Heartless City Episode 5 Recap


I love the way this show is taking the slow route in revealing everything to us bit by bit. It’s a great way to keep us sated, and yet curious for more! Today we get more of Park Sa’s past and the plot moves a step forward in upping the game throughout the episode. The real moment where stakes fly, and totally unexpectedly is at the very end when two enemies who shouldn’t really be enemies-Park Sa and Hyung Min, almost come face to face! Enough suspense? Move onto the recap and sate your curiosity!

Episode 5 Recap:

Park Sa confronts Ming Hong Ki in the amusement park and threatens to end it all but Hong Ki tells him to remember his true identity-he’s a police officer and ending everything now would put everything at end since he will only be a murderer who killed a police officer and no one will know the truth about him.


Flashbacks show us a time when Shi Hyun, clutching a bag is on the run from police officers-they include the present colleagues of Kyung Mi and Hyung Min. He manages to get to the getaway car driven by Safari. Safari tells him to throw the bag in first and Shi Hyun agrees but Safari drives off and leaves him there. The sudden betrayal has him going numb and he’s arrested.


The officers take him to Hong Ki who shoves him against a car and angrily asks him how long he’s going to stand by the man who killed his mother. Those words have Park Sa going limp-WHAT did he just say?


Another flashback to Shi Hyun’s childhood shows him coming home to find his mother dead-clutching a certificate. In voiceover, Hong Ki tells Park Sa about his mother. Shi Hyun sits there with his mother, calling out to her lifeless form but since one of her mother’s ‘lovers’ is about to arrive, Shi Hyun takes whatever money he can find in the drawers and runs off. Later, he scatters her ashes into the river with his aunt while Safari watches in the background. He approaches Shi Hyun then and tells him he’s all alone now-the only things he can believe are his brains and a knife. With that, he hands Shi Hyun a knife with a smile.


Back to the first flashback, Park Sa asks Hong Ki what he needs to do. Next we see Park Sa wearing a police officer’s uniform where Hong Ki tells him no one can know the truth about him being a police officer and so he will head undercover. If it’s revealed that he’s a police officer, he will lose his chance to get revenge on Safari so the best way is to approach him on his own turf and capture him. And so, Park Sa heads to prison.


Inside prison, Park Sa approaches Soo and Tae Sun on Hong Ki’s orders, intending to infiltrate the gang. Much later, when Soo and Park Sa get discharged, Park Sa calls up Hong Ki. He’s in-what now?


In the present, Hong Ki tells him he also had his moment of doubt about whether the person to kill Kyung Mi was Park Sa but knows its not true for sure-Shi Hyun could never do that to Kyung Mi. He emphasizes that if Park Sa can catch Safari, he’ll be able to be free. Unfortunately, now he’s part of the polices targets and has no time to lose-they need to catch Safari and Busan fast. Park Sa holds up the bullet from the scene-it’s the type used by the police and so the probability is high that the person who killed Kyung Mi and tried to kill him is a police officer. Hong Ki says he’ll find out more about it but Park Sa caustically tells him not to bother-he’ll do it all himself; catch Busan, Safari and the person who killed Kyung Mi! With that, he slams the bullet to the ground and heads off.


He goes to an undercover room where he sits looking at his police certificate and knife when he sees Soo arriving on the CCTV footage outside. Park Sa’s packing away the stuff when he comes in and offers Soo a drink. Soo asks him what they’re going to do now. Park Sa’s first order is to get Jin Suk out which Soo doesn’t like. Park Sa adds, “If anything bad were to happen to me, Soo, if it were, don’t come to my side. I beg of you. Abandon me and run. If I were you, I’d do the same. Really.” Soo simply slams his glass down in angry frustration.


The second officer, Ah, he’s named Officer Kim-who fought with Hyung Min hands in his resignation. Hyung min tells him not to let his emotions get the better of him and focus on catching the bad guys. Before he leaves, the officer asks him, “Do you really think Park Sa did it?” Hyung Min doesn’t think otherwise and hands him a number of sketches. He adds that it doesn’t matter whether he did it himself or not- he must have just gotten one of his men to do it. So, Hyung Min says, they will focus on catching him. Nothing can change the fact that Kyung Mi is dead because of him.


