Heartless City Episode 9 Recap


Another stellar episode where we finally get more of the back story on our favorite bromance couple-Park Sa and Soo! It’s so consistent with what we’ve seen of Soo so far and despite being everything one would have already expected, it’s got its own fresh charm that makes it all the more appealing and light hearted! And since we also get some of the rumored ‘steamy’ moments between out OTP, who could ever be complaining about anything!

Episode 9:

A fleet of police cars is headed somewhere as Hong Ki sits in thought. At the same time, Park Sa is beaten down by Safari and his men. Hong Ki is continuously flipping a pen, as if waiting for word on something. As fake Eun Soo moves in to kill Park Sa, he tries to rise and police start storming the building. Hyung Min alone takes out three men. In voiceover, Safari tells Park Sa he never meant for things to go this far-to kill him, and that he caused it himself and begs Park Sa not to resist too much.


Before Fake Eun Soo can make her move, Safari gets the word that police has come and they make a run for it. Park Sa runs to Soo and picks him up while the latter comes to and mumbles, “Damn, it’s embarrassing!” Park Sa carries him away.

By the time Hyung Min and his men storm the rooms, Safari and Park Sa are both long gone. Running outside, Hyung Min spies a car leaving and draws up in front of it. Inside, Park Sa and Soo sit together. At first, Park Sa brakes, but then he turns the lights on to high beam so Hyung Min can’t see them and accelerates the car. Park Sa drives away and Hyung Min is left frustrated.


Once again Soo asks Park Sa why he won’t kill Hyung Min? Is it because he’s sorry about the woman officer “…you killed, because she was Hyung Min’s woman?” Park Sa doesn’t reply.


They arrive at his underground hideout where Soo apologizes for being caught like that and asks if Park Sa is okay. Park Sa thinks back to their prison days when Soo was one day frustrated after being beaten up by some men and Park Sa had asked him, “Want some help?” At first, Soo had deflected and gone to face them himself but Park Sa had come in and intervened. They had won the fight but one of the men had tried to stab Park Sa at the last minute and Soo had taken the blow for him. hehe, and how much do I love that Soo’s characteristic phrase is ‘Chinjong’ meaning ‘Really!’


As he sits now, Park Sa remembers that moment and asks Soo if he wants a drink. Soo also makes a reference to their olden days. Another flashback where they are now discharged from prison and Soo’s mother is feeding him happily while Soo watches on. Once Soo had left the table to go to the washroom, presumably, his mother had passed Park Sa an envelope, stating her son wasn’t a bad person and asked Park Sa to stay away from him, apologizing for being the villain.

In present day, Soo asks him why they met up again after he’d already received the money not to. Park Sa jokes that he thought he’d get more money out of it, but then apologizes.


At the police station, things are in a tizzy and Hong Ki heads out to meet Hyung Min and tells him he has to do his best and uncover things. Oh yeah, I forgot you were off the force! That’s why you’re ex-team was surprised to see you there.

Park Sa and Hong Ki meet up in the amusement park where he thanks him and Hong Ki tells him he has to return Safari’s favor of trying to ‘kill him.’ Then he asks Park Sa if he really means to make a deal with those people? He suggests using them to get inside Busan’s organization and closer to Busan and Safari’s capture, he tells Park Sa, “The men who made Kyung Mi like that, need to be discovered. As in brought to light/caught.


Hyung min helps Soo Min by showing her how to get out of cuffs in case she ever gets caught by any police officer, telling her he won’t be able to help her. Instructing her to carry a pin with he at all times, he shows her the way and instructs her to practice it herself too. While she’s frustrated and attempts it in a hurry, he instructs her to do it slowly. All this while, he’s holding one of her hands and she seems more absorbed in that fact.

She finally succeeds and Hyung Min asks her if she didn’t hear anything from Jin Suk yet. Hyung Min says he ran into Park Sa last night and although he’s not sure what he looks like, he has a rough idea. He draws up a rough sketch for Soo Min which makes her laugh out loud so he crumples it up and throws it away.


In the underground room, Soo sits drinking in angry frustration and Park Sa tells him it’ll be like he told him earlier. If he wants out, he can leave-Park Sa will help him but Soo says he’s too embarrassed to leave just like that. “After all, we should see the end to something that was started.

