Heartless City Episode 7 Recap


Oh this is one good episode in many ways! We finally get a meeting between our OTP that is longer than 30 seconds and is sweeter than I could’ve imagined! It’s such a light and happy note that for a moment, it makes you forget the drama you are watching! On a darker note, the stakes are now growing higher for Park Sa because it seems like he’ll now have to deal with fights within the house as well as taking out the enemy outside. Eight years and poor guy’s still got loads to do…

Ah, Enjoy the recap folks! ^^

Episode 7 recap:

Park Sa gets the word that the CCTV footage wasn’t deleted and was instead seen by Hyung Min. Not good news. Hyung Min takes it to the woman and asks her who the person is that she’s meeting. She sticks to the story that she doesn’t know who it was and that she only met him for the first time that instant. He promised to give her money so she agreed. She’s frightened and teary and perhaps telling the truth. Hyung Min gets a call from the other officer enlightening him on the crime and past of the woman.

Park Sa goes to see Soo who is excercising and they both sit down to chat with Soo making small talk. Park Sa doesn’t touch the drink Soo offers and when Soo wonders why, Park Sa tells him he went to the prison. Asking him why he did it, Park Sa asks him not to do anything like this again before moving to leave. Soo barks back-Jin Suk was the one who started it first, she’s the one who outed them to Safari and that’s how Safari came to the hotel, no? She’s the reason he got stabbed and his girl died. He tells Park Sa not to act like he doesn’t know-Safari and Jin Suk have always kept their relationship.


Park Sa argues that she’s family but Soo laughs that off-Jo Oh, Chung Mo, Tae San, weren’t they all family? and reminds Park Sa that he came this far because he believed in him. Park Sa wonders if that means he’ll take it to the end and requests that Soo end it. He reveals Jin Suk wasn’t the one who outed them and reveals the other guy as the one who did. That does surprise Soo, but he’s still mad at Jin Suk and asks Park Sa, “Let me ask you something. What is the real relationship between you and Jin Suk?”


Jin Suk and Soo Min sit down to dinner and Jin Suk makes small talk, asking her about her future plans, what about her parents and all. Soo Min tells her she was an orphan, abandoned for money. She vows to take revenge on the world for her fate and tells Jin Suk she wants to do so by becoming like her. Jin Suk smiles back at her, telling her it’s not an easy path. At that time, Jin Suk’s phone rings and she promises to go over to whoever is on the other end. To Soo Min, she says it’s her ‘lover’ calling her.

As they part, she gives Soo Min her card and tells her to think of her as a real Unni-she’s doing the same. Soo Min watches her go when her phone rings-it’s Hyung Min.


She comes home to find him waiting for her. His first words-abandon everything she’s doing/planning with Lee Jin Suk. She doesn’t respond to his command and heads off to change her clothes first. Once inside the room though, she lets out how mad she is with him and comes back to fight it out with him. He’s not the one who got her out-it was Jin Suk, she tells him, was he planning on leaving her there forever? He tells her not to forget Jin Suk is on the same side as Park Sa but she asks him if he knows it for a fact-has he seen it? He ignores her outburst and says that undercover work is dangerous exactly because of that-one begins to forget one’s self. He tells her not to forget what her real self is. She tells him to leave and he does while she’s left sobbing behind in her room.


Jin Suk goes to a club where Park Sa’s waiting for her. He remembers Soo’s words as Jin Suk hugs him. She asks him if he’s been tired or having a hard time without her. Soo’s words have him a bit distracted but they both sit down. While Jin Suk drinks, Park Sa asks her again-why can’t she leave this matter? She says its to catch the guy who tried to kill her and asks her why he wants her out.

He asks her a question of his own . Park Sa says he knows it was the old gramps “Nangman” and the man behind him was Safari. He tells her the trap that was set up to catch him-Park Sa using Jin Suk and asks her to finally cut all her ties with Safari.  She seems angry at the implication and tells him curtly she’ll be the one to decide what she does before asking him to leave.

Outside, he’s still bothered but walks away. Inside, Jin Suk looks at an old picture of her, Safari and Park Sa and wonders to herself “How did we become like this?”


Safari, at the same time, is drinking away as he remembers the moment he killed Hong Seob. He’s jolted out of it when his phone rings. The Chairman on the other end asks him, “What do you think you’re doing? What am I giving you money to do?” Safari apologizes but the Chairman tells him they need to have a talk and tells him to come immediately. It’s a summon that has him bothered, though.