Soo Min is sent to a large abandoned hall where there are records lying around. She remembers Hyung Min’s words in voiceover-she’s to find out all she can about Park Sa. Later, she’s walking down the courtyard, rehearsing something from a piece of paper when someone drops a dead rat over it and calls her over. Stunned and a little afraid, she follows. She’s shown into a room where she thinks something wrong’s going to happen so she ends up holding a knife to the woman who brought her there. Turns out, it’s a gathering of women, including Jin Suk who are enjoying some food. The woman who Soo Min hit starts hitting her but Jin Suk stops her. She offers Soo Min some food who chokes on it in haste.


In his office, Hyung Min remembers the message Kyung Mi sent about Park Sa being at the hotel a he goes through records-there is no record of that message. He stands at the window and observes the police officers sitting outside and for a moment, his eyes widen as if realizing something. At the same time, one of the officers comes to Kyung Mi’s superior to tell her Hyung Min wants to see her. Once she’s gone, he plants a lipstick in her bag.

Hyung Min asks about the record and tells her to check it up again. Once she’s gone, the officer who gave her the news follows her as she heads out somewhere in a panic. Once there, she makes a call-to the superior Hong who met with Safari. He tells her to stick it out but she refuses. Meanwhile, Hyung Min and the other officer are listening in on the call.


In the jail cell, Jin Suk is lamenting her lack of style due to the being in jail when Soo Min offers to do her hair. The positive outcome gets her in Jin Suk’s good graces even more. Just then a guard comes to call one of the women out for a meet.  Jin Suk is disappointed that the meet isn’t for her but the woman who does go out, she’s going to meet Soo. He tasks her with something n tells her to ‘do well!’


At night, while the other women watch TV and Soo Min and Jin Suk sit to a side on their own, the woman keeps eyeing Jin Suk before heading to the toilet and fashioning a knife from a battery covering. Soo Min notices her behavior and is hence awake to defend Jin Suk that night when the woman moves in to kill her. During their fight, Soo Min is overthrown but Jin Suk pedals in and asks what her deal is.


One of the other women is too scared and ends up shouting which brings a guard running up. Jin Suk manages to satisfy the guard and he turns to leave but the woman who tried to kill Jin Suk turns on Soo Min but the latter ends up accidentally slicing her throat in the fight.

The sight of blood on her hands has her horrified and she sits and sobs even after she’s thrown into solitary.


That night, Officer Kim sits drinking when Soo joins him, making small talk. Kim asks him is he knows Park Sa. Soo feigns ignorance of ‘Park Sa’ and makes a joke about it but Kim grabs his collar and tells him, “I can never forgive Park Sa.” So you did have a crush on Kyung Mi! Soo isn’t amused and reminds him he was the one who cried and begged Soo to help him with his mother’s bills and his sister’s marriage so he’d better shape up. With that, he throws down some money and walks off.


The next day, when Ppal comes to see his girlfriend, Park Sa and his minion are there waiting for him. He seems to have expected as much and brought along three guys, whom Park Sa single handed takes out with a few moves. I love the little moments in this drama, like how Park Sa’s assistant was going to rise to fight but Park Sa motions at him to sit and takes them on himself-it’s like laying it out for Ppal that he means business. Panicking at being at Park Sa’s mercy now, Ppal starts throwing stuff at Park Sa.


Park Sa hols him pinned to the wall and then the bed before breaking asking him if he eats with his right hand. Before the man can answer much, Park Sa breaks his right arm and tells him to eat with his left hereon! After that, he breaks off his right foot too! He gets direct to the point after that and wants to know who sent him to Jin Suk. The man gives the name after Park Sa threatens a permanent blow to his manhood-the traitor is the other man Park Sa had met when he went to meet Jin Suk in the second episode. The information seems to surprise Park Sa-perhaps he wasn’t expecting that betrayal. I think the man’s name is Rang man!


At the very moment, that man is with Safari who crashes at Chung Mo’s place. Safari’s curios to know what happened and Chung Mo relates the story until the ‘cop’ held Park Sa at gun point since he ran off after that. Safari seems surprised at the turn of events and calls up Ppal who is currently unavailable with his  arm bandaged up with clothes and Park Sa picks the call.


