Heartless City Episode 7 Preview


Translation of Preview for Episode 7!

A conversation between Park Sa and Soo

Park Sa: Stop it here!

Soo: Lee Jin Suk started it all first!

Park Sa: So what? You wanna take it to the end?

Soo: Let me ask you one thing! What’s the real relationship between you and Lee Jin Suk?

Jin Suk tears up after seeing a picture, A confrontation brews between Hyung Min and Soo Min (Yaaaayyy!)

Soo Min: Ahjusshi didn’t do it, no? Lee Jin Suk got me out of that place! Were you thinking of leaving me there forever?!

Hyung Min: Did you forget? Lee Jin Suk is on the same side as Park Sa who killed Kyung Mi. You’re undercover to capture that woman! What you’re reality/truth is, don’t ever forget it!

Soo Min cries inside her room, Safari appears troubled and gets a tough call from his boss!

Boss (Is this guy Busan?): We have some things to talk about! Come down NOW!

Soo Min goes to Jin Suk’s bar.

Jin Suk: You came to talk about something?

Soo Min: I want a job!

Jin Suk: A job?

Hyung Min takes the CCTV footage to Hong Ki, identifying the woman who tried to kill Jin Suk. Park Sa and Hong Ki meet up.

Hong Ki: Are you thankful because he’s a friend? You really think of him as a partner? He’s one of the people you have to capture! (Omo omo, that’s a reference to Soo, isn’t it? *tears*)

Hyung Min goes to see Jin Suk:

Jin Suk: You saw the CCTV footage at the prison? (She seems totally taken aback and shocked to see Soo)

Hyung Min: It’s the meeting before the incident happened! You know who (that person) is, no?

Jin Suk: I’m seeing him for the first time! (AND SHE DOESN’T RAT HIM OUT! YEEEEIIIII!! I love how the smirk on her face wipes the smirk off Hyung Min’s face! Go Noona go!)



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  1. Thank you so much for the translation! 😀

    “Boss (Is this guy Busan?): We have some things to talk about! Come down NOW!”

    Isn’t this chairman Jo who told Safari to cut his ties with Shi Hyun nice and clean in episode 2? 🙂

    I like that Soo Min isn’t stupid and confronts insane dude right away. I mean it’s true Soo Min would probably rot in prison because insane dude is so focused on his revenge rather than thinking about what he is doing to Soo Min. Like Kyung Mi said (or at least her ghost): he wanted Soo Min to be there… to end up in prison.

    • P.S.: And yaih for Noona for not telling insane dude that she knows Soo… what doesn’t necessarily mean that she won’t deal with Soo in her own way like she dealt with Soo Min’s boss.

      • Hehe, I know, she’ll want revenge for sure, but both Soo and Jin Suk know that Park Sa won’t tolerate them going at each other and now that Park Sa knows Soo did this, he’ll also know Jin Suk might retaliate so he’ll probably be the negotiator between these guys. Although I am intrigued by Soo’s comment that Jin Suk started it first. Plus, we also see Park Sa asking Soo to let it go, not ordering him to… Wonder when we’ll know more of what’s behind this n why!

    • I’m thinking he’s probably Busan cause he seems like one of those high class legit businessmen-also, he’s called Chairman, and he’s the one who Safari is afraid of, who’s orders Safari is following in all this. So either it’s him or another guy is there above him. After all, Park Sa has to bring down Safari AND Busan, whoever that is!

      • It would be definitely good if Chairman Jo and Busan are the same person. 🙂 It’s already so confusing to know each character and how they are all connected.

      • Lol, in my mind I’m always thinking ‘this dude, that dude, this dude, that dude’ for the characters but specifically had to look up character descriptions so I could recognize who was who for the recaps! 😀

      • It’s really hard… And now I know that Soo knows that one detective it’s getting even more confusing. And there is still this journalist lady left, right!?! I shouldn’t think too much about it. Otherwise I will freak out until monday. xD

      • Hehe, I recently watched Can Love Become Money (Two days total marathon with no sleep!) and hence my mind got off HC for a bit! Now if I start thinking about it, I just start watching something else! Otherwise the way HC makes you fret, there’ll be no hair left on my head! 😛
        Still, can’t wait till Monday! I just hope Soon Shin’s episodes this week aren’t a disappointment! >_<

      • Yes I usually do something else but I still need to rewatch the last episodes with subs aka ep. 5/6. So my mind always gets back to HC. 😀

        Oh you’re watching Soon Shin!? Me too. And yes the last episodes were disappointing. At first I thought Soon Shin could be like Ojakgyo Brothers but I took it back due to how the plot started to drift away from.