Jin Suk leaves the hotel as Safari sits outside and watches her car go. When’d he get here? He and Fake Eun Soo then head over to meet ‘Busan’. Jin Suk comes to an abandoned factory where a man is tied up and beaten. She’s upset because he failed to deliver what she asked for and orders her men to beat him until he talks. Unfortunately for him, there is no footage left to deliver to her and frightened at the prospect of the beating, the man agrees to talk. He tells her doesn’t know who the man was but knows the man who took the recording – Ji Hyung Min.


Hyung Min at the moment is trying to identify the guy through their database but getting nowhere. He reports to Hong Ki, but they have no leads so far.

Park Sa sits alone in a room where he remembers his conversation with Soo. He’d told Soo that Hyung Min had taken the CCTV footage and asks if he went there himself. Soo denies it and Park Sa doesn’t press any further. As he leaves, Soo says he’ll deal with the issue but Park Sa says he’ll do it himself.

Park Sa calls up Hong Ki regarding a deal that’s about to go down but tells Hong Ki he’ll take care of it on his own and not to involve the police. Hong Ki agrees and tells Park Sa to come out-they have to talk. So Park Sa heads out alone again.


They meet at the amusement park where Hong Ki asks who the guy was that ordered Jin Suk dead? Park Sa retorts that his task is to capture Busan and Safari but Hong Ki knows it is Hyun Soo and reminds Park Sa-‘keep in mind’ the man is simply someone he is using to catch Safari and Busan, not his friend. With a warning that Hyung Min is going to meet Jo Oh, Hong Ki leaves. He’s there to watch Jin Suk go home that night.


Hyung Min goes to see his next source of info-Jo Oh. Ah, you’re alive! Just kidding! Hyung Min shows him the footage and Jo Oh wonders if he wants to know who it is. Turns out, Park Sa came to see him already and told him he’d take responsibility for him for the rest of his life if he pretends not to know Soo-after all, doesn’t he want to see his son? As he now sits staring at the footage, Hyung Min asks who he is.

Jo Oh tells him it’s Park Sa’s right hand man and his name is Soo. Hyung Min smiles-is he supposed to believe Park Sa’s right hand man ordered Jin Suk dead? Jo Oh tells him ‘that family’ is also facing its own internal problems. Hyung Min wants to know where he can find Soo but Jo Oh says he doesn’t know that much. Whoa, and I was so hoping you’d have listened to Park Sa!


Soo Min wakes up in the morning and a glance at Jin Suk’s card sends her thinking. She ends up at the club and asks Jin Suk for a job-she needs money so she’d like to work. Jin Suk tells her to find it somewhere else, it’s hard to work in the club. Soo Min presses but Jin Suk seems to want a better future for the young girl and tells her to go back to college and her studies-she’ll pay the fees for her.

Soo Min seems surprised at her offer but tells her she cannot do that. Her aim is to make loads and loads of money and take revenge on the world! If she goes back to studying and all now, when will she get to earn the money and the subsequent revenge she wants? Jin Suk still rejects her and tells her to go back home.


On her way out, the madam of the place mistakes Soo Min as one of the new girls and Soo Min is about to correct the misunderstanding but then decides against it. She’s taken to a room where she’s to serve the guests. In the next scene, a man is dragging her out by her hair ranting at everyone to get the owner since the girl can’t even serve. Soo Min seems to make the matter worse when she stands up for herself and ends up hitting the guy.

His temper sparks worse but Jin Suk saves her and asks her what she thinks she’s doing here. Soo Min can’t hold back her tears and simply closes her eyes as she sobs. Jin Suk takes her to her room and asks her-she wants to make money but there’s nothing she can do?

She tells Soo Min none of the girls here do it because they like it. If they did, they’d be crazy. They do it because they have no other option. She tells her to drink and then forget today’s matter. Soo Min tells her there’s no place she has to go even if she leaves this place. The world outside is no different for her-after all, she’s an orphan. Jin Suk warns her, “Once you enter here, this is a place you can never leave! I don’t have the chance, but you do, to go for something better! I’ll give you time to think if over. If you think and decide there’s nothing better than this, let’s talk then.


Hyung Min meets with a woman who asks him to take her out to lunch. (I don’t understand most of what they’re talking about so haven’t translated anything in the recap.) Once she’s drunk there, she asks him why he’s doing what he’s doing. Is it because of revenge? He tenses up at that and she realizes her error, asking him to forget she said that. Then she wonders if he knows who her father is but he doesn’t. As they’re about to leave, his phone rings-it’s Jin Suk who asks him to come over.

At home, Soo Min sees her Unni’s police uniform as Jin Suk’s words ring in her head. Making a decision, she calls up Jin Suk and tells her she’ll do it. Jin Suk seems disappointed at her choice but tells her, “Make this promise to me. You’ll never cry in front of me again. In return, I’ll make you the best!