Jin Suk arrives and they sit staring at a measly supply of drugs. Jin Suk is flabbergasted by the pitiful amount and Soo offers to ask around but Park Sa tells them to wait a bit.


Safari meanwhile receives a package from Chairman’s son-a briefcase of drugs. On the phone, he tells Safari he’s a little different from his father but wants Park Sa dead, reminding him he has precious little days left to keep the promise he made with his dad, ending it with a ‘fighting!’ and a warning not to make him, aka the son, come up to handle things himself. Once he hangs up, Safari says they need to make the deal and fake Eun Soo wonders if Jin Suk will go for it-they did try and get to Park Sa.

Safari goes to a parking lot that night where Jin Suk is waiting and she tells him that she will only make the deal if she deals with Busan himself. He balks-does she even know what she’s asking and what kind of person Busan is but she doesn’t budge. He tells her to just make the deal with him, even if she won’t hand over Soo. There’s no time to lose, he tells her, and there’s no way Park Sa can live.


As Safari sits with fake Eun Soo and Chung Mo, he tells them Park Sa will simply keep watching and observing from the sidelines this time. The fact that he hasn’t told Jin Suk about the attempt on his life-by capturing Soo and using him as bait, means he doesn’t want to get Jin Suk involved in the war between Safari and himself. But it’s also likely that he’ll use Jin Suk to try and capture Safari in a trap so the baddies decide to use that to their advantage-make the deal and still go after Park Sa.

Soo Min runs into Park Sa as he’s exiting Jin Suk’s club once he sees her return and asks him what he’s doing here. He tells her he came to have a drink and she almost tells him she works here herself but then switches to saying that about a friend. Though I’d argue her attire must have given her away from the way he looks at her. He half listens to her before leaving with an abrupt response. As she sits in her room later, she puzzles over his response, “I understand!” and is clearly annoyed.


Park Sa is contemplative the whole way home and even when he meets up with Soo. Soo asks him about something, muttering that if it doesn’t work out, they will be sidelined from the overall situation. Whatever it is (Sorry, my knowledge of Korean failed me here!), Park Sa says he’ll get it… from Busan. (Again, might be a bit wrong)

Hyung Min goes to meet Jo Oh. He’s quite smart and lays out the whole baddies plan-to use the police to catch Park Sa and wants to know where the drugs are coming in from. After all, the whole deal started because of that, no? Jo Oh warns him that the more he digs, he’ll end up on dangerous ground. The only reason people like Jo Oh are still alive is because they cling to life. Hyung Min knows Busan is behind Jo Oh but warns him not to be too cocky-he’s been abandoned to this prison now-made a proper scapegoat to try and catch Park Sa. This time, when Jo Oh asks the guard for his phone after Hyung Min leaves-the guard balks citing he hasn’t even gotten the earlier promised money yet.

When the Chairman’s son gets Jo Oh’s call, he tells his man to ignore it.


Hong Ki sits in his office and takes out an old book which has a photograph of Jin Suk. That evening, he goes to meet her, along with a basket of fruit. She smiles and tells him he’s the same as ever before telling him never to come find her again. But he stops her and tells her to talk with him.

He asks her not to meet Safari anymore. She hints that he wasn’t averse to the idea in the old days but he tells her it was the only way to get her away/out of that place and reminds her-he’s a cop, while Safari is the bad guy, calling him trash. She’s annoyed by his words and turns to leave but also repeats the same question she asked a long time ago, “What are you going to do for me in return?” In reply, he asks what she wants but she tells him there’s nothing he can do for her now. “You’re too late!” Once inside her room, she mutters, “That bastard!


Hyung Min goes to see the corrupt prosecutor and asks him why he helped Lee Jin Suk get away. He denies any involvement. Hyung Min wonders if he received something from Park Sa in return for it but the prosecutor just huffs and huffs. Hyung Min walks out with the retort that the man’s shirt still has some lipstick on it. Hyung Min then goes out for coffee with the prosecutor who last helped him with Chung Mo’s location.

Turns out, she’s called the other lady Hyung Min had drinks with before-a journalist, who asks him what he wants to drink-soju, beer etc etc in return for information regarding the corrupt prosecutor and who he might be taking bribes from.