      • Ah, even though I don’t understand some parts of the episodes, I’ve lost the habit of downloading subs for any series… 😮
        Nowadays my list is just Cruel City, Soon Shin and Gu Family Book. It’s the first time ever I’m watching less dramas, otherwise I’d be marathoning so many at the same time! I plan to pick some up though-esp Nine and maybe even recap Can Love Become Money (LOVED this series so MUCH)

        A pity there’s no interesting english series or movies out either that one can use to pass time! >_<

      • Well I always try to train my Korean watching episodes without subs. But that’s almost impossible with HC because the plot is so important. 😀

        I tried watching Jang Ok-Jeong, Live in Love but this show went down after episode 8. I tried to watch Gu but I’m more invested in WR and SH than KC and YW. Only watching Soon Shin on occasion atm. And the only English series I’m watching is Revenge – hoping it will get good again in season 3. 🙂

        For Korean dramas…it’s like living in a desert really and HC is like the only place where I can find water. <– Oh man what a "poetic" thingy I wrote. LOL

      • That’s a very good thing to do ! All my knowledge of the language came from watching dramas too! And I’m still so lacking! Trying my best to learn more and more! >_<

        Ah, JOJ-I didn't even go near it cause it was a sageuk and because I was too anti In Ah after Fashion King. I think that scarred me for life! :/ I adore WR and hated Seo Hwa for betraying him, and to the end, I'm wishing he gets a happy ending somehow! He was no doubt the best character in that drama! 😀

        Ah, I saw the first season of revenge, how was the second? The recent series I saw were Suits, Arrow and Once Upon a Time. The last one became a strain though and Arrow had its moments where I'd roll my eyes and be like "WOULD YOU GET OVER THIS ALREADY?!" 😛

        My favorite EVER show isn't releasing any new episodes until November and December (Doctor Who!) after which I'll be mourning Matt's departure as the Doctor! 😥

      • I think it’s all the writers fault turning SH into a betraying lady. I think they could’ve done so much more with her and giving her and WR a happy ending but that’s against drama logic of course. *sigh*

        The second season of Revenge was okay… It was unnerving that they created this secret organisation stuff but I think they already announced that they will focus on the Hamptons in the 3rd season again. Because many fans were complaining.

        Oh I watched the first season of Once Upon a Time and I’ve heard that the 2nd season isn’t that great. I still will give it a try though. 🙂

        Haven’t seen Doctor Who yet. Still waiting for it to air in my country. kk

      • Hehe, Doctor Who doesn’t air here AT ALL! Now that’s such an injustice, ne?! 😛 And it’s already got seven seasons, so when I started watching, it was a wonderful marathon! *dreamy eyes*

        And unless you have time to waste, DONT watch OUAT2 unless you really liked season 1. Cause it’s just a series of ‘not so much’ happening!

        Seriously, some of the unspoken laws in kdrama land – every character that’s getting too happy, too cozy has to die, there’s no happy endings for such really makes me frustrated at times. In GFB, I LOVED Wol Ryung n hated Seo Hwa for what she did. The way I see it, anyone in love wouldn’t be able to betray their beloved so easily. But hell, even if she was angry at him n even if she hated him for what he did, how could she choose to believe the man that KILLED HER FATHER AND BROTHER? *Goes off to shoot darts at the Seo Hwa doll!*

      • LMAO Thank you for the warning! 😀 But I will watch it anyway because well… I need to see how much the 2nd season of OUAT sucks. I actually really liked the first season because I felt it was about time to have series using fairy tales in a different way. So yeah I’ll see how it goes!

        I think SH was just badly written like many female characters in Korean dramas. They needed her to make a stupid decision to give WR a reason to turn evil later this drama… That’s kdramaland! I still liked her because it’s all the writers fault. xD

      • There’s one thing I liked about Season 2 though-they shed more light on the queen and tried to make her into a better person. Over time-past n present, she does her best. But what irked me was how easily people would discredit her and not even let her be better. They had the whole ‘The Queen is evil’ analogy n that made me angry for her! 😦 People can be so cruel! 😐

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