Somewhere in the city, a deal is happening-money against drugs. It’s all going down smoothly until someone comes up from the back and starts killing the guys who bought the drug. It’s Park Sa in disguise. But he strips down his disguise and one by one, he takes the men all out-like it was the easiest thing in the world to do. The selling party escapes as soon as Park Sa and the men start fighting.


He drives off and delivers the briefcase to Hong Ki, who asks him if he isn’t hurt. Park Sa looks at his hand for a moment before he replies, “I’m okay!” before driving off.

Soo Min walks the streets as if trying to make a decision. Park Sa ends up buying bandages from the convenience store while she lingers outside the door. She turns away and doesn’t see him until he exits and heads in the opposite direction. However, she sees him leaving then and remembers him from all her encounters.


Calling out ‘Ahjussji, Ahjusshi’, she follows him. When he finally realizes she’s calling him and stops, she asks him if he doesn’t remember her and if he isn’t hurt anymore. He doesn’t reply-he’s too surprised and jerks back when she touches the spot where he was injured before. She asks him again-doesn’t he remember her at all?

He turns to leave but after a few steps, turns right back and comes up to her giving her the bandages box he just bought and tells her, “We’ll be even with this, no?” With that, he heads off again. She laughs at his back before going after him again.


By now though, he’s already got into his car so she gets in right with him. He’s surprised so she tells him that wasn’t the only thing she lent him. Sighing, he takes out his wallet and hands her a check-is this enough? She scoffs at that-is he giving her money and takes it before putting it right back on the dashboard. “Here, the car fee!” With that, she asks him to driver her to a location. He stares at her as if she’s something else and asks her, “Aren’t you scared of me?” She laughs in his face, “What? Are you a scary person, ahjusshi?”


Once he gets her where she wants to be, she’s totally zombie out for a moment-he must have driven too fast. Before getting out of the car, she asks him for his handphone and he hands it over. She laughs at the old design and then puts her number in before heading off. Outside, she turns back as she calls him up, motioning at him to answer. She tells him her name, “Yoon Soo Min” before cutting the call and heading off. He keeps staring at the phone and then at her retreating back.


Inside the club, she takes a shower and primps herself up for her first day of work. She dons a wig at first, but then decides against it and heads out.

Hyung Min comes to see Jin Suk and she offers him a drink which he rejects. She tells him it’s just to share a drink and promises not to seduce him-he’s not her type. He scoffs at that and she tells him she wants to know the person who tried to have her killed. He hands over the tablet containing the CCTV and promises he’ll catch the guy, “if you tell me who it is!”

She takes the footage and is shocked to see Soo. Hyung Min watches her as she puts the tablet back down and smirks at him that she’s seeing this person for the first time.


Hyung Min wonders if she’s hiding it because he’s a person she works with? How can it be, he asks, that she doesn’t know Park Sa’s right hand man Soo? She denies any knowledge whatsoever and makes a call that the girl be sent over. It’s Soo Min who’s smile fades as she sees him. So does his. Soo Min remembers Jin Suk’s last words to her about her first customer-to make sure she captures ‘his’ heart and he’s someone Jin Suk needs to use. Jin Suk walks out then and tells the two to have a good time.

Outside, Jin Suk fumes-How dare Soo!? Hyung Min tells Soo Min to sit when she turns to leave. She can’t lose out on the first day, can she?


Jin Suk heads inside where Park Sa is waiting and pours them both a drink. Park Sa tells her to stop what she’s doing right now-his meaning “Ji Hyung Min!” She tells him she’s doing it for herself, on her own thoughts and that Hyung Min showed her a really interesting video-from the prison. She reveals that Soo was the one who wanted her dead and wants to know where Soo is. Park Sa is bothered that she’s found out and starts asking questions of his own.


The woman who Soo loved was one of her workers and Park Sa asks her if she knew that she died that day because of Safari’s visit. What’s worse is that to Soo, the person who sent Hye Sun was Jin Suk and the person who revealed about Hye Sun to Safari was also Jin Suk. Jin Suk is surprised and Park Sa asks her to end things here.


Jin Suk is shocked that Park Sa knew Soo was the guy responsible and hid it from her. Was he the one who had the footage deleted? Park Sa promises there will never be anything like this again and that Soo promised it too. She’s baffled that he is trying to plead for Soo but Park Sa bursts out at her, “It’s a fight YOU started so YOU have to be the one to end it!”


Jin Suk, in between her shock surprises Park Sa by asking him if he knew that Hyung Min knows who Soo is and if they leave things as they are and let Soo off the hook, Park Sa will now be in danger.



