-it won’t work since Park Sa can’t find out about it. Soo Min can’t help but overhear her and sends Jin Suk off with a smile before heading out herself. Park Sa watches her in the corridor as she walks away. He catches up to Jin Suk as she’s leaving and asks her who Soo Min is. Jin Suk tells her it’s the woman who saved her life in prison.

He oh so casually asks Jin Suk if she intends to make Soo Min like Hye Su and the others. Jin Suk tells him she’s not the one responsible for Hye Su’s fate and from now on, don’t talk about ‘leaving’ this world behind and don’t tell her to ‘not do’ anything either-this is a world where they have no choice but to live as they are. “We have no choice but to live like this!


She meets Safari and lays out the deal and warns that she won’t let things pass if they try to get at Park Sa. Safari asks her a question, “What is Park Sa to you?” He cites that it no longer seems like she thinks of him as a nephew or a younger brother… Perhaps, as a man? She retorts that it’s none of his business. Deal proceeds.


Later, she sits around and thinks back to her encounters with Soo Min and how she’d fought well. It seems as if she’s making a decision about something. And so she makes the call to Soo Min and tells her she’s coming to see her just as Soo Min’s contemplating making a call… perhaps to Hyung Min?

Jin Suk brings a bag and tells Soo Min it’s her birthday today. Soo Min offers to buy her something she wants and Jin Suk jokes, “A guy?” She offers to make Soo Min a deal instead of the present. “Just go and exchange the bags. You got it?” Soo Min wonders what’s in the bag and Jin Suk just tells her the bag she brings will have something Jin Suk wants. “This matter is a deal… between just you and me!” She then tells Soo Min to open the bag she brought, and it is filled with money.

Jin Suk passes her the keys to her own car and although worried, Soo Min doesn’t let it. Later, she makes a call to Hyung Min from her bathroom.

As Jin Suk walks back to her room, Park Sa is watching her. At the same time, Hyung Min goes to see his ex team mates and lays out the details but for this deal, he’ll be going in alone.


Hong Ki finds Park Sa sitting in his car when he gets off work that day. Park Sa asks him for a favor-a phone (?) but as he’s leaving Hong Ki asks, “Can’t Jin Suk leave that place?” Park Sa tells him to ask Jin Suk herself.


As Park Sa’s leaving the police station, he turns back for one look at the place.

The next morning, Soo Min heads out wearing all black with Jin Suk’s car. On the way, she keeps asking Hyung Min what to do. Hyung Min’s worried whether this is a trap to determine if Soo Min is loyal and tells her to just forge he’s there and go ahead as things are. Meanwhile at the police station, one of the officers works on Hyung Min’s orders and doesn’t let the other’s see what he’s up to.

Bad prosecutor comes to the police station that day too. He’s got orders giving the prosecutors total control over the case and demands every bit of evidence and file they have on the case. He catches sight of the ongoing tracking that officer is doing and demands an explanation. In his own office, Hong Ki looks on.

Soo Min arrives on the location and heads in. Darling, it’ll be hell hard to run in those heels you’re wearing if you get in trouble. In voiceover, she hears Jin Suk telling her this is her fresh start-abandoning all thoughts of her past, her parents and everything. With a deep breath, she heads in.


Inside the park, Chung Mo and his men are wandering around as are fake Eun Soo and Safari. Jin Suk asks Safari where they’ll be meeting up while a worried Soo Min sends a message to Hyung Min asking if he can see her. At the same time, the police moves out under orders from the prosecutor. The other officer alerts Hyung Min. His reporter friend sees the police leaving and decides to follow. Hong Ki calls up Park Sa with the update and tells him to stay out of the matter. “Whatever you’re doing now, whoever it is, it’s best to stay out!” Park Sa says he’ll handle it.


The police arrives and starts storming the amusement park. The prosecutor calls up Hyung Min and demands to know where he is. Hyung Min argues that they’ll put everything at risk like this and refuses to cooperate so the prosecutor hands out his own set of order to the cops. Soo Min reaches the designated spot and looks out for the person Jin Suk had described-wearing running shoes and eating a red ice cream. And there sits Chung Mo.

