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Story I – Chapter V [Part II]

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Uther’s news as they sat face to face on the breakfast table just confirmed Ian’s worst fears. The boy’s family was already in an uproar trying to locate Su Ae and the only reason they hadn’t found her yet was because Ian had redone his spell last night and Uther hadn’t volunteered any information to them. But the fact that they were the best hunters of their generation was not soothing either and sooner or later, they would find something. Coupled with the fact that the town would soon have many new visitors trying to locate Su Ae too, the situation seemed to be heading from bad to worse. As Ian tried to wrap his mind around the scenario and Annie tried to make sense of things by connecting the dots, silence reigned supreme. It was only broken when Annie rose to retrieve the coffee pot and pour Ian more coffee before she sat down next to Uther and voiced her queries.

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