Soo Min goes out for drinks with her friend who asks her what she’s going to do now that she can’t enter the police force. Soo Min deflects the question as her friend tells her she quit her last job and heads out after a text from the corrupt prosecutor. Soo Min watches him leave as Hyung Min and his lady friend come in. She storms out in a huff herself, even madder at hearing Hyung Min say he doesn’t know her.

The woman only gives him bits of information and specific names ‘for today’ calling him a workaholic and he returns the compliment by saying she must be an alcoholic since all she does is drink-day and night. Later, Hyung Min drives her home as she’s drunk and asleep. His prosecutor friend calls and asks him to be more understanding of the reporter’s behavior, almost telling him a story from her childhood but deciding against it. At the reporter’s home, when he drops her off in bed, she opens her eyes, clearly awake and asks if he can’t stay. When he doesn’t reply, she wishes him a goodnight and he returns the compliment.


Soo Min sits home that night when Hyung Min arrives back and she asks him who that woman was-Has he forgot Kyung Mi already? He doesn’t care that she’s asking-who is she to butt in his business anyway? She tells him there’s nothing to report when he demands it and heads off in a storm. As she’s walking away outside, she scares a lovey dovey couple away as she shouts in frustration.


Jin Suk sits in her car, remembering Safari’s words about the deal being the only way for her and Park Sa to survive.

Teary and sad, Soo Min goes drinking in her room in the place Jin Suk gave her. Jin Suk joins her for a drink and Soo Min wonders why but Jin Suk says it’s just for fun-no reason. Soo Min tells her she’s cool and wonders why she’s not meeting her lover today. Jin Suk sighs, “My lover, is a little busy.” They get into a girly discussion of how handsome and great he would be and at Jin Suk’s query about Soo Min’s lover, Soo Min tells her, “That person doesn’t even view me as a woman!” Both keep on drinking to clear their minds and mood.


Hyung min goes to see his brother in the hospital and finds his dad already there. Hyung Min wonders if he’s here to donate money-why else would he come here? His dad says he came to see his son since they said his condition was getting worse. Hyung Min fires back that dad was the one responsible for his brother being like that after all-if only he hadn’t been so against ‘hyung’s’ decisions or chased him away, he wouldn’t have become like this. His dad fires his words back at him-isn’t he doing the same thing as his brother right now? He tells Hyung Min he’s in no position to challenge someone right now and he’d better just focus on his own work.

Hyung Min walks his brother and starts reminiscing aloud about their old days when his brother suddenly asks him, “Kyung Mi… Where is Kyung Mi?” Hyung Min tells him, “Kyung Mi’s living well. She’ll be alright!”


Hyung Min’s dad goes to see the corrupt prosecutor who seems to have found a solution to their matter but needs his, aka Hyung Min’s daddy’s help.

Hong Ki gets the report from Hyung Min about the prosecutor being in line with Park Sa but Hong Ki argues that it might be a ploy to try and catch Park Sa.

Hyung Min’s phone rings just then and it’s Soo Min. She doesn’t have anything much to say except that she’s sorry and she called because the weather was really nice. He abruptly hangs up but then turns around to look out the window at the weather. Once inside, he deflects Hong Ki’s questions about Soo Min’s current situation, citing he can’t reveal anything since she is covered by undercover cop privilege.


Soo Min meanwhile calls up her friend in an attempt to get her to go out but has no luck. Guess who she calls next! Ha, Ahjusshi! Park Sa stares at his phone-surprised to see her caller id and walks away but turns back as he remembers the last time Soo Min had called him up and told him her name. Turning back, he picks the phone and calls her up.

She’s glad to hear from him and waits for him to speak first, taking him to task for not saying anything at all. He almost smiles at her outburst, as if he expected just that. Her next question-what’s his name?


He drives up to a restaurant where Soo Min is sitting out at a table and simply watches her from afar for a while. Yup, he totally doesn’t know what to make of her! Ha!

He finally approaches her warily as she’s staring out wistfully at the scenery. She perks up to see him immediately and offers him a drink, clinking their bottles in a cheer. However, turns out she’s already drunk that one bottle so uncaps another. He just sits there watching her and she asks why he isn’t drinking. His response, “I don’t drink with people I don’t know!”