At the same time, Safari realizes Jin Suk has changed plans and hasn’t come herself and grits his teeth in frustration. She warns him against touching Soo Min and he can’t let his frustration show lest she realize he was about to dupe her.


Jin Suk cuts the call and Safari recognizes Soo Min as the designated person and calls up Chung Mo. Just then, Jin Suk realizes something is off and immediately calls up Soo Min but her phone is already busy. It’s Hyung Min on the line who tells her to take out her mobile’s battery.

Before she can comply, she gets another call. It’s Park Sa. She tries to tell him she’s busy and can’t talk right now but he tells her, “Just answer my questions!” She’s stopped by his tone and he asks-she’s the one who’s out to deliver the bag right now, isn’t she? She looks around in surprise-how does he know?

In the park around them, the police is spreading around. Park Sa tells her the police is on its way to where she is and she’s in danger. She asks if he can see her and how he can know so he tells her he’s working under Jin Suk. At the same time, Chung Mo clocks her and gets up. Park Sa tells her to back away lightly and then instructs her to run. She does and he directs her to the exit.

Watching Soo Min run, Chung Mo and his men head in the opposite direction and Hyung Min decides to follow them. OF COURSE YOU WOULD! Soo Min however, runs into trouble when Eun Soo blocks her path and holds up a knife.


She tries to run but has no choice when fake Eun Soo overpowers her and she’s hit badly. Unable to fight much, she tries to run to the other side but Eun Soo catches up and is about to stab her in the back when someone shoves her out of harm’s way. It’s PARK SA! Soo Min is surprised and Park Sa turns to fight the baddie. With two blows, he knocks her out, grabs Soo Min’s hands and they run off.


She’s still catching her breath in one of the offices when Park Sa comes and tells her to listen well. He’ll draw away the baddies from here and ten minutes later, all she has to do is change clothes and head out like nothing is wrong. She grabs his sleeve as he’s about to leave and asks him to wait a moment. She asks him what his true identity is and why he saved her. He shoves her hand off and tells her harshly that this isn’t a world where a woman like her can just walk in-she could die. He tells her never to come back once she leaves. As he’s heading out, he tells her “It’s Shi Hyun. Jung Shi Hyun.” *FLOORED*


Soo Min turns to her phone which is buzzing and it’s Hyung Min. He tells her to take out the battery from her phone since no one will be able to trace her then and she can just leave. She asks him where he is and he deflects, telling her to do as he says. Her expression hardens. Safari catches up to fake Eun Soo and demands to know what happened. “Park Sa. Park Sa came.”

Park Sa catches up to Chung Mo and his men who run off just as Hyung Min and the police chase him. Using one of his men as bait, Chung Mo manages to run off. At the same time, the reporter and her cameraman enter a room and starts shooting the proceedings. Bad luck for them when the woman is taken hostage by Chung Mo. She’s saved by Park Sa who appears just to take the briefcase and leaves. The police can deal with Chung Mo easily. Umm, is it just me or was the camera in the room not good news? I so hope I’m wrong!

But Chung Mo gets to the rifle first and kills the policeman. He’s stopped from killing the woman when Hyung Min appears. Chung Mo tries to deflect him by telling him Park Sa was here a moment ago. Hyung Min turns to follow but stops short when he sees the reporter and stops to comfort her.

Park Sa follows to Safari to a library room in the building. Safari asks why he came-Jin Suk didn’t show up after all. Park Sa deflects by saying Jin Suk never believed him in the first place-that’s why Park Sa came. Otherwise, how would he have known? As he’s saying this, both keep changing places, trying to locate the other.


Park Sa asks him something-why’d he kill Lee Kyung Mi? Also, did he really mean to kill Park Sa? As he’s asking this, Safari draws a blade. As Safari is replying, “You know very well one of us has to die.” They both finally come to blows.


