Heartless City Episode 6 Recap


The story progresses nicely in this episode and perhaps the stage is being set up for possible future conflicts-between Soo and Park Sa and Hyung Min and Soo Min. We see Park Sa being the badass, without using violence (Hyung Min should take a few lessons from him!) and Safari and his grand scheme seem to take the back seat this time around!

Episode 5 Recap:

Hyung Min chases down Park Sa and holds him at gunpoint, asking if he’s Park Sa while it rains all over them. Park Sa doesn’t reply and Hyung Min gets agitated, demanding an answer and telling Park Sa to turn around. Park Sa almost turns around but a car rams into Hyung Min.


It’s Soo to the rescue who takes Hyung Min’s gun and is about to kill him with it when Park Sa stops him. Soo asks what he thinks he’s doing and Park Sa replies, “It’s better if I’m the only one who’s killed a cop!” Soo wonders if he really means it and Park Sa takes the gun, drops it back by Hyung Min and they  both head off.


As they drive away, Soo is still worried about leaving him alive while Park Sa is lost in thought and remembering the encounter. He asks Soo how he came to be there and Soo reminds him, “You know I’ve got a friend (informant) in the police!”


Hyung Min is transported to the hospital in an ambulance while Hong Ki sits by his phone, waiting for it to ring. Just then, Hong Seob walks into his office and asks if he gave the order for the mission to go forward. Hong Ki takes responsibility-yup, of course he did, but the other guy blows into his face-how will he take responsibility if things get worse? Just then, Hong Ki’s phone rings and he rushes out somewhere.


Soo Min sits in her cell, whispering to herself, “Unni, I did right, didn’t I?” Hyung Min has a nightmare in which he walks up to the abandoned warehouse where he sees Kyung Min standing and Park Sa firing the bullet at her. At first, Park Sa’s face is in the dark but when Kyung Mi falls down, it comes to light and he stares at Hyung Min with a smirk. At the hospital, the staff wake him up and a tear escapes his eyes.


Just then, Hong Ki comes visit him and the other officer gives him an update. Hong Ki’s only question: Did they confirm Park Sa’s face? The answer is thankfully no. Later, he meets Park Sa and asks why he came face to face with him. Park Sa replies that they have to reveal the truth that he didn’t kill Kyung Mi and tells Hong Ki he’ll do it.


Hong Seob calls up Safari, now worried for his hide. How could he let things get so bad and warns-if he goes down, it won’t be alone! He demands that someone be sent to the hospital to take care of things ‘completely’. Safari isn’t happy at his threats.


At the hospital, the other police officer whom Hyung Min shot is also admitted but not under any surveillance. Meanwhile, Hyung Min is left alone as the officers go out and about on their own errands-to call someone up or have a bite to eat. Inside the hospital, someone walks down the corridor wearing a doctor’s robe and comes up to the woman officer’s room. One of his eyes is totally white-definitely not a good guy, hehe! He takes out a vial and injection and is about to inject it into the woman’s IV when Hyung Min comes out of the bathroom and starts hitting him up, demanding to know who sent him.


While he takes the guy out easily at first, he’s not fully well and the guy takes advantage of his moment of weakness and runs off. He runs after the man to find him unconscious in the stairs. Hyung Min asks the nurse who knocked the man out and runs after she tells him it was a man and points the direction he left in. Once in the corridor though, he realizes he left the officer alone and starts running back to her room but he’s too late-she’s gone.


Someone-it’s Park Sa, is taking the woman away on a wheel chair. Instead of getting in the elevator, he waits to a side. Hyung Min, thinking they took the elevator down, heads down the staircase and searches the ground floor-inside out. Once outside and unable to locate them, he gets another idea-turns back to look at the roof and heads back in.


On the rooftop, the woman stirs awake and asks Park Sa who she is. Park Sa asks, “Who do you think?” He warns he’ll throw her off the roof and wants to know something-What happened that night? Much later, Hyung Min walks up to find the woman alone and asks where Park Sa is. The woman is surprised, “That person was Park Sa?” Hyung Min looks down from the roof to see a car, and presumably Park Sa driving away.