She’s like-if you call you have to be friendly and he’s like-you’re the one who called. She just argues that it’s the principle of the thing and besides, he came, didn’t he? He smiles at that.


She’s even more wistful at his smile and asks him why he won’t tell her his real name. He’s like-are you curious and she states that it’s just plain manners to start by telling your name when you first meet. He impatiently motions her to lean forward and when she does, tells her in a bit of a whisper, “My name… is a really laughable one.” and laughs at his own joke.


She tsks at that and tells him she’ll just make it her own way then and proceeds to enter something in her mobile with a laugh as he watches and then shows it to him. She’s entered him as ‘Gangster Ahjusshi.’ He’s floored for a minute and is thereon totally silent as she goes on, “What? You are a gangster, aren’t you?” Her reason: he’s always hurt somewhere!


He watches with narrowed eyes as she does an imitation of him from the first time they’d met, when he’d put a knife to her and told her it wasn’t a matter she should easily get involved in. She does it in the most normal imitative voice and then proceeds to laugh over his words. The more she teases him though, the dourer his expression gets until he finally grabs hold of her arm.


She’s slightly startled and even more so when he drags her forward for a kiss. OMO! IT HAPPENED!



Yup, I didn’t post up a picture of the kiss. Many reasons, but one is that I usually never post stuff like that so you guys’ll just have to refer to the episode to see it. 😛

One thing has me really interested these days. What’s the real relationship between Soo Min and Jin Suk? Is the former just being nice to the latter for her mission’s sake or is she actually finding her as a replacement to Kyung Mi. After all, she already knew she was going to prison for Jin Suk but when Jin Suk was the one who brought her out, she stood for him against Hyung Min. This is a budding friendship that I’m digging and I’d really like for it not to go sour-at least not yet. Reason being, I like them both right now-Jin Suk and Soo Min in their own ways matter a lot n they truly have been good friends to each other so far!

I won’t say anything about the romance until it’s underway and we see more of the changes it wrings in the whole setup-for Park Sa and Soo Min, but needless to say, I am digging it! These two just make my heart flutter! Keep at it you two-the real world out there, baddies and all, can be forgotten for a while! 😛

Hong Ki is being set up quite intriguingly and I am totally wondering what is going on in his mind. What are his motives and what is he hoping to accomplish? He’s definitely got a soft spot for Jin Suk and I hope to hell his regard for Park Sa is also genuine! Truth be told, the way he sent out the cops in this episode’s beginning is making me feel he really wants Shi Hyun/Park Sa to come out of this whole thing alive. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he truly is the GOOD guy here.

And Soo, I just can’t get enough of the way you keep saying ‘Chinjong!’ Enough said-let the bromance speak for itself!! 😀


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  1. newkdramaaddict

    Love the bromance! Loved the little banter between Shi Hyun and Soo Min! I had no clue who was going to do the rescuing; knew it was going to happen but how? Miraculous!

  2. Wait. If Hong Ki know about the undercover agent to be placed near Jin Suk, he must have told Shi Hyun about it, right? Even if he doesn’t tell him it’s Soo Min, but at least, Shi Hyun should have known that there is undercover agent near Jin Hyuk.

  3. In 5 minutes of the date, Baksa says 35 words, one wrist grab, and a kiss to make women swoon. Oh, what a man!

  4. Thanks for the great recap. Cant wait for ep 10, such anticipation!

  5. Can anyone translate the preview of episode 10? Was Park Sa really asking for dating advice from Soo? And what was that suitcase Jin Suk showed Soo Min and what was she saying? I am dying because its not subbed!!