Both of them are good fighters although Park Sa sometimes seems to come close to getting a fatal hit. They finally end up on the floor face to face where Park Sa turns to him. “I’ll ask you one last time. Lee Kyung Mi, was it really not you?


Safari denies it was him and Park Sa buys it, telling Safari it’s time to end this matter. Safari agrees, just before he pulls out a gun. Oh, that is so not fair! Safari says he really hadn’t meant to come this far but before he can say more, Hyung Min arrives from a side and holds a gun to him. Oooh, lala!


Safari slides over the gun and stands up before he stands up, unzips his jacket and takes out a card-labeling him as a police officer. WHAT!?

Both Hyung Min and Park Sa are surprised-the latter more so. Safari recites out his station and officer number. Park Sa draws back in shock just as Safari turns to him and smiles.



Okay guys, comments later! it’s 3 am here and I have to get some sleep cause my live alarm clock-my nephew will be waking me up around 630/7 o clock and I definitely need some sleep before that! I know, I’m dying with ideas and scenarios but I know I’ll even regret staying up this late when I have a killer headache tomorrow morning so better not make matters worse! See you with comments soon and till then, enjoy the episode and be WOWED!

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  1. What an amazing episode! I shied away from this drama as I normally stick to Rom/Coms but I read so many great reviews that I thought I would give it a try. Now I’m addicted and can see why people joke about certain Kdramas being “cracktastic”! I am currently marathon watching this through Dramafever but as no one I know watches kdramas I came here looking for other peoples thoughts on this episode. Here are a few of my thoughts. #1 I think that Parksa leaving the money on the table was his way of protecting her. In other words I think he has really fallen for here but realizes that if she falls for him it can only end badly for her, thus by making her feel like trash, like it was just a heartless “deal” that she will hopefully not pursue him anymore. #2 I think that Parksa WAS asking Cutiesoo about what “a woman would like” in reference to Soo Min, he was actually flustered (well for him anyways) when Cutiesoo asked if he had a girlfriend. He knows what to buy his “Aunt” because he has been doing that for years already. Anywhoo, thanks for your hard work recapping!

  2. 0_o
    my expression for the ending of this episode.
    i don’t even know how to respond, this episode was so great.
    and especially when Park Sa said his name. *melts*
    and the beginning of the episode, their intimate scene omo, so intimate 🙂
    this drama can’t get any better!!!

  3. And about the part where Park Sa ask for ‘what gift makes a woman happy’ part, who is it for? I REALLY REALLY thought it was about Soo Min, but then the another scene shows that he bought a full set of dress for his ‘aunt’ (whatever she is). AH CLEAR MY DOUBT PLEASE 😥

  4. Ahhh i really can’t wait for episode 11. I am craving for more Soo Min and Shi Hyun moments. I know for a certain reason that Shi Hyun is attracted to Soo Min! I wish the drama would emphasize the feeling cause I can’t make out whats Shi Hyun’s expressions. He’s more of a observant and silent person. Gosh this personality totally suits him, HOT HOT HOT!! I love your recaps btw. MORE LOVE FOR SOO MIN PLEASE. (I also want to see a jealous Shi Hyun :P) :’)

  5. I’m not sure if I’m happy that safari is a cop or suspicious. I hope he is because he’s somehow become one of my favourite characters and the way he talks just makes me smile nonstop!
    I feel like Ive been deprived of food since there’s no preview…..*cries*
    When the preview does come out, can u pretty pretty pwuueeaassee post it with eng subs?
    I know that’s a lot to ask but I’m so desperate that I just rewatch all the episodes just to pass the time without moping.
    thank u for the review and I really hope to see the preview soon…:)

  6. The ending took me by surprise. Do you honestly think he’s a real undercover cop? I’m hoping Safari was faking it because otherwise Park Sa’s world is gonna be turned upside down. How would that work anyway? Undercover cop vs undercover cop lol.