So Park Sa really hoped Jo Oh would give in to his deal but the man didn’t do so. Still, it would be fun to watch Jo Oh squirm when Park Sa comes after him for this!

The highlight for me in this episode was the Soo Min x Park Sa meet! It was just the sweetest thing imaginable. Normally we see Soo Min deviating from her happy, carefree persona because of the undercover thing and at the same time we see a tough and no nonsense Park Sa who displays no emotions at all. Both come together and it brings out the person they’ve started to keep hidden in themselves. It was a simple girl meets guy and teases him scenario. And what makes it priceless is Park Sa’s reaction to the whole thing. He looks like he can’t believe what he’s facing leading to the “Aren’t you scared of me?” and consequently he has no idea what to do with her except to just follow wherever she leads him. Oh dear I cannot wait for more on these two!

The main conflict that comes to the front in this episode is the divide that is happening in camp Park Sa. Soo and Jin Suk are almost out for each others blood and the only thing stopping them is Park Sa but it seems even that won’t be enough to hold them back in the future. Jin Suk’s motives at the end of the day seem to go beyond personal revenge-she’s most freaked out by the fact that Soo’s identity being known would mean bad news for Park Sa. As for Soo, he would probably also have honored Park Sa’s words but now that the stakes have risen higher, what remains to be seen is which side will buckle?vlcsnap-00012


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  1. newkdramaaddict

    The interaction between Soo Mi and Parksa was PRICELESS!! I was sitting there watching the scene trying to remember the last time I saw a boy meets girl scenario like that….never!! I was totally smiling through the whole thing. I needed that happiness because of the cloud that is Jin Sook and Soo. Yes, she was definitely, ultimately responsible for Soo’s stabbing but at the same time, my cutie pie should have known better. What to do…what to do!!

    • Me too, i kept smiling, especially at Park Sa’s expressions! It was really refreshing to see this and I love that they didn’t hint at it in the preview-the surprise was so good! ❤

    • I adore both Soo and Jin Suk in their respective roles-whatever bone they have to pick with each other, they are extremely loyal to Park Sa! I so wish they’d stop going for each other though! I can’t see poor Soo down and beaten like this again!

  2. I love love loveeeee this drama. After watching Tuesday’s episode I am now going through withdrawal…

  3. so good.
    thanks for the recap and i hope you are feeling better 🙂
    Park Sa and Soo Min meeting? ♥
    I’m so happy they met lol, he seems really taken back from her and the next preview shows Soo Min leaning down to kiss Hyung Min?!
    hope he won’t fall for her
    Park Sa is definitely in a predicament 😦
    don’t hurt Soo

  4. One aspect of Gaksital I liked was the good guy descending into badness and the bad guy rising into goodness. I think Park Sa and Hyeong Min have the possibility of a similar story arc.

    I was surprised to see the love triangle of PS/SM/HM. Three police officers (or wannabes) in what I expected to be a show about criminals. It will be easy for SM to rely on HM leading from dependency and trust to affection on her part. I expect it will be more difficult for HM to give up thoughts of his dead Baby Mama and revenge to let love in. PS too is so use to being defensive, but I suspect SM’s sunny side will slip into cracks in his armor. I want PS and SM to keep having these breezy, casual run ins without realizing the two are tied together by Auntie. The more real their relationship is before undercover lying begins, the better.

    Actually, the lying part will annoy me even though that will have to be so much of this story of multiple under cover agents who don’t know about each other. Lies that go on for half or more of a story arc get boring. I know everyone lies and undercover agents lie more, but I dropped Level 7 midway when I just couldn’t take problems that would be totally resolved if the main characters would just be honest for 5 minutes.

    In any event, I hope the romance doesn’t detract from the dark & violent world of the drug trade and the crazy characters that inhabit that world. I want to see how smart PS and HM are at handling the storm as different criminals are warring against each other. I want to see loyalties tested, people betrayed, torment to gather information, car chases, and knife/fist fights. Think Scarface not Rom/Com.

  5. Thank you so much for the recap! It would be awesome if Soo Min and Shi Hyun first fall in love before she finds out that he’s Parks Sa since by then it’ll be too late. I love this drama so much since it’s not only fast paced but also intriguing! Can’t wait for today’s episode!

    • I can see that happening, but I would like it more if se fell in love with him after she realizes who he is and sees the real him-a truly lonely soul who’s tired of being the bad guy for so long! ^^

  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful recap! 😀

  7. thanks!

    love this show…

  8. Thank you soo much for you super fast recap! I enjoyed every word in it 🙂

  9. Awesome!!!! Thank you for the quick recap! I am loving every minute of this show

  10. Thanks so much for the recap! This show is seriously blowing me away, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a new episode!

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