    • I intended to post the translation but time got away from me! I cant check it out from the comp right now but here’s what I remember from the preview.
      Park Sa asks Soo what can you give a woman/girl that would make her happy and Soo incredulously asks him, YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?! (LOL :D)
      Jin Suk shows Soo Min a bag full of money and tasks her with something-she tells Soo Min ‘just make sure you exchange the bags.’ But she gets into some sort of trouble. I guess she’s supposed to do something during the deal with Safari’s guys or maybe Jin Suk used her as bait or something. We’ll know tonight for sure! 😉

      • thank u so much! 🙂 I really look forward to your recaps because the episodes come out on Mondays in Korea, but arent on the internet until Tuesday and arent translated and subbed until Wednesday. Your recaps just make my wait shorter. Thank you 🙂

      • Thank you Thank you Thank you! I stayed up late watching the unsubbed episode. So excited to wake up and read your recap today to find out what was said. Even more excited about your translation of todays’s episode. (enter squeal here) 🙂

  6. yayayayaayya… omg. So cute! How can two people be so cute!?!?! I can’t wait to see the episode myself. Thank you thank you! Glad you seem to be back in full health.

  7. Thanks for the recap!!

    Ahhh this show is like crack, I thought I would be ok after seeing episode 9 but then that episode 10 trailer…*&$#(#….the wait is killing me!!

    • Your welcome! Can’t wait for the new episode, especilly because Park Sa goes to Soo for dating advice! HAHA! 😀 I just wish things would get clear between SM x PS early on too-don’t want overdone angst and betrayal! >_<

      • I know, I about died of laughter when I saw that part, even my terrible Korean understood Soo’s disbelief at Park Sa’s romantic advice request! I have to say, this is the first show in a while where I can’t really forecast how things are going to play out (with PS X SM), I’ve had multiple scenarios going around in my head, which just makes the anticipation all that more intense!

      • I know!! ^_^ N the whole unpredictable nature makes things a hundred times better than you’d normally think them! 😀 HC is doing a great job of keeping us biting our nails in anticipation! 😀

  8. Thank you for the recap ❤

  9. Thank you so much! But you, foxie didn’t say anything abt preview! xD

  10. kkk And no words for insane dude…. no words needed, right!? xD

    • Haha, of course, none needed at all! 😀 I don’t think he did anything much during the episode except sulk or eat and drink anyway! 😛 N I didn’t like how he’s even going behind Hong Ki’s back in managing Soo Min’s undercover work.
      P.S. Speculation ahead: Do you think SM will get found out by Park Sa soon enough? I keep feeling he’ll realize there’s more to her than meets the eye and will probably place her as a spy by the police-if not an officer herself! What do you think?

      • I was actually wondering if Shi Hyun considered for a short moment to tell Soo Min his “gangster name” – Doctor’s Son. Because why would he tell her that the name is funny!? 😀

        I don’t know what I hope for more… I think I feel that somehow Soo Min will find out about him – without knowing that it’s only HM’s speculation that Doctor’s Son killed Kyung Mi. But I hope – like you said – that Shi Hyun will realize that she is a undercover cop and somehow will confront her. I don’t know….

        On the other hand I want to see Soo Min as a “wild cat” – finding out that Auntie’s “lover” is Doctor’s Son and then finding out that Doctor’s Son is her gangster ajusshi. D: Somehow it all sounds apocalyptic!

      • Hehe, I loved him in that scene cause he was totally messing with her and he already knows what buttons to push! 😀 P.S. Considering he’ll be going to Soo for dating advice, he’s so NOT Jin Suk’s lover n I’d so hate it if the drama went there. I think he’ll probably place that her connection to Jin Suk from the prison is too coincidental. Although what he’ll do about it, can’t say! If he does have her investigated n followed, he’ll know her connection to KM in a jiffy n I’d like to see how he reacts then! 😀

      • I was melting while watching that scene…. if Shi Hyun would do that to me…. I don’t know what I would do. kkkk :3

        I would hate if the drama went there too but I have this weird feeling this is going to happen. But I’ll wait and see and hope the writer is smarter. 😀

        We only know that Shi Hyun will ask Jin Suk about who that person was (aka Soo Min)? I guess Shi Hyun was never really interested in any of her girls before so Auntie could get curious about why he suddenly asks.

        I agree Shi Hyun is pretty smart he should make the connection between KM and SM. And btw can just ship HM with his drunk journalist lady to a desert island!? xD

      • I was also thinking that Shi Hyun could follow Soo Min to one of her meetings in Kyung Mi’s old house!! There he could make the connection between the two.

  11. Thank you so much for another wonderful recap! 😀 But isn’t it episode 9? :3

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