  7. this left me mindf@#k and i loved it what! he’s a pusan cop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and it also changs alot of things
    is the commander lying to him?? he is very suspicious if i didn’t know any better i would have thought he sent someone to kill gyung mi.
    and also wasn’t safari the one who supposedly killed doctor son’s mother? or am i wrong??

    was the annoying reporter necessary?

    • It’s so hard to tell what Hong Ki’s real motives towards Safari and Park Sa are and whether he is truthful to Park Sa. Just one of the reasons this drama is simply DAEBAK! 😀

      Lol, the annoying reporter has yet to prove to be anything much!

  8. great cliffhanger. waiting the week without previews is going to be so hard. thanks so much for the recap.

  9. angelina t ang

    thanks so much for the recap!

  10. angelina t ang

    best kissing and love scene among all the korean dramas i have watched over the years! luv soo min and park sa, great chemistry, cant wait for episode 11!

  11. I just want to say thank you for writing this recap. I got too excited for ep 10..and I couldn’t wait to come home from school and watch it but I couldn’t find any eng subs. So I watched it raw and read your recap. (: Do you understand Korean? Anyway, Thanks! You deserve to rest (; Sydney, Aus.

    • Thanks, n yup, I can understand Korean. My knowledge of the language isn’t a hundred percent-maybe not even half that, but thankfully, it allows me to easily watch and understand dramas without subs! And I’m always picking something new so it’s fun! 🙂

  12. Omg! Just watched the 10th episode… I LOVE IT. I was so shocked to see Safari is an undercover cop! :O YAY! No one has to die (I think) haha. I loved the part when Doc’s Son grabbed Soo Min’s hand! It was not just grabbing her hand and running away… The camera zoomed into their hands and they interlocked their fingers!! Interlocking means something… right?! Even though I LOVE this couple I think it’s kinda fast. She didn’t even know his name when they slept together. LOL. I hope there will be more Doc’s Son/Soo Min moments!!

    • Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the interlocking means they stay together happily ever after in the end, and not end up dead together! 😛 I so do not want a tragic or sad ending from this drama! >_<

  13. Thanks for the recap. Safari … wow. Is it reaching the point where we can say all important bad guys are cops, or cop lovers? Cutie-Soo must feel lonely being the sole bad guy in the bunch of undercover agents. How confusing for Soo, who may be the only one not lying.

  14. wha wha wha?? What just happened lol?? I’m having to re-read your recap in case I missed something. OMG, when ParkSa said his real name, my heart melted. How can a guy be so sexy after being so dorky and lovable in Smile, You? (which I’m watching now just to see more of him)

  15. Thanks so much for the recap. The twist at the end was just WOW. i did not see that coming but i hope its not true because i feel it might take away from Park Sa revenge against Safari.
    As for the otp all i can say is their chemistry is off the charts.
    Also 10 episode in and i still don’t like Hyung Min….he kinda rubs me the wrong way.
    They need to get rid of the reporter since I don’t see her bringing anything new to the table.

    • I agree-Safari as a cop would make things just all the more different and NOT in a good sense! Chemistry off the charts is so good for us! We need a good swoon every now and then from our drama-land couples! 😀

  16. Thank so much for the recap.. can’t watch yet since no eng sub.. but from your recap, I had chill all over or maybe I getting sick lol.. I will be back for your comments.. and once again.. cannot stand Hyung Min.. hope my perception of him will get better as the drama progress..

  17. Wtf??? did I see wrong??Is Safari really a policemen??…,back to Park sa and Soomin Oh!My!God! i didn’t really think that things would get so far.He even told her his name!!!! I wouldn’t mind if the rest of the drama was only filled with Park sa and Soomin moments…one can always hope!Hyung min can go and die,I wouldn’t care! I get what the writer is doing,Hyungmin sees Park sa as some one who killed his beloved while for Soomin he is her savior and developing love,I think Soomin is going to have a hard time figuring out everything and making decisions…Soomin fighting!! If things get too hard,run away with Park sa and make cute babies!!