Holding up the injection, Hyung Min shows it to the woman-she says she knows nothing so why’d this guy come to kill her? She finally breaks, “It was Min Hong Seob.” She reveals a recording she has of that day where Hong Seob just instructs her to erase the record “So that Hyung Min cannot find Kyung Mi”. Beyond that, she knows nothing.

Hyung Min calls up Hong Seob and tells him the woman told him everything. Hyung Min advises him to turn himself in and not make Hyung Min come after him-“Why? Because if I catch you, I feel like I’ll kill you!” Hong Seob tells him there’s nothing he knows and he definitely won’t understand-Why Jo Oh turned himself in, why he made that choice, and why they must catch Park Sa? He may be a good officer right now, but for how long? Unfortunately, just then Hong Seob is held at gunpoint by Safari. The man fights to get control of it but gets shot in the head. Hyung Min hears the sound on the other end and rushes out. Safari wipes the gun and leaves it in Hong Seob’s hands.


At the site, the police take the body away and Hyung Min remembers Hong’s last words before he falls down in a faint. From a distance, Park Sa watches.

In a mall, Park Sa’s driver sits assisting a woman with her shopping. This woman is Soo Min’s friend, isn’t she? She then proceeds to ram her car ‘accidentally’ in to the prosecutor’s car-the one who met Hyung Min and gave him the info before. It leads to a seduction scene. After that, once the man’s asleep, the woman dresses up and leaves after injecting the guy with something.


Much later when he wakes, Park Sa is sitting right there. Gosh, I love how he’s just calmly there every time.


Park Sa throws his shirt at him and tells him to sit up. Park Sa’s demand-Get Lee Jin Suk out. The man balks-who does he think he is that he can order around a prosecutor and Park Sa asks him, “Heard the name Park Sa Adel (Doctor’s son)?” He sweetens the deal-it’s a way to catch Park Sa. He then hands him a briefcase of money and reminds him, “Lee Jin Suk”. As he’s leaving, he throws the injection at the man and tells him his new girlfriend gave him a good dose, “What kind of friend I’ll be, you’ll decide that!”


At the hospital, Hyung Min wakes up in the morning. The other officer tries to ask him to rest more but he heads off to work nonetheless. At work, a prosecutor approaches him regarding some matter (I’m not able to understand much). As it is though, Hyung Min remains tight lipped but the other man asks him to cooperate-if he won’t tell them what happened, how can they help him? Whatever the matter is though, Hyung Min denies it.

Jin Suk is called out to a meet and there is our dear prosecutor. Another man with him makes a call and hands it to Jin Suk. She listens as Park Sa tells her, “Just listen. You’ll be out soon. Noona, just promise me one thing. Leave this matter. I can’t watch something bad happen to you. I’m requesting you.” She seems crushed at his words and only half listens to the other man as he talks. Finally she asks for a moment to compose herself after which she pays attention to the other man’s words.


As Soo Min is brought back to her cell from Solitary, she sees Jin Suk leaving and hears that she’s being let go. Jin Suk smiles at her, “Call me Unni next time! See you!”

When Jin Suk walks out, there’s a car waiting for her-driving is the guy who was with the prosecutor-he’s a lawyer too. Soo Min calls up Hyung Min in a panic but he doesn’t pick up and she slams her fist on the table in frustration. At the moment, Hyung Min is sitting alone in a room, busy in thought.


Hyung Min’s father is having lunch and has called Hong Ki for a favor regarding Hyung Min. Said in simple words, he wants Hyung Min to be cleared of everything in the current investigation. Well, with a dad like that backing you, no wonder you are out of control! Hong Ki doesn’t respond. As Hyung Min’s leaving the place he was at, he replays Hong Seob’s words in his mind.


At the office, Hong Ki tells him that he was cleared of the investigation and it seems the other officer is put in charge of the investigation now. He moves his stuff and is heading out when he sees Hong Ki give a presentation but leaves without a word. Hong Ki catches up to him outside and Hyung Min tells him not to worry-he’ll continue the investigation on his own and tells Hong Ki, “President Kang didn’t commit suicide, that’s for sure.” That’s all good and well dearie, but you’re already beyond control as a police officer with a team. I can’t imagine the bad you’ll do on your own with no check!


Hyung Min’s dad meets the prosecutor who helped Jin Suk get away and Dad orders him to keep an eye on the woman.