Recognizing the silence on the other end, Safari realizes its Park Sa on the other end and both share a chat. Park Sa smiles when Safari calls him Park Sa and promises to come find him in a while. Safari says he’ll do the same and tells Park Sa to eat and sleep well in the time that he does have. Aka both have just threatened to find the other and that it would mean the end of that persons life. Both speak in a casual manner, as if just chatting up like old friends. As soon as he turns off the phone, Safari calls up ‘President Kang’ while Park Sa, contemplatively turns to Ppal, “You have to get caught!”


Hong Ki goes to the police station to discuss Lee Ppal-since he knows about Jin Suk they need him back, and Hyung Min and the other officer tell him about the other Min being a traitor and Hyung Min asks that the matter be left to him.


As he exits, Hong Ki calls up Park Sa telling him to hand over Ppal within the hour. Park Sa asks who’s coming from the police force and gets the answer, “Hyung Min”. That has Park Sa contemplative for a few moments.


At the same time, the police moves out on the mission and Hyung Min assigns the traitor a ‘job’ on site. Apart from her, he’s the only one who will be going in. The other Min comes up and learns that the team has gone out on a mission. He immediately calls up Safari and tells him Ppal is about to be caught. Rangman says Ppal has outgrown his use and should be killed. Safari gives the order to Chung Mo. (Is his name Chung Mo or Kim Bong?) Meanwhile, Park Sa’s minion ties up Park Sa at an abandoned factory. Once he does, he calls up Park Sa who tells him to leave-the police will be there soon. As he says it, he watches Min head in. Not far behind, a SWAT team is lined up.


Hyung Min finds his intended guy tied to the wall and punches him to unconsciousness and tells him he’ll be taken ‘in a bit’. Heading up to the sniper place where Kyung Mi’s killer sat, he sets up his sniper rifle and tells the others to ‘start’. He ignores a call from the other Hong who then harasses the other officer-who ignores him just as much. Hyung Min tells him to start their ‘operation’. The officer sends in the woman officer on the pretext of delivering something to Hyung Min.


Once inside, the woman finds Ppal tied to the wall and turns back in fear. Hyung Min, now with a rifle aimed at her, tells her not to move even a step and wants to know what happened that day-Kyung Mi’s phone must have been confiscated so who sent the message? She denies knowing anything and he fires a threatening shot to her leg and she begs, “Please!Let me live!” He retorts, “Kyung Mi died in that place where you’re standing! If only you’d told me about the trace, if only I could’ve been faster, if only I’d been able find her sooner, she wouldn’t have died! It’s  as if you killed Kyung Mi! And you say let me live? That’s not something you should beg me! Make the call! Call the person who sent that message and tell him to save you!

The woman takes out her bag and finds the planted lipstick, aka microphone there. He tells her to wait for that person to come save her.


Outside, cars pull up. She’s limping away when Chung Mo and his minions arrive and capture her. Chung Mo reports back and laughs in the officers face for calling herself a police officer. It’s only much later that he sees the wound in her leg and gets the call to kill her. Before he can hit her, Hyung Min fires at them from the spot, hitting Chung Mo in both legs. He then gives the order for the others to move forward. The other officer asks Min Ki if they ought to and he gives the go ahead-he’ll take responsibility for this. Out of nowhere, fake Eun Soo comes up and cuts off his throat.


Chung Mo meanwhile, has managed to drag himself off but guess who’s waiting for him! Park Sa! Hyung Min cuffs the woman officer to the window before arriving in and finding Ppal dead. Chung Mo has disappeared on him as well. He follows the trail of blood and finds him unconscious on the ground outside. Meanwhile it has started raining heavily. Hyung Min asks Chung Mo who dragged him out here and he replies “Park Sa”.


Hyung Min catches up to Park Sa and shoots at his feet, warning him not to move. Park Sa holds up his hands as Hyung Min demands, “Are you Park Sa?”



Yes, I am beginning to cross that line of ‘its okay, he’s had a loss’ to ‘dude is definitely totally ballistic!’ where Hyung Min is concerned! Seriously man, how bad is this guy? And bad in the bad sense! He shot his own colleague! AND used her as bait to draw out a baddie? And managed to let another baddie die on him during that mission? Granted the woman was fishy n all, but dude, you’re the police! You know better than anyone that justice isn’t self served, so what the hell! And what’s with everyone giving him the go ahead for this all!