    • Haha, we should lock the baddies and the cops together in one room and let them just kill each other out while Park Sa and Soo Min go away together to their dream land and be happy forever, ne?! 😀

  18. I can’t believe he left her money!! Or maybe it’s his way of distancing himself from Soo Min? So that he can lie to himself that this is just a “business transaction”, even if he’s the one to kiss her first.

    I’m a little surprised at how quickly they when to bed, isn’t it her first time? But I guess it’s better to sleep with someone you known of know instead of forced to by her job.

    OMG!! He told her his REAL name!! Even Soo doesn’t know Doc’s real name! I want more awkward dating advise scenes between Doc and Soo lol

    …that reporter… why is she necessary? All she does is get drunk.

    Mr.Cop is just annoying now, even Cop Kim is more interesting than him.

    • You hit the nail on the head with all your points. This show has so much possibility to where they can take it. I love it. I like how Park Sa nonchalantly asks Jin Suk about Soo Min.

      Park Sa leaving money for Soo Min wasn’t cool but you can tell the whole thing threw him for a surprise. He didn’t know how to act.

      How cute were they dressed all in black? Soo Min could have stabbed someone with those boots. I did laugh at the part towards the end as Park Sa, dressed all in black with the briefcase, just walks right by all the police in the stairwell. He looked so suspicious.

      • Thanks for the compliments! Writing about this drama is just so much fun! 🙂

        Hehe, him walking past the police was hilarious because he specifically turned his face away in that suspicious manner and yet no one followed! I guess we ought to just be happy he always just gets away! 😉

    • It’s his way of trying to convince them both that it’s nothing meaningful, but there’s no way he can keep away from her! 😀 And I so LOVED it when he told her his name! *SWOON*

      Lol, the reporter seems to be entwined with Hyung Min’s character. Maybe she’ll be his post Kyung Mi rebound?

  19. thanks once again for the recap ❤
    Ps: would you mind telling me if you're of indian/pakistani origin ?

    • You’re welcome!

      And yup, I am! How’d you guess?

      • Cool ~
        It’s because you posted some indian and pakistani songs on your blog (blog presentation section i think)
        It’s nice to meet another pakistani learning the korean language (or any other language except english xD )
        Fighting ~

      • You’re Pakistani?! Yup, glad to see a fellow with the same interests! Where are you from?
        Yup, I had fun posting that stuff but thought no one was listening! 😛 Maybe I’ll post more soon!

      • yes i’m also pakistani but i grew up in france where i live right now. here in France animes/mangas are really popular,i also liked animes and asian dramas so i decided to study japanese and korean in university. But whenever i tell people about my major, everyone (pakistanis/french alike) is like: “wow, but why ?”
        I was surprised and really happy to find your blog (thanks to Jillian @soompi).

      • Wow, you’ve studied japanese and korean?! *bows in respect* And I bet you know French too? *double bows* I so wanna learn Japanese, even Mandarin, but I’m so lost on where to start! >_<
        I came upon Anime/Manga n dramas thanks to a friend n I'm so glad I have this in my life! ^_^

    • @seobin

      Annyeong neighbor! 😀

      • @ annyeong kkk Thanks for introducing me to this blog !
        @Hitomi i started with japanese as my major. And when i was in my 2nd year and i had mastered the basic japanese,i noticed that both languages are pretty similar gramatically and i could hadle both, i started korean in parallel.

      • How’d you go about in Japanese? Guide me, SERIOUSLY, I so wanna learn! I learned all Korean I know on my own so I’m sure I can get somewhere with Japanese too! Besides, like you said, it’s similar in some ways (except to read, which looks like a nightmare to me) but I so wanna start somewhere! Did you do the hiragana n kanji first or words or what?