That night, Hong Ki and Park Sa share dinner together. Hong Ki smiles to see him put red pepper in his jjajjangmyun and it sparks a reminder in him of how Park Sa started taking red pepper in his jjajjangmyun after seeing Hong Ki do that. Hong Ki tells him Hong Seob hadn’t committed suicide but Park Sa already knows that-saying it would be Busan or Safari and laments that he should have gotten to the man first-he could have been the one to kill Kyung Mi.

As they eat quietly, Park Sa hands him a gift. It’s a new bag, just like the one he’d ruined for Hong Ki last time in the park when he’d shot at it. As Hong Ki drives home, he looks at the bag fondly and smiles.


That night, Hyung Min gets the call that Jin Suk was let go and heads out. Meanwhile, Jin Suk calls up Park Sa and tells him she can’t listen to his words just yet. Besides, someone ordered that she be killed in prison, she tells him, and shouldn’t he find and kill that guy first? That is news to Park Sa.


Soo’s minion brings him word that Jin Suk’s been let out and he thinks back to meeting the woman in prison. Trouble’s a coming for his order, and he knows it. He orders his minion to have the woman killed.

Soo Min asks Hyung Min to get her out of prison but Hyung Min tells her it would ruin everything as Jin Suk would be suspicious-has she forgotten about catching Park Sa and avenging her Sister? Soo Min still wants out but Hyung Min tells her she’s not officially a police officer until she catches Park Sa. She replies, “Then I’ll just catch him. Why? Think I can’t do it?”


Hyung Min goes out to the store where Soo Min used to work. He’s stopped from going in by a man and as he stands to the side, he catches sight of Jin Suk inside. Turns out, Jin Suk has her minions beat up the owner to find out the truth about Soo Min’s case. He remembers Soo Min’s words, “Jin Suk told me to call him Unni the next time!” and her prediction that they will be close soon. In a rush, Hyung Min drives off and calls someone up.

Jin Suk drives up to the police station and deposits the man at the police station and tells him to go in and ‘tell the truth’. She warns him not to make her come again and he immediately rushes off to do her bidding.


Hyung Min meets a woman. Soo Min is let out of prison and gets emotional seeing the phone Kyung Min left her. The guard hands her something that ‘Lee Jin Suk left for you.’ It’s a pretty dress which Soo Min wears before heading out. As she’s let out, some other women who are let out have family and friends waiting for her and she’s the only one standing alone. Reminds me of Park Sa’s scene! Soo Min watches Hyung Min sitting in his car to a side but just then Jin Suk drives up and hugs her. She congratulates Soo Min on getting out and tells her to get in the car. Before she leaves, Soo Min sends one last glance towards Hyung Min’s car. On a whole different note, love Jin Suk’s dress here!


Both end up getting facials and Soo Min once again thanks her for her help, telling her she’s no idea how to pay her back. Thereon, Jin Suk takes her shopping despite her protests. She tells her about her former boss now being jailed up. As they chit chat, Soo Min remarks that Jin Suk’s work seems dangerous and Jin Suk asks her if she’s curious about it. Soo Min says she isn’t and was just curious but Jin Suk tells her to kill her curiosity.


Park Sa drives up to the prison where Hyung min is still sitting outside and both go in one after the other. Park Sa’s here to see the woman who tried to kill Jin Suk. So she’s not dead. He gets straight to the point and asks her who ordered her to kill Jin Suk. Hyung Min just arrives at the reception looking for the woman and finds out she’s already in a meeting with a lawyer, same as Jin Suk’s, he realizes.


Sensing something might be off, he goes rushing in but Park Sa’s already gone and the lawyer is there. Meanwhile somewhere in the back, Park Sa views the CCTV footage of the woman’s meeting with Soo. Realizing what it means, he gives one of the guards money to erase it.


Hyung Min exits the room but gets the same idea as Park Sa-to check the CCTV footage and heads to the main room. There, the guard is about to erase the footage when Hyung Min arrives and hence has no choice but to show it to him.


The guard later calls up Park Sa and tells him he was about to erase it but Hyung Min showed up. Park Sa hangs up but his face falls at the news.



The first episode that does not end in a very suspenseful manner! Not that I’m complaining-it means I get to have a bit of peace the until Monday next instead of biting down my nails and wondering what’s about to come next!