It seems Hyung Min just needs a way to vent his own guilty conscience, like the Kyung Mi he imagined said to him. He blames himself for not finding her in time, not being able to protect her, but more than that, he blames whoever put the bullet in her and without even any solid evidence that would say it’s Park Sa, he’s got it in his head that IT IS PARK SA! He needs someone he can get even with so he can rest easy himself and in this situation, it’s Park Sa. Dude needs some anger management and control classes!


Soo Min was also a good surprise in this episode. After her unbelievably lucky placement as an undercover cop when she’s had not a day to train and all, the performance of fighting off the woman was actually well drawn out. We started out seeing a happy go lucky n always carefree girl but this episode starts showing she’s got mettle and guts. I hope to see her be more bad-ass hereon and a great partner for Park Sa. Already anticipating her antagonism with Hyung Min once things start getting personal for her.

It was a surprise to see Officer Kim as the mole for Soo. We’re totally getting our fill of all the side characters one by one in a delightful manner that shows how well thought out this whole show is. Everyone’s got a purpose and all the pieces come together like a puzzle being worked out. What makes me wary is that we can’t know who to trust! Five episodes in and stakes still rising, this show is definitely doing a good job of keeping us on our toes! Show, I so very much love thee! Moreover, Park Sa, I love thee!


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  1. I really enjoy reading your recaps 🙂 The makers sure know how to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats!

    “We’re totally getting our fill of all the side characters one by one in a delightful manner that shows how well thought out this whole show is. Everyone’s got a purpose and all the pieces come together like a puzzle being worked out. ”

    Kudos to the makers for taking care of every detail and character 🙂

  2. I just figured out that this is the episode where I got lost…even reading your recap. (LMAO) Thank you for following this one!

  3. I’m sorry, you just now realized Hyung Min has crossed the line? Before his grief over Kyung Mi, he had already crossed that thin blue line. What I loved about this episode, the lines of good vs bad faded even more. Sure, Chung Mo is guilty of deleting evidential text but to SHOOT HER? That man, to coin my favorite phrase is NUCKING FUTS!

    Soo, Soo. What a great second henchman he is. I was totally not expecting his claws into Officer Kim! But I must saw, again, what a great cliffhanger!! Crack Drama of the YEAR!!

    • Lol, I saw Hyung Min as somewhat insane before, when Kyung Mi was still alive but at least back then, his violence was only directed towards the criminals! Here, he just goes out and shoots the woman and leaves her there so that Chung Mo would find her! Even in Episode 6, he’s all but biting her head off for information! Can’t the guy grow back a conscience!?
      And yup, Officer Kim being Soo’s henchman was such a surprise! If not the others, I kinda thought he and that fat officer (don’t know his name :S) would at least be the good guys!

  4. Thank you for the recap… I am looking forward to your recap of episode 6. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for the fast and awesome recap!!😄😄
    I really like this show and I enjoy reading you thought on this drama very much. I like this show because it is very unpredictable and it is hard to see what Park Sa is going to do next. And I can’t wait for all the drama to kick in real hard. The actors in this drama are amazing and they are doing a fine job in portraing their emotion.

  6. Thank you so much for the recap I really enjoy reading it.

  7. Thank you so much for the recap! 😀

    From now on Hyung Min is the insane dude for me… First I thought he should’ve gone back to the prosecutor office but since yesterday I think it doesn’t matter if he is a police officer or a prosecutor – he is dangerous for everyone in this society.

    That’s why I’m siding with Shi Hyun – he is hotter and has much more sense of justice in him then Hyung Min.

    • You’re welcome!! ^^

      Oh I so loathe Hyung Min now. He IS insane! Whatever your loss, however you feel, violence isn’t the way to ensure justice-not when you’re sure to get others caught up in the crossfire! He’s like a guy with a machine gun who’ll point n shoot at anyone-colleague or baddie, just to get what he wants! So not good! I’m not against personal vendettas-he can go on for revenge all he wants but he’s lost the moral code on this journey! He’s like a volcano thats just erupting on anyone if they get in the way! :/

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