      • Oh the biggest hurdle you have in japanese study is the writing, Not so much hiragana/katakana but kanjis, that’s my iggest flow and yet our school (here in france) is known for having students who know their kanjis the best.
        i could help you if you want, i can imagine how hard it must be for you.
        Btw could be talk through mail ? we wont spam the comment section xD

      • Hehe, yup, you’re right! My email’s in the side widget-mariahnq@gmail.com. I’ll wait for your email! Or should I email you? N yes please do help me with learning Japanese! I’d be so indebted to you! ^_^

      • Really love your blog, hitomiakiko! ❤


        Really your major is Japanese!?! 😀 Mine is Korean studies. kkk

      • *huuuuuuuuggggggggggsssssssss* THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! It’s the best compliment! ^_^

        N you guys are so amazing! I’ve never even been near language studies! My major was architecture-fun in it’s own way! 🙂

      • @Jillia i’m majoring in both, graduated in japanese this year and finished 2nd year of korean (one more year to go)

      • Congrats on finishing in Japanese and best of luck for the remaining year in Korean studies! ^_^

      • @seobin

        Going to finish my master degree this year. 😀

      • Bestest of luck with it! 🙂

      • Thank you! 😀

      • But architecture is so great!! *_* I wish I could create buildings… ❤ ❤

      • Oh it is great fun n I did it especially because it was so creative! My dad thought it would suit me since I used to write n he thought I had the creativity! I also posted some of my projects to the blog in my earlier days!

      • @ jillian wow masters ! *bows* i’ll start my first year of masters in japanese (combined with economics).
        @akiko you’ve got a mail ^^

      • Aaaaaannnd I’ve replied! ^_^

  20. Thanks so much for the recap!!! I watched it first unsubbed and was dying for some help!

    HOLY CRAP. Seriously the best episode yet, I thought it was going to be good, nah great, but didn’t expect to be *that* amazing! I really love what they’re doing with the story, the interactions between all characters just keeps me on my toes because for the first time EVER I can’t figure out what they’re going to do next!

    Park Sa and Soo Min… wow those two have chemistry!! I wasn’t expecting things to escalate between them quite so quickly (even with the trailer I figured bedroom scenes would be towards the end of the episode) but again, I really like the risks the writer is taking, but not having it be this gradual teenish romance… and I hope to God that Bird’s Nest (my name for the police dude, I *don’t* like him) doesn’t develop feelings as well, cause she and he are so wrong >_<.

    Lastly, Jin Suk… I really like her character and that's she a strong woman in this crazy understand society, but I seriously wish that the writers would not put this unrequited feelings for Park Sa thing on her, I seriously get squicked out and actually fast forward through some of their interactions. We know that he doesn't have anything romantic for her, but what's wrong with having a man and woman have a strong relationship that's *not* romantic, can the writer please not take it there?

    Haha, I guess what I'm trying to say is that we really don't need love triangles here to add any more tension!!

    • haha, I agree with you on ‘Bird’s Nest’ ! I do not want him falling for Soo Min-it takes away half the fun of the whole plot and seriously, with him so crazy over Kyung Mi, do we need a repeat performance with Soo Min? *SHUDDERS* Frankly, the story can survive WITHOUT a loveline at all, so we had better get a decent one with just PS x SM that makes it all the more worthwhile! 😀

  21. Thank you so much for recap! I was waiting for it to 2 a. M. And i glad that it so worth it! Thank you again and sleep tight!

  22. Thank you so much for this awesome recap! 😀 *hugs* The only thing I need to do is to nod. kkk

    About “Ooooh, I like what the writer is doing here!”… so you mean that while HM is creating Doctor’s Son as a monster Soo Min gets to know Shi Hyun as human being… So she will be conflicted later in this drama when she finds out that Doctor’s Son and Shi Hyun are the same person? 😀

    The ending is just… gah!! Another week to wait and no preview… what are we going to do?? D: Plus Shi Hyun told Soo Min his name… he wants to see her again or he wants her to be able to find him…. So much feelings are going on here! O.O

    And yes cameras are always a bad thing.

    • Hehe, Now I can imagine you reading the recap and nodding ! 😛

      Yup, that’s exactly what I mean-gives a whole new dynamic to Soo Min and her relationship with Shi Hyun. I can so imagine it EPIC that way! 😀

      The name leaving… *SWOONS* I literally swooned! That was just SO.GOOD! 😀

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