This episode again was a testament to Hyung Min’s losing soul. Seriously, if this continues, the guy will have no humanity left! He’s like a crazy one man mission, out to right what he thinks is a wrong with whatever way he can. I can’t imagine him having a good reaction to the future scenario when he does realize Park Sa was not the killer. He’ll just find another way to blame him, or another person to shift the blame onto.

Soo Min has begun her journey finally and it’s going to be fun to see her walk this path-especially if what the preview shows will hold up. She’s no Hyung Min. Yes, she wants to avenge her sister and believes Park Sa killed her, but she’s not blind to her rage like Hyung Min. And that is exactly what makes her a better character to root for.

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  1. Thank you for the recap. The first 6 eps introduced Doctor’s son so well and made him into this exceptionally intelligence cold hearted cruel individual with a loyalty and courage that you have to fall in love with him no matter what. Love this drama with all of its shade of grey. I am looking forward to the next episode and your recap. Thank you again.

    • If I’m lucky, I can watch the live stream and recap and then download the torrent and put up the recap with screencaps tonight! Keep your fingers crossed!! ^^

  2. That man has doubly lost his mind! But also, Soo and his attempt to kill Madam and Shi Hyun knows? Not good. Not good at all. Yes, I was glad this episode didn’t end with a bang! I would have been driven crazy waiting for the new episodes!

    • The preview put my mind to rest about Shi Hyun knowing about Soo n Jin Suk. From the beginning we’ve seen Park Sa make exceptions for Soo and I think even now he’ll try n balance both sides-as the preview suggests. Also, Hong Ki (in what I beleive is a reference to Soo) tells Park Sa not to think of him as a friend. This shows Park Sa’s got his emotions invested in the bromance and we all know he protects what’s his! 😀

  3. Thank you very much for the recap! It is very readilicious!!!! (especially with the cool snapshots)…..Thank u!!!

  4. Thank you for the recap 🙂
    And yes, the girl who seduces the prosecutor in this episode is Joo Young, Soo Min’s friend. And apparently she works for Park Sa? Really interesting to see how all characters are interconnected.
    One question though: do you recognize the actress who plays Joo Young? Can’t find her name listed in the cast anywhere….

    • We first saw JY work for Jin Suk with Ppal but I guess it’s the same as Park Sa’s side. Also she sold out Ppal to Park Sa and now she did this errand for him. And yup, it’s such a web these characters are linked through!

      Sorry, I don’t know who’s playing her (the real name) but I’ll try and look it up! 🙂

  5. Thank you again for your recap! 🙂

    Soo Min’s friend’s name is Joo Young – just for the next time. 😀 And yes insane dude is losing his soul for sure. This is not what a police officer or any other guy should act like.

    But anyways I’m more interested in Shi Hyun’s plot anyway. I know both – insane dude’s and Shi Hyun’s – paths will cross again and again but still Shi Hyun is the smarter one in this drama.

    • Lol, sorry, I really am terrible at names and I know I’ve heard Joo Young before too but it literally just slips my mind! Hopefully I’ll remember now! 🙂

      Even if Shi hyun n Hyung Min had the same smart brains, Park Sa would still win only by the fact that he’s more calm and collected and thinks things through rather than just going all out and unlike Hyung Min, he doesn’t extend his violent streak to someone close to him (As Hyung Min did with Soo Min. Even if he wasn’t close to her himself, he knows she was like a younger sister to Kyung Min, so he should have respected that before dragging her through this, no matter what she said!)

  6. thanks thanks thanks!
    love cool and quiet Park Sa♥
    can’t wait for someone like him to get tangled with Soo Min!!!

    • Same here! Can’t wait for the ‘sizzling’ chemistry to start! 😛 What makes it worse is that I haven’t even seen the previews so have no idea what to expect! 😦

      • There are some pics out that shows there will be scenes with Soo Min, Shi Hyun, Auntie/Noona and insane dude together… So both of them will meet (hopefully) next week in ep. 7 or 8. 😀

      • Hehe, I’m looking most eagerly to the meet between the first two! 😛 And it should happen NOW! 😀

  7. Thank you again for the wonderful recap I loving it….

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